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SHOTO GOES TOO FAR! – My Hero Academia Season 5 Episode 8


So with the third match of the joint training battles between class 1a and class 1b my hero academia came correct season 5 episode 8 or the 96th episode of the series in general was amazing this is everything that i wanted from this fight and they did it phenomenally picking up where we last left off we.

Have ida with his oversized leg mufflers as he just completely styled on mudman the animation here is absolutely dazzling as season 5 tends to give us these shots at least one every episode that is just so stunning but by way of his softening quirk mudman was able to evade and get.

Out of dodge and just leave eda here and listen mudman's quirk is actually pretty impressive it's as if the whole world becomes an ocean for him he's able to just go through the ground and it's sort of reminiscent of muriel and his quirk.

But in this way it is actually making an impact on the surrounding area but in knowing that he can't handle ida right now the way he is he opted to go and support his classmates which wasn't a bad idea but from here we would swap to ojiro versus spiral and man this was this is actually a pretty.

Good looking fight if anything i don't know if there are some tailboy fans out there but for me i would honestly just swap these two characters if i could get a transfer i would definitely accept it spyro looks way too cool here his quirk is just so fascinating and because he.

Has these support items on his fingers the speed to which he is able to spin they just become like actual drills it is scary and at that his quirk kind of reminds me of red tornado from dc i don't know how many people are actually familiar with that character.

But yet again i continue to be amazed by these sleeper characters that are in class 1b like i'm actually curious how many of you guys would be open to a spin-off series that focuses on class 1b as opposed to class 1a i feel like that would be really.

Really interesting i want to know more about these characters and i love their quirks and seeing them develop and what have you i think that's pretty viable the weight of the world may not be on the shoulders of these characters like it is for say deku or even shoto in regards to his father.

And what have you but we yet don't really know these characters all too well so who's to say that they may not have their own backgrounds that are so complicated and what have you but anyways ojoro was getting bodied spiral was just taking over and was about to land the finishing blow.

Before ita interrupted their one-on-one fight now i understand his reasoning it makes a whole lot of sense why would you not aid your comrade here but man that was a really cool fight and seeing that be interrupted in this way wasn't the most satisfactory thing it wasn't.

All too satisfying and again because i don't really care for eda when he does things like this the hater in me starts to you know jump out a bit but spiral was not going easy he would just continue to swirl around as eda was holding on to him which was definitely a strenuous thing.

To hold on to for sure but ultimately he did manage to successfully capture him and secure a point for class 1a but from there we would have shoto versus tetsu tetsu which was just so so hype tetsu tatsu is like the off-brand version of kiroshima my.

Favorite character so to see him go in like this is amazing and i am definitely underscoring him by calling him the carbon copy of kiroshima as he is actually able to do things hiroshima is not and vice versa tetsu tetsu has heat resilience he has the ability.

To withstand the elements in ways that i don't imagine kiroshima necessarily would but whereas tattoo tattoo is slick and smooth hiroshima is jagged and rugged so yeah two characters with rather basic quirks being hardening but different enough to where in one.

Situation you may favor one over the other and immediately for me what makes this fight the best out of all the joint training battles that we have seen thus far is the fact that there are such stakes involved we get to see how much the wind matters.

To these characters tattoo tattoo in particular spent time in an oven to train his quirk that is intense that just goes to show how badly he wants this how badly he wants to succeed how badly he wants to surpass his own limitations and it shows so shoto blasted him with some fire and.

He just went straight through it he got red hot but would not stop as he intended to brutalize shoto now whenever shoto gets beat up it seems like he gets a flashback he starts to think back to when his daddy was beating him up and i know i know we're tired of flashbacks with my hero season 5 what.

Have you what have you but for me this isn't so bad it adds agency and there's a bit more that we have never seen before added into the mix so is it the worst thing ever no are we tired of flashbacks in general sure so i'll give you that but regardless shoto was just heating up he just kept rising rising.

Rising ramping up the temperature to his utmost limitations more than what he could actually handle i mean it got so bad that tattoo tattoo had to just get out of there he had a step back but ultimately because it was so hard on shoto's body reasonably so he said to himself yeah.

I'm just gonna go in and see how this goes if it's a battle of endurance tattoo tattoo is up for the job and tatsu tatsu man he is way too real this man is way too raw he is like on fire at this point and this is gonna leave a scar this isn't just something.

That he can just brush off and he is just still here feeling pain himself just gripping onto shoutout and knocking some sense into him and if i'm being completely honest with you the only reason shoto is still up to me is that power of plot armor because there is no way.

That this man this metal man is just punching into you and you're still conscious that doesn't make any sense to me and he's on fire tatsu tattoo without a shadow of a doubt here should have won if it weren't for plot armor if it weren't for shoto being such a monumental character and.

What have you he would have been out like a light there is no question in my mind but then we have pony versus shoji and pony i i don't know she was kind of rubbing me the wrong way with some of these comments she had for shoji talking about him being an octopus and not liking octopus.

It felt a bit prejudice here definitely and i don't know coming from someone who is also an anthropomorphic quirk wielder it just feels a bit wrong like my girl you look like a my little pony character what are you on about and listen although her quirk does have its limitations it is still.

Pretty impressive in regards to its versatility it can do so many things it can handle so much weight it can lift her up and make her fly it can make other people fly it can be used as a projectile for damage and it can be shot at rapid fire rates this is pretty good and again class 1a.

Refuses to honor the 1v1 as ojiro would jump into the fight and get the jump on pony literally but to rebalance things mudman would enter the fray and help his teammate out but in this we would actually get to see ojiro do something a bit impressive the amount of force to be had with his tail spinning.

Was substantial it's actually pretty impressive i don't know if maybe he actually has super strength in regards to his tail or what it's always been known to be strong and durable but this was actually it seemed to be out of the scope of what i would expect from him but i guess everyone has improved right.

But pony absolutely got the better of this man she stabbed into his tail and he thought that she was just trying to get him to loosen his grip but no she took this man straight to jail thus securing a point for class 1b they were tied but then we will go back to shoto and tattoo tattoo who are still.

Going at it and at this point shoto was actually getting dizzy not just from getting beat up on but the fact that his heat was just so overwhelming but now thinking of the words of his father shoto would coalesce all of his heat all of his flames into a single.

Fist as we would then see tattoo tattoo who was no longer hardened as shoto would back his fist and let me tell you if he had hit tattoo tattoo here with this tattoo tattoo would have died he would have disintegrated he would have been gone and because of that mudman saved them.

Both mudman saved tattoo tests life and mudman saved shoto from catching a body because this would have been a massacre again shoto should have reasonably been gone a long time ago but still and through this arguably inadvertently shoutout would.

Get knocked unconscious as mudman was ready to secure their victory but then would come in eda who would just kick straight into the skull of mud man breaking off half of his mask at that now after doing so and looking at the scenario.

Eda would opt to save shoto first and foremost rather than taking down the quote-unquote villains here now this decision was made on account of the words of stain which just goes to show that like stain had a big impact on eda like actually beyond the whole situation with his brother.

Staying taught ida a very valuable lesson about heroics like this man ida got so thoroughly sunned by that man's stain that he is still trying to live up to his expectations you better be paying for this man's commissary at this point but at this point tattoo tattoo and mudman were in.

Rough shape and nearly going unconscious but mudman refused to let his team down because of his own mistakes and so he with the help of tatsutetsu was able to topple a building and make it collapse on ita as he would then harden it once more the determination of these.

Characters these quote-unquote side characters from class 1b it is awe-inspiring like this episode made me care about these characters i care about mudman now but yeah at this point the only players left were shoji and pony and with this pony would grab.

Not only shoto but also her teammates as who avoid shoji being able to capture them the situation was not in her favor and she needed to make a tough call and so she flew up with all of them and let the timer run out allowing for the match to end in a draw a very good decision it's better than.

Losing and ultimately in regards to actual heroics and scenarios of that manner this was the opportune play this was the right decision and at that despite vlad king's decree i would have to say that pony to me was the actual mvp not only did she secure.

The only captain that they were able to get but she also avoided them taking the loss here in the aftermath of this battle we would get the reflection of some of our characters looking at their own performance and what have you but next up we have round four which will feature team monoma.

Versus team bakugo so here's hoping that match goes anything like this one because this was the best this was amazing and i hope that you guys enjoyed it as well if you did drop a comment and let us know and while you're at it be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on.

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