Over the last year none of us have beenable to celebrate those really important family moments. So in our household I've hadtwo 18th birthdays, I've had graduations, I've had my mum and dad's retirement, me andjules had our 20th wedding anniversary — in fact our 21st wedding anniversary as well –so we haven't been able to do that. And now that we can get back together again, I've createdthis incredible celebration meal that hopefully will just kind of like bring everyone backtogether, kids everywhere outside, fun, laughter, joy the whole thing. So it's all abouthaving that one centerpiece on the table. And I'm going all out with an epic rolled and stuffedslow-roasted lamb. It's a proper one-slice wonder and the perfect dish to get ready in advance.And this is a beautiful 3 kilo shoulder of lamb..

I've got my butcher to debone it which they willalways do for you, and they cut those bones up so I'm gonna make the most amazing gravy. And bydeboning it, it kind of opens it out like a book. So by having that, now what we can do is stuff itwith the most incredible stuffing. My inspiration has actually come from these little babies, theseare merguez sausages. You can get them in nice butchers, sometimes with beef sometimes withlamb, sometimes both, you could use any great sausage that you love, a cumberland, it could be achorizo, anything that you like, right? So let me just put this lamb away back in the fridge, andlet's focus on the stuffing for just a minute. So get yourself a hob on, medium-high heat.I've got a nice big tray here for the lamb. Kiss the tray with a little olive oil andthen the sausage, and basically squeeze it out.

Into little chunks. I'm literally going to pinchit, squeeze it out, pinch it, squeeze it out. That's the beginning to our stuffing.So let me just wash my hands… okay. So let's have a little look at what's goingon here. Just use a spoon to break up the sausage, it already smells amazing. Hi dad! Howare you? What you cooking? A lovely roast lamb for tomorrow, you know when allour friends and family are coming around? Oh yeah. Do you want to help me? Yeah sure! Goodboy, wash your hands and then get around here, you can do some chopping if you like.So I've got two fennel. I want you to keep the herby part, finely slice thestalky part, and roughly chop the bulby bit. Okay. Did a bit more cooking in lockdown didn'tyou Buds? Yeah, it was fun. What I'm gonna do.

Now is put in this herb here, so sage, I'm justgonna tear it into the sausages. So if you finely slice the stalky bits first big boy, those stalkybits are tougher, so if you go a bit smaller that kind of helps the cooking. And then the bulby bitis more tender so you can go a bit more chunky. Is that good dad? That's nice, yeah beautiful job. I'm going to take this littleopportunity to work beside my son because I'm gonna to blink one second, andit'll be him that's going to university. One thing I've learnt in lockdown is youhave to cherish every single little moment, the things that are important right? Littlemoments – we did some nice things in lockdown didn't we, we did a bit of fishing together.Yeah. That was really nice. Yeah. Built camps..

Yeah. Right so I've done onions. So Buds comeand throw some of those fennel stalks in here. Lovely. You can throw my onions in aswell, you can be the thrower-inner. Last one, go on my son, then pick the wholeboard up and throw it in here. So what I want to do tomorrow when we cook this lovely meal, iswith the help of Buddy and maybe Petal and River, we're gonna have a little area outside. Tableoutside, so we get beanbags, some cushions, so it's a bit of a festival that'swhat we're after, a little bit of fun. So Buds you happy to help me do thattomorrow? Mhm. So give that a little shake, give it a stir. We'll let that cook forabout 20 minutes until the veg is soft, sweet, tender and delicious, and that's goingto be the base for the most amazing stuffing.

Try and get me, haha! Oh, it smells amazing! Can you see how that largevolume of veggies has now literally halved? And by doing that slow cooking you've condensed, you'veconcentrated all those beautiful flavours. So now we can turn the heat up a little bit, and a veryimportant ingredient now – a bit of white wine. So about a glass, a good glass. By putting the wine in, letting it kind ofrehydrate all those vegetables and the sausage, then cooking it away, you're just going toget the most amazing, amazing flavor. So, let me get the last ingredient. This is some nicespongy sourdough bread, just about 250 grams. I'm just going to slice it up into little kind of1-2 centimetre chunks. We're gonna go in with the.

Crusts as well. If you've ever got a bread that'stoo dry and the crusts are just like concrete then simply put it in a little bowl, cover itwith water or milk, and just kind of scrunch it like a loofah, right? And then afterlike 30 seconds pour away that excess water and it will be much much softer okay, so you canbring it back to life even if it's really stale. About 30-40% of all the bread we buy ends up inthe bin, so anything that stops us wasting is a beautiful thing. So let's just stir that through,the wine's now gone, and the bread will start taking on some of the moisture from that stuffing.So what I'm going to do is turn that gas off, lay it all out flat, and let this stuffing cooldown. If we're going to roll that beautiful shoulder of lamb we don't want to do it withanything that's hot. Can I give you a kiss?.

Every time I kiss you you just run away. So this stuffing has cooled down beautifully,let's get that lovely shoulder of lamb out. So you can see it's opened out like a book, nowwe're going to stuff it. So I'm going to move it like this – if there's any little kind offatter bits you can just score it slightly so it kind of holds on to our littlestuffing. One thing I want to do is get my hands involved, obviouslythey're clean. Just scrunch it up, it's gonna really soften up that bread andthat will completely change the texture, and you'll get almost a creaminess out of thebread stuffing. Hey Buds! Yeah? Come and give me a hand. Okay! I've got messy hands now, so Budsif you can get the salt and pepper – sprinkle.

Some salt and pepper on there from a height,nice generous one, all over the whole thing. That's quite high… not necessarily thathigh, that'll, yeah that's it. Beautiful. Lovely. And then we've got this lovelystuffing that I'm going to kind of pack in here like that, so you can pack it quite dense.So I've put it on about half. Buds do you mind just putting that in the sink for me? Yeah sure.The next bit you're going to love and you're very important for my success here. Actually it'sreally nice to do this together. So now we've seasoned it and put the stuffing in I'm going tobasically fold it over like this — and it will fall out so don't worry about it — as it fallsout we'll try and re-pack it in again. Now Buds if you grab that string there. So this is veryvery simple to do, just get like seven or eight.

Pieces of 60 centimeter string, put it underneathand then basically we'll put it an inch apart all the way along. So I always start in the middle, soI tie it one, two, and then if you pull it tight like this it doesn't really let go, but then I cancome back in and put that second knot in there. And then I just cut it off like that. Chefsand butchers will make it look super flash and super perfect, please do not worry about it.As long as it gets tied up and you secure that meat that's the only thing that matters.Can I do one? Yeah. Go for this one yeah. Okay so keep it roughly the same distance, tightas you can. Buddy's muscles are developing at the moment and I'm trying to get him to eat hisfruit and veg every single day. I do eat my fruit and veg every day, a whole plate of fruitevery morning. Now our only job here is just to.

Secure the meat and keep that stuffing in. Onceit starts cooking it will set in shape so you're gonna be able to serve it just one slice wonder.You'll have the stuffing, you'll have the meat, it's going to be absolutely gorgeous. Okayso in this tray which we did the stuffing I'm going to put all the bones from the shoulderof lamb, and it's really handy if your butcher cuts them up for you because you're going toget loads and loads of flavor out of that. So that can go onto that trivet of bones.Any of these little bits now we can collect, and they'll go into the bottom of the tray,and they'll get gnarly and sticky and they'll basically make the most amazing juices.Now, if you can grab us a garlic Buds. I'm literally just gonna break this up intolittle chunks and leave the skin on. This is new.

Season's garlic so it's a little bit softer, butbasically this just gets broken into this tray. Any extra little sage leaves, a little bitof olive oil, and that'll just protect it. So I'll cover this now buds if you can cover thatfor me, and that will go in the oven tomorrow for about 4 hours until super tender, it's gonnabe absolutely delicious, so one great job done. All right go on, go and have a play. Okay bye!Thank you for your help you've been very useful. It's the morning of my celebration feast. SoI've been preparing this beautiful celebration meal for my family and loved ones. I did mostof the work yesterday which is fantastic, and that's what it's all about right? I wantto prepare a meal which is nearly all done, so when my friends and family get here I can bespending more time with them, because at the end.

Of the day it's about being together right, that'swhat it's all about. So let me get you up to speed I've done this beautiful shoulder of lamb that'sbeen stuffed and rolled. Now let's just talk about that for a second. It's gonna take about 4hours to cook, okay. I'm gonna put it into an oven at full whack, and immediately turn it down to150 degrees Celsius which is 300 Fahrenheit okay? So you've got that high heat that immediately goesdown to sort of low and slow. 4 hours of cooking, I'll baste it halfway through give it lotsof love, and also if your guests are half an hour late it doesn't really matter, if itcooks an extra half an hour it doesn't matter. Okay so lamb's in the oven. That's reallypretty. Mum I'm bored, can I run off? This room smells incredible! That is the thing.

About these lovely slower cooked cutsof meat. This has had just over 4 hours and I've basted it halfway through and just gaveit a little few splashes of water. In return for that you'll get the most moist succulentmeat. Look at this, and give it a little baste. Get a fork, stick it in here, and ifyou can effortlessly just pull that out, right. That's when you know you've got somethingthat is groundbreakingly delicious! Chef's treat – oh my lord. Falling apart, wow. Absolutelydelicious. Little kiss of the juices, put a few of those crispy bits on top. That will stay hotnow for a good hour and a half out of the oven. So the lamb has been resting beautifully. Pullthe string off, make sure you get all of it, and it should all come out in one.There you go, so we'll get rid of that.

Guys, have a little look at this. Come on. Doyou mind if I serve yours up and then I can put everything in the middle of the table? Yeahsure! Is that leg or shoulder? Shoulder. Oh! My favourite. Who wants the end bit? I lovethe end bits! I want the end bit! We all want the end bit! And who's this for? Thisis for Gennaro, the king of the table. Dad this one's for you. Well done me darling! Here nanny. Oh wow, oh that looksfantastic! Right enjoy everyone, tuck in. It's really good. River would you want some gravy?Yeah, oh on there, now on here, and on here. River why have you got two plates? Because thisis one for the lamb, and this is one for potatoes. Guys if I may say, I've been dreamingof this moment for a long long time,.

It's so nice to have us all back togetheragain, cheers everybody! Love you all! Life is about memories andtoday we've made a memory. Thank you dad. I could do a whole paragraph andit's never as good as dad's. Dad does three words.


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