Hi everybody today's recipe is chicken soy bottle grilled chicken sounds good I use chicken thigh here you go butter flavored grilled chicken is so tasty I have posted so many chicken recipes all of them are spicy but this is going to be non-spicy and also more kind of a healthy way because we grill this so a lot of children will love it and some.

People who can't eat spicy food it'll be perfect plus if you don't want to fry anything this is going to be great recipe for you chicken curry this is for four servings and it's two pounds so I'm going to trim this some kind of yellow some fat and cut cut like this just not too small pieces.

Like a big chunk surround this is the two inching one inch so now I'm going to clean up isn't it foreign s I'm going to add some milk here whenever I make a chicken I use this method one cup milk refrigerate this for 30 minutes and then the chicken is going to be tenderized.

And then all kind of gummy smells all go away then we are going to grill this so meanwhile I'm going to make sauce two pounds of chicken and each pound I want to use 4 large garlic cloves so 8 large garlic cloves and ginger around one or two teaspoons so I'm going to all these mince foreign this is a garlic and ginger and we need.

Soy sauce three tablespoons three rice cereal quarter cup one teaspoon ground black pepper I'll mix this if you cannot find the rice cereal you can use also corn syrup or even maple syrup any type of syrup or even sugar or honey when we grill this it's a little bit kind of shiny and looks more.

Appetizing okay milk marinade chicken I'm going to drain this put it back I all get rid of this all excess milk and also I'm going to dry out a little bit.

The sauce and marinate and then I'm going to cook just right now I'm heating My Pan over medium high heat but I will wait until this pan is really really hot so that just we can cook kind of in a nice good sound you know what.

I'm saying one tablespoon cooking oil some leftover sauce later I will add and then now turn down the heat to medium and cover like this and smells already good to five minutes later you can turn it over.

Turn up the heat medium high heat foreign let's add so just rotate your meat with your tongs or just wooden spoon and some sauce on the bottom there's a concentrate to this five more minutes I told you we need to use butter butter flavor is really enhance this taste so.

Now this is time I cooked 10 minutes after that this let's add butter like this so until butter is well melted coated and that's it wow smells so good this butter is a key point it's a wooden skewer look at that all clean and very juicy just a server just like this or you can transfer to the.

Nice wall and we need to also garnish with green onion so not only garnish this is a really taste is good to it and boiler plus soy sauce together always smells good I'm having this with my beer it's a non-alcoholic beer.

Too much bubble oh look at this this is for you guys you guys can make it this recipe is actually it has a history long time history and when I was a university we usually met the boys like kind of a blind date University versus University okay this is my University we are going to come 10.

People so your University so boys are coming 10 people we randomly make a pair at the on the spot one time we had like a kind of you know the picnic party so picnic blind date and my grandmother and she just was excited to hear that oh you are going to make lunchbox I'm going to help you so my grandmother you know the her.

Cooking skill is always I wasn't always thought to my grandmother cooking skill number one and then actually my mom grandmother all these guys are more excited than me they are cooking and you know making Korean small pancake and this thing and including this but at that time no problem but my grandmother used margarine No Bottle is available.

You know for ordinary people so we just made this my grandmother made it this way of course I kind of little modified the recipe but made it this way three or four tears lunchbox and be huge and one party is the whole entire party is there for this chicken and then another part is a small small you know some side dishes and rice I put this a huge lunch.

Box in my backpack and then I went to the picnic and just I met all my friends and then lunch time we share this together I even don't remember my partner's face but I remember this chicken isn't it funny I just forget what he looks like my grandmother's chicken was so popular so now I just enhanced by using this bottle I share.

All my recipe with you guys some recipes like it has a lot of long long history and a lot of people my grandmother is not anymore in the world but I always think about her great cooking skill and her passion for me to be popular with lunchbox isn't it cheers everybody which one okay this one see very chunk big chunk.

Chicken thigh tastes like a kind of Juicy and very tender but but I like to eat this with the kimchi I feel like eating kimchi you can make this lunchbox and on the rice on top just this chicken and lunchbox with the kimchi it will go well together today I shared my recipe for soy bottle grilled chicken and in Korean.

Enjoy my recipe see you next time bye