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Straw Hats 8 BILLION Bounty Revealed! Wanted Posters After Wano Explained – One Piece Chapter 1058


A long-awaited update on crew bounties the actual origins of cross guild and a check-in of the revolutionary army a ton of stuff happened in this week's chapter of one piece no time to waste let's get right into it we open up on the sunday cruising through the open sea without a care in the world unlike its captain who was screaming in pain turns out dropping.

The ship off a waterfall didn't go over too well with the rest of the crew nami is seething at luffy pointing out that his brain dead stunt could have killed them all as such he has locked him in a small iron cage to better torment and while her reaction is over the top she has a point by any normal standards luffy was being reckless then again the.

Big mom pirates fell down that waterfall repeatedly and they got out of it just fine maybe nami just wants to avoid anyone else suffering random amnesia jinbei tries to defuse the situation with a smile and a laugh pointing out that no one was hurt no harm no foul right there's no need to be hard on luffy unless he actually got people.

Killed nami is not remotely in the mood to hear that glaring daggers and jinbei as far as she's concerned this just proves they have to reign in luffy's stupider impulses you know before he gets someone hurt or killed nami's glare is so intimidating that former warlord of the sea jinbei looks legitimately scared as he backs away he wonders if he.

Just felt conqueror's hockey coming out of the navigator and yes this is probably just a joke but well let's keep an eye on nami if she ends up in a big fight ahead this could be foreshadowing so adding conquerors hockey to that arsenal of adjacent abilities would only further that point the rest of the straw hats aren't bothered by nami tormenting.

Their captain they're used to her punches of love at this point zoro's already sound asleep just passed out on the deck frank and chopper are hard at work getting the sunny back into shape frankie's beaming pointing out how well these sunny with stood the drop despite plummeting off a massive waterfall it only lost a small yard for our.

Non-sailors out there that's one of these spars jutting out of the mast that these sails are hung from even a strong storm can cause damage like this and sailors usually pull them down even a strong storm can cause damage like this and sail is usually pulling them down a minor yard being the only casualty from so dramatic of fall is really impressive.

Equally impressive is the news delivery bird it is already located the sunny athlete's recent descent from wano robin gives the faithful messenger a pat on the head before announcing to the crew important information they have new bounties sanji makes a dive for the newspaper though it is unclear if he's more enraptured by the announcement or.

Robin either way his charge nazi wanted posters out of robin's hands sending them flying over the deck the straw had scrambled to claim their own all excited to see just how much they've gone up by first to make the discovery is chopper the little reindeer is swept up in the moment hyped to see if he's finally gotten a decent number as kind and.

Gentle as chopper is he's really gotten into the cruise little contest unfortunately the navy remains cruel chopper's bounty is a mere 1000 berries putting this into context this is enough for two servings of takoyaki it's less than one-tenth the cost of a full-course meal about a ta i'm beginning to think that commodore brand-new the marine in.

Charge of bounty assignments is trolling chopper at this point the rest of the straw hats have done far better nami is in tears over a bounty of 366 million berries it's hard to tell if that's due to fear or avarice at imagining so much money brooke is all too happy at his 383 million barry bounty strumming his guitar in celebration frankie barely.

Notices his 394 million barry bounty and know it at the poster despite past posters having image of frankie or at least the general frankie this one just has the sonny's figurehead and of course usopp is trembling in outright terror at his new bounty he has hit 500 million berries and he's begging for it to not get any higher interestingly this means.

That we have a standard straw hat bounty figure four of these melodies have had the same increase from their last poster it's a 300 million berry jump each time this puts them all above zoro and sanji's dress rosa-era bounty usa's new figure equals luffy's bounty after defeating doflamingo impressive work one and all next up is the biggest increase.

Of the straw hat crew bar luffy nico robin archaeologist devil child and generous giver of cotton candy she has hit 930 million berries a jump of 800 million while part of this is likely the world governments worry about her ability to report a glyphs that has always been known it's the only reason she had a bounty even as a child it'd be.

Nice to think that her battle with black maria helped gain robin some serious respect and that's why her bounty went up so much and following robin is the greatest loser of this round of bounties sanji after finally pulling ahead of zoro after whole cake island he's hit 1 billion 32 million berries an impressive figure no doubt 720 million higher than.

His last bounty and yet he's no longer third place among the straw hats jinbe is here now after all the helmsman had a smaller increase going up 662 million but that still puts him at one billion one hundred million this is costa zoro who now sits at one billion one hundred million one thousand one hundred berries i'm curious how brand new came up with a.

Number that precise bounties usually round out to the nearest million zoro is apparently a cabbage and a chopper ahead of jinbe making more sense is luffy whose bounty has doubled to 3 billion berries he has gone up against a second yonko and firmly established his claim to that title a very logical increase although of course so these bounties.

Have always been stunted over the course of the series due to the propaganda machine that is the world government trying to keep him down although right now the terrifying new yonko is still stuck in the cage looking kind of pathetic sanji and zoro have already started their regular fight and all is as it should be among the straw hats and.

This is the last time we see them this chapter we cut over to empty bluffs island home of buggy town the former buggy delivery pirates are excitedly talking about the arrival of crocodile and mihawk frost gill's new fellow executives they're all relieved and understandably so when we last saw them the navy had just revoked buggy's.

Warlord status and was about to store the island apparently crocodile and mihawk showed up to save buggy's team as far as he the rank-and-file pirates are concerned this was obviously all a part of the genius jester's plan unfortunately that is not the truth and it is very obvious that that is not the truth when we see buggy the clown brand.

New yonko genius jester the thousand rio clown pathetically begging crocodile and mihawk not to kill him he's crying yelling out that he'll lick their boots do anything they want so long as they let him live both of buggy's supposed subordinates have weapons ron resting against his attached head sir crocodile makes her grievance clear apparently he.

And hawkeye were supposed to be in charge of cross guild the idea that buggy was leader of their group was as big a surprise to them as anyone else neither man is all that happy at the world now believing that they're working for a literal clown crocodile claims his situation is so far beyond insulting he doesn't even have the words for it.

Mihawk keeps his trademark posed but claims that buggy dying wouldn't even begin to make up for this at the clan's pathetic request that they let him live the world's greatest swordsman scoffs buggy shouldn't make unreasonable requests right completely unconcerned about buggy the one time mr three galdino happily chimes in claiming it'll.

Be a nostalgic to serve under crocodile again buggy naturally calls out his treacherous ally but galdino claims that he never formally joined buggy's crew now that's stretching the truth at best we saw him inside buggy's inner sanctum before this still it's hard to fault the guy for wanting to go with the winning side especially since buggy's actual.

Long time crew have about the same level of loyalty the buggy pirates lament the harshness of the world but have already written their captain off as dead none of them are brave enough to face crocodile and mihawk to try and save the genius jester they're hopelessly outclassed so of course they are already planning to follow crocodile something.

About the cruise conversation gets mihawk thinking however we flash back to his castle with skye's overcast and yet another marine fleet approaching the island mihawk of course is paying them no mind he's just taken a bottle of wine from the rack and is talking over dendon mushi to crocodile hawkeye is a noisy constant marine attack considering them.

A nuisance he's planning to relocate to try and get them to stop this is when the one-time leader of broke works makes his pitch if dracula mihawk and sir crocodile both headed up the same organization the navy wouldn't send a few regular marines to deal with them if they attacked it would be in full force less annoyances and perhaps some.

Legitimate challenges this has to have been a tempting offer for mihawk but crocodile's final words seem to have given dracula some room for doubt you and i are the same we don't trust anyone thinking over the idea seems to make mihawk pensive even now looking at his expression here it makes you wonder how mihawk feels about his isolation let's.

Not forget that he lived with zoro for a while and persona even longer the swordsman gives buggy a questioning look which naturally freaks out the clown buggy's already on edge after all it's natural he'd take mihawk even looking at him as a death glare we flash back to the last time we saw buggy like the delivery pirates said they had been.

Surrounded by the navy buggy was planning to bail on subordinates letting them take the fall while he went on the run unfortunately for the clown prince of piracy his men see him before he can get away before bucky can come up with some excuse for his behavior a cry goes up the marine ships are under attack we see the whole fleet going down at least.

A dozen ships sinking one after another buggy is overjoyed he's saved some kind of hero must have come to his rescue defeating an overwhelming army in his hour of need unfortunately for buggy it's soon clear that the person who came to his rescue is crocodile the buggy's delivery pirates are overjoyed concluding that this means crocodile.

Also worked for buggy and cheering for their captain buggy doesn't deny that crocodile works for him but is screaming internally apparently he owes crocodile money and is flat broke at least the marie just wanted to throw him back and impel down crocodile could do far worse for failing to repay the loan by the time his rescuers joined them in the big.

Top buggy is trembling crocodile is surprised to see the clown openly admitting that he'd figured buggy would have run away by now buggy ignores this as best he can trying to dampen the request for a payment he knows is coming he admits that their business looks good but claims that he has too many mouths to feed he also then brings up the fact.

That his giants have quit pointing out that he no longer has to feed 5 raven as giants seems like something of a bad call but hey you try explaining to crocodile you can't pay him back hard to blame buggy when he's this on edge crocodile naturally is unimpressed he brings up the idea of selling buggy into slavery as a way to repay this loan i'm.

Not sure how much cash buggy would make at auction he's no giant or mermaid but crocodile's probably just going for a dark joke here and it works buggy's voice is trembling as he tries to appeal to crocodile as an old prison buddy he's a good friend who will be understanding right unfortunately proco-chan is not in the mood to play knights he makes it.

Clear to buggy this is on him crocodile did he clown a favor by lending him the money he used to start buggy's delivery if he can't pay profit out back now he will take full responsibility crocodile now intends to start his own business and needs to cap it all this point finally gives buggy his way out he suggests taking buggy's delivery instead.

Of the funds he's got a large staff who could help crocodile get his business off the ground and he'd be happy to work off his debt buggy can get the word out about crocodile's new business he can tell the whole world about cross guild and with that we return to the present day is holding up the crossfield flyer with.

His hook hand he does not look happy he points out that mr president sure stands out put above the two actual founders of the business and everything buggy claims this is all an accident that he didn't mean for this to happen which is exactly what we predicted crocodile stuffs the flyer in his mouth demanding he explain buggy spits it out sputtering for breath.

Interestingly miats already put his blade away stowing it behind the sofa where the three are seated on he's already made up his mind to not kill buggy earlier words aside we briefly flashed back to buggy's printing crew given their overall worship of the genius jester it's not too surprising that they gave him top billing and that.

They were so enthusiastic they sent the flyers all over the world before buggy could ask for any alterations that same adoration and price that carried buggy through marine ford finally came back to bite him here we go from buggy trying to process the amount of trouble his crew have landed him in over to naval headquarters commodore brand new is.

Doubling down in his assessment of buggy as a dangerous threat and to be fair to brand new he is getting more evidence here the name he already thought buggy was one of the masterminds of the escape from impel down they know that he is essentially a brother to shanks now crocodile came to his aid at empty bluffs the navy's wiretapping division.

Apparently caught the earlier call between mihawk and crocodile about cross guild they aren't just going off of the flyer that just misled them about who was in charge and more relevant to brand new is the fact that cross guild has already gotten financial backing from other underworld organizations with them cropping up in the middle of other.

Rebellions the navy now considers all three founders a massive threat it's here that we learn the bounties of the three founders across guild crocodile is the first weighing in at 1 billion 965 million berries this seems to have been given on grounds of his loki abilities and general intelligence.

The navy isn't sure of his importance across gail mihawk is next and the discussion of him is interesting brand new claims that he is an even greater swordsman than red hair janks that's been disputed for a while in the fandom the two have dueled many times with mihawk ultimately no longer wants in a fight after shanks lost his arm is brand.

New is this sesame right or is he just going off the world's greatest swordsman title either way mihawk's bounty is openly impressive 3 billion 590 million berries this is the highest number in this chapter but might still be underselling hawkeye shanks kaido and big mom all had bounties over the 4 billion threshold perhaps a yonko.

Controlling territory in the new world may inflate their bounty value you could say they are a more widescale threat to the world government able to raise armies and claim territory cross guild is starting to put mihawk in a similar position if they continue to grow these bounties may jump up by a lot and finally we have the bounty on buggy.

Going off his history and his apparent control over mihawk and crocodile the navy considered him extremely dangerous he has hit 3 billion 189 million and is officially a yonko and you know buggy might just be the very first yonko to have a subordinate or crewmate with a higher bounty than them back over at the big top crocodile has fed buggy's new.

Bounty poster the former warlord dryly comments that the clown has made quite a name for himself going for that emperor of the sea title buggy does his best to apologize offering to lick crocodile's boots all he gets for trouble is a curt shut up this however is when mihawk offers a suggestion why not let buggy be the yonko he's not interested in titles.

Or glory he has his pride but ultimately he joined crocodile to try and live in relative peace having buggy take all the heat for them letting him be the figurehead yonko is best for both the actual cross guild founders crocodile is skeptical at first he's still annoyed about buggy's grandstanding mihawk points out that this puts the biggest.

Target on buggy and if they need to they can always kill the clown later on the prospect of killing buggy later is enough to greatly improve crocodile's mood so long as he can take the clown's life at some point he's okay playing along we go from this to buggy giving one of his trademark dramatic speeches introducing the commanders of cross.

Guild to the assembled pirates the crowd is as ecstatic as ever buggy is crying as he tries to sell crocodile and mihawk as his commanders the pirates below assume their leader is just moved by the beauty of the moment of course the truth is that buggy is scared out of his mind he has finally become shanks's peer a fellow yonko and he's got the world.

Government gunning for him along with two deadly serious men willing to kill him if he stops being useful for once buggy the clown has no way to run away from his problems we leave cross guild there heading over to the kamabaka queendom the revolutionary army is a buzz with news of sabo apparently he has been separated from the other commanders.

During their escape from mary joao so they are all celebrating the fact that he is apparently safe ivankov claims it as a miracle morley karasu and lindbergh are all happy to hear that the chief of staff is still alive while bello baddy snaps to them for being annoying she's likely just as happy to hear this she's just the nami other team in more ways.

Than one only two members of the army seem seriously concerned by what they've heard koala sabo's longtime partner and monkey d dragon the two have been brooding for a bit and dragon makes it clear why while the supreme commander is glad that sabo was alive the news that he'd killed king cobra has potentially driven a wedge between them while koala.

Seems more upset unwilling to believe it dragons take away his archer he's not going to make assumptions but he makes his stance clear to koala if sabo really did murder cobra dragon won't forgive him no matter what the reason it's interesting to see dragon have a moral objection like this though exactly what got to dragon about kopra's death.

Remains unclear trying to sell the matter he turns the revolutionary armies to his guest bartholomew kuma the former warlord of the sea has somehow managed to escape with the other revolutionary army commanders apparently only sabo is separated from the group dragon asked kuma what he saw hoping kumo witnessed sabo's actions and can explain them.

Unfortunately all kuma can respond with is i am yours to command master koala tears up just from hearing the words whatever the world nobles it's akuma simply taking him away from the holy land isn't enough to undo it if dragon wants his old ally back they're going to have to find an actual scientist or at least a doctor but before we can outline.

A plan the den denmushi rings we cut briefly to the navy officers who are apparently tapping this ball listening in betty yells to the army to quiet down while koala answers the snail we end on the response with sabo identifying himself apparently the revolutionary army are about to get their answers so yeah that was chapter 1058 we've gone.

Through a lot we've got new bounties and some big questions that have been answered still there's a bunch of stuff that is still unclear what happened with sabo is cobra actually dead where are the straw hats headed now we would love to hear your guesses in the comments down below as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and.

Have an awesome day i love you