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Since his first appearance after the ua sports festival stain has been a popular character among fans of my hero academia his design passion and quirk coupled with him creating a darker tone in the story was very appealing at that time of course his time being relevant in the story was very short-lived it was one arc and a.

Very short one at that the hero killer stain is a villain but his ideals and respect for what he believes to be true heroes like all might makes him stand out even in the world of mayhew academia he has fans villains that respect him and everyday citizens that would even cosplay as him in his final act as a free man he saved midoriya and at the.

Same time took out a nomu property of the league of villains above all else like the role of hero and villain stane simply has his own ideals and will do whatever falls in line with that in that scenario he viewed midoriya as a true hero and so he had to be saved it could also be said that he felt responsible for.

Midoriya at that moment after all he was weakened and injured from fighting stain previously so after this act of heroism as awkward as that is to say stan was then imprisoned in tartarus with the worst villains around and remained there until recently before we go further though there is more to staying story prior to all of that we do know his.

Backstory it was told in the spin-off series mayhew academia vigilantes we made a whole video going over that so if you haven't seen it do check it out it's an interesting story and a solid video overall a lot of effort went into the presentation in that one now let's talk about stains escape and death what's next for this character we do have a.

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We watched the first my year academia movie together so don't miss out on all that and more fun to come in the future link to the server will be in the description of this video see you there now let's talk about this for real so stan escaped from tartarus by sea the man swam to shore during the prison break and for a little while there that.

Was all we knew there was speculation on what he'd do would he meet and talk with all might would he train deku join the chaos like muscular did or do something completely unpredictable well after a little while of waiting the answer would be revealed after a little fan girl stalking stein would approach all might and they'd have a conversation in the.

End stane would pass on intel he secured from tartarus and he would tell all might if he is a true hero he out to make use of that data and then comfort the life of stain the man who murdered 40 euros all for the sake of fixing society what he's up to now is unknown he could be out there still slaying heroes he finds unjust or he could be.

Taking out other jailbreakers the data he passed on though came with a letter to almight so it was clear he was only intending on handing this over to all might he was looking for almight because he had this for him endeavour says something interesting here though after hearing about the data being passed over he says who would have thought the hero.

Killer would end up a hero ally and let me just say the way the chapter ended with those words felt like clear foreshadowing but yeah from there we learn about stain's escape and apparently his respect for women he chose not to cite it all for one during that situation and made his way to land alone at this point society has fallen.

And stein's point has been made clear society was filled with false heroes it's not debatable anymore while he won't turn himself in at this point stain probably doesn't have any real objective he's like a stray dog or stray cat wandering in my opinion honestly he's waiting to be defeated killed maybe by a real hero he wants to go out by the.

Hands of a true hero and truthfully i only see this going one of two ways either a stane encounters ida and is defeated in a fight where he's then sent back to jail or stain ends up dying sacrificing himself to protect someone a rematch with ida could be a great moment it really could we could see it really claim that hero name maybe stain.

Acknowledges the change in him anita wins in a one-on-one getting a real revenge for his brother could be a great moment however i find it possible that stain will die instead he mentions his own death not defeat in real life we say things can be spoken into existence but hey it works in writing too dialogue is always basically filled with clues on.

What's to come my hero academia has always been like this stain could have been a hero in an alternate world where he gets some help mentally and maybe as a great mentor he could have been a great hero and to see this fan favorite character pass away as a hero would be amazing this wouldn't redeem his past actions because i mean 40 bodies is.

Quite a lot but it could serve as a good end to his story passing away as a hero going back to jail isn't as entertaining we've seen him be captured and taken away before it's only going to be less interesting a second time around not sure who he would save maybe all might or eda i imagine this happening in a sudden heat of the moment kind of way.

For example taking a bullet for someone or being crushed by debris to protect someone like how bakugou saved deku during the war stain would definitely do the same for someone he viewed as a true hero it would do a lot for his character and also for who he saves either would see that evil isn't so simple and almight would continue to see how.

Influential he really is really hoping we get a great end to this character's story in the comments let us know what you think will happen in staying just a quick little video to spark some discussion and get our thoughts out there time will tell whether or not we're right about staying's death if you haven't already please be sure to drop a.

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