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Shanks’ Power Finally Revealed! The Strongest Conqueror’s Haki We’ve Seen – One Piece Chapter 1055


The battle of ryoku ends in tears we learn the truth of juano's history and our characters draw closer to an ancient super weapon a staggering number of events happened in this chapter so no more wasting time let's get into it we open up with a brief reminder of the ongoing celebrations nami toko and zeus are having a ton of fun living it up in.

The capital after that we cut the defenders of wano who are having a far less fun day when minos can reiterate the yamato must enjoy this fight yamato naturally asks why an excellent question given the sheer power being pitted against them the momo just reiterates that yamato mustn't even touch the admiral before the young dragon can.

Explain further however admiral aramaki slams him down to the ground hard clearly not in the mood for midfield banter unless he is the one delivering it rizzo immediately tries to get momonosuke out of the admiral's hold with his nimpo going for a god of flame with fire release rio can do reels and cries out acting as if it was a.

Successful attack but one panel later the twisted admiral is laughing he mocks the foolishness of the capital's defenders reminding them of his rank that a naval admiral being able to guard against such an obvious weakness should have been a given he lashes out with the root the tendril curling before impaling poor rhizo such are the perils of being.

A ninja fighting without stealth and this root would be quick to take all the moisture out of rhizo's body the remaining red scabbers don't hold back against the admiral but they are unable to make progress against ryoki used plant-based assault the admiral starts to wrap them up in his vines restricting them one by one it's an oddly non-lethal.

Moment for the man who recently proudly boasted of his right to kill citizens of 103 league then again he'd offered them the chance to stand down before the fight started for all of ryokyu's violent tough guy persona he does seem to draw a distinction between pirates and regular people who just happen to be in his way but before we go any further.

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Not only to support the channel but to be sure that you get the same box as us thanks again to sakurako and tokyo tree for the delicious snacks but now back to the topic at hand while the battle outside the flower capital continues robin and sukiyaki are exploring an area beneath the former shogun secret room between chapters they've been joined by.

Law who realized they were missing from these celebrations sukiyaki warns a pair that the lower steps are covered in mold hinting at just how deep the stairway is going the former shogun starts to reminisce so that the opacity continues down he had never told kaido or orochi about this passage but the two had been able to locate the ponoglyph all the.

Same he credits this to the animal pirates having a fishman on their group the all-star jack the drought which is the first time we have seen this information provided directly by the main series itself and man being a fisherman with a devil fruit has just always been so silly to me robin asked how that would help but sukiyaki replies.

That it will be clear soon enough i'll ask how deep these passages go which makes a former shogun pause his answer is that they run a few hundred years deep robin starts to catch on to why this is as the descent further the straw archaeologist notices a dim light sukiyaki claims that it is a glass pane at the end of the crawl space and.

Encourages robin to go see for herself noting that they are already below sea level robin takes him up on the offer pulling herself slowly up the steep stone slope only for a lot to beat her to the far side by using his devil fruit there's a cute moment of robin being a bit jealous of law's devil fruit abilities allowing him to just pop in.

Alongside her effortlessly but they too are so distracted by a magnificent view on the other side of the glass pane lies an entire sunken city built with the same architecture we had seen from present day wano tsukeyaki explains that this is an older one dated to about 800 years ago so for you voice century fans it is likely at the tail end of the time.

Period at the same time the poneglyphs were developed at that time wano was a much larger island but since then walls have been erected around it this trapped the rain water within eventually flooding the ancient wano and forced the inhabitants to resettle in areas close to the peak of mount fuji in time some artificial lamp was seemingly added and.

That became the wano we know today seemingly done with his ancient history lesson for the moment sukiyaki opens the door to reveal wanna's rogue ponoglyph robin is naturally a little odd at having finally retrieved the third part of the combination needed to reach laugh tale mizukiaki somehow still has more dramatic revelations for her and law.

He explains that they are at the base of mount fuji but if they trek a little deeper they will reach the ancient weapon pluton however sukiyaki is unable to show it to them before machoga claims the retrieving pluton would require them to remove the walls surrounding wano this is what is meant by opening the country.

It would remove juana's formidable natural defenses rendering them far more vulnerable to invasion what's worse this would itself unleash pluton upon the world sukiyaki's language here seems to suggest that pluton is a threat they cannot control while the ancient weapon poseidon turned out to be a person shiroshi pluton was.

Supposedly a battleship built on water 7 long ago isukeyaki simply being a little flowery here or does pluton have something like an onboard ai giving it the ability to operate without a crew given the level of technology we've seen from frankie it seems at least possible robin asked why kozuki odin a kind-hearted hero of wano.

Would want to unleash an ancient weapon of mass destruction upon the world sukiyaki has no answer but he raised the point all he has shared come from shogunate history with details the people of wano have managed to preserve he doesn't know what odin discovered during his voyages with the roger pirates this scores with what we know.

Love tale contains information on the ancient history of the world it makes sense that oda would know more about pluton's nature than sukiyaki does this suggests that odin either deemed it not a threat or that it was needed for some reason perhaps joy boy left some instructions around to make it ready for his return could plutana been joy boy's.

Ship leaving robin and law to ponder this cavalcade of ancient history we return to the battle on the outskirts of the flower capital and it's not going so well for our heroes ryukogyu content with his position of literally towering over the battlefield starts to taunt his foes he boasts of the power of the forces of nature but admits that if.

Kaido had still ruled wano he wouldn't have come oddly the admiral seems to quite admire kaido even though the man was a pirate press being a respect for survival of the fittest after all qaeda was revered as the world's strongest creature aramaki and missing the beast pirates reign must have been miserable for the people of wano claims that the.

Order kaido provided was all that stopped the other predators from targeting their country an idea that ignores the predators within wano that targeted its people from marochi to the beast's pirates all the way up to kaido himself ryokiyu might be an admiral but his thinking hasn't much evolved from the most basic tenets of the marines.

Order is good chaos is bad once again though the woodwood man seemingly tries to be merciful the admiral starts thrashing about flinging the stoke raffle defenders against the ground repeatedly with his root tendrils he's going for knockouts and incapacitation despite having the group helpless and having shown that his tendrils can be.

Used to impale his foes he calls for the scabbards to just bring out straw hat luffy claiming that he'll let them be after he takes his head yamato is all for bringing luffy over to join the fight and show ryokigyu whose boss but monosuke injured jax the little dragon doesn't want luffy use raw hats or yamato to intervene here and finally.

Manages to explain why the straw hats are soon to leave wano yamato plans to go with them with that in mind momonosuke and the red scabbards have to prove that they are able to defend wanna without their assistance otherwise how can they claim wanna will be safe with their strongest allies gone which is precisely what we surmised with the.

Previous chapter momentosuke doesn't mention the borders but that point has to be weighing on his mind too with what we know now opening the borders would allow almost anyone to land on wano needing intervention from an ally to win their first fight against an invader would prove ryuky right kaido or someone like him was needed to protect wano from.

The wider world the borders should remain closed they are no longer safe yamato is touched by this momo roars at the admiral yelling for the demon tree to leave you is not impressed by this revelation or the speech calling momonosuke a pathetic kid and giving him a contemptuous sneer momentosuke does not.

Relent crying out that he told the man to leave and it is with this the ryukyu realizes his mistake roaring at the top of his lungs momentosuke unleashes an almighty blast of fire breath at the overconfident admiral dengero cries out in wonder at the blast proud of his lord for mastering kaido's signature ability.

Ryukyu tries to call an end to the fight but momonosuke does not relent firing blast after a blast of flame at ryukagu while yelling at him to be gone the admiral who was boasting of his resistance to fire not so long ago is reduced to desperately trying to extinguish his burning body which is a testament to how powerful these blasts.

Truly are yamato also takes a second to appreciate momentosuke's growing control of his dragon form though kawamatsu points out that his aim isn't perfect yet and i mean cut him some slack he's only just gotten started still you could use giant wooden man form presents a nice easy target momentosque keeps the flames up finally reducing the admiral.

To cinders with one all-consuming blast however soon after a flower butt on the ground would complain about this being a pain but minowski's victory lasted just a handful of seconds before the group could react the butt had grown into a renewed yukagyu who was finally lost with little self-control he ever had furious he pulls himself back up to.

Giant size promising to skewer wannabe kaido momonosuke from head to tail for daring to well defend himself the guessing man who was here trying to kill his close friend and ally but before the fight could continue a wave of conqueror's hockey crackles across the battlefield it's enough to even get the fairly stable yukiku pause the admiral.

Wonders who could have unleashed such power before identifying the culprit calls out in surprise the red hair pirates they're here too this wave of hockey has syntheses around wano churning one of shanks's man cries out to him warning him against going all out with his hockey unexpectedly shanks doesn't comment to his crewmen his focus.

Is on ryukugu speaking directly to the admiral shanks claims that he can't call the marines cowardly or underhanded for attacking now nevertheless he points out exactly what they are doing ryokug's plan was to take out the straw hats and their allies right after an exhausting battle one that will go down in history then remembering his past.

Interactions with the younger generation shanks asked the admiral a simple direct question does a new age scare you that much and good lord was this a badass moment for shanks absolute goat behavior from this man and listen this was enough to get ryukyu to throw up his hands and withdraw claiming they didn't want any.

Smoke he didn't want to pick a fight with shanks's crew or at least he didn't want to do so today and man the sheer fact that the conqueror's hockey of shanks could be felt from the seas around wano all the way into the country and be enough to not only shake an admiral but damn near have him watering his own plants from his pants is crazy.

This man completely dropped out of street base form just like that let's not downplay the fact that shanks is communicating through his hockey i mean it's like he forced a man into a den mushi call yamato punches the air triumphant at the victory having completely forgotten women oscar's earlier words about what he wanted to.

Prove with this fight momonosuke meanwhile is trying desperately not to cry but fortunately he is failing it's hard not to feel for him here the new shogun pushed himself to the limit showing off full control of the dragon form he even replicated kyle's signature attack and none of it was enough to win the fight at the end of the day he did.

Need an outsider to help defend wano so we'll just have to wait and see how he feels about all this maybe it just went over his head and didn't realize speaking of which most of the straw hats and their friends are still up in the capital partying as hard as ever sanji luffy zorro and jimbei however have headed over to the outskirts it appears.

They have been watching the battle just in case he needed to step in and they're pretty content that they didn't need to all three are grinning and zorro in particular seems downright impressed with momo they bring up the wave of hockey that crashed across the island earlier but not sure who it belonged to luffy however grins claiming a familiar.

Face just popped into his head as we see shanks's ship still out at sea what i'd imagine was certainly a familiar sensation to when shanks bet on him with the sacrifice of his arm and boy is oda a funny man placing shanks here just in time for the promotion of one piece film red regardless this chapter provided us with lots of new information and plenty.

More unanswered questions but hey feel free to leave us your thoughts on this epic chapter in the comments down below as always i'm selecting otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you