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Sasuke Kills Naruto and Becomes God of The Ninja World!


The end of an eternal rivalry seven years ago one of the greatest rivalries in anime history reached its explosive conclusion for the very last time naruto uzumaki and sasuke uchiha battled to settle things once and for all the rivalry between these two ninjas had been a central part of the naruto series since the very beginning ever since they.

Were young children at the ninja academy naruto and sasuke have shared an equal amount of animosity and camaraderie with each other sasuke was a naturally gifted ninja popular and came from a powerful clan naruto was at the bottom of his class and an outcast despite their differences the two boys each understood what it was like to be alone which.

Cemented a strong bond between them ninja brothers from different ninja mothers this bond went much deeper than a childhood friendship it transcended lifetimes centuries before the start of the series there was a man named haguroma otsutsuki the sage of six paths who had two sons named ashira and indra.

These siblings fought with one another over who would be their father's successor this rivalry would eventually lead to their deaths and a multi-generational blood feud between their descendants for centuries to come each brother was so powerful that their respective chakra would continue to reincarnate into major figures.

Throughout history the reincarnations were destined to befriend each other but ultimately kill one another over a difference in ideals naruto and sasuke were the newest reincarnations and just like their predecessors they came to blows over their competing planets for the ninja world fortunately naruto was able to break the cycle during their.

Final battle at the valley of the end naruto avoided killing sasuke and convinced him that they should work together instead of against each other the outcast became a hero and saved his closest friend this established a lasting era of peace in the ninja world but what if things had gone differently what if naruto had failed to overcome.

The cycle of hatred and died at sasuke's hands well before we explore this terrifying what-if scenario be sure to subscribe to the channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot over today what did sasuke want for the majority of the naruto series.

Sasuke's primary motivation was revenge he dedicated his entire life to a vengeance clan by killing his older brother hitachi in pursuit of that goal he fully gave himself over to the hate inside of him sacrificing his friendships and his place in the village sasuke abandoned konoha and trained for years under the legendary sunnin.

Orochimaru this training finally gave him the strength he needed to take on hitachi the fated battle between brothers would climatically be decided it was only after hitachi's death however that sasuke's world truly started to fall apart almost immediately after the death of his brother the man he hated most in the world he learned.

The truth about the ushia clan hitachi hadn't massacred the clan for power like he claimed he did it to protect konaha from ekudetov of the uchiha were planning under the orders of danzo an elder in konaha itachi slaughtered all of his family members except for sasuke hitachi's love for his little brother was so strong that he could not bring.

Himself to kill him instead hitachi chose to lie in high view chia clan's betrayal itaji pretended to be a villain and joined a criminal organization by the name of the akatsuki he hoped that sasuke would come to him one day and kill him making him a hero to the people of konoha sasuke was intended to never know the truth about hitachi or his.

Family and i don't think anyone in their right mind would argue the fact that hitachi uchiha made one of the biggest sacrifices in the series and furthermore he is definitely a contender for best big brother in anime his plan almost succeeded if not for the intervention of obito uchiha who told sasuke everything this revelation nearly broke sasuke and.

Sent him spiraling down an even darker path suddenly sasuke was filled with more hatred than ever before he despised kona for ordering the assassination of his family hiding the truth from him and using his brother as a pawn he then had a new target for his revenge sasuke's new plan was to crush kona ha and his first victim would be donzo the next.

Series of choices that sasuke may turn him into an international criminal in the ninja world he joined the akatsuki invaded another village attacked the cherokee and assaulted the five kage summit in order to get to danzo now every village in the ninja world had ample reason to want sasuke dead he became public enemy number one.

Eventually he was able to take his revenge on danzo telling the men that it caused him so much pain even though he had murdered the people responsible for his family's deaths sasuke was still just as miserable and angry as he was before if not even more so after years of giving into his hate and need for revenge sasuke was left hollow and.

Unsatisfied during the fourth great shinobi war hitachi had been revived by kabuto with edo tensei bad manager regained control of his body hitachi wanted to confront kabuto and ending otense jutsu in the midst of this pursuit sasuke found hitachi and received the opportunity to fight alongside his brother against kabuto.

When the sibling succeeded itachi told sasuke that he made many mistakes in life and was responsible for sasuke's pain no matter what decision sasuke made itachi would always love him this encounter with hitachi kosovsky to rethink his perspective of the world and konaha why would hitachi choose the village over his own clan and why were.

There so many people willing to die to protect it tosuke went on his own search for understanding which led to him reviving the four deceased hokages after talking to them sasuke learned that a village was a place where people could come together and find peace the village and the people that lived there were worth protecting saskia's goal had.

Changed once again now he wants to become the next hokage and protect konaha in his own way sasuke had gone from avenger to potential candidate for ninja president for the first time in a long time naruto and sasuke were aligned even if only by way of a shared dream the two of them worked together to end the war and defeat kaguya otsutsuki the.

Mother of chakra once everything was done instead of freeing those trapped me infinite sukuyomi and returning to the village he did something that nobody expected he recaptured all he's held beast and declared his intention to kill the five kage talk about a major heel turn sasuke believed that the old leaders of the past had only managed to.

Cause suffering and instigate wars that they had only chosen to work together during the fourth great shinobi war because they had a shared enemy that threatened them all there was no guarantee that the alliance between the villages would last from sausage's perspective the only way to ensure lasting peace was to become the world's.

New enemy and take on all of the world's hatred sasuke chose to model himself as the ninja he admired most his brother itachi hitachi had accepted all of sausage's hate and became a villain without complaint he had taken on everyone's burdens and suffering in silence for the greater good this was the kind of ninja that sasuke wanted to.

Become just like hitachi before him sasuke would be alone and lose but the rest of the world would be safe and win the only thing that stood in his way was naruto after stealing kaguya away the two of them were the strongest ninjas on the planet only naruto was powerful enough to stop sasuke from beginning his revolution during their final battle.

Sasuke game intended to kill naruto this would sever his last remaining bond and truly allow him to walk his path of loneliness how would sasuke take over the world with naruto dead sasuke would stand alone as the single strongest being in the world with the power of a fully awakened sharingan a unique renaissance.

And the power of all nine-tailed beasts sasuke would become unstoppable after kaguya was defeated everyone on the planet was still trapped the infinite tsukuyomi with the exception of kakashi and sakura only naruto and sasuke had the power to free them from their eternal sleep the other remaining members of team 7 had nowhere near.

Enough power to even challenge sasuke the two of them would have had to either submit to sasuke or die by his hand like naruto the next step of his plan was to kill the five kage they would still be stuck in the infinite tsukuyomi so killing them wouldn't even be difficult and even if all five kage were awake and able to fight they would still lose to.

Sasuke during the war the kage had fought against he resurrected mario chiha despite their valiant efforts they still lost with superior strength maduro's immortal body eternal mangekyo sharingan renagan and hashirama cells were just far too much for the leaders of the ninja world to handle it was honestly one of the most one-sided.

Fights in the entire series they all nearly lost their lives to him tsunade took the worst of the damage being cut in half by a massive tree they would have died if sanate had not healed them sasuke would be far stronger than matar had ever been taking out the five kage would be like child's play to him with no one able to stop him sasuke could.

Safely release the infinitsukuyomi freeing the trapped people of the planet the ninja world would be both leaderless and defenseless against sasuke's ambition from this point sasuke has a lot of options on how to enact his plan through sheer brute force he could establish himself as okage and make everyone follow his commands through.

Fear the threat of sausage's wrath would be enough to keep everyone in the ninja world in line the last uchiha would be a public figure hated and feared by the entire world uniting everyone under a single threat no villages would ever start wars or conflicts again alternatively sasuke could maintain his control over the world the same way that.

Obazio controlled the village hidden in the mist after obito took control of the akatsuki he traveled to the mist and placed the fourth mizukage kagura karatachi under a genjitsu with his sharingan talk about petty for years obito manipulated events in the midst through yagura effectively acting as a real leader of the village without.

Anyone discovering his identity again being very petty over the whole rin death thing and almost irreparably ruining the country from the inside out leading to what is known as a bloody mist sasuke could do something very similar with his own sharingan which is far stronger than obito's when the five villagers picked the nukage respectfully.

Sasuke could place them all under a genjutsu with the nukage under his complete control saasi could manipulate the decisions of the ninja world from the shadows without anyone ever realizing any new person that became kage would also be placed in a genjutu this would allow sasuke to maintain his secret domination of the planet.

Permanently sasuke would essentially be orchestrating a one-man illuminati sasuke could also do something similar to nagato's original plan for the akatsuki as you may recall nagato planned to use the power of the tail beast to create great disasters or wars that would unify the world through shared pain anytime that the villagers.

Forgot about this shared pain they would cause another catastrophe to remind them this would create a never-ending cycle of destruction and peace sasuke would follow a similar plan using his immense power to cause mass destruction the ninja world would be given a common enemy forcing everyone to join together to stop him sasuke could fake his death.

Establishing an era of peace whenever that era of peace would end he could re-emerge to threaten the world all over again kind of like a super villain that always comes back from the dead no matter what option sasuke would choose he would no doubt become a permanent enemy to the ninja world so what would the ninja world be like with sasuke as a.

True leader of the ninja world it would likely be a very different place as it is now naruto is in charge and the five villages cooperate without the threat of violence there has been a rapid advancement in technology that has made everyone's lives easier and more enjoyable under sasuke's rule however that future would not become a reality.

Instead of inventions that improved life the five villages would spend all their time designing weapons and jutsu that could potentially take out the world's eternal enemy sasuke the ninja world would likely become much more militant than it already is the hidden villages would be very invested in training ninjas that could challenge sasuke's.

Immense power many ninja would be experimented on to make stronger fighters similar to the way orochimaru perform unethical experiments on children sasuke would have to deal with a constant barrage of ninja attempting to dethrone him and save the world and as we all know the ninja and naruto tend to have a bad habit of never giving up.

No matter the odds the world as a whole would be a much darker and miserable place citizens would live in constant fear never knowing when sasuke would strike again and destroy everything they cared about the fear surrounding sasuke would transform him into a mythical figure in the minds of the people children would be told scary bedtime.

Stories about sasuke to convince them to behave he would be the new boogeyman various religions and cults would start to form with sasuke as their god scared citizens would pray to him and make sacrifices in his name and hope that they would be able to be spared from his next onslaught others might pray to him hoping that their enemies would be the.

Next to suffer his wrath sas goal of peace would ultimately fail no matter how hard he tried there will be more strife and conflict in the world than there was before there may not be any more direct wars between villages but there would still be plenty of suffering countless ninja would die needlessly trying to free the world from sasuke's.

Control villages would always be suspicious that their leaders were actually puppets under sasuke's dominion the people of the world will live in a constant state of fear of his insurmountable power these are issues that sasuke cannot fix with brute force mind control or fear but what would sasuke become when sasuke failed to kill.

Naruto at the valley of the end the two of them had a long talk about their differing ideals during this conversation sasuke got to see where their different paths would have ultimately taken them sasukes ended with him alone in the dark while narutos ended with everyone including sasuke together in the light this realization.

That naruto's plan for peace could work was enough to convince him to give up his plans for revolution and as such sasuke would go on to live a happy life with sakura and their daughter sarda but if sasuke had never had that realization where would he have ended up sasuke plans to take on all of the world's hatred all by himself doing something.

Like that with absolutely no allies to rely on would fundamentally change him as a person sahasuke would be completely isolated from everyone and have no one to share his feelings with it would be a truly miserable experience that would also make him much stronger as a result when sasuke spoke with the resurrected hokages he learned a shocking secret.

About the uchiha clan from the second hokage toborama senju this being the fact that the uchiha clan suffers from an ideal called the curse of hatred this curse causes the uchiha clan to experience feelings of love and friendship more strongly than others they form powerful bonds with others and become deeply devoted to those they care.

About when they lose the people they love they also experience the pain of that loss more deeply than others that pain quickly turns to hate and cause the uchiha to turn to darkness which ultimately consumes them it is a vicious cycle that characters like indra matara and obito fell victim to these are all characters that could have been the.

Greatest of heroes but their plan corrupted them this curse also unlocks incredible power within the uchiha when they experience a pain from their loss it causes a unique chakra to form within their brain and pull within their eyes this is how the showering on is unlocked sasuke unlocked his own sharingan when he learned that itachi had massacred.

Their clan the more emotional pain that anuchiya experiences the further they awaken their sharingan eventually unlocking the mangekyo sharangan plainly put the greater the trauma and loss of nuchiha goes through the stronger they become if sasuke had succeeded in his plans he would have lost everything he cared about he would have experienced.

More emotional pain than anyone else to ever exist and as such his power would have grown even more from this unimaginable anguish the stronger sasuke becomes the more isolated he is which creates this never-ending loop of trauma and power and so sasuke would become ridiculously strong but at the cost of his own happiness before naruto and.

Sassy's final confrontation naruto questions how sasuke's plan would work out long term eventually sasuke would age and die like every other human without him alive there would be no one to make sure that the world does not fall back into war even god-like individuals like haguromo and matara could not stop the ravages of time.

Sasuke counters naruto's point by explaining that he has access to the renegade and so there are countless methods of immortality that are available to him now and sasuke was correct on this point there have been many ninja and naruto that have discovered some form of immortality most of them being from the akoski the story.

Of the red sand built himself in the mortal puppet body that would not age hiroshima hot from body to body learning new jutsu along the way and all these methods were performed without the renagon with it sasuke has even more options the renagon has several powerful abilities that can be used to cheat death it can even revive the dead as the.

Cost of the user's life and this is how mata turned to his flesh and blood body during the war he forced obito to use the reni rebirth jutsu to resurrect him sasuke could give another individual the renagon and then make them revive him if he ever died he could also force someone to resurrect him with edo tensei as well matera also used the renagon to summon.

The ghetto statue when he was close to death with the statue mataru was able to connect himself to it and continuously absorb its chakra this allowed him to live far past his normal lifespan frankly the renegon is a perfect get out of jail free card any of these methods would work for sasuke's plan one way or another sasuke would live forever ruling.

Over the world for centuries to come he'd be forced to watch those he cared about most age and die without him the human connections and bonds that make life worth living would forever be outside of his reach it would honestly be a torturous existence for sasuke a lonely and eternal misery just to make sure the world stays peaceful if sasuke.

Had somehow managed to kill naruto during their final battle both he and the world would have suffered for it or at least those are our thoughts let us know down in the comments if you agree or disagree as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and an awesome day i love you.