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Sasuke Is About To Die… Boruto Just Got A Lot Crazier – Boruto Chapter 70


No exaggeration this latest boruto update changes everything the time skip is closer than ever and yes i know we've all been saying that for like three years now i'm not your usual host for these borato videos but hopefully you don't mind me filling in chapter 70 opens up with silence following shikamaru's offer to ada in the previous.

Chapter aydah would confirm shikomar's proposition and offered to join konoha and leave code side for a brief moment she would give shikamaru a focused look before abruptly her eyes would widen as one of them transformed before him shikomaru was visibly shocked as his own eyes widened and sweat began to run down his face here it became clear that.

Shikamaru truly knew nothing about ada and the predicament he was in her previously revealed captivating jutsu was not all there was to fear code immediately began to question her but aydah would quiet him and make it clear that she had every right to consider this offer the mysterious ada's unknown ability would be active as she with a.

Blank expression stood coldly clearly in control of the whole room as she did this naruto aproshi locked room with haste quickly reaching and attempting to enter and this is the part that had twitter clowning before they really knew what was going on the insanely powerful character we all grew up watching was stuck locked out of his house like a.

Drunk man that lost his keys naruto would quickly enter the pin to the door but it was no use the door would not open and his own frustration with that was growing when suddenly eno spoke out to him from inside his head he would explain that this was a protective from the enemy jutsu which was ada's captivating capabilities and now had the.

Entire room in heat we would then get a look into konoha's finances through shikamaru asking naruto not to destroy the lock system because the village's budget is already shrinking yearly and when the budget is dropping that likely means the money is going somewhere else although from what we've seen of the village in the anime i don't think.

Konoha's economy is failing they seem to be doing just fine maybe the military budget specifically is just going through the roof and taking up funds americans know how it is shortly after this boruto and sasuke would arrive rushing to the bolted door as well aida on the other side was aware of the new arrivals and questioned shikamaru about.

It assuming that he must have told his colleagues to lock the door to protect naruto and the others from her ability but now shikamaru had his own question how did she know all this ada transformed left eye with glare and shikimaru and the dots would connect this was all because of that transformed eye and this same eye would be what.

Later saves her and code from coming face to face with the grim reaper but before we go any further if you haven't already be sure to drop a like on the video and subscribe to plot armor with notifications on from here the mysterious eye's name would be revealed as amado's voice would call out in shikamaru's head that is the senrigon.

There was an error going around on twitter where i suppose a translator made a mistake and had it sound like shikamaru knew that this was the senrigon but no this was a model revealing that information amado would go on to explain that aydah can see anything that's happening anywhere in the world additionally shikamaru would.

Learn that ada can see past events as well so you can't hide anything from her and you would think that after hearing this shikamaru would just like soil his pants or something which i couldn't blame him for but no he'd focus on the positive which is that at the very least aydah seems unable to hear the conversation they're having via eno's.

Connection after this brief distraction the topic would turn back to ada signing with konaha she was surprised to hear that shikomaru and konaha did not see her as a kara remnant an enemy in the end though she would agree that there was no need for hostility between her and konaha shakumaru saw the opportunity and momentum swinging his favor and.

Hopped on it letting her know that if she continued to help code she would become an enemy as he was sweating in this sense situation attempted to remain focused he would tell her to think long and hard the others in the room would just look on as the 10th situation played out and right here i have to say ada's effect on shakumaru really isn't.

Doing much we know it affects everyone differently but the effect seems especially low right now and i guess we have to say is for the sake of the plot meanwhile elsewhere in konaha kawaki would still be in the medical facility we saw him in last chapter and this next part was important to me because i was looking to see some real personality.

From gwaki here the quiet rude bad boy attitude was starting to feel a bit old and here he would actually have a pretty decent conversation with sumide she would try to break the ice by in a way reassuring him that the current situation was calm boruto was fine and so there was nothing to worry about not only that but you try to avoid judgment.

Making it clear that she understood how difficult the situation must have been they avoided eye contact a bit here as the situation was awkward that is until she was able to see kawaki's karma mark and he began to open up kawaki would explain that it seems a mata had restored his karma mark without permission being of decent intelligence.

Sumide was able to understand and figure out that it likely happened during the procedures that restored his forearm processing his current situation kawaku would pause for a bit before adding to that by saying that return is something he strongly desired too sumide looked concerned hearing this in his own words kawaki would state that without the.

Karma naruto would be dead right now with the sad look he'd go on to say that this was the first time he was grateful to have it from the bottom of his heart and the next part is likely exactly what amato had hoped for kawaki with conviction would add that he needs it sumire would hear tell kawaki that this thinking may be playing right into.

Amato's hands and this next part is a bit disappointing because i would have liked to believe that kawaki had already considered this possibility or was smart enough to hear it and quickly make sense of it in response to sumerdae's last suggestion kawaku would question her and she would without confidence carry on explaining that a motto may have done.

All that for his own selfish purposes we wouldn't get to see the rest of the conversation but the next time we see kawaki in this chapter things get scary quickly back on the scene of code's attack we would see him continue digging into a model's flesh in an attempt to pressure him into removing the power limiters that stop code from becoming an.

Unstoppable monster code now felt a greater sense of urgency with ada seemingly now in between sides still maintaining their hidden method of communication amado would cry out shikamaru i can't take much more and shikomaru surely remembers that amado previously made it very clear that he is a pig in these situations he will squeal.

When pressured shikomaru hearing the cries of a motto now would try to reassure him that code would not go as far as to murder him reason being that without a motto code would never get his full power back it wasn't exactly working though as you can tell from the sweat and strain on the model's face a moment later the focus would again turn.

To ada senrigon this is where the chapter falls into chaos up to this point the chapter has been exciting but that's typical boruto these days the second half is where it gets really good it was kawaki with her eye ada could see him on the way to them it was time to retreat shikamaru delta and amado were stunned while the door to the room was.

Currently sealed kawaki could simply use sakuna hikona to shrink himself and enter by way of an air vent and in case you forgot sukuna hikona is a move that was a shiki's specialty that now belonged to kawaki and was an ability we saw him use in the most recent fight ankawaki was in fact doing just that at great speeds we would then see him on.

His way to join in on this battle not long ago he had essentially beaten code in a fight however victory was soiled due to daemon being used as a get out of jail free card code was pissed now he was so close to full power but out of nowhere came kawaki who would have the ability to shut off their exit in the same way he had during the previous.

Conflict using sukuna hikona things were actually even worse for code and ada than it had initially seemed because the two exceptions for who ada's powers can affect are a blood relative or in otsutsuki so now shikomaru had learned that both boruto and kawaki could not be affected by ada's ability and this was definitely some interesting timing from.

Amato choosing to reveal such information clearly frustrated shikamaru if it wasn't already clear that a motto is pretty shady it's about to become extremely clear amado would go on to say that had he revealed this information sooner shikamaru would have summoned them to fight here which is a fair assumption and shikamaru make it clear.

That he probably would have since that is a sound decision in the situation but amado would express that he can't afford to have kawaki die in his own words he wouldn't let shikamaru risk kawaki like that amado would attempt to make it clear that he does understand shikamaru and kona's perspective however their thinking and actions go against what he.

Considers best the two were erupting into an argument when eno interfered attempting to stop them amado would call out that it's alright to let the enemy leave as it wouldn't hurt to allow more time for boroto and kawaki to grow stronger that cube back and forth would be cut off though to a motto and shakimar's surprise when code threw a.

Motto through his claw marks that allowed for teleportation code himself was not happy about this and would boot a model through the portal as he went on about how he'd rather not do this but it could not be helped as code and ada prepared to retreat and follow after a motto shikamaru takes a stance and activates the shadow possession jutsu.

Ready to try and slow them down to allow for kawaki to arrive but even though he knew he wouldn't last long he had to try like a demon code would simply look back and ask shikamaru if he wants to die that badly shikamaru almost trolling here would ask ada why not stay and mikawaki why was she so bashful he was attempting to keep her engaged with him.

But aydah would pull a boss move instead of dealing with him instead of even responding to him she would speak to delta who was still infatuated with her of course aydah would just say that she is in a bad mood and asked delta to help delta would look at shikamaru get up and deliver the beats not really but she would charge in for an attack which he.

Dodged dodging this though would drop the shadow possession jutsu shikamaru would try reaching delta but to no avail and ada and code would make the retreat as they left ada would express her love for delta and delta would express his same and ask her to visit again not gonna lie the dialogue in moroto has been really good lately and this chapter.

Has been no different and this next part just adds to that before leaving code would tell shikamaru that he was now on the retribution list and to prepare himself for that shikamaru was not fazed by this and would just tell code to never show his face around there again and in typical shonen manga fashion right as they left kawaki would appear.

In the room having made his way there thanks to sekuna hikona quickly after arriving he would notice the exit code had just used to escape kawaki didn't know code was here but as we'll see in a moment he came here quickly in search of a motto shikamaru wouldn't waste much time and would quickly ask kawaki to obliterate the marks that code had used.

The purpose of this was to avoid the chance of them being used as an entry for an attack in the future before really acknowledging that request kawaki would ask for a motto because he had questions for him and here kawaki would show genuine concern on his face as shekimar replied that he didn't know and that amado may even be dead already on.

The other side of the claw mark in the snow region a motto had arrived and was now alone with ada code diamond and bug quickly code would grab him off the ground and get back to where they left off demanding the removal of his limiters amado would wisely ask what would happen to him after the removal of code's limiters and the answer to that.

Was well probably death amado would seemingly attempt to use the leverage shikamaru convinced him he had just a moment ago the fact that if he were to die in the torturing process code would be hopeless the two would go back and forth without really reaching any conclusion beyond opting to not waste any more time amado was clearly visibly.

Nervous as he uttered the words that would free code there is no dress code the room will be filled with smoke and we would see a transformed version of code daemon would yell out white likely revealing the color of code's hair following his transformation as everyone looked on his fingernails would also turn black and with that he'd expressed.

Newfound confidence now feeling that he can't lose to anyone from there we would see him approach a motto with the false promise to heal him from the earlier wounds as he readies his claws and man oh man this is epic code has now leveled up several times over as an antagonist with his new look and confidence i for one am very excited to see what comes.

Next and if a motto will live or die i've been slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you