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Sasuke’s New Susano and Naruto’s Perfected Sage Mode Break Boruto! Their New Power EXPLAINED


Naruto and Sasuke have been among the strongest characters in The Shinobi world for a considerable amount of time back in Naruto Shippuden they were extremely powerful and they had the ability to fight against srank shinobis such as Madara Obito nagato and a variety of Akatsuki members fast forward several years into the boruto Canon and.

Their current strength is nothing compared to their days of Glory in the 4th grade Shinobi war no disrespect to them because even though they are no longer at full strength they can still hold their own against top fighters in the Naruto World they have however fought impressive battles against foes like kinshiki momoshiki and jigan.

However whether or not any of these fights have been as impressive as their battles in Naruto Shippuden is left for us fans to decide in this video we are going to evaluate how strong Naruto and Sasuke currently are as well as the new abilities that they may acquire but before diving into any of this let's find out how they lost their abilities.

How Naruto and Sasuke lost their Opie abilities the abilities that Naruto has lost thus far are his nine tails power six-path senjutsu and 6 Pat's Sage Mode Sasuke on the other hand is always complaining about being low on chakra it seems like he inherited his Elder brother's weak stamina one thing is certain and that is the fact that.

Neither Naruto nor Sasuke are the strongest characters in The Shinobi world as of this moment this is quite a Pity however I think it is a deliberate act by the creators in a bid to place the spotlight on the younger generation instead boruto doesn't spare any moment to remind us that it is his story and not his father's so this is to be.

Expected after using body on mode during his fight against ishiki Kurama got extinguished Barian mode is a transformation attainable to QB and its jinchuriki the transformation amplifies the tailed beast and its jinchuriki's abilities reflexes and overall Power by a large margin the characteristic features of this mode include having a.

Cloak-like chakra clad around the wielder also Naruto's whiskers in this form become thicker and much more fox-like he also had spikier hair and a relatively calm demeanor this can be attributed to the drawbacks associated with this ability any unwarranted or Reckless moves can be potentially fatal to the user of the body on mode since.

This mode depletes the user's strength and lifespan Naruto must not make any unnecessary moves or act on stray thoughts for this reason he has to make decisions in the most calculated and objective way in order to keep the mode stable since the nine tilt Fox is dead Naruto has effectively lost access to the nine tails mode also he no longer.

Has access to the six paths sage mode and six pad senjitsu these were abilities given to him by hagaromo he capable of using them to produce the truth Seeker orbs in the past an extremely powerful Jitsu capable of disintegrating whatever it touches into dust this is a huge deal because the truth Seeker orb is the only known Jitsu.

So far capable of permanently killing someone that has been brought back to life with the erotensei edominato lost both arms due to this Jitsu and they'd never regenerated also it is so powerful that toneri fused it with his tenseigon chakra and transformed it into a long sword which he used to split the entire moon in half this was an attack that.

Naruto was caught in but survived due to his six paths senjitsu mode additionally Naruto will also not be able to use anything to do with the tail beast including the bomb Rasengan chakra arms and Ross and shuriken and any Ninjutsu which he is capable of devising with the help of Kurama Sasuke on the other hand has effectively lost his renagon this.

Occurred after his fight against ishiki when he was caught by surprise and stabbed by momoshiki who happened to be possessing boruto or should I say borushiki due to this development Sasuke is no longer capable of using the amenotejikara anymore hence teleporting between places and opening up portals to other dimensions are now out of his.

Reach he also won't be able to use any of the perks or abilities that come with possessing the renagon for instance he once used banjo tanning universal pull against Naruto during their last battle now however he would not be capable of doing that the same goes for chibakutensei an ability of the devopath that he used in his battle against.

Momoshiki it was the same Jitsu hagaromo and hamura utilized to create the moon he can no longer access it at least not until he gets a new Rinnegan and that's if he can get one other rinnegan-based ninjutsu that he can't utilize includes the pratapath a pseudopath animal path human path and the naraka path perhaps this is the greatest loss because of the.

Sheer number of abilities the renagon conveys to its user now let us find out what their current abilities and Feats are but before that make sure to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to never miss an upload and smash that like button for some plot armor today Naruto's current abilities and Feats even though they've both lost.

Their most powerful abilities Naruto and Sasuke are still not weak quite a number of impressive abilities remain within their Arsenal Naruto still has access to Sage Mode and with this he can draw enormous amounts of nature energy access to Nature energy boosts his physical and sensory abilities tremendously he was capable of lifting a giant sized Rhino.

Summoned by the animal path and he tossed it in the air effortlessly thanks to this mode he can also utilize frog Kumite to surround himself Within Aura of Natural Energy this Aura acts as an extension of his body and it can only be seen by those who have mastered senjitsu not even though renagon is capable of perceiving it with this technique he can.

Extend the range of his attacks so a punch that would normally miss a Target will actually make contact due to this he doesn't need to make physical contact with his opponent in order to strike them he can land attacks on any foe even if they are a few feet apart an awesome Sage technique I must say due to the heightened speed and reflexes of the.

Sage mode he can also use the fracumite as a means of counter-attack so he can evade his enemy's attack at the last second and still accurately launch a counter attack next comes up perverted move the sexy reverse Harem technique ajitsu so powerful that he was capable of using it to temporarily phase kaguya the rabbit goddess enough for him to.

Land an attack on her uh I would love to see this Jutsu come in handy soon in the boruto series oh what a sexy Jitsu would play a role in helping to save the world from the brink of peril the Ross and shuriken remains another Ace up Naruto sleeve and there's absolutely nothing stopping him from using it now this forbidden Jitsu.

Is formed from the fusion of the Rasengan and the wind nature transformation the blades formed by the Ross and shurkin are so sharp that they are capable of cutting through almost anything in their path also upon hitting its Target the wind energy detonates and releases a countless number of wind blades that pierce through every cell of.

The body disconnecting them from the chakra circulatory system this effectively renders that person unable to create and mold chakra the damage is so severe that it is even beyond the healing capabilities of medical nin Tsunade once likened its mode of attack to poison inferring that sufficient damage from The kinjutsu Forbidden Jitsu.

Could render a victim permanently unable to use chalk on another note all the five basic nature Transformations are still within Naruto's Arsenal he is still capable of using Earth release earth-style wall to erect a huge Boulder for defensive purposes the same goes for Fire release toad oil flame bullet which he can use alongside the Toads of Mount.

Mioboku to shoot a humongous amount of fire at a Target the technique involves firing a large amount of oil using the long capacity of a toad followed by the user igniting the oil with Fire release Naruto has been shown to ignite this oil within explosive tag the fire produced from this technique is so hot that Monda once had to shed its skin in order to.

Escape on top of that Naruto still has access to the lava release kekke genkai a technique he obtained from Son Goku the four-tailed Beast during the course of the fourth grade Shinobi War you can use this technique to form the sage art lava release Ross and shuriken a Jutsu that infuses the Ross with a lava nucleus it is so hot that it causes the.

Blades to emit steam in terms of Destruction it is powerful enough to cut off a target's leg and when expanded it was strong enough to totally bisect the tent Tails God tree form Naruto can also make use of magnet release he acquired it from shukaku the one-tailed Beast during the course of the Shinobi War he is capable of using this technique by.

Combining shukaku's magnet release with the rasengan's created from the beast's curseel markings in order to reinforce its suction power this makes markings similar to those embodied anshukaku appear around the Rasengan he can hit his Target with this technique as he does with the normal or sengon upon impact the cursed Mark seals spread.

Across the body of the victim thus immobilizing them the Boyle release Keke genkai is also another ability that Naruto can use against difficult targets acquire fired from the five-tailed Beast kokuo this Jitsu lets Naruto boost his strength to tremendous levels as was shown during his fight against the rabbit goddess this basically allows.

Naruto to increase his body temperature to a boiling point this results in the formation of large quantities of steam that is capable of melting and evaporating any ice or water that is in direct contact with his body the amount of steam produced is directly related to the amount of strength and speed that he can reach although Naruto hasn't used.

This ability since his fight against hagaromo's mother there is a high chance that we may see him unleash it sometime soon this may happen in the face of a great adversary such as code also Yuki's ink is still within Naruto's list of abilities he can use it to create a smoke screen or fuse it with his Ross and shuriken during his fight against.

Kagia he was shown to create a Ross and shuriken infused with Yuki's ink this alongside other tailed beast Ross and shurikens was used in a barrage of attacks against her as we can all see Naruto still has more than a decent number of abilities on Riz belt although he hasn't used them for a long time we may eventually see him make use of them.

In the near future especially now that he has been stripped of his most powerful ability the nine-tailed chakra mode enough of Naruto though let's talk about Sasuke what tricks does he still have up his sleeve Sasuke's current abilities and Feats the famed Uchiha Prodigy can for sure still copy different forms of Jitsu with his.

Sharingan this is the exact reason why Kakashi was dubbed copy ninja Kakashi because he used the Sharingan to copy over 1000 Jitsu let's just say that Lord's sixth is a thief and call it a day hence it's safe to say that Sasuke can still copy a wide range of Jitsu this will come in handy for him in battle that aside he still has the the.

Ability to cast extremely powerful genjutsu on his opponents Sasuke doesn't just have a Sharingan he has an eternal mangekyo Sharingan this is the same eye that the likes of Madara and Obito used to place Kurama under their control with genjutsu Sasuke once placed all the tail beasts under genjutsu albeit it was with his renagon but there's nothing stopping.

Him from performing the same feat now that is of course given that he has the chakra to maintain it he also still possesses the five basic nature Transformations these include wind earth water fire and lightning being his strongest Affinity his most frequently used Jitsu Chidori also remains in his list of abilities he refined this.

Technique to be so powerful that he was capable of using it to completely obliterate a meteor that could have dealt serious damage to konoha he performed this feat when Naruto and his colleagues were up on the moon battling toneri into interestingly Sasuke's proficiency with the fire release enables him to perform several kinds of.

Jitsu such as the Dragonfire technique great Dragonfire technique great Fireball technique and Phoenix Sage fire technique he used this nature transformation impressively during his battle against Hitachi Kirin is yet another powerful Jitsu that he can perform in order to use this Jitsu he would draw natural lightning directly.

From thunderous clouds in a bid to supplement the intensity of his attack he controls all of this with his chakra the natural lightning used in this attack makes it one of my favorite techniques of his it does have one major drawback however and that is the amount of time required to prepare the attack also since the technique uses natural.

Lightning it can't work in the absence of thunderclouds in order to have some in that case he would need to use powerful Firebase techniques to create the perfect storm conditions stronger storms can be made using extremely powerful Firebase attacks such as a matarasu once the lightning Source has been obtained you will require very.

Little effort and chakra to shape and guide it toward his Target kidding was shown to be powerful enough to completely obliterate a miniature mountain and Itachi susano Sasuke's current list of abilities wouldn't be complete without mentioning a matarasu being the highest form of Fire release the Flames are produced at the focal.

Point of the user's gaze the Flames have been posited to be as hot as the sun and they cannot be extinguished not even by water they also keep burning until their target including fire has been completely obliterated to Ash besides igniting his targets with this technique Sasuke can also use the flame control technique to manipulate the shape and.

Range of the yamatarasu Flames he used this very technique the Amaterasu flame wrapping fire to cover the ribs of hisusano essentially acting as a shield and his battle against the fourth raikage this serves as a deterrent to his opponents because of the damage it can afflict on them susano is another god-tier ability that the Uchiha Prodigy.

Still wields so far the Jitsu remains one of the strongest Ninjutsu in the entire Shinobi world and perhaps it can be classified as the strongest defensive technique to date it is the most powerful Jutsu available to individuals who have awakened the mangekyo Sharingan in both eyes currently Sasuke is the only one left alive who possesses it.

Unless sarda unlocks it in the future throughout the series The Jitsu has been shown to be capable of going toe-to-toe against tailed beasts also there are very few individuals who can destroy ajitsu as powerful as chibaku tensei but Sasuke was able to slice through a group of meteors created by Madara Uchiha with relative ease he performed this feat.

With the full form of his flying susano for comparison it took the strongest attacks of Itachi Naruto and killer bee to destroy just one chibaku tensei created by nagato when he was reanimated he is capable of reinforcing susana's attack with blaze release kagutsuchi a technique that employs shape transformation to the Raven flames of.

The Yamato rasu allowing him to manipulate it as he likes this technique comes in several variants for example he can combine kagutsuchi with his susano to produce weapons made from the orb of the black Flames that are held in the second hand of the susano this technique is called Blaze release susano kagutsuchi the sword formed from.

Combining the black Flames with susano is so powerful that it can stab and cut through individuals or defenses incinerating anything in its path he can also combine them to form magatama-shaped projectiles which are so fully made up of flames they are capable of knocking off and totally incinerating their targets along the same vein he can.

Produce flaming arrows with susana's bow no matter how you choose to look at it Sasuke isn't weak at the moment he is still very strong and there are only a handful of people that we can say are presently more powerful than him new abilities they may acquire while it is uncertain what the future holds in boruto we may get to see Naruto and.

Sasuke gain more abilities Sasuke for instance may still have access to some of the renaigon's abilities this comes from his being able to sense the presence of momoshiki otsutsuki within boruto he normally shouldn't be able to do this given the fact that he has lost his Rinnegan but if we take a trip down memory lane to the era of Naruto we will.

Discover that losing an eye doesn't necessarily translate to the total loss of the abilities that come with such an eye while he was blind Madara used susano to break out of shukaku's grand sand Mausoleum seal this shows that enochiha can still use susano even after losing their Sharingan another instance was when Madara used to pray to path to.

Completely absorb hashirama's senjitsu chakra he performed this without the renagon still while he was blind shisui was also shown to activate his susano despite having his eye taken by danzo so far no explanation has been given as to how any of this was possible but the probable explanation is that the chakra slash ability has been embedded into the.

User's very essence the merging of such an ability into the intrinsic nature of a Shinobi is probably the reason why they still retain some of their dojutsu abilities even after having their eyes destroyed so it is safe to say that Sasuke will retain some of his Renegade gun abilities we've now seen Sasuke exhibit one of those abilities being.

Able to sense mumushiki's presence this can be backed by the fact that Itachi could awaken and maintain his susano for a considerable amount of time despite having lost the light in both of his eyes while awakened he was capable of using susano's totsuga blade to completely seal Orochimaru Sasuke may have lost the samsara eye alongside some.

Very powerful techniques however this is not the end he may still gain a whole new array of abilities later down the line Naruto on the other hand may be able to enter tail beast mode using the reserves of the other bijus that currently reside within him it might not look like a full-tailed beast and could be something resembling the version 2.

Forms instead it may be possible that he may be able to awaken individual tailed beast modes peculiar to a particular tailed Beast as well this essentially means that he may have a tailed beast mode similar to shukaku's and another just like matatavis this would be a continuous series of tailed beast modes from one tail up to eight tails all with.

Varying strengths tailored to the beast's unique ability or he may only have one tailed beast mode but it will be a combination of the powers of all the tail beasts from gyuki chomei sonami and shukaku this is one I will be very excited to see nothing is certain yet but there is a possibility that it may happen this this can be supported by the.

Fact that she Nobis who have received part of a biju's chakra were shown to be capable of entering tailed beast modes for instance the silver and gold brothers kinkaku and ginkaku were shown to enter the version 2 forms of nine tails mode during the fourth grade Shinobi War it was this incredible ability of theirs that led to the demise.

Of Toby Rama although he also ended their lives Sora a monk from the land of fire was also a pseudo-jinkuriki of cubi during kurama's attack on konoha prior to it being sealed its chakra which happened to be dispersed in the air was collected and sealed within Sora just like them he was shown to be capable of entering nine tails mode albeit in its.

Version 2 form Sora was capable of using techniques such as tailed beast bomb and transforming his arm into a beast-like form as well it has also been shown that the 10-tails was capable of being revived despite not having the full chakra of gyuki and kyubi the ghetto statue was fed with a fraction of the Ninetales chakra from the silver and.

Gold Brothers as well as the eight tails chakra from a single tentacle that was previously sealed within it this was enough to awaken the jubi and it was also sufficient to make Obito attain the sage of six-path's power upon stealing the demon statue of outer path Within himself this shows to a certain degree that Naruto may be capable of gaining.

This new ability from the tailed beasts already residing within him theoretically Nothing is Stopping this from eventually happening because he has been shown to utilize the individual abilities of the bijus during the war in Shippuden and to the comments section and let me know your thoughts on the current strengths of Lord's seventh and.

The shadow kage what new abilities do you think they will unlock but that's all for today thanks for watching I'm Anthony fan have a great day goodbye