– Like, you can bring those anywhere. Keep them in your glove department,keep them in your purse. – And I'm like, do youhave one on you right now? Because you keep talkingabout how you have them. – Actually.(beep) – Hi, my name is Toni. – And I'm Tucker. And today, we are trying eachother's breakup snack foods. How many breakups have you been through?.

– (exhales sharply) A few. – I'm so sorry. That really hit home, didn't it? I honestly wish I've been through more. This is maybe me planningfor my next breakup or maybe first divorce. Well, I'm excited to seewhat you have in store – So let's get to it. – First up.

– Oh my goodness. – Oh, a classic. I'm ready for it. Everyone knows thatthere's two types of candy, chocolate and not chocolate. You gotta hit both food groups. I can't just be wolfing down some M&M's without having like also a sour candy. Does that make sense?.

– So which one do I eat first? – In my household we alternate. These are dangerous because like once youstart, you can't stop. And that's okay. Like, if the breakupdidn't have those tears, like that'll bring the tears for sure. – I have a few questions. – Wow. My strategy is to mask the pain.

By hurting myself in another way. It gets my mind off things. – Yeah. Just now when I was eating them, like I completely blacked out. – Mission accomplish. – Yeah. I'm not mad at it.- Yeah. – We'll see, we'll see. – Tell me a little bit about chocolate peanut butter pie Oreo.

– So they're creamy, youget the peanut butter, you get like a little pie and the cake, and it's just like a really nice dessert. – There are like ninedifferent methods right now that I'm thinking of eating this. (humming) Oh baby. That's the peanut butter,that's for sure. (grunts) Then there's a chocolate.

Makes sense with the colors. I'm about to say somethingand it's good news. I honestly like thesebetter than a normal Oreo. (Toni cheering) I really do. – When going through a breakup, I feel like this is the perfect snack because obviously it'scrunchy, it's creamy. I don't know if I could eat all of this.

And like wake up the next morning. – Yeah, I could see myselfsobbing into these, for sure. Are we swapping or are we keeping? – Well, I really do reallylike the whole sour thing accompanied by the peanut chocolate thing. – Thank you. – I'm gonna have to go with my snack. It feels homey and cozyand it's what I know. This was good though, butI'm going back with mine.

– I respect it. I would too. And in terms of likebreakup, you're so right. Something about creamyflavor gives me breakup. – Are we ready for the next round? – Oh, I'm ready. Let's do it. – Okay.- Let's see it. – Let's go.(Tucker gasping).

Obviously, it's Taco Bell. I haven't had one of these since college. – I haven't had one sincelike three days ago. Uncrustables, oh baby. – So I'll go first here. Do I just pick this up and bite this? It's been a while. – Absolutely. If I saw you with a fork and knife,.

I'd tackle you to the ground. – Oh my gosh. – Your Crunchwrap Supreme,get rid of the beef, add chicken instead, add jalapenos and also fire and diablosauce at the same time. Do you like spicy things? – I do. – It's the spice or the breakup. That's perfect.

– That's actually nice. – Thank you. I didn't make it, but thank you. Wow. – I actually really enjoy this. – You think of breakup foods, I immediately go to like an ice cream or like some dessert kind of thing but like I gotta be sobbingthe during dinner too. The beautiful thing about a crunch wrap.

Is that you can eat itand cry wherever you want, whether that is in the car as soon as you leave that drive through. But me personally, Iwould say on my couch, wrapped in a blanket inthe comfort of my own home. So I'm not kind of beingjudged by those around me. Do I try your Uncrustable? – Yes. These are my Uncrustables. These are peanut butterand strawberry jelly.

That is an important detail. You have to have them cold. They are a perfect like2:00 AM kind of snack when like the tears just won't stop. And like you just needsomething quick and fast. – I mean, you can't beat it. It's really, it's really good. – All right. So what are we gonna do? Are we gonna swap?.

Are we gonna keep it? – Hmm. Okay, this is really hard for me. These are like twodifferent food groups to me but I think I have to gowith the Crunchwrap Supreme. I mean it's a Crunchwrap Supreme. What more can be said? – I'm not gonna lie, thiswas like really nostalgic. I actually forgot how good this was. – It's good.

– And I feel like it wouldbe a nice replacement for the Uncrustables. So I am actually going to keep this one. Super tasty, yeah.- Ooh. Okay, should we do the next one? – Let's do it. – Let's do it. Can I keep this? Snack number three.

Boom. Oh, whoa. – Wow. Interesting. – Don't knock it until you try it. That is a dill pickle, not a sweet pickle. Get out of town if you like sweet pickles. Don't you like sweet pickles? Sorry.- I do. – No. Okay great. – What is this doing for you?.

– Oh, it's doing a lotfor me in every, oh yeah. That was such a good bite. Again, like you were saying with the Oreo, you can just wolf downlike truly a full jar and not feel bad. Well, you'd feel bad aboutthe breakup still probably but I just love a good pickle. They're so juicy. You get that salt.

– How many of these areyou eating in one sitting? – Do I have to be honest? Probably like eight. (Toni shouting) I feel like that's notas many as it sounds. When you're going through a breakup, I feel like I need somethingfrom every food group. You need that sweet, you need that savory. And this kind of hits oneof the other food groups.

– Yeah, I could see that. I really do like the dill in the pickle. – There we go. – Yeah, I'm open. – Can I try your Paws? – Of course. – How do you eat it? Are you grabbing by the fist – I mean, yeah, I'm fisting these Paws.

– Yow, baby. Here we go. – Obviously when you'regoing through a breakup, you're looking for anythingto just like to distract you and get your mind off of things. So like the shape, like reallyis a little bit entertaining. – I totally agree with you. Just like having a little fun thing. It's like, (imitate crying)and I look down and I go, okay.

It is a brief moment of levity. – I like submitted an inquiry for them to make the hot flavor. They haven't got back to me yet. Cheetos. – You submitted an inquiry? – Yeah.- I love that. – So, what are you gonna do? Are you sticking with your snack?.

Are you sticking withthe dill pickle thingy? – You know, as much as I love a pickle. I'm gonna have to go with the Paws. This just feels more break-upy. Like, holding this here. (Tucker crying)(Toni laughing) – Exactly.- You know? – What about you? What are you keeping?.

– (exhales sharply)While I love the pickle, it's not giving breakup, sad, depressed. So, I'm going with my Paws. – And I respect that.- Yeah. – Are you gonna finish that one? – No, go ahead.- Okay, thank you. – Let's do the next round.- Let's do it. – Ready?- Yes. – Freddy?- Yes.

– Yes. – Oh my goodness. – Whoa. Honey Bun. I don't think I've had a Honey Bun. No offense.- Oh my goodness. You haven't lived. – It looks to me like a cinnamon roll – Sort of, something like that. – (humming) Oh baby.

Are you kidding me? – This is the breakfastmorning breakup snack. This is like before I pretendlike I'm gonna go work out, I'm gonna eat a bite ofthat, have a little coffee. – This is wild because like one bite and it's melting in my mouth. – They're like super small and compact. You can put them in likeyour shirt, your sweater, in your hair.

– Okay. Do these come wrapped? I now have to ask. – Yeah, they do come wrapped.- Okay, great. And you're so right. I need to be sobbing at breakfast too. And this is the perfect way to do so. – Always portable, like youcan bring those anywhere and keep them in your glove compartment, keep them in your purse.

– And I'm like, do youhave one on you right now? Because you keep talkingabout how you have them. – Actually. – Gone Berry Crazy. Dark chocolate. – So these are in the freezersection at Trader Joe's. – TJ's does it again. – They really do. They done did it again.

Are you a dark chocolate kind of person? – Yes. I am. – You look like you justgot over the breakup, I'll tell you what. – I actually really love these. It is like, okay, I'm over it, I'm done. – Yes. It reminds me of what's to come. – It's not healthy, butlike we're getting there.

– I mean, I'm no doctor,- We're getting there. but dark chocolate, to me, inmy lived experience, healthy. A strawberry, that's what we call a fruit. Are we swapping or are we keeping? What do you wanna do? – I'm gonna keep it real. Honey Buns, like I grew up on those. I just feel like I have surpassed that, I'm ready to give them up.

– Oh, I did not expect that.- I'm ready to move on. – I think that I also am gonna go with the berry, very,berry, cherry, very, very. – The cherry, very, Gary, very? – See, you get so confused whentrying to say the name of it that you forget about your ex. – Next one, are you ready? – Let's do it. – All right. Come on.

– Oh my gosh. That's the cutest thing I've ever seen. – Chocolate milk? Is this what this is? – Not chocolate milk. Chocolate milk. – I can't say that I'm superexcited about this one, if I'm gonna be honest. So like, what's the deal?.

– You gotta remember thatsnack is not only food form. I gotta be drinking something while I'm wolfing down onmy drumsticks, you know. (Tucker laughing) – Bizarre. – It's kind of thick, isn't it? – Yeah.- It's like a viscous fluid, but it's delicious. – All right, I accept that.

How about we try the cones? – Okay. – You do what you want. I usually eat a few of these at a time. So this is like, okay, I'm going to bingewatch my favorite series and I'm gonna eat like 10 of these. You don't feel bad abouteating like 50 of them. – And again, I am distractedby how cute and fun they are.

– Yeah.- I don't even remember my ex. – All right. So what are we gonna do? Are we gonna swap? Are we gonna keep it? Obviously, I think you know where I'm at. – I think I do. – I'm eyeing my cones. What are you doing? What are you doing? I'm curious.

– Okay. This is hard. I'm trying to look backat all the other snacks that I've had. And again, I kind of, and standing by the factthat you need a liquid. So I think I'm gonna go with a liquid. But these are delicious. Okay. That was all of them. This was so fun though,thank you all for joining us.

And let us know what yourfavorite breakup snack food is. – Yeah, comment below, tell us. – Thanks for hanging out with us. – Thank you.- Bye. – You're gonna get through this. You are, don't worry. Okay?- We've all been there. – You're better off without them. (Toni and Tucker laughing).

(soft upbeat music)


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