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Head to the link in mydescription and use code ALVIN at checkout to get $15 offyour next Bokksu order. (speaking Japanese) Hello there. Welcome back to anotherepisode of Anime with Alvin. Today, I'll be attemptingto recreate the massive seafood feast cooked byNicolo in Attack on Titan. We're only able to see the entire spread for a few seconds in the show,but from what I've gathered,.

This involves quite adifferent variety of seafood, including scallops,mussels, clams, shrimp, salmon, and of course, lobster. Let's get started. A lot of the dishes in thisfeast seem to incorporate much garlic and shallot, so tomake sure that we have enough I'm mincing up one wholeentire head of garlic and thinly slicing one shallot. This will be the base formany of the dishes to come.

The first dish I'm startingon is a mussel dish that seems to be in atomato or red sauce base. So in a large pan over medium heat, I'm cooking two tablespoonsof our chopped garlic, half of the shallot in abouttwo tablespoons of olive oil, letting of them hang out inthere until they start to sweat and adding a half ateaspoon of chili flakes. Once the chili hasreleased their nice flavors and colors into the oil,in goes two tablespoons.

Of tomato paste. Needs to be cooked out so thatthe rawness doesn't stay in. This gets deglazed with aquarter cup of dry vermouth, followed by a cup of crushed tomatoes. Season to taste withsalt, which in this case was about a half tablespoon. Once everybody's havinga good time in the sauce, then goes one and ahalf pounds of mussels, freshly acquired from alocal seafood purveyor.

After a good stir, thisgoes to simmer and hang out for another five minutes,just until the mussels have started to open up. The second issue we're workingon looks like a variation on clams casino, in thiscase scallops casino, a very delicious baked seafooddish that involves cheese, and in this case, breadcrumbs. To make our mixture, we'recooking the rest of the shallots and another two tablespoons of the garlic.

In two tablespoons of butter,sauteing just until fragrant and translucent and then addingtwo tablespoons of flour. This is now followed bya half cup of whole milk along with a quarter cup of white wine and then brought to a boilwhile whisking the whole time. After about a minute or so,this gets removed from heat and in goes two cups of bay scallops, which have been drained and patted dry, along with a half cup ofgrated mozzarella cheese.

We don't really wanna overcook this because this is going tofinish cooking in the oven. Once this mixture has cooled,we have some beautiful scallop shells that wehad to acquire separately, but will be a great vessel for which in our mixture will hang out. Each one gets packed with an even amount of the scallopy cheesy mixture and we move on to our breadcrumb topic.

In a bowl, a cup ofbreadcrumbs gets combined with the rest of mozzarellacheese and kneaded together so that the cheese canget evenly incorporated throughout the breadcrumbsand evenly divided on top of each of ourlittle scallop shells. Since we have a lot offood to get through, this will get cooked towards the end. All right, moving on. One of the other dishesshown in this spread.

Seems to be a yellow coloredrisotto that involves seafood, so we're gonna go with arisotto-inspired rice dish. On top of this dish seems torest a few scattered handfuls of small seared scallops and shrimp, so we're gonna start with that first. In a medium saucepan, we'resauteing a half a pound of baby scallops in atablespoon of butter. To get some nice color, we're also adding a half teaspoon of chili flakes.

This is pretty quick 'causethese scallops are really small. Once those have exited thepan, in go a pound of shrimp, shelled deveined but with their tails on, as shown in the reference material. These get seasoned and seareduntil they've been barely cooked through and then removed. We have some really wellmade store bought fish stock that we're going to infusewith a few pinches of saffron for both flavor and to get anice beautiful yellow color.

To start our rice dish, we'recooking one and a half cups of arborio rice in theremaining flavor in the pan, along with another tablespoonof butter, until the edges of each grain of rice havestarted to become translucent. To cook this rice, we'relading in a ladleful or two of the stock a bit at a timeuntil the rice has enough time to absorb it and that itlooks a little bit sticky, upon which we're gonnaadd another ladleful. This process gets repeateduntil there is no stock left.

And to finish, we're gonnagrate about half a cup of Parmesan cheese. Now, I know seafood andcheese usually don't go together well, but inthe seafood risotto we made for One Piece, the Parmesanadded a layer of flavor that we couldn't get without it. Once that's luxuriously mixed in and two tablespoons ofbutter are added to finish, our risotto-inspired rice dish is ready.

This gets mounded onto a plateand the seafood we seared earlier gets carefully arrangedin a clockwise pattern. There's also mussels on this,so we're gonna borrow a few from that dish made earlier for this one. But wait, there's more food. Two pasta dishes, to be exact. So in a large pot of boiling water, we are heavily seasoning it with salt and cooking a pound oflinguini and a pound of penne.

Pretty standard, just accordingto package instructions, but minus two minutes,'cause they're gonna be cooked in sauce. The show visually hintsthat this is clams linguini and some sort of penne pasta with salmon. To prep our salmon, wehave a one pound filet that we're gonna take the skin off. We're making an incision towardsthe short end of the salmon and trying to pull throughwith a thin boning knife.

The skinless filet gets cubedup and sent to a hot pan, seared in some olive oil and salt until barely cooked and removed. Prep our clams for the linguini. We need to get as much ofthe grit and sand out of them as possible, so in a largestainless steel mixing bowl, in goes a heavy handful ofsalt with some hot water, just enough to dissolve, anddiluted with enough cold water to cover one and a half pounds of clams.

This helps the clams expel any grit, sand, or stuff that they haveinside that would not be fun to eat afterwards. We're gonna let this sitfor about 30 minutes, just to give them enoughtime to do their thing, but in the meantime we can get started with the rest of the sauce. In a large pan over medium heat,we're cooking the remaining two tablespoons of mincedgarlic along with half a shallot.

And a half teaspoon of chiliflake, just until aromatic, and then searing a pound ofshrimp, because in the show, there is clearly shrimpon top of the clam pasta. Quick sear, these exit the pan, and to deglaze, a half cupof white wine and a half cup of seafood stock, scrapingthe bottom of the pan to release all the fondand the good stuff back in. Then in goes the poundand a half of the clams that have now been degrittedand will cook in this mixture.

For about 10, 15 minutes on low heat, just until they've opened up. Onto the cream sauce. Into a medium saucepan goes eight ounces of mascarpone cheese,which gets slowly melted over low heat, followedby the zest and juice of one whole lemon. Once the inevitable seedsthat fell in get taken out, two cups of frozen peasor freshly cooked peas.

Go straight in. Those seem to be those green circular bits in the pasta from the show. Our previously searedsalmon returns to the pan to join the party and we'regonna let that hang out off heat just untilready to mix the pasta. Our clams have opened up atthis point and have started to say hello, so we'regonna take those out, and in the remaining sauce and liquid,.

Toss in all of our cooked linguini. Right at the last second, wereturn our previously seared shrimp and those clamsback into the pasta. Same goes with the cookedpenne, back into our cream sauce with salmon and peas. Since we're about to serve,our scallops now go under a low broiler for about five minutes. All that's left is the starof the show, the lobster. We have acquired a beautifulfresh three-pound lobster.

In order to maintainits structural integrity after it cooks, we'regonna stick a wooden skewer down each side of itstail to hold it straight. This gets plunged into apot of salted boiling water for about three minutes. Three for the head side,three for the tail side, 'cause this does notfit entirely in the pot. Once the shell has done its magic trick of turning it into abeautiful orange color,.

This gets removed rightonto a softened copious bed of romaine lettuce, and right next to it, just a lemon wedge or two. To finish plating and garnishingour seafood risotto-like inspired dish, it's a coupleof sprigs of spring onion followed by a nice parsleysprig right in the middle. Our pastas get platedup with extra seafood from the dish right on top,just for presentation purposes. The clams linguini doesget a sprinkling of parsley.

And one really nicelooking basil sprig on top. Scallops have emerged from theoven, golden brown and crispy with the breadcrumb toppingand cheese nice and bubbly. These seem to get finishedwith some dehydrated shrimp and a few parsley leaves in the show. The mussels get plopped downright into a large plate with a rim and a littlegreen parsley on top as well. Why not? I present to you our versionof Nicolo's seafood feast.

From Attack on Titan. Starting on the left, wehave our risotto-inspired seafood dish with shrimp and saffron, our scallops casino-like dish,mussels in a tomato sauce, clams linguini with shrimp,a whole boiled lobster, finally, a creamy seafood pastawith salmon and frozen peas. Let's start with the lobster. Yeah, I definitely undercooked this. It needed two more minutes on each side,.

Which brings the total upto about 10 minutes or so. I've been actually waitingto try the scallops for this entire time. The crunch on top andthe cheesiness goes well with that beautiful juicyseafood on the bottom. Sticking to some mussels here. Ooh, this tomato sauce. That's my favorite part of this dish. The risotto has beensitting for a little bit,.

So not as sticky and gooeyand delicious as it should be. We do have a lot of food, so let's invite the crew to hang out. Oh, here comes Andrew. Overall, gotta say, have a lotof respect with restaurants that serve a lot of seafood dishes. The timing window for itsdeliciousness is very tricky and definitely have missedit by a lot of these dishes from sitting out from making six of them.

However, we did cook up a feast, which means we need tofeed a lot of people, and for someone like Sasha,who's never seen seafood, let alone the ocean before, I can see why this wouldbe a memorable experience. Thanks again to our friends at Bokksu for supporting this episode. Japanese snacks are ona whole 'nother level, so it's pretty cool to experience.

The real authentic stuff at home. This month's theme is Sakura Story, a limited edition collection celebrating the famous cherry blossom season in Japan. Some of my favorites werethe mochi, the rice crackers, the savory fried puffs, and therice cracker cream sandwich. It even comes with thelittle culture guide that tells you more aboutthe theme, the flavors, and where the snacks come from.

If you want to experiencesakura season from home and support our channel, clickthe link in the description and use code ALVIN at checkoutfor $15 off your order. (smooth music)