I hate when because people say partyin my your mouth but for some reason i'm thinking of that i'm not going to saythat but it's a kaleidoscope in your mouth hi i'm eric kim i am a cooking writer forthe new york times food section and today i'm making sheet pan bibimbap and it's almost likeanother sheet pan recipe but um the end result is so delicious it's so simple so quick people thinkbibimbap is this very complicated thing to make and to eat at home but for my familyit was a midnight snack growing up it was like we're really hungry we need to eat and no one hadthe energy this kind of draws on that inspiration it's also just really um it's really chill i thinkthat's the main point about this recipe it's chill i have a nice story about thisrecipe so last july i drove down to.

Atlanta where my mother lives and stayed withher for for many many months working on this cookbook we wrote together we cookedtogether every day it was an invaluable experience everyone talks about writing downyour family recipes i actually got to do it and i'm trying not to cry a lot of new dishes cameout of it as well including this peeping pop it happened on accident because i only hada little bit of time to feed the family she ate it and she loved it and she was likei am never making pb pop the other way again first things first rice this is peeping poppeep means mixed pop means rice i want to show you how i like to make rice very simple it's veryperfect i think i've perfected it you can also use leftover rice an ex-boyfriend taught me this canyou believe that an ex-boyfriend taught me how to.

Make rice now i just oops tumble this in it's myfavorite rice cooker that i've ever had there's a lot of contention on the internets about whetheror not you're supposed to soak your rice i always soak my rice especially when it's one to one youjust want to make sure that the rice cooks evenly so this is so versatile obviously everyone saysthat about sheet pans but i think the thing that i i love most about it is that it's sucha large surface area what that means is you don't want the vegetables to steam if youput them in a single layer on the shape pan they are going to caramelize and get reallydelicious and reduce i'm going to say reduce a lot you want to reduce things that's what cookingis like making things smaller so that they taste more intense if this has been soakingfor like 10 minutes i'm gonna turn it on.

And that's it i'm gonna chop some vegetablesi'm gonna assemble them in quadrants remember like four square no sorry not fourth grade waitoh was it called foursquare it's like the ball oh that's four square right that was fun anyway it's nice to have like a mixture i'm happy withthat so the sweet potatoes are next i do recommend like cutting it in half okay half moon shapesso sweet potatoes especially are super wet so you really want to make sure those are truly in asingle layer i really like it in half moons they caramelize better in my opinion because they startto separate i've cooked my mom and cooked so much in the last year it was wild it was like a masterclass you just want them into bite-sized pieces this is about you know a single layer it's perfecti've got my gorgeous vegetables the quadrants.

I love this because it's i don't know it's prettyorange green purple brown i feel like that's good what the salt does is it draws out some of themoisture first and we do want the moisture to come out tossing it will certainly spread out theoil and the seasoning better that shape hand's ready that's it um that's the prep work i talkeda lot but if i weren't talking this would have this takes like 5-10 minutes right i'm going toshow you the spring one i haven't actually tried this yet how cute is this so the first time i madethis i was truly just using up what i had in the fridge and that was really delicious they don'tseem like they'd be that special in a dish like this but i think that's my point you use what youhave and it's just you're going to have an egg on there you're going to have some culture youngin there you're going to have some sesame oil.

It's really nice no matter what vegetables youhave and so i wanted to show you a version that has kind of those flavors they're more delicatethan this nice like hearty version so what we're gonna do is use these tops these are so good don'tdon't throw them out roast them these will so oh that's kind of pretty actually they're cute withthe rhubarb we're not roasting the rhubarb i want to try pickling them with the spring versionbecause all the other flavors are so delicate when people imagine you know a sun cooking with themother it's like oh it's so warm it's so sweet um it was but russell was very similar so there'sa lot of bickering well i do it like this i was like well i do like this and we both became like15 year olds just like trying to one-up each other but it ended up being this really healthycompetition she has decades of experience.

I should definitely listen to everythingshe says but um i also you know am a cook and a food writer so those are so pretty umthis is kind of like my standard version that i like the most but here's a new spring versionwe're going gonna roast them both at 450 degrees i'm gonna pull the spring one out much earlierbecause these are much more delicate but as these roast in the oven i'm going to preparethe second sheet pan so that it's ready for me with the rice and the eggs i have a littletrick when you're roasting vegetables especially watery vegetables like all those maybe likefive or ten minutes into cooking i do this i sort of let like thesteam out i'm convinced that that'll make the air in there like alittle drier see how i'm like really.

Trying to like get rid of the wateri'm taking these out these are ready sweet potatoes kale all that that hasabout five more minutes to go i'm going to take out the tray that's been preheatingand assemble the rice and the eggs so that those cook and then the sweet potato kale thatwill cook they'll like finish at the same time a little salt i like pepper this is thehardest part where you're just like oh every oven is so different just check theeggs and as soon as the white looks done take it out vegetables are done stuff oh my god i'm gonna make myself a bowl soi'm gonna take some of this rice.

Mushrooms and then some sweet potatoes this is a korean fermented chili pastesesame oil always reminds me of my mom and that's it that is sheep and bibimbap it's really pretty to look at what's next isyou're gonna you're gonna mix it all together that's really good this is my first bite of foodum today it's like two o'clock this is super chill i feel like i promised a chillthing the process was very simple but the end result is really complex and it tastesreally wonderful and i think the point is that you use whatever you like and don't use whateveryou don't like do you guys want some absolutely