I'm going to show you how to make the mostbeautiful light spongy steamed pudding with golden syrup, amazing vanilla custard, it'san absolute classic. In the old days you'd make it and cook itin a large pan half-filled with water, it might be steaming away for like 1 or 2 hoursright? No no no we're gonna go much more efficient,much more energy efficient, in a microwave on medium for 12 minutes. So in this goes. Let's kick it off. Super easy.

Get yourself some lovely butter and take anice big knob like that and give it a right good greasing up, right around all the edges,the bottom and the rim. And just get it around there kind of evenlyand it will taste amazing. Okay once you've done that what we want todo is use golden syrup. This classic very British syrup. It's really unique. And I'm going to put that into the mould andjust put it along the edges. Couple of tablespoons you know go in. This will give you the most amazing colourand flavour.

There's nothing quite like golden syrup it'snothing like maple syrup, it's nothing like sugar, it's nothing like honey. The flavour of my childhood right, that goesin like that, very very simple. Let's make this batter. We're going to go in with 1 egg, 1 lovelyfree-range egg. I'm then going to go in with a raising agentbaking powder, 1 teaspoon just lightly heaped, and then 2 teaspoons of ground ginger okay. Then 75 grams of muscovado sugar. The zest of 1 orange, normal size orange,and the smell is amazing absolutely amazing.

I'll take a knife and just slice this in halfand I'll squeeze the juice just through my clean hands just to catch any pips. Smells amazing. Look at that. So we simply get a spoon, beat it up. While we're doing the wet stuff let's go inwith 150 millilitres of whole milk. I like to use whole milk just because it tastesmuch nicer. Slowly slowly. And then we'll go in with 1 or 2 teaspoonsof vanilla extract.

Not essence, extract. Better flavour and natural, we like that verymuch. Once you've done the wet stuff we can addthe flour, 175 grams of plain flour, and then 75 grams of the suet. It can be real animal suet or veggie suet,whatever makes you happy no trouble at all. Then all you have to do is just slowly mixit together, so you just dump it in the bowl mix it up and essentially you're making asponge batter. So get right around the edges mix it up properly. We will add a nice little pinch of salt, thatwill just season the flour and bring out its.

Full range of flavour. And then we'll go back to this mould greasedand flavoured with the syrup. This recipe is fantastic here y'know whichis for like 6 to 8 portions, yum. Or you could put it in little coffee cupsand just grease that with butter and again you could just do individual ones that onlytake literally a few minutes in the microwave, so fast. Just clean it up like that. So what I'm going to do now is just put alittle hat on it, so greaseproof paper goes on like this, just kind of use your hand tosort of scrunch it over.

We're going to go for a double knot so onetie and then two ties. And we'll just hang this over and fairly casuallysort of pull it tight. It's not really tight you want it to be looseenough because it's going to expand and push this paper up, so what you can do is justbring a little bit of this up and then pull this tight, right? That's going to let it steam nicely. And when the hat's on like that, that is it. So that is what went into the microwave, soa few minutes to go. But what I have done here is taking the libertyto heat up the golden syrup which is more.

Traditional – I don't do it, I just literallytake it out on top. And then I've heated up some custard whichI don't do – probably my mum would say it's not the done thing but cold custard is myfavorite thing to have with hot steaming spongy golden syrup pudding. Let's have a clean down, let that cook, andI'll show you how beautiful and easy it is. Bit of steam there. So let me show you this beautiful dessert,it's going to be hot so get a tea towel and let's have a little look here. Now, normally I would say let this sit forlike 5 minutes but I am impatient.

I get myself a little plate, platter, cakestand, place that on top like so. Still using this because it's hot. We're just going to flip it like that andwe'll then remove it. Smells amazing. So the moment of truth… Gorgeous, really old-fashioned. Memories of my nan. Now I've got some lovely heated golden syrupwhich you can put on top. Wonderful.

I can smell the ginger, really really nice. And then we've got the lovely tinned custard which some people frown uponand then the sauce Anglaise, you know the homemade custard. We're covered we've got everything covered,but ice cream, clotted cream, double cream, whatever makes you really really happy. So look. Let's get amongst it let's try it, come on! Look at that!.

So let's just finish that. Have a little bit of that syrup. I'm just gonna go for my cold custard. Really nice. And then my friends we just… tuck in. Really nice. Homemade steamed syrup pudding. Made in about 6 or 7 minutes, cooked in about12. That my friends is an easy old school dessert.