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Shanks Uses The Pirate King’s Power To DESTROY The Worst Generation! – One Piece Chapter 1079


This is history after 1079 chapters after over 25 years we finally get to see Shanks in a fight and it features one of the most insane Feats we've ever seen the cover page of One Piece chapter 1079 features Luffy watering a lion it's much sillier than the Neo mad storyline we just finished up but there is something a little interesting about it.

The sun that's big mom's homie Prometheus is this a hint that the former yonko is still alive or maybe not that Luffy has his son got Nico form Prometheus might actually like him either way we open up to just a few hours earlier Punk York is speaking to the seraphim with some meat in her mouth the problem she faces is that the world.

Government wants to erase all of the Vagabonds not just Stella the problem isn't that her siblings will be in danger she's only thinking of her own safety she does have a plan to somehow counter this but instead of revealing it she orders he serve him to handle everyone else since the frontier Dome was now closed they were free to kill.

Everyone except her Stella and The Cypher pull agents each of the seraphim would confirm their understanding of the mission verbally also confirming to us that all of them can in fact speak arching her back York would further elaborate that once they begin their attack everyone will question who gave the order knowing herself to be weak.

York knew she'd be doomed if anyone found out the truth because of this she ordered a snake to petrify her in front of the others then undo it once they're gone wait which is why we don't see ethnic immediately pursue them and instead just checks to confirm that they're gone for as evil as his exchange may be these two are pretty cute anyone.

Else at York fan I know everyone was focused on Lilith for a while but now that York is actually doing stuff I kinda like her the last bit of this flashback would have York begin to mention an area of the lab that they shouldn't damage if any of the straw hats managed to discover this blind spot they may be able to turn this whole.

Thing around again we don't know this girl's plan yet we know what she wants to be a Celestial Dragon and how she's keeping people from interfering the seraphim but not how she'll avoid being killed too she must be working on an offer the gorose can't refuse in the present having taken down her targets as snake rushes off elsewhere meanwhile.

Heating the words of sento Maru the many inhabitants of Egghead Island Rush onto a ship in hopes of fleeing while the newer model pacifistas continued their preparations but as if the offense of Egghead Island weren't already mounting out to be some of the craziest we've ever seen moving closer with was a [__] bearing the Jolly Roger of the.

Blackbeard Pirates this would be terrifying enough under normal circumstances but wasn't Blackbeard fighting law and the Heart Pirates this can't be good the worst case scenario is that Blackbeard got his hands on laws open on me otherwise known as the ultimate devil fruit normally I would never consider the thought of a worst.

Generation pirate with a 3 billion Berry Bounty being deleted so suddenly but as we'll see in a few moments that's not so unrealistic also no way Blackbeard is York's backup plan right and listen even if it's not Blackbeard himself okg being here could be even crazier in fact because it is pretty much Ohara part 2 it's probably okiji for real okiji vs.

Kizaru would go hard but ahead of that we have an epic fight right now as elsewhere just outside of l-bath kid and his crew were in the midst of facing Shanks and his forces it's here that we get our first look at shanks's Fleet padded tow caratini captain of the puddle Pirates looks to be some sort of froggy fish man like kawamatsu he kind.

Of looks like a Kappa then there's grave tooth fugar captain of the social club Pirates he looks like he could have been childhood friends with Brooke and lastly panickipuru princess of the bourgeoisie Pirates she looks like she might be from the tontada tribe suffice to say that these guys weren't exactly an intimidating display they were so lame.

That kid had to question if they were still in the new world according to killer there were actually some famous faces among them so they shouldn't let their guard down but either way kid wasn't going to hold back Shanks would then instruct his forces to clear their ships out of the way he didn't want anyone on his side to get hurt the news.

Of his departure came as a shot to some of them as they wanted to hang out longer and would even cling to him Shanks would admit that his visit to l-bath was always intended to be a quick stop but because he stuck around for too long big players like kid have been able to Target him and as Shanks got onto a ship the members of his Fleet would.

Begin to laugh at how famously weak they are it's nice the infamy of shanks flag that allowed them to live as they do again Shanks proves to be quite a fan of Charity he's even kind enough to playfully joke around with his comrades once he was aboard we see lime juice nearby as lucky Rose claim they could handle the kid pirates without their.

Boss getting involved but Shanks would remind them that despite their enemy's age he's a pirate with a 3 billion Berry bounty to yasop Shanks with question of kids wounds from wano have already healed and yasop seems to be their Scout of Swords confirmed by kid looks fine and is eager for a fight with that Shanks was willing to deal with the.

Young pirate fist of me is so cold it is so subtle but listen these guys are professionals they really do this pirate thing if shank spanks kid while he's injured this man will just pull up again for round three thinking that a bit more preparation will make a difference either that or it would be Unbecoming of him as a pirate of such infamy to face.

An already weakened opponent in fact Shanks is more interested to know if there are any updates on Blackbeard they didn't have any but they at least know that he's not on Hachi nosu Shanks assume that Blackbeard would show up on wano but he didn't which might explain why Shanks and his crew were nearby to begin with but now that Blackbeard might.

Be on Egghead what could this mean for those events anyways hongo would toss over some Intel on Captain Kidd over to his boss this made it clear that Shanks has not been interested in kid at all even after kid lost an arm trying to hunt him before he never cared to look into him Shanks didn't even show himself last time only now does he learn that.

Kid is from the south blue he even describes him to be Troublesome having made it this far at the same time kid and killer would take stock of just how many ships they were facing at the moment there were nine and some famous faces were beginning to show themselves kid didn't care though he was prepared to take them all down using the power of.

His devil fruit kid intended to destroy them all in 10 seconds flat remember that 10 seconds here he prepared to fire his damned Punk an attack that was strong enough to even do damage to big mom as he raided his Weaponry the many ships began to be pulled towards his overwhelming magnetism this disturbance triggered shanks's observation hockey.

Immediately rushing into action in the face of this danger chance with the Mandy Fleet to spread out as he Giants Dory and brogie were told to lend him a hand from there we'd get a glimpse of the future shank saw from his hockey it was a total Massacre several ships would be destroyed at the same time the Carnage Shanks foresaw was too great.

Looking at his boss Ben Beckman could tell that the future he saw must have been pretty bad if this shot went off the majority of shanks's Fleet would have been wiped out instantly a feat that even Shanks had to recognize with this he left across the sea much of the surprise of an ill-prepared Captain kid with then Shanks made use of his former.

Captain Goldie Rogers signature technique kamusari this overwhelming birth of Conker's hockey knocked out most of kids crew and absolutely annihilated their Captain hydrogen bomb versus coughing baby this insane feat made it look like a massive mom went off on kid's ship give and his forces were done for with this move Shanks just one.

Shot two members of the worst generation the guy who not too long ago helped to finally take down big mom is on the ground unable to speak or move only being able to beg for their lives the remaining kid pirates would offer Shanks at Road point of glyphs in exchange for the captain's life but Shang said nothing he simply left the way as Dory.

And brogie aimed an attack at kid ship the kid pirates started this fight the two giants were here to make sure that the [__] around to find out ratio remained proportionate and with one big hulking swing they super violated the kid pirates with one of the meanest double TAPS in one piece blowing a massive hole in it I love this listen I.

Love this listen the yonko are not to be messed with I love having them be the legendary Pokemon of the one piece World kid Izzy Pikachu to shanks's Mewtwo sure Luffy and buggy are goofballs but this yonko thing isn't to be taken lightly and with that Captain Kidd and his kid pirates had been completely and utterly destroyed Oda created this man based on.

One of the most infamous Pirates of all human history and used him as an overgrown demonstration of shanks's power twice shout out to all the people that thought kid could actually do anything here you already know his fans will be fighting for their lives from now on it looks like this might be the end of useless mid he was already out.

Like a light before being sent to the depths of the sea Shanks is a nice guy but not that nice kid wanted to smoke and he got it there can only be one redhead in the game now I wonder if that bit of Intel helped inform shanks's Future Vision whatever the case this guy is broken one piece clearly isn't ending this decade because there's no way Zorro.

Has to surpass this to become the strongest swordsman in the world and this isn't even mihawk Shanks doesn't even have his dominant sword hand anymore but hey with this Shanks is easily the strongest yonko and I mean that as just him his Fleet may be a bunch of Bargain Bin Pirates but his core crew is strong enough to balance.

Things out and this only makes me wonder how Blackbeard managed to scar his face without a devil fruit even more now the last thing I need to make very clear to you all is that buggy would tank this I mean he's been against it on a crew with some of the strongest conquerors hockey users in history and cutting attacks can't kill him respect the clown as.

Always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you