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Shigaraki Kills Deku Instead of Stealing His Quirk – My Hero Academia Chapter 379


Shigerah he just destroyed all for one we received a comic as cover page with gentle criminal and La Brava looking fancy as they Dash forward T included this chapter is titled hopes and begins with a flashback to not so long ago involving lady nagan apparently around the time kurugiri was brought back with Spinner's help nagan was in central.

Hospital already planned to get into the fight outside the hospital people were rushing to bring the injured from the hetero Morse fight inside to care for them regardless of which side they were on we move on to a doctor who looks vaguely like Super Mario shadowing that nagan shouldn't be out of bed because the extent of her injuries but she tells.

Him to shut up as she continues to drag herself forward in the hallway this panel of nagan is reminiscent of when sir night I was trying to stop all mine from continuing hero work after his battle with all for one she demands to know where the enemy is so she can be abused in the fight but the doctor won't tell her because she's still a prisoner.

So in a shaky weak voice from her damage nagan says izuka midoriya is relying on me and this is followed by a flashback to when deckwood asked for her to fight along with him having seen the goods still in her she repeats the same request again this time covered in sweat from the pain of moving her body forward her face covered in the same lines that.

Came from the explosion when it seems like she can't convince the doctor rockwalk steps forward and offers to take responsibility for her and whatever action she takes even then the doctor is still hesitant to accept but it seems more likely due to her condition ignoring the doctor Rock lock hands over all the information a God needs.

Including updates on the battle the location where the enemies are and more looking worse for where Rock lock points out that they are in a critical moment and are relying heavily on Deku right now and because he's their main hope currently if she can do anything to support Deku then he's willing to let her go as we return to the place where.

We stopped last time we feel the shot lady to gun used to cut off shikaraki's hand also caused her massive damage since her body isn't fully healed from the implosion in the past it likely wasn't able to withstand the use of her Court cast blood splatters all over her body seeping from her bandages everywhere knowing her body well she.

Knows that she can only use one more shot before she likely falls apart completely or passes out from her injuries but she knows one shot is still a lot if she can make it count and because Deku was able to get her out of the darkness that was drowning her she can start to see hope again a light and she can't give up yet it's not only.

Thanks to Deku though when she saw Hawks her successor she realized us that even working as a spy and doing questionable work didn't mean you had to Lose Yourself completely and just give in to sadness they reminded her of her youth of seeing hope and a spark of light like a star in the night sky and it reminded her of why.

She wanted to leave and keep moving forward with blood now dripping down her face truly showing what little strength she has left she hopes her thoughts for a brighter future can reach izuku midoriya and we see that a glint a sparkle is back in her eyes Clayton Nagant lets her final shot go and it comes shortly after the first one.

Ripping through shikaraki's other hand this time as he lets out a roar knowing by name who could be capable of such Precision both hands are now lost Deku kneels nearby still catching his breath from gear shift but he clearly can feel what this means for her he begins to grip the ground below him with a renewed focus on his goal at the same time all.

For one inside of shikarak he rages as he says you useless piece of trash do you still think you're the face of justice as you kill your comrades and beat the wounded but it's clear that all for one is falling apart and trying to save FaZe by putting others down tomra mess it abundantly clear that he's no longer going to let himself be.

Controlled especially when he starts to laugh and make fun of all for one as a so-called Master manipulation to further prove his stance his fingers start to overwhelm all for one and push out of his potato head and face forcing him to stop speaking it's a pretty direct way of shigaraki saying that all for one needs to shut up shigarak acknowledges.

All for one's plans and knows about the grand scheme he had in mind for revenge against all might but when is one progressed further to include taking over shikaraki's body not as a successor but as a replacement he also ended up absorbing all of shikaraki's deep-reaching hatred for the world and Humanity sure all for one's goal may.

Have been to become the Demon King through stealing one for all but he didn't take into account how much willpower shikaraki had as well physically they did merge together shikaraki also admits that he became a part of all for one successfully but that doesn't mean that it was complete in fact shigaraki hated the whole.

Situation so much that he created a failsafe for himself through his loathing by hiding his origin in AKA Torah inside the depths of his heart and it's clear from the imagery that tomorrow's Soul was well concealed deep inside the layers of hands and overlapping bodies and Minds Thomas had his own goals since the beginning and he.

Wasn't just going to let them go because his Sensei believes his own objectives were better and with that we see how shigaraki's own Origins start to slowly move and regain control taking his time as it let all for one believe he was still in charge from the looks of it the quirks that were stolen seemed to help in a way as sergeant stripe had them.

Still rebelling against their combined body dragging himself out inch by inch crawling through arms in darkness shigrocky says this is the path I took but all for one isn't going to give up a perfect body video molded specifically for himself that easily he shouts for kurugiri to be of assistance by helping get this body to his other one through.

Warping kurigiri is there and he listens but that does not mean he agrees with the command still not back to his full known himself pirigiri can only follow simple directives and the one that matters that was given to him long ago his protection Rocky at all costs kind of ironic that all for one was likely the one to give him that order to begin.

With at the same time kurigiri stutters out half words like friend [__] which could be his attempt at saying friendship or friend shigaraki either way all for one has no control over him if we're being even more optimistic could we say that it's part of shirakumo still trying to break through but the fact that we see a flash of spinner will.

Kurakiri most recently teens appointed him discussing shikaraki instead the Rebellion doesn't end there though shigaraki begins to shout that he doesn't need one for all and how he doesn't want to be controlled like this every aspect of him anymore when he finally says I won't be your stinking Pawn he looks free at last there's a.

Wide look in his eyes sure but at least he's back to his crazy self and not a pawn under all for one's thumb interestingly he Compares himself to lady nagan and change a criminal even saying his heart is just like theirs because it won't be erupted in this case chigaraki isn't saying he's going to become more heroic he means that he.

Won't forget where his dreams and goals came from Hallie first started on his way of thinking and for him it wasn't about wanting to save people or a man from falling it was his dysfunctional upbringing we get an image of his literal broken home cracked in half and shikaraki explains that everything that exists in this world is the cause of.

What he went through inside that place having accepted himself fully shigaraki joins with his younger self-tanko shimura as he overwhelms the parts of all for one still struggling to hang on and remain in control but instead of just hands coming through his mouth now she could Rock his entire body breaks through making its way out at last.

Looking more childlike than he has in the past shigaraki now fully backed himself announces his goal to destroy everything that has to do with that house as he says this Deku rushes to grab him and bring him away from the people struggling in the floating UA Island jigaraki and Deku staring each other's faces with homura telling him.

That his salvation can only come from achieving that wish nearby gentle is still holding up UA but he can't help but notice Deku taking off a shigaraki wondering what he's doing Deku knows that shiguraki is too much of a danger now that his quirks aren't being erased by azawa and monama so he has to bring him elsewhere away from everyone who can.

Become collateral damage even mirio can't help but worry about his Junior at UA considering how dangerous this situation is amidst all this there's someone off to the side holding a camera phone up and seemingly recording this whole debacle but it's not clear who exactly this person is could it be another student from UA or maybe someone.

Who supports Deku like Kota but judging by the size of the person they have to at least be 18 or older looks like the final fight for the world may be streamed live for everyone on the planet to see while bringing shigaraki away Deku admits that he won't let him destroy everything like he wants to but at the same time Deku knows young tenko.

Is still in there crying and needing a hero who will actually help this time as the side Tech says the battle reaches a new stage we get an awesome shot of Deku Standing On Top of rubble that used to be a coffee shop on the other side shigaraki isn't too far away his body folded sideways more like a demon than a person his entire face is covered in.

Darkness with only his eyes shining through menacingly worst of all even while Deku was bringing himself down to ground level his hands were actually regenerating so his Decay cork will be available to him again adding one more layer of danger to this fight from the looks of things deku's going to have to do his best to subduing Rocky while also.

Convincing him that the world isn't as terrible as he thinks it is this isn't unlike what he did for lady mcgon and gentle but will it work jigaraki unlike all for one doesn't actually care about stealing deku's work so this is bound to become a whole lot crazier as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love.

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