-The fattiness of that fishis perfect. -The language themewith the cucumber. Listen, I'll be honest with you,I think cucumber is probably one of the most underratedcondiments in the world. You see how I madethat a sandwich right there? Cucumber on the topand the bottom. -Whatever. I'm not goingto argue with you. I'm too full. -I do not put cucumberson things and they taste better. -I think pretty soonin the condiment aisle.

Of the grocery store, you're going to see ketchup,mayo, mustard, cucumbers. -Cucumbers, are you kidding me? Phenomenal. -Nick Baglivo, the ownerof L'Industrie Pizzeria. -Massimo Laveglia, I'm theowner of L'Industrie Pizzeria. -L'Industrie Pizzeria isa New York slice shop, but we're trying to take itto the next level. It's a home away from home.

-We come here, we make thingsthat we're inspired by, things thatwe're excited to make. We do our best to make themas good as we can. We make bread here,we make sandwiches, make pastries, ice cream,donuts, bombolone. -We're making burrata. It's the signature pieof the house. It's basicallya regular margarita and then when it comes out,we finish with burrata on top.

People go nuts for this. -I moved here in the UnitedStates from Italy in 2014. I'm not a chef.I came here to play soccer and then I ended up workingin a restaurant in the city. And the guy who was supplyingthe flour in the restaurant, he told me about a placethat was for sale. So I came across this placeat the end of 2016 without any experience.I never made pizza in my life. -One scoop of tomato.

-This is Bianco di Napolifrom California. Yeah, this is the best. So you see, we go very lightwith the cheese. We like to cook well donethe pizza here, and to have that kind of linein the bottom, that crust. -Our mutual friend, Carmelo,called me one night. He wanted to get pizza. He said, yo, we gotta gocheck out Massimo's Pizzeria. It was great.Me and Massimo kept talking.

He's like, Nick,I need some help. You wanna come on by?You wanna work? I'm like, yeah, let's do it. I came on boardat the end of 2018. -He's a sandwich guy. -I worked in delisa lot as a kid growing up. I'm from midtown Manhattan. My parents,when they moved from Italy, they moved to Williamsburg.

-Come on, guys.Crunchy, beautiful, well done. -There's nothing like a pizzawhen Massimo makes it. -Okay, now we'regoing with burrata. Usually we use, like,two burrata for a whole pie. This is the linethat I want in my pizza. This is the crust. -Oh, my God. -We break the ball at eachother a lot, especially me. I love to bother him a lot.

-I mean, we're here a lot,making pizza. You're like my boyfriend,husband. You're like you. -I can do better than you. -I think if someonesaid to us, we'd be like thisthree years ago, I don't thinkwe would believe them. -You remember?-I remember. -I'll be honest, you gota little blurry after Leila. Overall, it wasa really fun night.

I mean, we definitelystarted out like a small team, and the team grewas the night went on. -Nick, Chris is here. -Yeah, you alreadyfinished the wine. -It's a little V&Afrom Tuscany. -Chris was our neighbor herefor a long time. -He's the founder of Munchies. -Chris is the fucking man. -Yeah.-He knows everything.

Alexis, I guess we met hima couple years ago, and he's a stand-up comic,a friend of ours, and he's been coming by. He's been very supportivefor us. -He used to do pizza tour. -White sleeveat an Italian joint. I could never. I'm already dirtythinking about this white. -We're going to Fortunato's. -This is Fortunato Brothers.

-Fortunato Brothers.It's a Williamsburg institution. -Staple.-A staple. They've been around 47 years.They're coming up on 50. I've been comingsince I was a kid. Me and Massimo go herepretty much every morning. This is where we startthe day out, getting espressos, getting our neighborhood gossip.You get pastries. You get amazing coffee.You see some great people. It's like when you're there,your family.

-Oh, shit. -Hello, hello, hello. -Mario, we have wine for you. -Where's my wine? -Cheers, cheers, cheers. -This is the manbehind all the favors. -The Oracle. -When we have to make phonecalls, we consult the Oracle. So it's three brothersthat started.

Biagio's the sonof one of the brothers. Biagio pretty muchruns the operation on a day-to-day now. Biagio's been there, I think,since he was a baby. -I know him since he was a baby. -Him and my brotherwere best friends growing up. His mother and my fathercame on the same plane. And he also helps us outwith everything. Every time we need something,we call Biagio, he solves it.

Oh, he served up all the hits.He gave us the cannolis. -The pastichos.You've never had the pastichos? -Never had.-It's so good. -The pinoli ice cream sandwich. -Eat it.-I'm eating it. -When I came here,we started frying cannolis. Let me tell you,the hot shell with the freshly mixed cannoli cream, there is nothingin this world like it.

-You guys had some wine. -We had a little bitmore than some. -And we're back. Quick, turn this wayso I can do the thing. -Mario's Biagio's uncle.He's the barista in the morning. You gotta go for yourselfto see it. -You have to see it.-You can't explain it. There's no words. I mean,these are just authentic people. They've been around a long time.

Everybody therehas a gracious heart. -Mario. Thank you.I'll see you tomorrow morning. -All right, ciao. -See you tomorrow morning. -I'll see you.-Thank you. I appreciate it. -Do it again. Do it again.Do it again. Do it again. -You look like Gianni Annelliwhen he used to drive the Fiat. -After that,we walk down the block. It's just two blocks awayto L'Alimentari.

I discovered the placewhen I moved here in 2014. Right away I found this spot,and it was easy for me because at that time,I still don't speak English, so when I get there,they're all Italian. -This is a beautiful place,guys. Morning, lunch, they closearound 5, 6 o'clock at night. I usually getmy piodina every week. Piodina is an Italian flatbread. -It's a quesadillamade by Italians.

-All right, whatever. -It is.-All right. -They make this in-house.This is beautiful. -We got porchetta.-We got the porchetta. We got the prosciutto cotto,which is my favorite. -Porcino arugula. -Porcino cheese is so good. -Very good.-I love that cheese. -Which shot do you want?-Look at the shot.

You see the cheesefalling out of it? -I got the crust.-You got to get the edge. -You got to get the edge.The edge is where it's at. -That's an Italian quesadilla. -I told you. It's likeyou're cheating on a sandwich. -This feels like foodyour mother would make you after school. -Cheers.-Cheers. -Salute.

-We drank a lotmore wine, man. -Yeah. -This is where it started tobecome a little bit of a blur. This is where I was just like,let go, let God. I was like,here we go, let's go. And then I didn't realizewe were going away after. That one surprised me.I forgot. -Where next?Where are we going? -Where are we going?Oh, we're going to Wei.

-What's that? Wei is one of my favoriteChinese restaurants. -All I'm sayingis Danny DeVito should have gotten an Oscarfor Batman as the Penguin. -Yes, I love that. -As the Penguin, Danny DeVitoshould have gotten an Oscar. He was robbed. -He looks like you a little bit. -Do I look like Danny DeVito?I look like Danny DeVito?.

-You look like him.-Listen, folks. When you watch this on YouTube,I want you to comment if I look like Danny DeVito.Exactly. I look like Al Pacino. -You look like Al Pacino?-I look like Al Pacino. -Yeah, like four of Pacino's — -Thank you. -Woo. -So we were talking today. I thought they scratched it,we were going away.

And then when we justfinished eating, and they were like,yo, we're going to eat at Wei. I'm like, thankthe fucking Lord. We just go, check it out.Yes! -Cheers, guys. -Cheers.-Thank you. -Thanks for having us. -Yeah. -Cheers.

-This is orange right here. -I love the nicelight wines today. -Oh yeah. -Makes you feel like youcould drink all day. -I'm only going to orderin my Marlon Brando voice. The pork soup dumplings. -Okay. -We're going to dothe spicy peanut wontons. -Bro, bro.

-We're going to doa scallion pancake roll. The General Tso chicken. We're going to do the onewith the spicy chicken wings. Chris, do you seeanything you like? And the saltand pepper shrimp. Not too much salt, though. -That was unreal, actually. -That was good. That was good. -You did land the plane, buddy.

-Thank you.I spoiled myself, you know? -They pulled outthe hits last night. I've had things on that menuI didn't know existed. Look at that.It's a special spot. I always get the General Tsochicken there. That shredded beef, the beef,the shrimp, the wine, everything was just perfect. -Wei, I'm sweating right nowwith all this food. I'm sweating.

-Don't worry, we've gotmore drinks for you. -You've got more drinks?I'm sweating. -A little risotto from Barbera. -This is very good. The people behind that are justawesome people, you know? -Yeah. -Jeff, Wei, him andhis brother, the uncle. -He's the real legend. -That guy, he was working.

You see, he's in the kitchencheffing it up. -Thank you. Thank you.I love you. Thank you. -This guy needsa James Beard award, yesterday. Yesterday.He's my favorite in New York. Thank you so much.Thank you. Thank you. -When you see someonewho's been here in this country for how long?30 years, probably? -Probably more, he said. -And he's been workingall the time.

And he doesn't speak English,it means that he's good. Because that guy nevergets out of the kitchen. -So you speak English now,so that means you stink? -Yes. -That guy is my hero. -The chef wanted to doa shout-out. -Yeah, chef! -Wei, what do we say?What do we say, Wei? -What do we say?.

-Champagne!-Champagne! -He said flambé. -My gal loves to partyall the time. Party all the time.Party all the time. -It's amazing, it's low-key,the ambiance is always nice. It's very sexy in there. -I feel like Grechihas forgotten food places here. El Gran Canario, the best Dominican food probablyin Williamsburg for sure.

All right, we gotta do a lap.I'm doing a lap. I'm going tothe sough side though. -Go on, go dance!-It's like Grease 2! What are you waiting for? -Then we gotta get the chinola. -Nick went across the street to his favoriteSpanish restaurant as he butcheredthe Spanish language while pirouettingacross the street.

-Thank you, mi amor.And then porquito de yuca. -It's called Nick the movie. -Yes.-Oye, como esta? -Gracias.-Si, si, si. This is chinola. Don't gentrify it, don't charge$18 for it in your restaurant. It's a chinola.That is a citrus smoothie. -See this right here? Look, I got the pork skinwith the nice pork, the yuca, and the yellow rice.

These guys gotta do a bang-bangthe right way. -You know how many timesI've driven over this bridge? So I grew up literally one blockon this bridge, off this bridge. -What street? -Across from Mr. Chow's. Where are we going? I can'teven say the name of this place. -We're going to Morea. -Morea.-Did you say Amareno? -No, Morea.-Y'all say it like Maria.

-It's my first time.I can't fucking wait. -Play the song like freestyle.Maria. -Maria.-Morea. -I'm going down.I'm going down. -And then we went to seeFrancesco, who is Chris' brother.So he got a table for us. -Look at you. Forget it. You look likea Calvin Klein model. -Look, it's beautiful.

-It was the real me thismorning. -This is the real you.This is nice right here. This is talent. -Oh, I was so drunk. I was mix matchingwords yesterday. -If your restaurant doesn'toffer you water before wine, it's not a good restaurant. -Oh Jesus Christ. Out loud?In front of people waiting? -I was definitely done.

I was fulland I was definitely drunk. -This is a really good wine.-Take two. Take two. -I can't believeI said that backwards. -Pretend you did that. -Any place that gives you winebefore the water, signs ofa great service place here. -Yes. -Are like 10 other peoplecoming to help us eat this? -No.

-Yeah, we startedwith the crudo. We started with the crudo.The lobster burrata. -Oh, the lobster burrataand the basil seed. Yo, that was good. -I never thought in my lifeI'd get a good meal in Columbus Circle.This is insane. -You can eatthis even for food. -You see that?-See that right there? We win championships with this,just like that.

-I mean, honestly,the crudo was phenomenal. The pasta.By the time the pasta came out, I was so full,but you had to eat that. -There's nothing betterthan pasta. -This, people, is service.That bone marrow pasta. -The mezzaluna with the lobster. -Yo, that one was great. -Nothing better than this.Nothing. -Oh, he brought the ball.He brought the ball.

-Oh, Ivan.-Ivan. He brought the soccer ball.I can't play soccer. -Yeah, he's the Modricof the restaurant over there. So we play some soccerin the street. Nick tried a little bit,but you know, I can't do it. -I don't break I buyover here. Know what I'm saying. -He doesn't even touch rain,these joints. Never mind a soccer ball. -I would love to play soccer.I wish I was agile that way.

But after that meal yesterday, I'm lucky I wasn't rollingaround the street. -[ Singing in Italian ] -I mean, I don't knowhow he came across that guy. -That guy was singing,and I was like, oh, he came out of nowhere. He surprised us. -[ Singing in Italian ] -Thank you. Thank you.

You look likean Italian George Michael. -Oh my God.-Oh my God, he does. -You get that a lot, right? -He does.-Yes, he does. -Come on. -I feel embarrassed thatI can't finish all this food. This was beautiful.This was a night out. -And that's it.It was a night out. It was beautiful. Good company,good wine, good food.

What more could you ask for?We dragged him back to the shop. We took him, Ivan.We took Francesco. We're going to stop on 57thbetween 1st and 2nd. We've got to pick up my mother. You and mommy get readyin five minutes. I'm going to pick you guys up.We got Ivan coming too. Yo, man, get it. I likegetting them on sporadic stuff. My mom is pretty classic.She likes sporadic nights out. -Hello.-Hello.

-Good to be back here, hey. [ Speaking italian ] -We ate way too much. So we ateat four different places. Now we're driving backto the pizzeria. -Okay. -Francesca, tell us how it wasfor you when he was a baby. -Oh, Nicolas was the bestthing that ever happened to me. -Yeah?-Wow.

-When I had him,I was 31 years old. And when he was born, I wasthe happiest mommy on earth. -She never saw the citylike I showed her. -So when he grew up,I missed that. I used to do everything. We used to go to Leisure Park,magic, everything. -He actually did a couple ofmagician shows for kindergarten. -Oh my god, we got to see this. -All right, all right,all right, all right.

-Stop the car. Get themout of the call right now. -Best magic trickhe ever pulled was telling us he was good at making pizza. -Take it easy Fabrizio Fontana. We came back here to close outthe night and we started out, it was just like six of uswhen we came back here. It wound up beinga party that night. -Yeah, it did.-I didn't leave the truck. -Who told you all that?-I mean, to be honest,.

We wanted to do morein the morning, but then at night timewe couldn't do it. -Yeah, no.-Too full. -We made some pizza, we madefocaccia with mozzarella. -We're makingsome skirt steaks. My friend Alex over here brought me some great skirtsteaks this afternoon. So we're going to sear them upfor the peeps. I got some nicejuicy tender steaks.

Grab a slice,grab a slice, grab a slice. -Oh, George Michaelwas on fire. -[ Singing in Italian ] -What's up friends? -I'll be honest with you,I maybe knew about five people that were here yesterday. But, you know, some ofthe best friends that you make are the onesthat you share over food. So the people that got to sharethe night with us yesterday –.

-Alex's wife came. -Alex's wife came.She's amazing. She's awesome. -She brings some of her friends. They do a lotof stand-up comics. -I was really hoping Uncle Weicame by yesterday. That would have been great. He would have came throughwith the crab. -♪ Shout-out to peopleon the speaker ♪ ♪ Shout-out to beatsin all my pizzerias ♪.

♪ You know they be flowinglike… ♪ -Whoo! -♪ I'm gonna kick a rhyme ♪ ♪ One time for Massimo,l'chaim ♪ [ Indistinct shouting ]