– Welcome back! It's Football Fusion, episode four. I don't know. Do you stare right into the camera? Today we're gonna doCincinnati versus Baltimore. Two of America's most thrivingmetropolis slam together two of the world's mostimportant culinary stations of ingenuity and innovation. Bengals, Ravens, crabcakes, skyline chili.

We're gonna make a crab cakewith skyline chili flavors. And then the other thing we're gonna do is really high art, really something else. We're gonna, we're gonna,I can't even describe it. It's gonna be pasta. Click this here to watchthe Peep Show episode that Andy did. We're gonna do that, butwith crab, I guess, right? No, chili.

Nailed it. Nailed it. (guitar music) – Okay, we're doing crab cakes with skyline chiliseasoning, because what if? – And thenwe're doing pasta cakes with skyline chili on top, so instead of a crab cake, it's a pasta cake with chili on top.

As a little cute appetizer type of thing. I have the vision. Andy had the vision,but it's gonna be good. Spoiler, I think pasta cakes is the most redeemable part of this, so pay attention to this if anything. For pasta cakes, you make pasta, you let it get a little mushier than how Andy and I liketo eat it, al dente,.

And then you put it in the fridge. We're gonna be squeezingthose into cakes later. So while that's gettingcold, we start making chili. To start, dice an onion. Or for me, learn how to peel an onion, have your friend come over,give you a smaller knife, which made it a lot easier, don't use your biggest knifeif you're not good at cooking, use a smaller knife,.

And then be taught how to dice an onion. It actually turned out pretty well. Watch my pinky here. Watch 'em him save me. Oh! There you go and then look, boom. Now throw them into a well-oiled skillet and just let 'em gethot, sweaty, translucent. You're gonna be doing this all day,.

So don't rush it, don't worry about it. Throw some tomato paste inthere after a little while and just let it go. Scrape it, push it around. Do yo thang! Next, we're adding in chilipowder, cinnamon, cumin, all spice, and red pepper flakes. Once that's nice and combined in a beautiful Babish stainless steel pan,.

You gotta dump in two cups of beef broth, a can of tomato sauce, and a couple teaspoonsof Worcestershire sauce, and apple cider vinegar. I'm also adding in a cup of water because skyline chili is notoriously thin. Breaking with tradition on this show, I'll be wearing gloves to touch raw meat. Don't know if you know this about me,.

I have Palmer Hyperhidrosis, a terrible affliction thathas plagued me my entire life. The thing about sweaty handsis that it's like a disability, but nobody really has any remorse for you. It's just sweaty hands. They just recoil and, y'know,you explain or you don't. To those on the subreddit, Isay I see you and I love you, you sweaty, sweaty mess. Make sure you thoroughlymix all this stuff up.

You want to break the beefdown and spread it around. Also it's never toolate to put on an apron. The Bills gave me that sweatshirt. Thank you, Bills. Thank you, everyone. They gave my baby boy pajamas. Speaking of sweet boys, nowit's time for the chocolate. No, not the film featuringJohnny Depp and Judi Dench. This, a half-ounce of dark,unsweetened chocolate.

Mix that in nice, bring it to a boil, and then let it simmer for about an hour. While that's happening, let'sgo work on our other dish. – Hey. – Hey. Let me share with you my vision here. – Okay. – Cincinnati and Baltimore arenot friends of each others. They're rivals.

They hate each other likeany town hates any town. We all hate each other. – And it would seem asthough their flavors don't work together either. – And that's what we'rehere to hopefully bridge? This would be skylinechili-flavored crab cakes, hoping that both cities,when they take a bite, they have a sense ofappreciation for an enemy. You know, you think, “mm,that's kind of cool.”.

– I love your, I love your intent. You know, that's thewhole point of the show, is mashing foods together from two places. I am, I am incredulousas to whether or not this is going to taste remotely good. – Do I put this inthe bowl first, do you imagine, and then stuff on top of it? – That makesperfect sense to me, yeah. – What we're doing here.

Is we're mixing crab cake flavors, which we got Old Bay,chili powder mustard, all spice, and cumin. – Before you dump thisin, I just wanna point out that we're about to put cinnamon in crab. – Yeah, ooh! – Here we go. It might just be that Idon't like skyline chili. Fight me. It's not good.

– That is a problem. – Okay, so mayo and mustard inwith the cinnamon. (gagging) Oh, the Worcestershire. And then I just crack an egg into this. – All right, so now it's timeto get your mitts in there. You wanna do it together? – Let's do it together. – All right, you be left hand. I'll be the right hand.

(both laughing) – Is that whatI do, I don't know. – Yeah, you pick it up and you interlock your fingers. Shake it around. It's nice and cold. It's much nicer to do withsomeone else, actually. All right, there we go. You do the big hand stuff.

I'm gonna do the finger action. – I'll put it into the finger. – Yeah. See this,this breaks down the pieces. You're, you're, you'reguiding into the, the Heller. – All right. Should we ball? – Yeah. Let's ball. – It's ball balling. Okay. So we're, I'm going golf ball size.

I think that's appropriate. You got some, some big pieces of crab. I'm gonna break up here. Just if we're going that small this is a very unique,I, I will say unique. This is surely not been done before. – I mean, if this is a movie, this is how it has to be right? You know, gotta do it.

– You know, there's no drama if we're like this is gonna be great. – Yeah, yeah. – You know, there's no,there's no no intrigue. Why you even watching? If you know it's gonnacome out good at the end. – Right. If you know thatthey're gonna stumble upon one of the most deliciouscrab cake recipes of all time you know why you been watching.

– All right, so we have our, let's see. Ohi-, Cincinnati style crab bowls. Chili cakes. We got crab style, chili skyline cakes. – Boom. – Let's fry 'em up. – Put it on the box. Okay. Let's fry 'em up or. – No, no, they get baked.

– Let's bake 'em. – Let's, let's bake 'em up. – They need tobe brushed with butter. – Let's brush 'em up. – At what temperatureare you baking these? – 425. While the crab cakes bake it's time to make a sauceto dunk these suckers in. We're going to use a simplecream cheese tartar sauce.

We're mixing half a cup of mayonnaise, half a cup of cream cheese,a tablespoon of capers, and a quarter cup ofcornichons, little pickles. Once those are combined, I'mtossing in some Dijon mustard, and a few tablespoons offinely chopped parsley. Notice how quickly andsmoothly this Babish blade slices through these helpless leaves. I wanted to do this sauce,especially because I've heard that real Cincinnati headsorder skyline chili dip.

So this is an ode to theheads, always the heads. Little lemon on top. Stir, boom. It's a sauce. Beautiful sauce. And now let's see howthe cakes turned out. – Let's see. I understand that in footballteamwork's important, so. – Seamless. – These look good. – I like all these burns.

– I love that. They, they have a, theyhave a nice crisp to them. They're, they're, they're,they're good touchy. Okay. – Okay. – The bottoms look great. They're really nice andcrispy tops look great, too. They look great. – Soft, smelly crab.

– Oh. Cheers. – Cheers. (people laughing) That's kind of mild honestly.That's, that's good. I'm not getting the cinnamon. – I am. (Sawyer laughing) – Yeah. There's a ring-ness to it. I'll try the sauce.

– So ring-ness, like in your ears? My problem with it is that ittastes like a good crab cake until I get the flavors,until I get the cinnamon. It's like, okay, goodtexture, good, good, good. But the flavors just don't go. I think the apropos,Cincinnati and Baltimore don't like each other. They're rivals. – Rivals. – It would make sense thattheir flavors don't play nice.

– This is science. I don't,I don't take this personally. This is where I came,this is where I wanna be at the nexus of the discovery. And this is it. You know, you know, it's not. – That's the nexus. – He has a more refined palette, you know, he doesn't like it. – I think if you wanna make these at home.

This is a great formfactor for crab cakes. They're bite sized, the texture's awesome. I love how brown they got on the bottom. They bake up beautifully. You don't have to fry'em, which is like king. Like normally you got a fried crab cakes. This is fantastic. I just think the additionof the Ohioan flavors are (beep) with me.

I think if you went lighteron the chili powder, and you added a differentkind of acid like lime do they have limes in Ohio? – Unfortunately not. Well, we're gonna try next, I think has a higher chanceof tasting. Just good. This is, is it good? That will be, it's good. – This is a good.

– Right? – The, the, I love that we get to again end on a question mark with this. – Yeah. – Is it good? Why don't you guys try it at home? Tell us. Tell us. (metal ding harmonizing) – We're cutting pasta.

– We're cutting pasta, because, this seems like, rather an ingenious idea, we're taking the crab cake, and getting rid of all thecrab and adding spaghetti. We got ourselves some skylinechili in crab cake form. – Yeah. – Which, if we can't makethe flavors work together we might as well make theform factors. Am I right? – Yes. Yes. This will work.

Remember that pasta we cookedup and put in the fridge? Now we're gonna snip it like it's the hair of a hippie being sent off to war. Then we're adding eggs andbreadcrumbs to make it thick. The goal here is to makethis pasta into firm patties and the egg and breadcrumbshelp bind it together. Did you notice I crackedan egg with one hand? Here we go again. Grace and ecstasy intertwined.

Like Fred Astaire and Ginger Rogers. Once the breadcrumbs, eggs, and pasta are adequately mushed together, it's time to oil up a pan and make little smash burger pasta balls. Smush your pasta down using a spatula until the bottom isnice, crispy and brown. Do this on both sides of your pasta cake and then let it sit on a paper towel.

To allow excess oil to fall off. It really is that simple. You repeat the process until you have your desirednumber of crispy pasta cakes. Now let's see how they taste. – All right, so now we gotta put some chili and cheese onthis and eat it, right? – That's right. Skyline chili is notoriously thin.

But we made it thicker. – Just so you could pick it up and cohesively eat abite without, you know, chilly leaking throughonto your hand and your lap and down your legs and down the street and into the gutters where it's. – It's wasted. – Wasted. – What kind of cheese you got?.

– Cheese. Grated cheese. Supposed to be thinner. We made it thicker. – What kind of cheese? Grated cheese. (everyone laughing) – Grated cheese. Cheddar, I suppose. All right. – I'm excited.

– I want, I'mgonna get this sloppy one. – Hmm. – You know, that's, that'spretty, that's pretty good. – Yeah. I like that a lot actually. Love the cake. – Great crunch to it. But it's still, you know,you're eating spaghetti. – And I'm a cinnamon boy, you know, so I'm gonna like this you know.

– And I don't mind those spices in chili. They're good. – It was so much worse in the crab cake. – Well, we gotta, you know, you gotta you miss a hundred percent. – Amen. – I, I genuinely like it. – Me too. – I think that this is an improvement upon.

A skyline chili dish that franklycan only be improved upon. I'm saying some inflammatorythings, but whatever. It's bad. This is good. And it's a perfectsnack for, for game day. People be like, what the hell is this? – Right. – And you'll be like, skyline chili cakes. And they're gonna be like,that rolls off the tongue. Like it's a hundred years old.

– Yeah. – That fresh. – I grew up with that. – I think you did a fantastic job. And I think you madeCincinnati and Baltimore finally work together. – This is a good one. Try this. And heed the warnings of whatwe said about the prior dish. But this one, sight unseen.

Bill's just cleaned a playoff spot. New England Patriots just does the did the dumbest thing I've ever seen, and I've watched footballevery year of my life since I was born. The dumbest play inhistory, Bill Belichick the dumbest play in history. Happy New Year. Okay. (upbeat music).