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SHOTO TODOROKI’S REBELLION! Shoto as a Villain – My Hero Academia


Guys we have seen your comments a number of you wanted more so here we are with yet another as a hero as a villain video this time going ahead and turning a hero into a villain with shoto todoroki as with the previous installment of this series.

We converted dobby to the church of heroism so it's only fair now shoto was not only raised to be a hero from the very beginning but he was particularly raised to become the number one hero someday but as opposed to that being shoto's own proclamation.

Like many other children like bakugou it was imposed upon him by his father the number two hero at the time endeavour and at this point of course we all know the story of abuse shoto and his entire family suffered at the hands of endeavour however unlike his siblings shoto didn't.

Have anyone else to relate to or play with he was effectively isolated from the rest of his family with the exception of his mother but eventually she too would leave as well and when she did in recognizing it all to be endeavour's fault a young choto would make his stand.

Against his father and refuse to use his fire ever again now as far as i'm concerned the only reason shoto walked down the path of heroism even while refusing his father is due to the shining example of it that he found in all might watching almight on the.

Television with his mother thoroughly inspired him however what if that wasn't the case what if with his controlling nature and resentment towards all might endeavour went out of his way to keep shoto from watching anything related to the man and so without a proper heroic role model.

Or even a parental one at that in constant isolation as we may additionally presume he was homeschooled prior to ua johto probably would have been even more driven in his refusal of his father going well beyond simply not using his fire now the thing is that endeavor if.

Nothing else is a persistent man and with choto being his prized possession of sorts i don't imagine that he would let shoto out of his sight especially not after having lost a child prior which stands to complicate matters for shoto a whole lot more knocking him down a peg from a maniacal super villain prospect.

To more of a highly rebellious teenager for his ua entrance exam shoto could have self-sabotaged serving to embarrass his father as the prize child that couldn't even make it into the top hero school and would have to settle for a far less decorated one and in an environment like this shoto.

Would likely have all eyes on him as once again he is the son of one of the country's most accomplished heroes not only that but throughout the series shoutout is considered to be good looking by many cast members and so his good looks would additionally.

Add to his popularity however as someone that doesn't care for heroics surrounded by kids his age for the first time who truly aspired to be heroes i feel like that dynamic would be very very interesting as opposed to being a large-scale villain feared throughout the country.

He would more so be a domestic or school-sized villain potentially even perpetuating the violence abuse and or mentality of his father that he so deeply loads and in seeing less interesting and or capable quirks maybe he would look down on those sorts.

Of people and i feel like a storyline like this would certainly encapsulate the academia part of the series name and ultimately if these hero hopefuls his classmates could manage to melt away bad boy shoto's frozen heart and convert him to heroism he would truly have the potential to be one of the greatest heroes ever.

And an incredible friend but if they failed to do so with the path that he would be currently leading down he would become a terrible threat to society in the future far simpler than the sort of plot lines that we have with the story these days but still cool as far as i'm concerned.

Now i don't usually get into character designs with these videos in particular beyond what you guys see us come up with for the thumbnails but shelto's ice only costume was downright awful that whole like hospital gown partially covered in ice look just was not it especially if being cold is an issue for.

Him so instead dying the red portion of his hair that he inherited from endeavor black would probably serve to send the message a whole lot better i feel but there you have it show totodoroki as a villain if he didn't have his dad breathing down his neck at all times it would probably.

Be a whole lot easier to get away with a bit of trouble on his end but realistically this is as much as he'd be able to manage for a while hopefully you guys enjoyed this one and have a wonderful holiday if that's something you celebrate please let us know who you'd like us to cover with the next one.

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