(upbeat music) – Hi, everybody. Are you ready to cook? Make delicious food today? I am, I am. Let's make bulgogi. This time, I'm goingto make a spicy version. Spicy beef bulgogi. In Korean, maeun-sobulgogi.

What is bulgogi? Bulgogi means any meat, sliced thinly and marinated with the Korean seasonings. And then just cooking. You can pan fry,or barbecue on charcoal, or a kind of fun thing is to cook on the table. So fun to cook and eat. Spicy beef bulgogi. Let's get started.

Sirloin steak, one pound andI kept it in the freezer. It was really hard like a rock. And overnight, I transferredit to my refrigerator. And then now it's verynice, I can slice it very thinly. See you later. First, we gotta make sauce. Six large garlic cloves. Let's smash. Add to this bowl.

And we're gonna make it spicy. So this is a quarter cup. Today I'm going to usethis a couple of times, the quarter cup. And quarter cup, gochugaru,hot pepper flakes. Quarter cup rice syrup. And gochujang, quarter cup. This ratio is very important. You need to follow my directions.

Water, half cup. Two tablespoons soy sauce. Two. And mix. And then ground blackpepper, half a teaspoon. This sauce is very good. Actually, you can usethis sauce for other meats, or even vegetables. The rice syrup makes itkind of really shiny.

Sauce is done. I feel so comfortable because now what I'm going to do is just slice, slice beef thinly, and that's it, you can cook. (Maangchi laughing) This is a little more than one pound. I'm going to remove this fat. If this is too much work for you,.

You can get pre-sliced beefat the Korean grocery store. For one pound, you guyscan eat with four people. And because we are goingto make also bokkeumbap, stir-fried rice after eating this. Slice thinly. That's it. This is one pound. Put this in the bowl. You don't have to marinate each layer.

Just this way is good. Okay. So, we're ready to cook. Just now, once you marinatethe mixing with marinade and you can cook and eat, enjoy. Or you can keep it in the refrigerator a couple of hours or even overnight. It's okay. I try not to use so many ingredients.

Only I just chose green onion. Lots of green onion for one pound. Four. That's it. These are some banchan, side dish that I'm going to eat together. I made this a couple, a more side dishes. This is chwinamul, aster scaber. This is zucchini.

And bok choy, bok choy doenjang-muchim. Blanched bok choy and garlic and doenjang, and a little bit ofgochujang, green onion. And now, sesame oil. And just mix. And garlic. Toasted sesame seeds. (bells ringing) I'm ready to cook.

Usually I post only onerecipe in one video. But you need to know how to mix and match and make a nice feast, especially when you havea Korean food party. So I'm going to show you how you enjoy, how you make a party. So with only one pound of sirloin steak, we can feed four people, because we have some more side dishes,.

And then after eating everything, there's still some spicy stuff on the bottom. Then we can makebokkeumbap, stir-fried rice, rice and chopped kimchi. This is a sour taste, fermented kimchi, and together stir frytogether, and then just eat. Then your meal is going to be finished. First, I heat up my pan. And also I forgot to tell you,.

I just sliced this one kingoyster mushroom, slice this. Two tablespoons. First the green onion isgoing to be really loud. (oil crackling) And mushroom. Just cook. Green onion with oil make it really,really smell really good. So this way I'm cooking.

After one minute cooking. See? Green onion is crunchy. See? And then I'm going toput this marinated beef. (oil crackling) So cook. And I'm going to turndown the heat to medium. So from green onion andthe water is drawn out,.

And also mushroom. Oh, by the way, I forgot to tell you. If you guys are vegetarians, you like to enjoy this recipe, then use just the king oyster mushroom. Look at that. It looks like a kindof, you know, some meat. Very meaty. And you can use a lot mushrooms.

Also, you can use other kind of mushrooms. So now, I'm going to turn up again. And then you enjoy this way. Lettuce and cooked beef. Cooked beef and greenchili pepper, garlic. And eat. So this time I'm going to have mushroom. Green chili pepper and garlic.

Ssamjang. Mushroom is very delicious. So this way you guys can enjoy. Let's say we eat all just,you know, talking, drinking, and just finish eating. And I wanna make some bokkeumbap. I need to get rid of thisso let's put it here. Look at that. Nice, huh?.

See, look at this one. Lots of the stuff is leftover. I'm going to make a stir-fried rice. Rice. The sauce has gochujang,gochugaru, all this stuff is here. If you add kimchi, much better taste. What kind of shape do youwant, this bokkeumbap? You want a square? Sure.

So let's eat. Delicious. I love this chwinamul. So flavorful. And very tender, smooth. So imagine you are with your friends and family making this kind of a bulgogi. Then later, eventually making bokkeumbap. It will be so fun.

Wouldn't it be fun? Just show me. I wanna see how you guys enjoy my recipe. And send me photo, I want to see it. So today I showed you how to make my version spicy beefbulgogi, maeun-sobulgogi. Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye.

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