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Sasuke’s 10 Tails Transformation EXPLAINED! – Boruto Two Blue Vortex Chapter 5


The cover page of boruto tubl Vortex chapter 5 features none other than Sasuke ucha now if you went back in time to when shapin just ended and asked me who this is supposed to be I wouldn't know what to say but I will say that this chapter is going to raise your respect levels for this version of Sasuke if it doesn't I expect a full.

Explanation for why you're hating on the goat in the comments after cutting into several practice dummies with his sword our main character was exhausted now notice how I said main character because if you look at this man and you think boruto Uzumaki you are dead wrong this is obviously Sasuke Uzumaki mind transfer Jutsu Sasuke into Naruto's body.

And this is what you get this series doesn't have Fusion like Dragon Ball but they somehow made it happen here Sasuke silently watched his student then he decided that training was over and that it was time for them to take a break now that it was night time they set up a campfire boruto wanted Sasuke's opinion on his uchia style of fighting he.

Wondered if he could be considered a grown adult by now Sasuke considered his words then he admitted that in only just a year boruto managed to completely master all of his techniques and fighting style boruto wasn't expecting that sort of response he insisted that his master must be joking he was actually hoping that Sasuke would have.

Plenty more to show him Sasuke asked boruto if he looked like he was joking boruto hesitated Sasuke didn't look like he was joking but now that boruto thought it over he's never seen his master's joking face in his entire life and honestly I can only remember Sasuke laughing a lot when he was losing his mind Sasuke ignored the answer and told.

Boruto that he has exceptional senses and is a fast learner truly boruto is a genius he was sure that boruto had been absorbing all his teachings there was nothing left for Sasuke to teach him boruto didn't know what to say and that's one thing about this series everyone is a genius think about it boro's a genius sarda's a genius.

Mitsuki's a genius shikai's a genius Amato's a genius he's Squidward he's Squidward you're Squidward I'm Squidward are there any other Squidwards I should know about meow I'm out of here and it's been like this Sasuke is a genius Naruto's secretly a genius Sakura is also a genius Shikamaru is a Super Genius.

Konohamaru is a genius nei's a genius Kakashi's a genius Orochimaru is a genius Mino is a genius Rockley is a taijutsu genius Hashi is a genius ma is a genius you see what I mean Sasuke made a cleared that borutos training wasn't over just yet he didn't want to see boros lacking off he needed to keep training to refine both his spirit and.

Skills in the end it was up to boruto to make the most of what he's learned boruto took it all in and before long they were back on the Move Sasuke told boruto that he's just like Naruto to him boruto has the same eyes as the man that saved him when he went astray now this wasn't meant to be funny but seeing as Boro only has one eye his expression.

Here did make me laugh and I guess that's another trend for this series missing eyes because of A's power Sasuke wasn't so sure about his history with boruto but that didn't matter his daughter asked him to help the kid and he can understand her reasoning now something is happening something bigger than them that boruto and sardo won't be.

Able to handle on their own that's what his instincts were telling him that's why he's dedicated himself to training boruto sometime later Sasuke managed to destroy one of code's eyes with his sword like I said it's a friend but this is pretty impressive in this form code is stronger than ever he was the most pressing threat in the series not too.

Long ago on top of that boruto and Sasuke were surrounded by claw grinds Sasuke told his student to hurry up and Escape boruto refused to abandon him but Sasuke made his stance clear regardless of their approach there was no way that they would be able to beat code right now that's why boruto needed to escape he absolutely needed to master.

Everything he's been taught to do that he needed to stay alive Sasuke began focusing lightning release chakra into his sword he was sure that if boruto could do that nobody would ever be able to beat him again and we've seen the difference Mastery has made for him now boruto can stand up to a force equal to this without even trying looking over.

His shoulder to see his disciple One Last Time Sasuke decided to entrust his daughter sarda to boruto code was ready to kill the UA Survivor and all Boro could do was yell after his master Sasuke ran forward surrounded by streaks of lightning towards the Monstrous Army once the fighting was over boruto returned surrounding the large tree were.

The scattered remains of several tenent Tales fragments embedded within the tree was Sasuke he was still wielding his sword now that his fight was over boruto relieved him of the weapon he sheath the blade while telling his master to leave the rest to him even now boruto continues to fight the good fight in the hidden Leaf Village a Shinobi was.

Calling over the hok's aid konah hamaru the saruto 's eyes went wide three children were surrounding a tree Konohamaru asked the members of inoshikacho if they were all right then he looked up his childhood friend moegi was in the same situation as Sasuke apparently she also sacrificed herself in this case to protect a mother and.

Daughter who failed to escape Choo refused to forgive code and the tales for this Eno Jin felt the exact same way while shikai kept silent it seems like it's inos shikao tradition to lose your Sensei Konohamaru reminded them that moegi isn't dead yet it was up to them to find a way to save her with their own efforts shikai agreed we go from moegi.

To her Jester looking Shinju I never would have expected her of all characters to become such a Powerhouse but here we are she could sense everyone that was close to the tree she could also feel their sadness and rage their leader of sorts explained that this was proof of her sensibilities being stimulated her new name is Matsuri the.

Japanese word for festival despite all of them biologically being being the same creature these feelings were unique to her but another way despite all being the tentals or Divine tree each of them possessed a unique state of independent Consciousness devouring osuki boruto and Uki kawaki were still their ultimate objectives but be that as it may he.

Wanted to make something known to all of them he wasn't sure why he felt this way and wondered if it might be his instinctive desire but regardless of why he felt this way he admitted that he wants to devour someone else Naruto Uzumaki a was using the senri gon's Clairvoyance ability to observe their discussion and this development.

Disturbed her Matsuri questioned the relevance of Naruto usumaki bug Shinju wondered why they'd go after Naruto if he's not an uzuki their leader understood their confusion but although they were already a Divine tree they were starting to evolve in a whole new way even the instincts that drive them were beginning to change Shinju Sasuke.

Stayed quiet their leader insisted that they surrender themselves to their Instincts by listening listening to the voice within themselves they'll be able to see the target of their own uniqueness this wasn't good Damon noticed that something was off and asked his sister what was wrong masuri repeated her fellow Shinju and followed.

His instructions only one thing came to mind for her konah hamaru sarut toi that's who she wants to devour their leader complimented her selection after this Shinju Sasuke finally spoke up he admitted to having a single doubt in mind their leader peered over his shoulder towards the man she shj Sasuke couldn't help but wonder who the hell.

They were their leader didn't seem to appreciate these words this might Point towards Shinju Sasuke being a problem for their group in the future even still this was accepted to be a reasonable question but at the same time it hardly mattered all they needed to do was accept them as he Growing Pains other newly emerged egos Shinju Sasuke did not.

Respond instead of why their leader stressed the importance of how their instincts were telling them who should be their target Shinu sas's name was was then revealed to be hiari which is pretty funny in Japanese hidari translates to left and of course Sasuke is missing his left arm by devouring his unique Target hiari would gain his own.

Identity and yeah there is definitely going to be conflict between these two characters at some point how questions tend to lean towards immediate or shortsighted goals why questions are typically more long-term a continued to watch them she was fascinated by the creatures Z devoured had become disturbingly Shinju bug looked in her.

Direction then he got up and walked in her Direction the monster loomed over her he asked if she could see it AA was too stunned to speak Shinu bug got close and made it clear that she was his Target inside the tea shop aah dropped her cup as several boys were just as stunned to see her AA could feel a cold sweat come down Damon's concern for his.

Sister only increased everyone just kept staring at her thinking about what she saw a was disgusted their leader was able to recognized he SRI gon as well all of a sudden hidari said the name Sara ucha their leader gave him the same bombastic side eye as before hidari announced that his Target would be sarda ucha their leader paused for a bit.

Before complimenting the choice and now I'm starting to think that the guy their leader came from is a Sasuke hater of some kind conflict between them is just waiting to happen the Shinju are pretty much a group of overpowered newborns their targets are the people that matter most to them chakra is the most precious thing to the tent Tails which it seeks.

To devour so the natural inclination of these guys is to eat what matters most to them their Leader's ego came from a leaf joning though okag was the single most important person to him but getting to devour Naruto is going to be pretty complicated kaaki is the key to doing so and he would rather die than give up Lord 7th devouring kaaki is the shinu's.

Top priority but OS have a funny way of complicating personal goals Konohamaru being forced to be relevant here is a good sign this guy peaked at like 12 years old so hopefully he can pull a Gohan level comeback sarda is too important to die and Sasuke Shinju or not is too smart and too defiant to blindly follow orders or even his own.

Instincts and the fact that he's related to new chiha might have some interesting effects on his self-control I can't imagine aah dying but I'm open to being surprised with all that being said there is no way the Shinju get to actually kill their targets to be fair you could argue that the possibility of Naruto dying like this would still line up with.

The boruto versus kowaki fight at the beginning of the series but Kishimoto is back in the kitchen this is a king of hype fulfillment if you think Naruto isn't going to come back with one of the most legendary appearances in modern manga clearly you've been reading a totally different story but if by devouring they just mean turning them.

Into trees and making new Shinju out of them I'm going need everyone on that list to get taken Shinju Naruto and Sasuke alone is just Peak levels of hype on on its own from there we returned to konaha Amato was in the middle of degrading Summer's lungs with secondhand smoke in a closed room she looked over to him with curious eyes Amato wanted to.

Know what was up with her surely she didn't have an issue with his smoking she paused then she mentioned how boruto had returned after being gone for 3 years Amato kept his eyes on the screen in front of him from what he could tell it looked like boruto protected The Village from codee's Invasion sumir agreed but stated that the leaf was.

Still treating him like an enemy to a that was a given since he killed the previous okag sumir who was unaffected by A's memory shift remembered how much kaaki meant to aato his daughter's data was inside of kawaki's reconstructed Karma all kaaki would need to do is implant the karma into a new clone body and it would be enough to bring her back.

To life but since their lives had been shifted boruto should be the focus of Amato's efforts yet the scientist was abnormally calm boruto's death would be Troublesome for him yet he doesn't seem phased at all aato recounted his experience experiences with Kaki that had now been replaced by boruto he reiterated everything sumir was really.

Trying to say she waited for him to continue with baited breath Amato then turned his attention to kawaki's case kaaki also has Karma there's also scientific ninja wear in his body but at the same time he's the hokage's son so when and who would have been able to modify his body despite this Amato was certain that kawaki's body had been.

Modified by his own hands sumir was shocked she wanted to know how could be so sure Amato expressed that nobody else could have done it besides him he saw countless signs that pointed towards it being his own handiwork as a scientist style was just as apparent as it would be for an artist even with just a glance Amato was pretty sure that he was the.

One to reconstruct kawaki's Karma and on kawaki's Palm he could see the special Karma loaded with his daughter's data all of these events contradicted his own memory but as long as they possessed the physical evidence to back it up the answer remained clear aato believed that a portion of of his memory had been altered in fact he didn't see any other.

Possibility in the end memories are nothing more than vague Illusions as a scientist there was no greater basis Than Physical evidence aotto wasn't sure what may have caused this phenomenon but for him the only thing that truly matters is the karma that contains his daughter's data and the one who has it right now is not boruto it is kaaki.

Sumir just looked at him and she wasn't the only one the intelligence team was monitoring the entire conversation s thought things over then he asked the new Hokage Shikamaru what he thinks about it Shikamaru is on the genius list himself so the truth is probably becoming clear to him now but he'll need to handle things delicately to avoid.

Kaaki turning on them suir ray met up with sarda to discuss Amato's words sarda didn't think it was possible for someone to be aware of the memory alteration based on physical evidence plenty of people saw boruto as a toddler in his family photo but they still insisted that kaaki was Naruto's true son and if you're wondering why the.

Frame is broken kawaki did it while sending Naruto and Hinata to another dimension sumir pointed out that that's because everyone trusts their own memories no matter how much proof a person sees it is very difficult for them to deny their own Vivid memories normally that is sarda considered how unreasonable her request to her father.

Must have seemed yet he still believed her just then boruto appeared behind them he added that his master still believed in him despite the switch Zummer began to turn while sarda remained Motionless boruto continued to say that even though he doubted his own memories Sasuke risked his life to help him sarda turned towards him with big.

Eyes with a gentle glance boruto said that it was for sarda's sake too sarda caught the Rogue ninja off guard with a hug something he hasn't experienced in years sumir watched them boruto was stunned then his eyes fell low sarda scolded her teammate telling him that he's late boruto's new speed continues to fail him even now but eventually he.

Was able to wrap his arms around her her and apologize boruto is finally home safe to say we can expect a lot of leaf Village drama on the way in the comments let me know what character you'd want to see join team Shinju more than anyone else low key since Sasuke Shinju spawned in with an arm Sasuke is missing Shinju Mike guy would be a serious problem.

Imagine infinite eight Gates powered by Tales chakra yeah I think that's my pick as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and if awesome day I love you