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Shigaraki Will Destroy Himself and The World! How My Hero Academia Will End


Creepy intense and downright terrifying in battle tomorrow shugaraki is the man who has brought the world of my hero Academia to the brink of Ruin while it's easy to dismiss him as simply a puppet of all for one tomorrow remains his own person he might bear the older villain's name but his kaijusaki will tell you shugaraki is not an easy man to control.

While he currently is trapped within his own mind the final Arc of my hero Academia continues to revolve around the war shigaraki started his beliefs and thoughts are still looming over the cast in this video we'll be going in depth on the master of disaster looking at what drove him to this point and what the final Arc of my hero might hold for him.

Just what fate awaits shigaraki after the war let's get to it part one a struggle for self-definition many fans have called shigaraki a victim of childhood trauma there are more than enough incidents in his background to justify the idea there's the abuse he suffered at his father's hands his accidental killing of his parents and.

The years of trainings with all for one but when we first encounter shigaraki during the usj incident he's not obviously suffering he comes across as relaxed even enjoying himself the assault was his plan and even when meeting opposition he's seeing little to worry about he's willing to taunt a Pro Hero fully aware that a much larger.

Response force is on his way it's after the loss of the nomu to all might that we first see shigaraki's ego crack he can handle opposition and setbacks but outright failure hits him hard he's confident in himself but when situations get outside of his control he doesn't have a good way of dealing with it this pattern continues in subsequent arcs.

Most notably in his petty jealousy of stain we see his depressive Funk after the usj incident and quiet frustration after chisaki's killing of Magna he either sees with anger or just Broods after all what does he have Beyond his mission his desire to hurt all might or the world as a whole this is how all for one hurt tenko.

Shimura not through pain or open mistreatment but by treating him purely as a tool keeping him focused on his mission has robbed him of a wider perspective and the ability to simply enjoy life he's not oblivious to the Ordinary World we've seen him make game comparisons even to the point of a full visualization sequence but we've never.

Seen him play Tamora especially early on is a bundle of nerves and depression his mission constrains him just like his trademark hands do he's simply not good at calming himself or thinking about anything else the arrival of the league is the start of shigaraki's real development it's hard to tell how much he feels a genuine.

Attachment to his new friends and how much he views them as simple tools they're initially the replacement for the goons lost in his first big scheme but the league endures through setback after setback even after they lose all for one they stick together they develop a sense of kinship over time they avenge Magna they pull through the MLA attack.

By the time of the war they're generals sharing Sushi together in Victory it's easy to read tamura as caring about his found family he certainly seems to enjoy being their leader Magnus death gets to him and he's the one who suggests they share Sushi following the MLA battle we love to see the villains at nakama of their own and some.

Relationships have been undoubtedly strong most notably to twice however we've got no direct insight into shigaraki's thoughts on the league he's always remained focused on his goal Beyond personal attachments his more openly Friendly Moments towards the other League members might just be trying to keep useful tools in line.

That's certainly how all for one seems to treat them after gaining control of taburra's body but shigaraki may legitimately care with the war in full swing the leak are putting themselves at risk to realize tomorrow's dream that opens up so many questions about the man they fight for how far has tamura come does he consider.

The other League members as friends there's no firm answer to this yet but we've seen all for one casually dismissed leaving members of The League behind it's easy to imagine tamura seething at this and fighting back as best he can within his own mind could this lead to a break between the two main villains of my hero well before we.

Get further into trying to unpack everyone's favorite handyman remember to make sure you're subscribed have notifications on and hit the like button for your regular dose of plot armor now on with the video part two two roads throughout the story shigaraki has been deku's counterpart the two grow together going from two.

Little boys crying about an unfair world to the leaders of a generation of heroes and villains the parallels were less blatant early on in the story when shigaraki was more of a mysterious Outsider now though they have the quirks of all might and all for one it gets much more obvious looking back at how similar their paths have always been.

There's a reason villain Deku Aus are so popular in the fandom while their families are all too different there's fundamental resonance between young Deku and tenko shimura both were unhappy with the world both had no immediate way to control it midoriya couldn't suddenly develop a quirk any more than tenko could overcome his father's hatred as.

Heavily as their arcs diverge they start at the same point a child crying over things they can't change the Divergence between them goes beyond morality however it's in how they were trained and their very relationships with their mentors while both all might and all for one care for their successors the two have very different.

Teaching styles toshinori personally trained Deku right from the start keeping a close eye on him and was always happy to directly help his Protege all for one however took far more of a back seat with shigaraki he provided him with funding a headquarters and the assistance of kurukiri he kept a close eye on him but he largely left.

Tamura free to make his own decisions early on the assault on the usj was tamura's plan as was the attack on the camp an attempt to recruit bakugou these were not wise moves for the league of villains they alerted the pro Heroes to their existence accomplished nothing and left all for one himself imprisoned in Tartarus but that wasn't the point as.

Far as the master villain was concerned he wanted tamura to be a true successor his own man with his Own Strength if he wanted to encourage Independence he needed to have his disciple free to choose and find his own path he let tamura make his own mistakes only stepping in to bail him out when there was no other option left.

Ultimately that approach paid off shigaraki developed over time his plans got better he recruited a more Elite group of teammates and refined his ideology he took up the mantle of the meta Liberation Army leader and emerged from the villain Academia Arc as a force of his own he would not be such an intimidating villain if he was simply a.

Pawn of his predecessor mindlessly obeying orders and following past directives and yet in the end all for one took his Liberty away from him by the time of the war Arc the two mentors have each ended up adopting the other's approach all might have stepped back following the loss of his remaining power as much as it hurts him to no.

Longer be the bearer of one for all he knows that it's deku's time now he'll do all he can to help but doesn't lecture or order Deku toshinori lets his successor do things his own way pushing one for all to its limits in ways he simply couldn't all for one however has only gotten more involved shikiraki may have set this war in motion but it's.

Clear that his mentor is now fully in control even if he truly cares for tamura truly wants him to succeed it will be by following all for one's methods and rules or not at all he's lost faith in tamura by this point then again tomorrow may lack that faith in himself even before his suppression he had begun to rely more and more upon.

His mentor's resources he needed gigantom machia he wanted karaki's expertise and he chose to take up all for one did he have other options that's open to debate The Meta Liberation Army was a hard threat for the league to counter but he's been seeking these opportunities out all for one's control over his disciple is a culmination not a.

Surprise Deku and Ozark focus on freedom from limitation he goes beyond what's believed to be possible he's gone from a corkless boy whose dreams were laughed at to all might's inheritors set to surpass him shikiraki's Ark has ended up taking him from a rebel freed from any restriction whatsoever to a prisoner.

Within his own body his history is tenko shimura and his tutelage from All For One are both holding him back part 3 standing alone it's interesting to look at shigaraki in the context of weekly Shonen Jump his appearance in even power set called to mine other recent villains mojito of Jujutsu Kaizen and muzan kabutsuji of.

Demon Slayer both being Prime examples tomorrow's focus on his own interests and desires plus his dismissive and cynical approach to The Wider World also lines up neatly with these modern Shonen antagonists but mojito and muzan lack anything akin to the story of tenko shumura these are purely antagonistic villains One an inhuman Spirit born of.

Humanity's hatred for their fellow man and the latter is solely responsible for every demon and Demon Slayer the writers ensure that we hate these people and from an early point of rooting for their destruction while horakoshi absolutely sets us up to hate and fear shigaraki the later revelation of his Origins presents something of a curveball he's.

An adult now with culpability but he was made that way by the actions of others most notably another prominent villain straying from jump shigaraki is extremely similar to the villain of psychopass's first season shogomakushima both in aesthetic and narrative role makashima also sought to end a system that he had felt wronged him and wanted.

Others to live true to themselves regardless of consequences however Psychopaths absolutely does not intend us to sympathize with makashima while the anime raises questions about its World shogo's actions are still shown clearly as a support the infamous sewer scene has him kill a close friend of protagonist akane surumuri simply to.

Prove a point while it has been teased many times horakoshi notably averted having any such shoot the dog moment with shigaraki the closest instance to it his conversation with Deku in a packed mall resolves with nothing more than a threat and a laugh at the hero's expense but there's no one act we've seen from.

Shigaraki that would make the audience root for his destruction there's nothing akin to shasaki's torment of Eddie okaraki's transformation of shirakumo into kurugiri but his hands aren't clean enough to make Redemption smooth even if he decides to change shigaraki has done a lot to hurt the heroes for one he's given izawa wounds he'll never recover.

From his Awakening killed a large number of pro Heroes and civilians and the war has seen Mass injury and death with the loss of midnight being particularly hard for class 1a most of these lack the clear visceral shoot the dog effect however they are indirect harm part of war or life and death combat early on these served more to make shigaraki.

Intimidating rather than to set up a desire for vengeance it left things fascinatingly unclear Deco himself feels conflicted on the point viewing shikiraki's actions as unforgivable but claiming nonetheless that he is in need of saving while there are few modern examples of sympathetic villains Who Remain antagonists throughout the story.

There are stronger cases further back in Jump's history sympathetic villains have been some of Jump's best remembered antagonists such as Itachi and pain in Naruto or Kamara and King Miriam from Hunter Hunter they couple interesting compelling motivations with the strength and determination to remain intimidating threats to the heroes shigaraki may have.

The potential to go down and Shonen history as a similarly compelling villain he's not quite solidified that standing yet but we still have the final Arc to go part 4 tenko say hello to tenko the battle Vandal he is the protagonist of a one shot by kohe horikoshi published in akamaru jump back in 2007. in it we meet.

The titular tenko a wild boy whose hands disintegrate whatever they touch and annoys Samurai by destroying their swords there's obvious comparisons to tamura tenko not only has the same power name and a very similar design but his life story is close the abuse of his father and loss of his family happened in a similar matter leading the young.

Boy to a similar objective trying to destroy the aspect of the world that hurt him in his case by disintegrating swords and armor he thinks that without them someone can no longer be a warrior while tamura is clearly an adult his thinking is as childish and simple as tenkos a point that's even more apparent in the one shot tenko speaks in short.

Sentences gets physical when angered and is utterly convinced of his logic Eva when people stare daggers at him he's smiling convinced that he's made them no longer violent there's a lot of early Goku in him all the power to change the world but none of the knowledge or understanding this tenko however took a parallel path to shigaraki thanks to.

Warrior Hana he does start to mature he sees some Nuance Beyond swords are bad and it's the start of him maturing while the one shot ends with a little playful teasing there's every sign tenko and Hano will support and help each other through life this is what shigaraki needed it's what all for one denied him if you want to see what a hiroshigiraki.

Au might look like the tenko one shot is a great example it's likely horakoshi worked backwards from this one shot in developing tamura's origin taking what had been a hero story and twisting it Hannah goes from an older peasant woman who can provide support to his just as vulnerable sister the reasons behind his.

Father's abuse are explained if not condoned most notably his mother's final word are omitted she dies before giving her son tamura the guidance he needed leaving all for one free to step into that void horikoshi reworked a hero's origin into a villains with just a handful of tweaks which makes this line from his akamaru jump debut page.

Fascinating I hope that the main character will remain in the hearts of everyone who reads it part 5 a crying little boy entering my Hero's final Arc a lot of people are wondering about shigaraki horokoshi has reinforced the idea of the villain having some kind of Redemptive moment with Deku wanting to rescue him and tenko shimura hoping for.

Midoriya to somehow save him could he pull it off there's every chance he can't Deco will try his hardest but things have been going from bad to worse perhaps the best he'll manage will be one brief moment of uncertainty from shikiraki if deku's words bring back memories of tenko's trauma and fear it could be enough to.

Turn the tide of battle putting his opponent to rest would grant that inner child peace you could call death a very dark form of saving him but that's not what Deku wants as unforgivable as shikiraki's actions have been isaku is far too Noble and idealistic to think killing is merciful he'll make some legitimate effort to talk shikiraki down.

And narratively it's not out of the question all for one has largely co-opted the war effort at this point tamura is more his weapon a monster he created and Unleashed against the world and he wouldn't be the first to turn on his master perhaps tomorrow will refuse all the same perhaps this is a man Deku simply.

Couldn't save but if the war has gotten Bleak enough if all for one is sacrificed too much tomorrow might call a truce with Deku to try and preserve his subordinates lives shikiraki will be angry and frustrated if events force him to resort to that surrender would be an admission of defeat from the man desperate to burn the world to the.

Ground but tomorrow's Ark in my hero Academia has been one of finding himself of trying to Define what to do with his life and power abandoning his original goal would be the culmination of that Arc and all for one's deepest failure it wouldn't be enough to provide a happy ending at this point most likely shigaraki would die from trying to.

Restrain the all-for-one intelligence possessing him at best he might survive to be imprisoned by the heroes still shikiraki appreciates his victories even if tamura ends up dying in the final Arc or rotting away a Tartarus having spat in the eye of his mentor and saved his found family may give him some comfort in the end.

However there is still a faint chance for a truly happy ending for shigaraki if he manages to throw off all for one's control find a more positive outlook on life and evade the law that result would be fascinating Tamara still has his reasons to be skeptical of the world but if convinced to change his way some a fugitive shigaraki could ultimately.

Prove a positive force instead of all for one the shadowy Tyrant making people dance with their puppet strings he could help those the system fails ironically this shikiraki could end up in a similar philosophical place to stain he'd be a voice of skepticism toward pro-hero Society helping people who mainstream Pros can't or won't he could be a hero.

And an orthodox scary vigilante but a hero who inspires hope and helps those who need it izuku might even assist him after all my hero Academia is a story about how Deku became the greatest hero simply punching the villain out does not make him particular particularly great there has to be more to the final confrontation for him than simply.

Defeating all for one saving shigaraki a feat the previous one for all wielders felt was near impossible would be the mark of a truly great hero but hey maybe that's just a pipe dream what do you think will happen to tamura leave a comment down below my name's Alexander macedo thank you for watching plot armor have an awesome day.

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