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Shigaraki’s Perfect Form Scares Deku


It's been a while since so many Heroes Have reunited but that is exactly what happens in this chapter Sharon goes against their plan to divide and conquer that they had originally chosen but they could at least try to contain the second coming of Sad Man's parade with their larger numbers let's not waste any more time and dive right into the events.

Piggy and right where the last chapter left off suyo and ochako are falling through karagiri's portal as they chase after toga and twice his skin this new chapter called a storm toy flower has those two girls joining Hawks and kinoko at the gunga mountain Villa ruins alongside all the deadly villains of course a thought bubble tells us that.

Ochako is insistent upon talking to toga about love since she doesn't feel like she has had the chance to yet she's been tried to for the past few chapters actually meanwhile below her is a monsters Army of twice doubles swarming the ground as far as the eye can see one of them toga herself turns back and is annoy to how persistently two heroes are.

To have followed her as twice his skin slides off her face like mud toga announces that there is no longer a girl in love here this guy I mean she is completely accepting her villain slide now which we've suspected for a while or that she chose to close off her heart to anyone since she feels betrayed and heartbroken by the people she admired we.

Can even put our money on her just being upset overseeing twice again despite having been killed by hawks we move on to some Heroes being practically trampled by the twice clones running and pushing past them others who try to help are being burned by Dobby's unbelievably hot flames so Pixie bob orders them to retreat behind the mud wall she creates.

For their protection using her Quirk nearby konoko lomenci fantasy Flames are stopping her from providing mushroom spore support as kamui Woods pulls her away with him to safety everyone is basically just having to flee between the intense fire and the army of twice rushing forward what else can they really do the lion Hero shishido has he.

Foresight to remember the villains they captured and tied up and how they would be immortal danger too if they're not moved ochako flows to suyu she points out that only kurigiri could have pulled something like this off she also worries her Shoto and Shoji with have been fighting on their own for a while against the two villains who are now.

Involved here if you recall shelter have been fighting Dobby with his new attacks like Greg glacial acre while showju is facing spinner and his army of heteromorphs in both cases these students won their battles but it wasn't enough to keep Dobby and kurigiri from reaching gunga mountain in fact with the last of spinners energy and power he was.

Able to awaken Curry gear again and cause this whole situation following this two allies he didn't expect to see tokoyami and Jiro show up a bit worse for wear but having survived a brief confrontation with all for one Jiro grabs ochako's hand to get her attention and it is clear how relieved they are to see each other tokoyami can't help but.

Point out how chaotic the battle has become now that so many fights have come together tsuyu still worrying about her friends switches her concern to jiro's ear which was injured in her battle considering who she faced the damage to one ear is really nothing especially if you consider how badly all mine had gotten it back in the day more recently.

Than that bezine is nearly died protecting his fellow Heroes and all for one wasn't anywhere close to his Prime at that time this is when it starts to feel like plot armor for the students but anyway plot armor can actually be pretty awesome so before we continue be sure to subscribe with notifications on and smash that like button if you enjoy.

Our my hero videos Jiro puts two and two together realizing that toga is created the twice clones since she was the one facing her two classmates with an intense look ochako says they have no choice but to stop toga since she can swarm across Japan easily like this tokoyami agrees they should intervene but no one can get close due to Dobby's.

Intense heat besides that toga has been multiplying like crazy bringing me numbers in her Rampage up even more with each passing second at this point the villains are nearly overrunning the heroes so they plan to keep it all apart is quickly collapsing in fact Endeavor is struggling himself just to keep the twice clones at Bay while Dobby floats.

In the sky like a fiery mass of hatred but that does pique endeavor's interest he notices the injury on Dobby's chest that wasn't there before he thinks back to how Shoto talked about a move called phosphor as he begins to panic he demands Dobby tell him what happened with Shoto looking more like a demon than a human Dobby replies with a.

Mouthful of fire they failed in his attempt to bring Shoto back as a corpse at least he's willing to admit that it was because Shota was too strong he bemoans the fact that his dream won't be completely fulfilled because of that with a close-up shot of Dobby's crazed look and scorched skin he announces of the people that you cherish at least one.

Of them survived in other words his plan was to take away every single relationship that mattered to Endeavor be it family or other Heroes and this brings us back to his Rampage after he somehow survived shoto's ultimate move we can't say if they're dead but it's clear that keto and onima were extremely injured by Dobby's increased fire.

Attacks that's two of endeavor Sidekicks taken down and who knows how many more we didn't see down below we see all for one laughing at this development the image of a stream of lines is shown behind him indicated the path he had predicted and planned out descends those same lines look just like the rivets tab work which he used a few times in metal.

With his usual villainous expression and confident voice all form believes that everything he has been working on is starting to come together could he really have predicted these hectic battles or does he just mean he knew even if the villains lost they would complete their goals of rejoining with each other who can say upon realizing.

That kuruguri probably went to tomra's location he's disappointed that he can't use that Quirk for himself all he has is his mud warp which does not reached as far in terms of transporting people nonetheless he is sure this chaos will help him complete his goals one of which is to reach Homer himself and he says this while flying off in that direction.

At an intense speed before it can get too far Hawks appears in front of him too if nothing else at least delay him with a knowing smile all for one just suggests that Hawk should be dealing with twice in his clones rather than getting in his way whatever the Spy Hawks can't be swayed and would rather know why off one is rushing to shigaraki.

He even accuses him of not trusting his so-called successor likely aware that he is more of a means to an end all for one's expression darkens at that realizing how perceptive Hawks is to have figured that out with little regard for how it sounds awful one calls tomra that thing and explains how he is still not complete because all for one has.

Something he needs to do to accomplish that this could be referring to how he meets shikaraki as a vessel for his new body but there is still a small fraction of tomra deep down wanted to be saved and fighting back we saw this not too long ago when mirio made him lash out in a childish manner or could it mean that all for one can feel his own body.

Rewinding too quickly and needs to get into shigaraki's body and live that way before he disappears otherwise he will just be rewound into Oblivion like Aries father with that new information Hawks immediately changes up his plans with Endeavor he shouts to the number one hero below explained that endeavor needs to put all his Focus instead on stopping.

Dobby and his monsters Flames otherwise the heroes won't stand any chance of winning or taking down the army of twice Doubles Plus they'll be able to reach shikaraki and kurigiri and cause even more damage all for one says that Hawks is cruel for giving Endeavor a man so severely injured at missing an arm that kind of task in fact he even points out.

That endeavor should be trying to stop him not the lower villains Hawk shouted back you just don't know when to shut up with a confident smirk the number two hero explains that endeavor has already won once against all for one so that's why he has this new task to deal with this definitely strikes a nerve because all for one's usual jovial smile.

Disappears again as he calls that nonsense Dobby a raging fire monster now aims directly for his father on the ground but Endeavor prepares himself to do justice Hawks ordered restarting his flames on his back in a beautiful shot with a close-up on his expression we see Endeavor completely focused on his duty this time that involves being a proper.

Father to his son that turns so sour a watch over you he tells Toya and it is like he's looking right into our soul the text here says a father takes charge proving that endeavor wants to write more of his past wrongs even if it costs him his life so wow could this mean the end of the Todoroki family drama do you think Endeavor and Dobby's final Clash.

Will end in both their deaths just as Toya wanted to guess we'll just have to wait until the next chapter to see where this will be going as always I'm celesteopotaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you