(knife thudding) (bright music) – Hi, everybody! Today, let’s make a delicious and healthy side dish. Side dish means that you serve it with rice. It’s a little bit salty and made with mushrooms. Do you like mushrooms? I know some of you guys don’t like mushroom.

Uh oh! Uh oh! (laughs) But mushrooms are good for your health, so you gotta try them. And especially this dish is very, very beautiful and very simple. There are so many different kinds of mushrooms. Usually, I love Shiitake mushrooms, but today is special, they are white mushrooms, oyster mushrooms.

In Korean it’s neutari-beoseot, so it’s neutari-beoseot-bokkeum. You can find this kind of mushrooms at any grocery store. Today I’m going to make this neutari-beoseot-bokkeum. and you will see how Koreans make this it’s kind of a different way.

A little bit stir-fried, but not exactly stir fried. We just blanch it first, blanch in hot water. I like to make a lot, especially this dish, because I keep eating and eating, just like noodles, you know? You guys can use also king oyster mushrooms.

Oyster mushroom, king oyster mushroom. And also, this kind of, you know, the Korean name is paengi-beoseot. In English it’s Enoki mushrooms. You guys can use them. So I’m going to use 2 pounds, 2 pounds of all kinds of little white and grayish mushrooms.

You can use also white button mushrooms, too. When I make this side dish, the color looks a little grayish and kinda white. Really pretty. Let’s get started! First, I’m going to clean these mushrooms.

See? Split this a little bit. Cut this off. When you rub around here, if there is a little hard stuff, then you should cut it off, but this is very smooth and nice. I’m not going to cut off. But I like to remove this part of the root, like this.

And split. Cut off around here bottom part. Cut off this. So I’m making 2 pounds. Cut just one time. This is exactly 2 pounds. I cleaned these mushrooms. I’m going to blanch all these in hot water. Now my water is boiling.

I blanched these for 1 minute. And I will just wash these. Strain this. (water running) See? I’m going to squeeze out this excess water. Just lightly. This water is from the mushroom. (water running) 2 pounds of mushrooms was a lot, but I blanched them and it reduced to this amount! Now I’m going to check this out, and if there’s anything big, I will tear it into bite size pieces.

You guys can use all oyster mushrooms too. I’m showing you all the kinds of mushrooms that are good for this recipe. Look at this, this looks like some chicken! It’s just a simple recipe, and I will add salt and sesame oil, and also for color a little bit of carrot.

And this is buch (garlic chives), garlic, 2 garlic cloves. (chopping garlic) Garlic. (water running) 2 teaspoons salt. And 1 tablespoon sesame oil. And just a little bit, 1/4 teaspoon ground black pepper.

And then mix. Let’s turn on the stove. Over high heat, and mix well. Add 2 teaspoons cooking oil, heat it up. One, two. Okay lets put all these over here. And carrot. (chopping carrots) And then this buchu.

Stir these. This is deulkkae-garu, which is perilla seeds powder. Add 2 tablespoons deulkkae-garu here, it makes it really tasty. If you don’t have deulkkae-garu at home use just sesame seeds. You need toasted sesame seeds, and then make a powder and add 2 tablespoons.

One, two. And carrots. Cook over high heat. I stir fried this 1 minute, after I added the carrot, I cooked one more minute. And then stop cooking. And this is buchu (garlic chives), just add these here.

With this remaining heat, it’s going to be cooked. What do you think? It looks good, doesn’t it? You’ll be surprised how I make bibimbap with this. Looks like a some noodle dish, doesn’t it? (instrumental music) This is my rice.

Warm rice. It’s freshly made rice. These days radishes are in peak season, really delicious! With 1 small radish, I made this. And it’s really delicious. I know! This is gochujang (hot pepper paste).

My homemade gochujang. All I need is this, I have more side dishes in the refrigerator, but I don’t need them at all. I’m just showing you how I enjoy this dish. Today’s beoseot-bokkeum and this is radish salad.

Some radish, I like to eat a lot. And mushroom. A small amount of rice and a lot of the mushrooms and radish. And sesame oil. And mix. Are you guys mouthwatering? I am, I am! Cheers everybody. (laughs) You guys know the texture the mushroom.

The texture is really smooth, soft, and chewy, and very savory. And also the radish salad is very crispy. When your family gets together, they can make their own bibimbap. Every family member can make what they want.

Hey, my vegan friends! You’ll love this! This is such an easy and simple recipe and also delicious and healthy. I just used only a few ingredients, blanched, and mixed together. I didn’t even add a lot of oil here.

Enjoy my recipe. See you next time. Bye~ (upbeat music)