You know what I think it's gonna be I think that they're just going to give us a bag of crickets no yeah I'm Sola and I'm Han and this is the show where we have one hour one secret ingredient and we have to make dinner and dessert what are your thoughts on Halloween I don't think I've celebrated Halloween in a very very long.

Time I threw a Halloween party once when I was Junior High no one came didn't celebrate Halloween again so that's our thoughts on Halloween there you go pumpkin no plastic no oh no what I'd say is it like one of those it's like a.

Plastic bucket filled with with with terrible things filled with terrible terrible things yeah that's what it is I thought we were friends this is exactly why this is why there is no more Trust Hot Pockets was difficult because it wasn't really necessarily something I.

Enjoyed and it's tough to use this is like this is a solid this is a solid like Halloween haul you get you got your Snickers you got your Twix you got some Swedish Fish what if we pick our favorite four to five candies and do a candy tasting video let's do that yeah.

And then each course will be a highlighting a different candy I think it would be cool to do Swedish fish with a fish course I don't know what but a fatty fish will do well with the sweetness almost like a salmon Teriyaki what about mackerel whoa too fishy though don't you think I don't think so well fresh macro what what are you.

Thinking like blazing it yeah okay broiled like get a lot of char on there broiled glazed something pickley probably sweetened with melted down that like a pickle made out of that what else calls to you what about taking the sour things and I've Endive Endive Sour Patch Kids see I want to grill that too but that's grilled is it like too much.

Grilling I don't think it's too much grilling because you really need Char and bitterness to deal with all this candy okay should it be a grilled candy tasty menu maybe I can run home and bring the binchoton grill I see head shaking no oh did they oh okay what do you think about peanut butter.

With beef yeah that sounds good you want to do like a braised short rib braised with like some some peppery grains like some mustard greens a broth could be nice somewhere yeah make the broth I was thinking something like an awa Chile with that that's cool and then move that first and include like a raw scallop and.

Then bring this later so it goes light raw scallop into grilled mackerel so bitter green fatty mackerel Swedish Fish glaze yeah that sounds nice that sounds that sounds good did you have a thought for dessert I think it would be cool to do various textures of chocolate so something with a Tootsie Roll okay I think the toffee almond is cool because.

It's like just gonna be bits in there right is this thrilling content watching us put I'm sure this is just reminding everyone of Halloween because I'm like the first thing you do is always dump it out and categorize it no okay this is for previous yeah oh that's the pre-desert spot I still don't know what.

We're doing there Skittles Skittles Skittles and AirHeads Skittles and Aarons yeah let's do Starburst over Skittles because there's no shell to deal with yeah sounds good all right free dessert okay I always like sorbet yeah cold Frozen and then we'll see what what kind of fruit nice fruit we can find fruit and sorbet and then fruit and.

Sorbet keep it yeah really that sounds good okay easy now dessert do you think we should do some kind of molten chocolate situation that's what I was thinking I want The Chew of the tootsie roll like I like the idea of melting it down and turning it into a sheet and just like drape it over the molten chocolate cake do you ever enjoy in the.

Rare times you have a mold eating a veil eating not not even that eating a a molten chocolate cake without a cold Dairy component so then we do the cake the ice cream cover them and then cover the whole thing okay and then you don't see what's going on yeah okay and then that's the whole thing did it.

Of course one scallop sweet potato a la chili like we're gonna have like scallop slices and then maybe our sweet potato strands things here can we sheet it yeah yeah and cut it into strips and then arrange that throughout because I think it'll weave it leave it yeah like don't not.

Have it be so like symmetrical leave it throughout the scallop because then when you pour the aguachile it will have like tables before yeah in it so we're gonna do like a shallow bowl yeah and we'll have the Crunchies like on top on top okay and then broth and then little uh thin thin slices of like Fresno chilies throughout oh yeah.

That's cool like very small red onion moons you're still getting all of the garnishes you would get but it's like yeah you know what I mean okay so we're gonna do we have how long will we get to the cooking today here okay mackerel and then it's gonna have Treviso nearby.

Yeah this one's easy it's easy it's just great it's glaze it's glaze yeah all right so we got our that's our short rib you want to do boneless yeah and then it's gonna have a little plenty in boats whoa we're gonna also do some celery situations yeah with the leaves and stocks just tossed it together with like some acid and then oh.

We gotta we gotta shove something in there cheesy cheesy roasted plantain it's like an after-school snack was very short it's no big deal yeah all right we're making progress smooth safe well and here okay this one's also pretty easy there's our Cornell and then October fruits I feel like persimmon is the perfect pre-desert fruit because.

It's like bright and floral and it's like a really nice palette cleanser last course Hershey's molten chocolate cake with Tootsie Veil cake ball fail this will be impressive if we pull it off I think we did it this seems like an appropriate celebration of Halloween.

I think we might not finish yeah we're cutting the sorbet and instead we're taking the Persimmons from that and incorporating it into the mackerel so we're still Persimmons are still getting their time to shine there is one surprise element which is that there is a guest who will be tasting oh no this is the one.

Who's the guest does this always play look at my eyes is it Pete Wells you've got a good game face you should play poker three two one go foreign get this reducing for my peanut butter sauce for the Reese's Peanut Butter Cup sauce.

For the steak Tootsie Rolls now I add wrap Tootsie Rolls for our Tootsie Veil so I don't know if this is gonna do what I wanted to do but why why is this one shaped differently the first step of everything is I'm making a quick Dashi.

It brings a nice Oceanic Umami like hit to everything it's just a nice backbone to layer other flavors on top of so in there I have a piece of kombu that I'm going to bring up to a simmer and then this is some katsubushi uh smoked tuna that I'm going to steep into that almost like a tea that's going to sit in there for a bit I'm.

Going to strain it out and boom you got your Dashi okay rolls rolls I'm gonna get going on the cake so I need to melt some chocolate and butter we're gonna do a mix of this chocolate and this chocolate.

Now I'm making pickle liquid for the persimmon for the mackerel dish in the our Chile we're going with sour punch and sour patch and for the mackerel and pickle liquid it's going to be the Swedish fish that's going to be the sweetener in the liquid and the sweetener and the glaze this one feels so much more tense than every other well.

There's a secret guest that you won't even yeah the mood changed there we've been like it's been like yeah pseudo stressful but like not really because the steaks are there I mean the steaks aren't very high now this mystery guess that you throw on us whoa look at that look at that Swedish Fish pickle it melted.

Swedish Fish persimmon pickle there we go we have we have pickles so we'll serve pickles I'm just looking for some Char on these aromatics so I'm doing high heat and I'm gonna build my aguachile in here taking out the combo you can see that the color of the water is changed from just even that little bit of kombu in.

That short amount of time adding my katsubushi I'm sitting guajillo Chiles costeno Chiles and I'm not seeding our Bowl chilies they're just there all right I'm gonna strain madashi how are you doing here doing all right Dashi is done I may now proceed with.

Every dish spoon for some chili so here this is our Chile town and I'm hoping this adds sweetness color and acidity so this is where we have our charred onion and garlic I'm going to go right.

Into there with this water now this goes into the fridge to cool so this is the Dashi that I'm adding Swedish Fish to to make a swedish fish glaze for the mackerel and pickled persimmon Swedish Fish and Dashi it's no big deal 47 minutes okay cake batter my my bra straps are just like falling okay.

I am smushing Tootsie Rolls this is the chocolate I'm gonna start on the cake batter who's the special guest guys huh huh who who foreign chocolate cake I don't know why we're making the.

Michelle bras version should just make the Jean George cake it's so much easier I'm piping the cake batter and then I'm gonna push one of these chocolate things right in the middle what happens with that watch out it's gonna flambe whoa whiskey fire uh this is to finish the aguachile.

I I don't feel that confident right now once like at least one dish is fully done I'll feel better but I'm not close to that point yet that's not bad it's a nice sticky glaze that's what I was looking for 32 minutes 32 minutes tonight.

It's pretty terrible what's terrible the Swedish Fish glaze oh no it's not done reducing yet does it taste too much like Swedish Fish yeah that's the problem is the Swedish Fish becoming sauce 30 minutes and the short ribs are thinner than I thought uh-huh should I just like keep.

It really rare yeah yeah I'm cutting out the bones and I'm just kind of trimming it the tail piece can be a little bit tough and sinewy there's some discoloration up here that I'm not a fan of so I'm just giving it a little trim what I'm making I've turned this into essentially a sheet pan dinner.

it's become a sheep this is what you've done to me someone's gonna eat this mackerel and Swedish Fish sheet pan dinner oh God all right peanut butter cup time foreign yeah these are base scallops Nantucket.

Face scallops and I'm gonna marinate it in a little bit of the I would Chile oh there's no lime in here that's just this is the unlimed base yes because I'm looking just to get some salt some heat some some of that Sour Patch flavor in there because if I add the lime into it now it's going to start cooking that those proteins are going to start.

Denaturing and I don't want that to happen quite yet the cheese is gonna go inside the plantain and then melt and this is Ham's favorite snack yes with a glass of milk okay so plantain short rib I'm not going to try and make a free dessert should I.

Nah okay it's fine treviso's done it's like in The Chicory family it's a bitter green like a like a radicchio how are you him I'm doing okay I'm about to play the scallop right now.

You sound terrible Swedish fish in here a little it needs a little more time first like me we don't know what do you think about this short rib situation yeah that looks great and then we're gonna stick a.

Plantain there yeah hot hot hot why do I keep pulling things out without like a game plan the Tootsie Roll isn't doing what I thought it would it's not failing wow really counting down to the wire here.

Whoa whoa 10 seconds oh God ice cream let's see shove it in there oh my God that was so hard guys it felt like a struggle the whole way through the whole way through the whole way through we've given up already but.

We haven't tasted it we haven't tasted we haven't tasted it we'll taste it and then we'll Reserve further judgment until we've taste yeah are we ready for the gifts yes yeah let's do it is there gonna be a drum roll do they know they're supposed to be walking in are you disappointed.

Oh Priya they've just been we guessed you and then she was like no they're like no it's not someone from The New York Times it is I found out only half an hour that the ingredient was Halloween candy and I mean out of home if I'd known that wow wow lots of faith in us but then I thought about what you all did with uh.

Jello and I got really excited temper your expectations have a drink oh this is just Whiskey on the rock this is yeah it's just whiskey we're not wasting time so this is a base scallop aguachile okay I was about to say this give me aguachile Vibes and the our Chile is made with sour punch straw so that's where the acidity and the.

Color comes from okay spiked with a little guajillo our bowl chili for like that kick some charred garlic and onion and the base instead of water is Dashi I just realized that in my mind when they said Halloween candy I thought you just had to do candy corn so I thought this was gonna be like an all candy cornmeal yeah this is so much better like you.

Have like sort of full range of ingredients to work with all right thing this is pretty awesome I'm tasting like a very intense like salt and tart note like there's no way that I ever would have been able to identify it that's sour punch sure why didn't you love that.

That's great that's really good it's really good job it's really nuanced the bra yeah there's Smoky smokiness sweetness tartness like it it hits yeah it hits the noise also like I would say that most sour punch straw element is how it has that sort of like pucker to it oh great now which is really nice so this is the Swedish Fish course and I.

Don't know if you can tell it's plated very nordically that was my yes my first thought was how Nordic pickled Persimmons the Persimmons are pickled in Chinese wine Swedish Fish and some apple cider vinegar so that we made some Dashi reduced that down with Swedish Fish to make a glaze and then that's what we glaze the mackerel and.

The Treviso in and then just broiled it to get some Char hoping that will offset some of that sweetness I appreciate that you're basically just boiling the candies down to their like most of the central elements yeah their essence essence of candy I want to try I love persimmon I will say I'm getting less Swedish fish.

In this than I was getting sour punch straws in the previous course but it's but maybe that's for the best maybe yeah it's like it's a solid grilled fish and pickled stuff plate it tastes Nordic it tastes like tastes it tastes more Nordic than I taste Swedish Fish I mean if anything it's like the Swedish fish is just it's.

Just like the the sweet you add to something to just private a little bit of balance in the dish but you're not like detecting pronounced sweetness I could have gone for a little more Swedish Fish more Swedish fish please have you sir if you served this is a Nordic restaurant they wouldn't suspect a thing well little did you know Swedish.

Fish is actually a traditional Nordic sweetener during times of of drought so the sauce is ginger chili peanut butter sauce I wanted a little bit of heat from the whiskey the ginger and the chili to cut the richness yeah peanut butter cup there's like a lot of peanut butter cups in there we'll see the short rib is just salt and pepper okay roasted plantain.

With mintago celery with one do you all feel like you are better Cooks when given limitations like you have to cook with peanut butter cups yeah I feel like I feel like I always am when given limitations always you have less room to overthink I feel like my nightmare is like walking to a grocery store and having no lists No Limit like whatever.

You want like that you're right the ginger really does cut through it there are enough Savory notes in there to offset it and it doesn't taste like a candy bar anymore all right chocolate love with oh these are me the flexible Tootsie Roll flexible Tootsie Roll how did you make the tootsie roll into these.

Fun strands just put it in the oven and smushed it so this is just straight up tootsie roll it's just straight up tootsie roll that's awesome wow wait this is so clever oh it's still a little sensitive what are Hershey's Treasures or this is just milk chocolate it's a little like.

Chunky nugget that had the one that I put in there the one that's in the core has an almond brittle that's why we got the Almond little ice cream and the ones that are in the batter are dark chocolate it's good I'm gonna go to Halloween candy this is this is such a niche one giant chewy Sweet Tarts what I love sour and I love chewy those are.

Like probably two of my favorite things and I love the giant ones you just could like suck on them and they would get chewier and chewier we did it yeah out of Halloween candy this is a fantastic meal even when we were done we didn't think we did it so this is like a big surprise and I feel like it always feels like a surprise this one legitimately.

Was like almost as if someone else prepared the meal and we were also trying it for the first time we're like oh who made this this is pretty good whoa hey it's just happens so fast that you don't process it and I didn't I I also didn't taste my food as much as I feel comfortable like usually you like taste a lot and do a.

Lot of adjusting but it means that your base instincts are very good I was lucky