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Oh man this latest chapter of dragon ball super was a lot i mean we even got a reveal that has been decades in the making with the previous chapter however vegeta had been knocked out of his alter ego transformation and was being absolutely dog walked by granola what was a very painful sight for vegeta fans everywhere but just as granola was ready.

To deliver the final blow goku would re-emerge and re-engage vegeta wasn't very happy about this at all but after granola made him go night night he couldn't exactly complain goku granola would go blow for blow like this for a while before vegeta would wake up from beti-bai and surge his ultra-ego power again and proceeded to.

Push the cerulean back and into the city of the recently evacuated sugarians regardless of this granola would ultimately body vegeta again and give him another nap however in the process he would come across a mother and child who failed to evacuate and brought some repressed memories of his back to the forefront of his mind and so when vegeta.

Like a fussy newborn woke up yet again granola knocked him out of the city and decided to finish things off for good using up every ounce of his power to do so in a process that would kill not only vegeta but himself as well but thankfully after being distracted by his namekian friend and subsequently knocked over by goku the attempt was stopped.

They were all pretty surprised to see this old namekian but in one final attempt to get through the granola they would begin to tell him the truth the truth about the saiyan who had saved them a saiyan by the name of bardock with this latest chapter we immediately flashed back to 40 years ago on the planet cereal the relationship between.

The ceruleans and the namekians was a peaceful one which isn't very hard to imagine considering how non-obstructive namekian occupation is for the most part on account of their diets reproduction practices and general culture however this piece would unfortunately be compromised by an outside force as with the full moon overhead several saiyan.

Warriors would begin their invasion all of which having turned into great apes would rage and rampage alongside frieza's troops they were merciless in the midst of this slaughter monaeto would be entrusted with the planet's two dragon balls and would flee as he only survived a namekian elsewhere a child would be noticed to be fleeing by one.

Ape in particular one we would of course know to be bardock he'd follow the child to a broken cathedral as he was held in his mother's arms at the sight of the saying granola in his sphere would begin to pass out meanwhile the ceruleans would do their best to repel the invaders by destroying the moon above one saiyan in particular would notice.

This and attempt to stop them but would immediately be grazed and scarred by the blast which did successfully destroy the moon and thus these saiyans returned to their true forms but unfortunately for the ceruleans this reduction to their power certainly did not make them weak as a saiyan we may recognize to be nappa would kill the moon's destroyer from.

There we would then see the one to be scarred by said destroyer was leak a minor character featured in the beginning of the broly film but with this reduction to form we would have the reveal of bardock a sculpture of a man whose muscle definition is enough to make plenty of us go even harder with our workouts granola's mother would fire.

Off a shot and protection of her child which would graze bardock and knock off a bit of his armor but looking at her bardock was reminded of his own family which would then transition things to being a flashback within a flashback he had missed his second son's birth on account of an off-world mission but at the very least was asked to name the kid.

He would look at his son within an incubator tank and was strangely shocked perhaps by the spitting image of himself but yeah he would look at him and immediately have a name for him as well kakarot a memory which conflicted the saiyan league would then report that their mission was complete and that they were ordered to evacuate the world.

Barack would then tell the soldier to go on without him that he'd stick around and check for survivors lick would do as he was told but would warn bardock that he should be quick considering frieza himself would arrive momentarily with lee gone barack would confirm to himself that this mother and child were the only remaining ceruleans however suddenly.

Hiscado would pick up on something deep within the mountains something with only a power level of five yet its movements were far too deliberate to simply be an animal at the location in question it was monito hiding the dragon balls and while in the midst of this he would hear the approach of someone and reach for his cane he'd go to strike the intruder.

But be caught with ease bardock would know that the namekians power level suddenly spiked to 213. which allowed him to surmise that the man could somehow suppress his own power level at which monaeto was terrified and for good reason but soon after he would see this cerulean child in the saiyan's arms bardock would then.

Hand the child back to his mother as she would introduce herself to be muesli and request shelter which monaeto would happily accept bardock would then tell them all to lay low since frieza would soon arrive but despite the gesture monaeto was still uneasy-owned question the saiyan's motive but bardock didn't really have one he'd just chalk it up to.

He wanted to from there he'd start heading out and tell them to keep surviving for as long as they could meniza would then ask for the man's name at least which he would provide bardock in the present day granola could not believe his ears meanwhile it would be expressed by minaito that goku was the spitting image of bardock which.

Certainly surprised goku manaito would ask if the name meant anything to him but goku would make it clear that he was pretty estranged from seeing culture and so the name was unfamiliar however vegeta would have some words to express that barak was in fact actually the father of kakarot a reveal that surprised goku and also took decades to.

Come about what a time to be a dragon ball fan this arc even despite the continued vegeta pain has been pretty damn great but yeah both bonaito and granola were jaw-dropped goku would express that he wished that he knew the first thing about his dad but he didn't which i do actually find interesting at least there.

Is some degree of desire or intrigue and that is enough for me to this vegeta would be left to assume that kakarot's soft-hearted nature is simply hereditary however there is one problem with this story if all this is true granola's mother should be alive too but as it turns out before barack could leave monaeto would offered to heal his wound.

A miraculous ability that barak had no idea namekians possessed manaito would then say that especially gifted ones could even restore a person's energy in a flash although it took him all that he had to heal a minor scratch a very subtle scene here but one that to me serves to present survivors guilt mineito wasn't exactly young and he also.

Wasn't exceptionally gifted yet as far as he knew he was the last of his people which is really sad but hopefully by meeting goku and vegeta he may be able to reconnect with some people of his namekian bloodline eventually but as barack was being healed his scouter would go off somebody was nearby.

The two would go to check it out and it was the heaters planetary brokers with business ties to frieza the heaters had successfully rid the planet of its occupants and intended to sell it to the sugarians for a debilitating price meanwhile frieza's army would get a 10 cut it was easy money for them but at the same time they had to be careful not.

To raise frieza's suspicions considering his power and intelligence but even still they aspire to someday take over frieza's army as well at this point granola's mother would come up from behind curious who they were watching as far as elec was concerned the heaters were not destined to serve under such irrepulsive lizard.

Forever they wouldn't defeat him with might but instead by using wits wealth and information as just then granola would emerge from the home in search of his mother but at the sight of bardock and especially his tale he would yell out in fear.

A sound which the heaters would hear as mineito would reactively put granola to sleep things were looking very bad now and so bardock would call out to monaeto to hand over his robe the heaters would then make their way on over and see a scene of a saiyan hooded on the verge of slaughtering a namekian and two ceruleans elec would wait for him to do.

So but there was a clear hesitation a liquid question of the soldier was having second thoughts barack would then say that the namekian had used a strange power that may be worth checking out before killing him in response elec would swiftly and coldly pull out a gun and shoot granola's mother she was dead.

Alec would then stow his weapon and tell the grunt to kill the child and take the namekian but barack whose face was hidden beneath his hooded cowl was angry he clutches this in anger as gods would notice this aggression and bardock would turn an attack an attempt that would be repelled by goss but from there the group would make their escape the.

Heaters were confused but if this group had overheard their conversation their plans may be in danger and that is a big fat no-no elsewhere away from the action minajo would desperately try his best to heal the woman but it was no use he did not have the power to save her barak would then at this point hold on to the side of his head and question what in.

The world had gotten into him to risk himself in this way for the sake of strangers it was certainly strange behavior from a saiyan menaita would then ask what their next move would be and with that bardock would look at the sleeping granola for a moment and then express that the heaters were bound to come looking for them.

Eventually as yes alec would declare the group absolutely needed to die a task which goss was eager to do by his lonesome now elec would agree but would warn goss to have things sorted out before frieza's arrival and with that gaz was off but now in the present day elec would wonder if goss was taking a trip down memory lane a sentiment gods.

Would not respond to elect would then confirm that the one goss had fought back then was a saiyan and that goss's own revenge was in a way tied up in all this goss would then go on to say that he will never suffer such an indignity again that he has grown stronger elek would agree but go on to pull out a dragon ball and say that it never hurts.

To have insurance as again the heaters were on their way to pick up the second dragon ball and that was the chapter wow so goss the strongest of the heaters seems to have gone head to head with bardock and lost how interesting and really that's just how i feel about this entire arc it is all just so interesting i am really.

Looking forward to getting more bardock content here not only that but having granola actually begin to think rationally for once and set his sights on the heaters as opposed to goku and vegeta will be nice now as he heaters approach his final dragon ball goku vegeta and granola despite being out of combat are all really banged up.

Strongest or not if they are not at their best they will have a really hard time taking on the heaters or more specifically gas and as expressed with his backstory manato is far from a dende his healing abilities are very very minor but you know what if we are absolutely betting on some form of healing all they really.

Have left would be that one senzu being if that is even still a thing otherwise either they try their chances or take the l i am very fascinated to see what sort of wishy heaters will come up with considering just how different they are from the previous antagonists of the series bardock content is always good content.

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