This recipe, you're gonna love it guys. This is adelicious smoothie breakfast bowl it's fun, it's colourful, it's full of life. In here in a blenderwe're going to add a couple of bananas. Now, when I have my fruit bowl at home often there's bananason the turn, so before they go too far and they might end up in the bin, no no no we don't wantto go there so often I'll peel a couple of bananas put them in a bag in the freezer right, so theseare just nicely over-ripe in a really beautiful way. 2 of them in a blender. I want about 30grams of porridge oats so this is just a fantastic ingredient, most people have it in their cupboardsalready, but what it does is allow slow-release energy it's going to keep you full until lunchand it's really really good for you. We're also going to add a little layer of flavour a pinch,just a pinch of cinnamon, and that cinnamon with.

That slightly over-ripe sort of almost toffee-likebanana is going to be delicious. Now what's good and what's the kind of nice healthy little swapis instead of buying just another sugary cereal we're kind of using natural sugars that are inbeautiful banana but full of goodness right, so it's a nice little swap like that. Now the carrierof this smoothie is yoghurt and I just want to use some really gorgeous yoghurt I want about300 mils, I'm just going to pour that in, it's about three quarters of that tub. There we go.And we'll give it a little blast, super simple. In literally 20 seconds you can wazz that upand then put about three quarters of that into the bowls just divide it up, and then the magicstarts. Leave a third in the blender because now we're going to add some frozen fruit to thisand it's going to be delicious. It is just a.

Brilliant and affordable thing to have in yourfreezer. So I've got a nice little mixed bag of blackberries, bramble kind of fruit, I need120 grams of frozen fruit, smells amazing. And as soon as we whiz thatup it's gonna go thick, cold, refreshing and delicious, so the lid goes on. So if it looks a little thick because your fruitis really frozen, add a little splash of milk that's no problem at all, and simply divide intothe 4 bowls again. It's the simplest thing in the world super super quick. So for me the ideaof this breakfast is breaking the monotony not the same old as same old, I don't want it to beboring. So let's have some fun with it I literally get a little teaspoon, use the wrong end, andjust kind of go through the middle and kind of.

Just have a little bit of fun here. So this looksreally fun but this is not a complete breakfast we have fruit, we have protein from the yogh>urt, butlet's get some beautiful good things nuts, seeds, fiber stuff like that. So if we look at thingslike cereal we want to be using cereals that are low sugar. So I'm going to take a little bit ofthis and just kind of break it up to one side some chunks, some little broken bits, some nice littlemuesli in there. So look the nice thing about this is you can use up any odds and ends from yourcereal, and then what's really nice for flavour is some peanut butter just a little teaspoon, sogood. And that combination of the sweet, sour, and then that sort of frumpiness of the beautifulpeanut butter which I love is delicious. And then if you want to up the healthiness as wellthings like nuts and seeds are just brilliant,.

It's just a really easy way of getting the goodstuff in your family or yourself. And if you want to go back to your frozen fruit of course youcan get that on top, really beautiful. So there you go lovely people that is our beautiful littlefruit smoothie breakfast bowls, right let's have a little try. Let's get in there get a bit ofthe old peanut butter, some crunchy bits. Mmm. So good – that frozen fruit gives youthat almost like ice cream thickness, so it feels naughty but it's notnaughty, it's really really good for you.


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