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Sukuna and Megumi’s Binding Vow! Sukuna’s Resurrection Ruins Megumi – Jujutsu Kaisen


Since the beginning of Jiu Jitsu kaisen zakuna has had an interest in Megami fushiguro and his 10 Shadows technique in fact secunda seems to be impressed if not proud of Mega me when he made his incomplete domain the king of curses even saved Mega me during the tragedy ridden Shibuya Arc however there is some debate on why he did that to begin with.

So today we'll be diving into a possible Theory regarding Mega me and his technique sakuna as well as the culling game Megami sakuna and their techniques to really understand let's start with mega me he's a part of the main Trio in the series alongside Yuji and nobara between the three of them Megami is knowledgeable and more serious than the.

Other two because of Yuji and nobara's more casual attitudes Megami finds both Sorcerers annoying at first but this isn't a megamy analysis the most important thing about him in this context isn't a technique which he inherited from his Zain and lineage the 10 Shadows technique allows you use it to conjure and control shikigami for.

Context shikigami are summoned for Mega me's technique through an exorcism ritual this this ritual is the only way for making me to gain and control shikigami as well if they're exercised it joins megamy's arsenal of shikigami speaking of them Megami can only tame a Max of 10 at a time though the more powerful is shikigami the more cursed.

Energy is required to summon it multiple people can defeat it but this causes the ritual to fail in a sense his mix gathered shihigami somewhat difficult not only does mega me need enough curse energy to summon one or multiple at once he also needs to exercise it on his own in fact the unsorcerer's technique is exactly why sakuna is interested in him.

But we'll get to that later on let's talk more about megaby's technique in the shikigami uses as some are aware Buddhism themes are somewhat prevalent within the series during Gojo's flashback Arc he quotes Buddha the quote itself is the well-known Heaven and Earth line after Buddha sakayuni was born he took several steps pointed to.

Both Heaven and Earth and Zed throughout Heaven and Earth I alone and the honored one then there is another nod to Buddhism involving Gojo oh the zig's eyes within the religion is the concept of the five eyes which involved classifying the eye into five categories the physical eye the Heavenly eye the wisdom eye the Dharma eye and the Buddha.

Eye while there are only five eyes in the religious text and godo's technique is called six eyes it's possible the sixth one refers to the ability to see cursed energy so Hallmarks of Buddhism are clearly seen within the series and serve as themes but with that being explained let's jump into Mega mishikigami ishikigami we've seen except.

For nue and the Rabbids have a symbol for one of the 10 Divine items the items themselves are prevalent in Buddhism serving as another reference now there's something special all the items can do once they're brought together and we'll explain how this relates to sukuna soon but with all that being said let's cycle back to megami's technique canonically.

The 10 Shadows technique is strong enough that it defeated an ancestor of Gojo who had Limitless and six eyes as us fans know this is a really big deal because currently the six size and Limitless techniques make Gojo the strongest sorcerer alive strong enough that he has to be sealed away rather than killed and yet Mega me has a.

Technique that could possibly defeat him this brings up an interesting point takuna shows virtually no interest in Gojo Beyond wanting to take him down instead he is more intrigued by Mega me there is something of a mega me specifically his technique that enters sakuna and is something he deems valuable it is so useful to him that he.

Even heals Mega me during one of the most important events the shibuyar it's also not the only time zakuna has shown interest in the young sorcerer when he fights Mega me during the curse woo Mark zukuna notices Megami is holding back takuna is genuinely interested in seeing megami's curse technique in full maybe it's because he believes fighting Mega.

Meat is full power would be fun or maybe he wants meguri to cultivate it but we'll get into that later besides his possible motivation there is another early instance of zakuna showing interest in megami's technique and that's when sakuna deduced it instead of a talisman the 10 Shadows uses shadows as an intermediary Mega me is confused.

By him bringing that up but his clear sakuna is trying to understand how megami's technique Works tsukuna's own reaction even implies this he thinks about the technique and then says he doesn't get it why would he want to understand how the 10 Shadows works we'll get into that after we have a more fundamental understanding of sukuna.

First to really bring this Theory to life it is important to lay out multiple Concepts Sakura his curse objects and his abilities are exactly what tie into why second and needs Mega me and his 10 Shadows saguna was an ancient sorcerer that was so powerful within the Jiu Jitsu World they divided it but regardless of his power Sakura was.

Ultimately killed unfortunately he didn't die from Jiu Jitsu so he became a curse and not just any curse zukuna as the infamous king of curses unfortunately Sakura's death also caused unanticipated results due to his forearms takuna's 20 fingers became indestructible special great curse objects Jujutsu Society specifically the.

Tokyo Metropolitan curse Technical College had six at least 20 at the start of series despite trying to keep sakuna's power away from the world his fingers are strong enough that they wear down the talismans around them which eventually attracts curses the fingers themselves are important because consuming them allows Laguna to.

Essentially incarnate in a normal situation this would mean sakuna would once again have a human body and not be resigned to existing incur's objects scattered around Japan sadly for sakuna this free Reign Over a body doesn't happen instead the person who does swallow sakuna's fingers Yuji Lori is a perfect vessel this means that Yuji can.

Suppress Akuna which in turn means that have UGA all 20 fingers and was killed tsukuna would die as well now why is this important to Mega me the answer is simple sakuna was devilishly delighted to be incarnated before he realized Yuji could suppress him Ergo zakuna is left without a body he can control and sakuna's ultimate goal is to have a body.

Now what exactly would sakuna do once he had a body tsukuna's own words perfectly explained what his endgame is firstly sakuna stated a society based around strength is what interests him he wants to fight strong opponents Ergo he would most likely use his power to restructure jujuices society around a hierarchy of power secondly with zakuna first.

Incarnated within Yuji he immediately wanted to kill others and commit heinous ax so really it could be said that sakuna wants a body in order to rewire judicial society as well as contribute to General chaos that being said obtaining a body is no easy feat which is where megamine might be needed but hey before we go any further I'm gonna.

Need you to subscribe to the Channel with notifications on to the missing upload and smash the like button for some plumber today now this is where Sakura's domain expansion comes in the king of curses domain is known as malevolent Shrine this appears as a Buddhist Shrine that has been desecrated to more resemble sukuna's status as the.

Strongest curse for example skulls decorate the shrine and there is a multitude of horns on the roof as well it is the perfect environment for sakuna to exist with that being said malevolent Shrine has a unique trait typically domain expansions create a separate Space by utilizing a barrier but sukunas doesn't do that rather his domain is.

Manifested from virtually nothing it is a big enough accomplishment that the manga refers to it as akin to an artist painting not on a canvas but on air this makes sakuna's domain not only mechanically special but it provides a similar Escape Route due to the lack of a barrier a binding vow is created that multiplies the sure hit of the domain to.

A maximum radius of almost 200 meters the radius can also be decreased I will like when he reduced it in order to avoid Mega me again this shows his bizarre fascination with the young Zane in when sakuna was first introduced he wanted to cause as much Mayhem and murder as possible he showed no remorse no concern for anyone around him if he.

Wanted to make sure Mega me wasn't within the domain's area after only knowing him for a short period of time but while on the topic of malevolent Shrine we should also look at the name in Japanese level and Shrine is written as fukula mizushi fukuma is referenced to fukumadin which is a place where demons lurk however this isn't the key.

Point what's most important is mizushi it could have several meanings but if we ignore the prefix me a Zushi is a tiny Buddhist Shrine used for storage of important items things like Buddhist images or Scrolls of sutras with this context it isn't too hard to imagine that malevolent Shrine also lacks a storage place for cursed techniques why.

Curse techniques they're important and Powerful plus we've seen sakuna possibly be capable of mimicking outside techniques during the civilian Arc suguna simply replicating her spirit yoga's disaster Flames tsukuna hints to it relating to his technique as well saying I won't cheat by revealing my curse technique there has also been.

Evidence that a domain can relate to a user's curse technique hiromi higuruma is a good example of this seeing as his in a technique is directly tied to his domain therefore it is plausible that sakuna can somehow store techniques within malevolent Shrine assuming Sakura's technique and domain are related like this it does present a.

Problem couldn't sakuna just store a mimic Mega Mis technique maybe not dogo's technique isn't inherited he is also a curse between the two I think it's most likely sakuna was able to store and then use jogo's technique because he latter made an agreement with the king of curses Mega me would know better than to make any arrangement with.

Sakuna therefore sakuna couldn't utilize his technique so why would sakuna be interested in mega me zakuna's plan we've mentioned earlier that the shikigami megamik and conjurer is shared a motif with the 10 Divine items so at last we can get to the nitty-gritty of sukuna scheme and his motivations within Buddhism one of the 10 items can be used.

To resurrect the dead as previously explored in sukuna's eyes Yuji is not a suitable body because he can suppress him Yuji being capable of that really puts a wrench in synchronous plans however if he figured out what the 10 items did he could get an obedient body zakuna's own words even confirmed that he needs Mega me for something specific.

Once again it's what Sakura says to Mega me during Shibuya when he is unconscious the king of curses specifically tells him don't die there's something I need you to do the phrasing I write lets us know that sakuna has a plan for Mega me the unsorcerer will somehow Aid sakuna not only that but it is something that only Mega me can do either way sakuna.

Requires something only Mega me can accomplish this could mean sakuna needs Megami to use his 10 shadows in order to resurrect him and Resurrection is a big deal when Gojo was able to recover from a literal stab to the Head it was seen as miraculous which it is reverse first curse technique is a very difficult ability to master and even more so on.

The verge of death because sakuna doesn't have his original body he can't use those types of techniques but that isn't to say that it can't be resurrected this would achieve sakuna's goal for a suitable body but unfortunately for sukuna Megami clearly wouldn't enter any agreement with him so with no need to access the technique and.

Use it what would sakuna do he could force mega meat into a binding battle to some of the shikigami required for his resurrection but how exactly would sakuna do that one way is use Megami sauce for sumiki his sister against him Mega me only wants to enter the culling game in order to save her not to mention it is awfully convenient that yuji's.

Group has already discussed pulling non-sorcerers out and offering a substitute sukuna could be that substitute for sumiki seeing as Megami would do anything for his sister who's to say he wouldn't resurrect an ancient evil for her safety in theory Mega me can summon any of the 10 with enough cursed energy but aishikigami that can.

Literally defy death is likely to require a mass amount of curse energy perhaps it would even require the most out of all other shikigami so really all sakuna can do is wait for Megami to cultivate his cursed energy and right now is the perfect time for Mega me to do just that the very nature of the current events the culling game paid.

Sorcerers against one another survival of the fittest this Tsar wantistic approach would force only the most powerful Sorcerers to live these conditions would cause Megami to develop enough curse energy to consciously shikigami needed assuming it's available to Be Tamed and that Megami succeeds in the ritual to do so it also serves.

Another purpose the game itself is chaotic by Nature there's so many different goals and motivations that it is the perfect amount of chaos for sakuna to recover his body it also helps that right now everyone is focused on rescuing non-sorcerers sukuna gaining a body isn't even on their radar at the moment what adds to this is the fact.

That sakuna and kenjaku seemingly know each other without entering the colony Yuji was counted as a participant in the Cullen game but why was he included it all goes back to sakuna's fingers Yuji being considered a member with an the game presents the idea that kenjaku planned for sukuna's fingers be consumed in other words kenjaku may have.

Previously made a binding vow with zakuna while he was alive it would fit the other agreements kanjaku has made the incarnated sorcerers within the culling game only exists because of a binding valve they made with kinjaku though this would mean Yuji became a vessel for sakuna as a part of kenjaku's plan it is true Yuji swallowed the.

Finger through his own free will but Noah kanjaku and then he looks at the big picture he could have created the perfect events and led up to zakuna incarnating within Yuji it just didn't go exactly as planned so sakuna had to come up with a new scheme now what exactly is the plan the answer is simple to find a more suitable body that won't.

Fight back moving on to the culling game itself besides functioning as a means for Mega me to grow and develop his curse energy and a way for sequeline to gain a new body it also starts to connect few storylines within the series because of it we've already seen one character be revealed to be a player within the game which is Kasumi miwa and.

We hadn't seen her for quite some time there has also been returning characters like yutoukotsu and Yuki sukumo if anything these three events prove the calling game also carries the theme of reintroducing plot points we may have forgotten after Shibuya an example of this is that sakuna's true form has already been revealed in the past Ergo.

It's not hard to imagine that we'd see it again and mark their revolves around Revelations and growth on the topic of becoming stronger an evolutionary fights to the death with other sorcerers will be right up sukuna's alley especially if they're ancient ridiculously strong Sorcerers plus if we follow the logic that sakuna can store and use curse.

Techniques the Cullen game would be right for picking up new and Powerful techniques there are a multitude of advantages for sukuna regarding the game making a battle kanjaku offers nothing but benefits for sukuna especially if we consider what he said when he was awoken within Yuji for the first time light is best appreciated in the flash a curse.

For its flesh is no fun he is rejoicing over being in a human body again also the king of curses is so delighted by the mass destruction he can cause yet he grows confused and angry by the fact that his vessel can suppress him so ultimately sakuna's goal is to get a worthwhile body he can use for Mayhem and mega me is likely the only person.

Who can help him achieve that through his technique talk about some good food for thought huh sadly only time will tell if this Theory will be proven right either way sakuna has demonstrated curiosity when it comes to Mega me and so hopefully we find out exactly why he is interested in mega me very soon it is quite the mystery as always I'm such.

Votaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you