Now I've got a budget friendly pudding that will put a smile on everyone's face. My store cupboard-fridgecake is a brilliant way of using up driedfruits, nuts and biscuits. Deliciously decadent and comes in at a cheeky £0.47 a portion. Normally when you're making desserts you've got blendersand mixers and ovens and all these differentkind of gadgets.

For this we just need a pot with a little water that's come to a simmer. A large bowl. We’ll put that on top and we're going to melt down200 gm of dark chocolate. Get your pack. Give it a slap. And then we're going to get that into that bowland let that slowly melt. And alongside it, 150 gm of butter. I'm going to add just a little bitof salt because a little tiny.

Pinch of salt is going to makethe chocolate taste better. I have got some other treats here, so I want one tablespoon of goldensyrup in there. We've got dark chocolate,so there's a bitterness and it's going to balance that bitterness to be sublime. Next up, we're going to go200 gm of ginger nut biscuits. So crunchiness, biscuit. You can, of course, use your favourite. So all I need to do is just bash this up.

To break it. So I'm just using somethingheavy, my pestle. But you could use a rolling pin,so just brush up your biscuits. You don't want. I just hit my thumb then. Ouch And then havea little check of this. Let’s get a spatula. You can see that subtle heat.

Has melted the chocolateand the butter. That's all the heatwe need, by the way, And mix upthe chocolate in the butter. I've got to cover just dreamy, shiny, dark deliciousness. And then I'm using dried fruits. I'm using nuts. You can use any dried fruityou've got around. Apricots, You can use beautiful sultanas.

Whatever you've got, you can use. I like just to chop them up a little bit. I like little subtle hits of itinstead of a big old chunk. Then the peanuts. If you want to use different nuts,things like almonds, walnuts. And then our ginger nuts go in. Now I'm just going to save a littlebit back. So these two chunks, I shall keep for a little bit later. Here.

Marshmallows. My kids go completely wild for these thing. I'm just going to use the knife just to kind of make it go further. Once you've had a good old mix up, what I'm going to dois get a bit of greaseproof paper. Just run it under the tap. It makes it soft and pliableso you can get into all the corners of the mold and just haul in.

Your beautiful chocolate like that into all the little cracksand crannies. Push it right into the edge. Just guarantees thatit just comes out nice and easy. No dramas. And what I love about thisprincipal recipe is you can really go through your cupboards and your drawers and get little bits and pieces and add different thingsthat you love to this mix.

So whack that in the fridge until it's set. A few hours will do it. Right. Let's checkthis lovely little dessert out. Ok. So the nice thing about the greaseproof paper is you can dump it. Come on. Don't lose the faith. What's the matter with you?.

Come on. I've been working with youfor so many years and you've never let me down. Thank you very much. If in doubt, just put a bit of elbow grease in. Now, my personal way to finish this isjust take in some of those lovely crispy leftover biscuitsthat I put aside. Look at that.

That's pretty special. So there you go. Probably the most humble, fun, dessert-cum-sweet treat- cum-biscuit. I don't know what you want to call it. All I do know is if you takea little bit, it's very good. I'm getting the bounce of themarshmallow, the hit of the peanut.

It's the simplest thing on earth. And you can have real fun with it. I will never get bored of that. Come on. My moreish fridge cake is a great way to use stuff up while keeping cost down. It serves ten people and for £0.47 aportion, you're going to be happy.


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