We're taking Stephen Fry on a trip down memorylane and cooking up a perfect apple pie, like the one his housekeeperused to make him as a boy. So first up your initial problems with pastry havebeen because of warm hands? Yeah I think because of warm hands I mean I've always assumed that'sthe reason that it always sticks to my hands, it sticks to the rolling pin. I think it's probablymore speed and sort of fluency and confidence, and the classic pastry generally speaking ishalf fat to flour. So 500 grams of flour and 250 grams of beautiful butter. But we are makinga sweet pastry so we will add some icing sugar, and that's 100 grams. Also we're gonnaflavour it with some vanilla. I love vanilla! So now you're basically just rubbing with yourfingers and thumbs. Yeah from my thumb to the.

Fourth and third fingers I'm going throughit quite quickly now if I want a really short pastry. Oh you can help me here! What does a shortpastry mean? It means it's a high proportion of fat so it becomes crumbly. It will also be quitefine and thin. And that's the hardest thing to do thin pastries. Yes. Now I've got these nicelittle chunks, I'm gonna put two eggs in here. So I'm gonna bring this together and just a littlesplash of milk, I don't want to overwork it. We can put it on here. Now it's ready for themarble. I will cut it in half so one bit's going to be the base one of the lid I guess.You are all over this! To make our life easy, while it is pliable let's just start helping. Sothis thing about hot hands this will be a small part of fixing that. This will go in the fridge.Glorious. And we'll let it rest but we'll also let.

It firm. So I'd like to take you onto the filling,so we've peeled two kilos of apples and this is nice because this is when we can get the applesof your childhood. The village is called Booton, right? It is, that's right. So these arethe Bootons. Yep. And this knife here this size knife is what they call a chef's knife?Yes, well I just like a big chopper. Wahey. Add 40 grams of butter, 100 grams of goldencaster sugar, and a pinch of allspice to a medium hot pan. So in we go with the apples.We're gonna add 200 mils of water. And we're going to let that just cook away until it's soft.So let's get some of this pastry out. Exciting. So to help you with the problem that you werehaving with hot hands, what we'll do is we'll use greaseproof paper. A flourless rolling? Yep, putthat on top. Get out, brilliant! Pay attention!.

This is fabulous. What this also allowsus to do is not have sticky fingers and kind of get in a mess. Yeah. It takesa little longer. It doesn't take longer than bursting into tears and washing yourhands throwing it away and starting again. You can see that works beautifully. Superb, just peels off. Yep. Right we are going toplace this on here. Yeah. And then just kind of encourage and just use the soft parts ofyour hand. Oh so it's going right in in the flutes. You can let this rest a littlebit, so I'll put this in the fridge now. If you look at these apples now, I'm justgonna sieve it and take the juice out, then reduce this liquor by half. Yeah,till it becomes a lovely syrup. Yeah,.

Nice and thick. Are you ready for the next stage?Certainly yeah. So look here is our pastry, I've cooked that for 15 minutes. Right. And then Itook it out and I brushed it with some egg yolks, popped it back for 15 minutes. Back in the oven?Yep back in the oven. And what we've done… Because of the glaze. And a waterproof layer. Nosoggy bottoms here. Now we're gonna get our pastry out again. This is the top layer this is for thelid. Yes. We're going to do a kind of lattice, now this is the exciting bit, we're gonnashow off. Yeah exactly yeah as you say… bejazzled, vajazzled. Vajazzling. Yes thankyou. I'd forgotten for a moment I was in Essex. You've got to look after your South end. So what we have here is another pastry. Ohyes. And this is where I'm going to take.

This roller instead of a knife and I'm gonna usethe ruler, and I am gonna just cut it like this. It's laborious. But satisfying, yes. So whatwe're going to do now is lay our sheets on here and then we're going to go half at a time.To lift every other one? Yes you've got it. We're going to start to lay these little badboys across. So it's how you interweave the strips is the key? Yes. So now I've gone downand I've pulled this up and it's the opposite. Right. So you go over the horizontal. Yeah,I just don't want it to break or snap. No, and do you know there's a very good wordfor a crispy breakable thing like a good pastry which I've always liked because it hasmy name in it, it's friable it's an Old English word yeah. Did you do really well at school? Iwas always good at exams but I was very badly.

Behaved so I was thrown out of a lot of schools.Were you? Oh yes I was expelled. Were you? Yes, I was an awful child. Monstrous, wicked,dreadful! Look at this, while I've been talking… And round of applause forJamie Oliver! Look at that, that's stunning. We are picking up from whereMrs R left off. We sure are. So we do need to do the rose. How would you normally do it? I'mtrying to remember… you're gonna do a square over here. Okay. It's something likethat… that is definitely not a rose. Would you like a little cheats way to do it?Yes please. Take a little circle like this and if you line it up like this, slightly overlapping,and you cut it in half, you roll it up. Oh yes! That's the effect she somehow got. So look. Ohthat's glorious. To add even more Indulgence.

We're making some pastry stems and leaves, thenleaving the lid to chill back in the fridge. This is the exciting bit because we're making itnow. Another little cheat what you can do is use a speed peeler and just trim it down. That's clever.So back to the filling remember we sieved it and we reduced this lovely… look how jellifiedthat is. The best apple pies have that in, don't they? Yeah. Now if you can sprinkle theblack berries in. So we'll have chunks of apple and little bursts of blackberry. This is oneof my favourite jobs. ever. Yeah, professional blackberry dropper. Yeah, bramble tosser. Rightlet's get our pastry back. What we can do now is just take that off the side. And it doesn't evenflop down. And it doesn't flop down, I mean you've got to be careful. And then what we can do is putthis on, and then let's do this together because I.

Feel like we've probably bonded over this. Yeah.So just find the edge and then just use your weight to push your finger and use your thumb tocut it off the edge. Ah so it really does cut off, it's just exquisite. So what I'm going to donow is just a little bit of brushing and get some sugar just sprinkled on top, not too much. Sothis now go to the oven 180 for about 40 minutes. Magical! See you later darling. We're going tomake a creme Chantilly. Oh! So this is double cream. We will also add just a little sugarand just a little vanilla and a light whisking. Oh yes. Are you a custard boy? I love the tasteof it but the skin literally makes me heave. I used to forge letters from my mother to theschool to say I wasn't to eat any milk puddings, but they saw through that straight away. If youcarry on whipping that. I will happily do that..

I have some non-skinned custard. Very good. It's thickening. And the trick isto not over-whip it of course. No. Now, are you ready for the moment? Is it ready?Look and that! Oh, bravo! And look how it's cooked so beautifully. So then the question is can wetake it out. Oh you can do it in your arm! Wow… Ta-da! Yes yes. Jimmy! Okay we have the Chantilly…Ooh that's glossy and gloopy and gorgeous. Hot custard! Stephen Fry are youready for your moment? Yes, oh! It's almost too beautiful to cut isn't it? Itreally is it's sensational! Look at that! Wow… Um, would you like custard or cream or both?I'll have a little bit of both I think. Oh.

My god I agree with you. Got to try a bit of both Oh, heavens. May I?… Enjoy. Oh! Mm! Heaven, it's heaven!