This video is sponsored by space sleeper on android and ios oh man guys after a month long hiatus one piece is back with one hell of a return chapter this week's color spread commemorating our new yonko lineup goes way too hard even now i still cannot believe my favorite character buggy finally made it what a time to be a one.

Piece fan but despite this excitement unbeknownst to the many blissful denizens of wano there was actually another battle being weighed during their festivities as several scabbers united our newly unveiled admiral by the name of yokyugyu was in the midst of making his way to the presumed location of luffy all the while thinking to.

Himself the ability to sway others perhaps the greatest power in luffy's arsenal was truly something rarely seen and as he said this flowers began to bloom beneath his heels but to confront him and his impromptu garden there would indeed be several of these scabbards there to meet him a welcoming party he would urge to turn back around while.

They still had the chance rizzo would swiftly come to the realization that this troublemaker was a marine while dengiro discerned this to be one of luffy's overseas adversaries from which point ryokugyu would make his ideology known as he questioned their understanding of the outside world he was a firm believer that the celestial.

Dragons are gods and as such a country such as wano that there's no toxicity world government was a country with no standing and talk about a boy scout this man was infuriated by this alone what a beautiful soldier i can see why a man such as this would flourish and bloom in the kainu la navy yet despite being so overtly aggressive as he led forward.

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Game will automatically be installed as soon as it goes online thanks to space sleeper for supporting the channel but now back to the topic at hand a great expanse of foliage would swiftly claim their surroundings as trees in the shape of fists would emerge as well from which point we would additionally receive confirmation of yokugu's devil.

Fruit the nature-based logia type forest forest fruit a source of life he claimed to rival even the seas what is by and large one of the greatest forces in this world ryoku you feel very strongly that this rebellious country needed to learn that humanity has only gotten as far as it has by virtue of embracing and enforcing hierarchies.

As such despite going against the wishes of his idol akainu ryokiyu felt so strongly about crushing non-affiliated nations that he was here causing so much trouble truly believing that prejudice breeds stability so yeah certainly not a very likable character and i'd say it is pretty rare for a character with nature-based abilities to be so confined.

To rules typically such characters are against societies but now taking the form of a massive tree but looking more like a giant piece of broccoli ryokigi would declare it would be as if no laws had been broken at all he urged them to try their best to stop him but despite their efforts he intended to slaughter thousands of oneo citizens if it meant.

Capturing luffy and man oda is so damn clever he has his greenhorned admiral the likes of which may be referred to as greenball have the ultimate greenery devil fruit but on the point of him being greenhorned yeah this guy despite clearly being as powerful as he is as an admiral definitely gives off new vibes the sheer fact that he thinks.

He could handle luffy is laughable quite honestly which is only reinforced by the following sequence as leaping onto the scene from elsewhere in total detestation of the villain's prior statement would be yamato with a sizeable blow through yokugu's head that resembled a strike of lightning knocking a tree down this blow is quite powerful.

And enough for the admiral to take note of this new adversary's impressive hockey and if that hurt he'd better address luffy as big wood chipper considering the people of wano had only just been released of kaido and orochi's 20-year long tyrannical occupation yamato had no intention of letting this fiend ruin things ryokugi would then.

Question who this person was only for yamato to respond under the title of kaido's son which certainly caught the admiral's attention however our next opponent to enter the fray would be yet another newly appointed official momonosuke completely agreed with yamato's words and wouldn't allow the man to harm their recovering heroes.

Shockingly momonosuke will begin to charge up his very own blast breath attack what would have certainly been a major improvement over his display during the raid on onigishima perhaps cementing a newfound level of mastery over his draconic form but it was a dud nothing but a puff of smoke would emerge there would be a mixture of confusion.

Embarrassment and concern to be seen but nevertheless momonosuke would be quick to adapt enough to bite into the forest man seeking to drive him away all the same and so despite failing to produce a breath of attack at the very least momonosuke's bravery and commitment to his people has been made evident he wouldn't allow such negativity to plague.

The people of wano ever again which is a vow he took all too seriously momonosuke's attempts here didn't seem to bother yokugu all too much it stands to reason that such an attack devoid of haki would have no effect on your typical logia type user however the particular nuances of this food have yet to be revealed for instance by becoming.

Such a large entity would a hockey base attack on one of his lines harm him as much as a direct blow onto his face all i know is one red hawk would have luffy literally smoking his opps now ryokuji would take note of the fact that momonosuke was a pink dragon between this and the newfound knowledge of yamato regardless of this outcome this.

Guy should be able to walk away from here with some pretty valuable intel the whole yamato thing is interesting sure and worthwhile for the furtherance of luffy's infamy considering yamato presently lacked a bounty but the momentosuke thing is honestly a much bigger deal remember the dr vegapunk created his artificial no fruit ability.

One that he deemed to be a failure which it is certainly not and i find it hard to believe that such a thing would be an oversight on the part of such a brilliant scientist ultimately these celestial dragons as if the name wasn't evident enough greatly covered the depiction of dragons to the point of furthermore insisting that dr.

Vegapunk create artificial dragons for them to keep as pets and so this intel has the potential to make major waves ryokigyu would be sure to ensnare mominosuke in his vines and branches yet even in such peril the new shogun of wano insisted that yamato stand down and stay out of the fight frankly if they need yamato a foreigner and newly.

Appointed if not self-appointed member of the straw has to handle their affairs they could hardly consider themselves to be one of those protectors in the end this was their fight to face and you gotta respect momonosuke for that in fact considering the prior narrative admittance that he eventually goes on to be recognized as one of juano's greatest.

Leaders a living legend this may very well be the beginning of that tale being spun he's about to let the world government know that although wano may be hurt it is more like a spurring angle don't play with us but you know what wano at this point is just looking like the most desirable tourist destination around as on these seas around it will.

Be the familiar ship of shanks and the red-haired pirates the news of the new yonko had reached them as well and certain long-time members were in disbelief but some were eager enough to urge shanks to do it to go see luffy again now that he's become a great pirate shanks wouldn't immediately respond to.

This instead he'd speak of how nostalgic these seas made him feel the last time he was here they were all giving odin a grand send-off he even remembered little momo and hiyori whom he presumed to be all grown up by now his crew however weren't so concerned by such things and were mostly just eager to go see luffy which i'm sure could be said for many.

Fans as well luffy was a very accomplished pirate now so it only made sense for them to make good on their promise to go see him again meanwhile the deadbeat yassop wasn't ready to meet his son usop just yet now lime juice who definitely received a glow up in the last decade or so would point out the fact that kid was there too recalling.

The fact that only just recently he tried to pick a fight with them shanks from that point would then take another look at the latest paper with a smile on his face just focusing on luffy's latest wanted poster which notably depicts him in his sun god form continuing to look at it we'd actually flash back to the instance in which they stole luffy's.

Fruit from the world government at that time on that stormy night they'd realized that the ship they intended to raid had cp9 agents on board however shanks was very much unfazed and as such they would do battle here we would get a look at a young who's who he was confused by what these pirates could possibly be after as they didn't really.

Have any proper treasure all they had on board was some minor devil fruit a weird one that just makes a person rubbery clearly unaware of just how special the fruit happened to be but i mean double fruits can fetch pretty good prices so mundane or not one could argue that it is still a payday from there shanks would fondly remember the time he shared.

With a young luffy all the way up to his bet on the future by sacrificing his arm for the boy's sake doing so with a smile on his face as he gripped onto the place of sacrifice it was clear that rather than a loss this was a proud and valid investment to the veteran yunko and you know what as much as i enjoy shanks reacting to luffy becoming a yonko i.

Would also like him to react to buggy becoming a yonko as well considering they are childhood friends but hey maybe he's already well aware of what got buggy that position from there we would quickly cut to some rookie pirates of the crew who were swabbing the deck they were shocked to realize that the cruise top officers had some sort of pass with.

Quote the straw hat luffy our boy is really a big timer now in fact one of them would speak of rumors that describe luffy to be like an out of hand rampaging demon monkey which is really funny on two fronts one the person saying this looks like a demon monkey himself and two it really emphasized the sun wukong influences behind luffy's.

Character that much more but much the dismay of certain crew members shanks will make it clear that he is not planning on reuniting with luffy here mostly on account of what was going on in their territories as it turns out bartolomeo luffy's biggest fan and captain of both the bartow club and the second ship of the straw hat grand fleet.

Have been going around burning red-haired pirate flags and replacing them with straw hat ones now this shouldn't be anything new to many of us as such developments have previously been encapsulated by way of several cover pages but it is interesting to see it finally be a direct relevance to the story so yeah you could say bart is to.

Blame for us not getting our oh so long awaited luffy and shanks reunion just yet bit of a bummer but hey things don't always go as planned so who knows what might happen after all of all locations shanks and his crew just so happen to be near wano right now a location shanks hasn't been to since he was a child this could have taken.

Place anywhere else but is going on here if even the two don't meet frankly it has to serve some sort of purpose but speaking of purpose oh man shanks would pull up a seat near his already seated first mate ben beckman ben would pour him up a drink as shanks would rather casually question if it wasn't about time they'd go and claim it.

Ben would shoot him a look as rather ominously if not suspiciously shanks would elaborate the one piece oh man shanks is finally on the move the time has really come this is how you know we are headed towards the end of the story here folks shanks has been moving really strangely in relatively recent times so i can't wait to see.

Everything he has planned between this and one piece film red we are putting the shanks voice actor to work also don't let the drinking of sake here in a conversation about the one piece go over your heads but hey this chapter is still far from over moving our focus over to navy headquarters we'd have a three-man meeting wherein it would be agreed that.

The transgressions of the revolutionary army could no longer be ignored this was something akainu knew very well but unfortunately they didn't have any more marines to deploy this is really saying something the marines are definitely spread thinly if that is the case as it turns out sabo recently dubbed the flame emperor has become a champion to a.

Sizable portion of the world it would then be revealed that there was an assassination at the referee and to make matters worse this figure was a descendant of one of the original 20 kingdoms from 800 years ago the only one to refuse celestial ascension this descendant was king nefertari cobra who we know as the king.

Of arabasta and vivi's father the headline publicizing savo jeep of staff to the revolutionary army as a man responsible what had to be a major play for their cause indeed now firstly this is one piece so although death is certainly a possibility at times it is a concept which many of us express what i imagine.

To be reasonable skepticism furthermore i highly doubt sabah just straight unmurked vp's pops again this man cobra is a descendant of those who refuse to become celestial dragons and opted to instead remain with the people of the lower world this is a man who is deeply indebted to sabo's brother luffy and his friends and recognizes them to.

The saviors of his people this is almost certain to be a more elaborate play in the works however mere hours before doing so the revolutionaries managed to attack the homes of the celestial dragons in the holy land even going as far as to destroy a monument of the so-called divine dragon claw and the symbol of the world nobles which was no.

Doubt a flat out decoration of war as if they needed one at this point now understand how crazy this is sabo supposedly catching a body was the safest version of the true events that they could possibly release there was no way in hell they were going to publicize the fact that rebellious vermin made their way into the land of the gods and.

Caused trouble and at that oh my goodness sabo is a g recall that it was the final attempt of the legendary rox pirates to invade the holy land sabo and his forces actually got the job done mind you rox had to face garp and roger in their prime but hey he had a crew of soon to be yonko on his side when it comes to this modern day matchup however.

Things are hardly as impressive as the likes of admirals ryokuyu and fujitora were left in charge of defenses but even with the budget versions of hashirama's wood style and moderate planetary devastation the rebels managed to successfully free the likes of arthur mukuma who had been enslaved by the celestials perhaps the admirals were a.

Bit held back by being in the holy land but akainu wasn't trying to hear any excuses for their failure which despite being scum of the earth himself i can respect and man this chapter was like an old infomercial because wait there's more besides cobra's supposed assassination his daughter princess vivi had also somehow gone missing now this.

For me is the most suspicious part why because after turning to shreds photos of luffy blackbeard and shir hoshi whose photo did the king of the world and true leader of the celestial dragons have in hand on their way to the empty throne before being asked by the five elders who they sought to eliminate oh yeah phoebe and the skeptic in me has to even.

Question the merit of liberty kuma considering he could be an overgrown walking not so talking spy cam at this point oda is definitely gearing up for some crazy times ahead but here we would formally be introduced to the one unfamiliar member of this marine meeting the chief of the navy criminal affairs unit kuroma tensei this mad to have been.

Here at all speaks volumes as it points towards some sort of treason being to blame for this believed to be connected incident which was currently under investigation akainu presumably arabasta to be in under chaos karome would clarify that their ship hasn't even left the red port just yet as it was difficult for anyone to come or go given.

Their present predicament kizaru would wonder if this meant they could possibly close the case on the attempted murder of saint carlos however saint yosguard your former celestial dragon had pardoned them and in the holy land the celestial dragons knights were the only ones with jurisdiction over such disputes making a pretty complicated.

Situation that was better luckily gods to handle but one way or another mostly struggle some incidents were connected to sabo it would be said that his flames of rebellion were spreading all over the world in fact all eight rebellion kingdoms were actually inspired to overthrow their governments while their kings were away and returning home they.

Were practically worshiping sabo as a god listen the sun god and the flame emperor aren't too far off from one another and to make things even crazier on a captive saba's growing legend one could say that his influence had surpassed even the likes of dragon himself the leader of the revolutionary army he proposed to be.

World's worst criminal kizzar would then chime in by saying that his younger brother was even named an emperor of the sea which i imagine for a kainu and kizaru who met him during marine ford must be a pretty insane development but to close things out we'd have a devote follower of the flame emperor speak other idol's influence expanding into.

Even the pirate world that his little brother had just forced his status quo on its head and at this point times were being forced to change and best believe we are just as hype as this crowd one piece is back and this chapter was most definitely worth the wait as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i.

Love you