This was my favorite Halloween dress-up year I told you Emma witch who lives in a mansion I didn't put on a turkey hat or a cupcake costume or yeah all the other costumes I've blocked out of my memory I'm going to make cakeies which are like a Yolanda had a cake it original a cakey is pretty much my version of an ice cream sandwich but.

Instead of ice cream is the filling you get cake and delicious buttercream but I'm gonna make Halloween cakeies I'm gonna make creepy cakes creepy cakies and I'm doing something with these cakeies should I ruin the surprise I'm gonna film I'm gonna make some caramel to fill these secret Chambers but I'm going to.

Dye the caramel to look like slime pus and blood do you know that October is National caramel month I don't know who decided that but I agree you need a pot you need sugar and water wooden spoon you need to keep the lid of the pot and then after this we're going to need cream and butter but we'll get this started now I'm going to turn on the.

Heat and cover the pot and I'm just going to keep it covered until this sugar starts to boil are we ready one two we're gonna let this boil away and what's going to happen is it will start to Amber usually it Embers in one spot not really evenly you can use your spoon.

To help distribute the Amber but for the most part you kind of want to leave it alone and the next step is pouring in some cream when it's the exact color we want but we want to make sure that that cream is heated up because if we pour cold whipping cream from the fridge into the Super Hot Sugar it'll just Bubble Up boil over and really really Steam and.

You can burn yourself oh okay I'm going I'm going ready so look how much it bubbled if the cream was cold it would be uncontrollable so now what I've got to do pour this very hot caramel into the sieve over the butter okay I'm.

Gonna Leave This here and let the butter melt naturally and then I'm going to come back and stir it together something I love about this we should just put up a video of this it looks like a yolk right now do you see that just sailing away in the caramel like no no this is a horror this is a horror.

Story about butter melting away I'm going to pour a small amount of caramel into three separate bowls and then dye the caramel three separate colors I like dyeing it at this stage because it's still hot it's still the thinnest it will be and then the color will incorporate better you tell me when it looks nasty oh should I add like a hint.

Of green ew This is a gross color though you know you know what this looks like whenever I go for my morning walk on garbage day and then the street is just littered with garbage juice and that is what this reminds me of this I'm going to do some really fresh green oh did I go too dark with this.

Ew some sort of radioactive Ghostbusters type slot and now red this is like goopy blood oh this is like coagulated but nasty right came straight out of an infection this is my toxic slime caramel and this is my goopy blood I am gonna bake some cookies for the.

Cakes so I'm baking six chocolate chip cookies and I'm going to dress them up as well when I bake chocolate chip cookies I like to break it in half and then sort of flatten it a little normally I add more chocolate chips on top so when you see the surface of the cookie it look chocolate chippy but today I'm gonna add mini peanut butter.

Pieces Reese's Pieces so on the next tray I'm going to bake some double chocolate chocolate chip cookies so they're a chocolate cookie base with white chocolate chips we added black food coloring to the dough I'm adding eyeballs I didn't have bigger eyeballs but I have this bowl of eyeballs okay so what I'm going to do.

Now I'm going to make a collab of a cookie I'm going to take half the chocolate chip dough and half the dark chocolate dough and make a swirly mess I'm putting some marshmallows on the surface because when marshmallows melt in the oven they get all like these are the marshmallowy Mix-Ups these cookies are looking at you.

These are like the pretty fall history wow every one of you you especially I got my eye on you okay really so I've got my cakes I'm gonna use some vanilla cake for some of the cookies and black chocolate cake for some of the cages so I'm gonna flip this over and then I'm going to level it.

time to simple syrup the black chocolate cake I am coloring simple syrup like blood they're little like clots and I'm Gonna Leave oh you should see how clotty this is that's the point.

Wow ew look at the clots ew foreign I wanted so our cookies baked at different sizes so what we want to do is make sure to pick a cake Circle to cut out the cake that's about a quarter of an inch smaller than the cookie the cake.

Will go in and now I'm using these Circle Cutters to cut out the cake that will fit between the two cookies you want your Circles of cake to be a half an inch smaller than your cookies so now I'm going to use the smaller Cutters to cut the chamber out of the center of these rounds so that I can fill them with slime I don't want to make the.

Chamber too big because the cake has to remain strong in the cake oh look at these little that is so cute this guy I'm just making parchments uh piping bags we hold it like this we see the point the tip is usually across from the point so put your hand in there for your thumb and then you turn down in it.

Okay you're good hold the other piece with it yeah now keep the tip closed and turn the whole thing toward you okay every time you grab both papers otherwise it just keeps wrapping wrapping inside okay okay but make sure to keep that tip close oh it's still weird because for.

Some reason yours is low low is your opening opening okay okay it's a bit slow but it's okay it's better than nothing this is my favorite now we have our cookies our cake grounds with secret Chambers cut out and of course our nasty caramel but delicious.

To fill the secret Chambers let's assemble these cakeies so I'm going to pipe a ring of chocolate on the bottom cookie and that will hold the cake down I do usually use ganache but because I'm putting the caramel between chocolate just dries more solid so I wanted that because I want to make sure none of it oozes out of the side.

Okay this tree look at the blood stains on the counter oh these melted eyeballs are like a little sticky trick or treat baby does anyone ever say trick like why would you want a trick I don't have a trick prepared I've never once in the history of Halloween had a.

Trick prepared I just whip out a cake and start icing like at my front door and I still ran out I need more boogers what if I put some blood with the boogers I'm doing that that's I'm gonna glue the cakeies together and we're gonna pretend we don't remember what's in the secret chamber.

Thank you and I need to make some Oreo buttercream it's really simple all you have to do is mix some Oreo crumbs into your buttercream so now I just like to pipe the buttercream buttercream is everywhere and now I'm gonna smooth it out.

You can get creative and use different flavored buttercreams on your cakeies I'm using Oreo toasted marshmallow and coffee toasted marshmallow on eyeballs that's how this would be listed on a menu this is the easiest one to hold.

So I'm going to coat these fall cakeies in this beautiful sprinkle blend right here this is a fall cakey on the runway what I love about cakeies is you could do this at home you could set up the cakeies and then have a few different flavors of buttercream and then let your guests ice their own cakey and then set up a sprinkled chopped candy bar and.

Then let everyone make their own cake and eat their own cakey now this one is like the creepy oh the bone yeah this is like the graveyard cakey this is boom wait I need to add something to these if you're not careful this cakey will bite you.

So these cakeies are gonna look right at you ew what are you looking at I'm gonna cut open one of each cakey so we can see the Slime moves out the Slime the bile and the blood so let's do the fall cakey first oh oh wow.

oh oh God I hope this inspired you I hope this creeped you out maybe it got you in the mood for a little bile I just have to take my pet home and I'll see you guys next week come on fuzzy.