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Sukuna Discovers Gojo Level Power! – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 246


Jiujitsu kaisen chapter 246 opens right where we left off last time with homi huruma getting slashed by sakuna he's tried to block raising his sword hand up to protect his face but it hasn't done much Yuji calls for his friend worried but he's too far away to help there's a strange expression on sakuna face for a moment he almost looks concerned but.

Then he's back to pulling faces before he can kill jiujitsu High's forces though it's kusakabe who turns things around with a big play he opens up his simple domain right in front of higuma helping to dampen the energy of zuna's curse technique the forearmed sorcerer is surprised that that was enough it's not just Yuji that's gotten stronger all.

Of these minor Sorcerers have Push things to a whole new level even as three other figures are closing in on him from behind he's studying kusakabe simple domain did not shut down sakuna attack entirely but it did decrease the damage to something far less than he had intended he's going to have to actually try here for his part kusakabe is trying.

To force himself to keep standing through the pain even a weakened sukuna slash hurts like hell he was convinced that he was going to die die there still The Swordsman started to work out some things about sakuna for a start he can't just Spam that Gojo killing slash that divides the world kusakabe is pretty sure that that's not just a simple thing.

Zakuna has to either charge it up or use a binding vow or something to increase its power as things stand sakuna got two main techniques dismantle his regular slash and cleave which changes based on how strong zuna's opponent is range slashes are dismantle the world splitting slash is cleave unlike dismantle which does have to touch a.

Target to work unless you're in the domain so cleave a close-range dismantle and World splitting slash are the instant death techniques which leaves one odd Omission fire arrow back in shabuya sukuna was able to use some strange flame jiujitsu those techniques were so strong that they overwhelmed joogo a volcano curse why can't sakuna.

Use it here it would be stronger than dismantle and not need the setup of the world splitting cleave well kusakabe does not have an answer and he doesn't really have the time to think about it he's just going to run with the simple version sakuna hasn't used those fire techniques against Gojo kosimo or them at this point whatever the reason is.

It's safe to bet that sakuna still can't use fire arrow kusakabe calls out to higuma checking if the lawyer is still able to move the younger sorcerer is fine but apologizes to kusakabe he has to explain that his confiscation didn't work anywhere nearly as well as he hoped all he managed to do was take away sakuna cursed weapon still kusakabe.

Tells the lawyer that that's enough drawing his sword higuma Got The Executioner's blade that is the most important part it gives them a way to finish this fight he just needs to survive long enough to use it kusakabe swears to protect huruma all the way through this fight even if it costs him his life and a second later kusakabe.

Finally realizes how much of a massive death flag he just planted on himself he stops drawing his sword just standing there gloomy at the idea that he set himself up for death sukuna grins at The Swordsman working out a crick in his neck he has to admit that the guy at least knows how to guard to make it interesting sakuna even calls out his.

Next attack back claiming that he's going for their legs before he makes the next attack though choso brings his hands together ready to launch piercing blood at sakuna from behind sakuna Narrows two of his eyes threatening to race against his opponents joso takes him up on that firing piercing blood towards him the blood moves at the speed.

Of sound angled right at the back of his neck but then it passes right through the air zakuna is nowhere in sight joso's eyes go wide not sure what happened that was too close to dodge right but then sakuna is right in front of him ripping right through choso torso with two hands like he's nothing it's a devastating blow the death painting.

Coughs of blood Yuji calls his brother's name but it is too late zakuna throws choso to the ground before Wheeling around and that's because he's got a new Challenger Approaching this new fighter jumps off a rooftop heading right for sakuna they're wearing baggy black stageand clothes complete with a roughl looking Hood over their head and they're.

Carrying Nom's Cleaver it looks like Duma got his mentor's old weapon yes he's carrying it forward the cleaver comes down on zuna's forearm and as it lands the blow right at the 73 Mark A Familiar line kicks in and sakuna is pushed down into the ground with the sheer force of the impact it's not enough to break one of those monsterous.

Hands but it still splits the Earth around him zakuna did not see that coming still he's sharp and soon gets a sense of what's going on the blunt blade is a cursed weapon containing nanami's ratio technique rather than take another shot of that sukuna kicks The Sword and wield her back takuma's shocked by this admitting that it's hard to keep hold of.

Nanami's weapon it's too heavy for him at least without his curse technique thankfully zakuna doesn't have the time to finish him off instead Yuji and kusakabe are here to take over both running through the rubble and charging at sukuna from opposite directions sakuna might have four arms but his head only faces One Way sakuna throws.

Dismantle slashes at both of them but they are able to defend Yuji blocksy attacks with his arms while kusak parries with his sword and before sakuna can launch another attack huruma jump jumps in he vaults over kousaka's back executioner sword raised high he cuts right at zakuna with one quick clean motion and barely misses a few fragments.

Of hair fall away the sword was that close to striking home sakuna grins One Chance is all you get before higuma can get away or land a second blow sakuna grabs tight onto his arm now that the deadly sword can't hit him zuna's three remaining arms Pummel higuma letting blow after blow right on his jaw before the lawyer can get away or one of the.

Others can pull him out sakuna grabs onto the man's jacket with a snarky remark asking higuma if he's able to hang on the king of curses picks up his opponent before Yuji and kusakabe can do anything sukuna Sprints away from them running as fast as he can Yuji is right on his heels even as kusakabe yells to him they can't let higuma be left alone.

With sakuna they need him alive for The Executioner's blade to work sakuna grins enjoying the chance to play with his food kusakabe outclass in speed is amazed both sakuna and Yuji are running insanely fast ahead of them higuma has managed a decent Landing catching himself on some wrecked floor by the time sakuna is caught up with him the.

Lawyer is finally back on his feet The Executioner's blades starting to fade as he focuses on his attacker but that may not be enough sakuna is done playing around a massive slash runs through the wrecked building with enough raw Force to blow out what little glass remains in the windows and now we have a flashback we're back in the time before the.

Shinjuku Showdown where to High's forces are planning out the battle yuji's brought higuma over to his friends off to one side of the group he wants a lawyer to explain his curse technique higuma does not have a problem with that he's already figured out yuji's thinking the Executioner sword will kill its Target no exceptions but it only kills.

The person judg man sentenced thanks to yuji's trial they already know that judg man can tell the difference between multiple Souls inside a vessel after all he gave higuma evidence about sakuna so if his sentence is sakuna it will will just Target sakuna that way they can still end the fight without harming Megami it should be just like kurusu's.

Exorcism Maki and UTA are both impressed by this it's a way to win the fight and save their friend a few hours later after night falls Yuji comes back to higuma with an odd question he asked the lawyer if he wants to die that phrase is what higuma was flashing back to last chapter when he realized how confiscation failed he's confused by the.

Question it seems like it came out of nowhere yuji's thoughts are actually pretty simple though higuma can't use reverse curse technique it's a major disadvantage when going up against zakuna this fight is going to be really dangerous for him but he's treating it like it's inevitable he doesn't seem scared so he doesn't care if he dies.

Iguma admits that he still feels guilty about his actions before the culling game and wants some form of punishment he doesn't look up at Yuji but admits that he's right dying here would be fitting it's a way to give his life a proper ending and make amends Yuji doesn't blame him for thinking that way he understands how higuma feels blaming.

Himself for past death but he doesn't think that's right for the lawyer he doesn't have the words but he's convinced higuma should go back he's a good person despite whatever he's done he should try to survive this higuma dismisses the idea without even a second thought it's impossible he is a guilty flawed man who can't even look good.

People like Yugi in the eye anymore he does want to die at least on some level but back to the present day higuma stands back up glowing he's still bleeding a bit from that earlier slash but this Focus attack hasn't done a thing to him zuna's grin is gone he studies the sorcerer seriously as he realized what just happened this is.

Domain amplification higuma has mastered this Advanced technique less than 2 months after becoming a sorcerer and he is not done sukuna watches fascinated as he glinted of light in higuma hand starts to grow back to its full size domain amplification is supposed to make you unable to use your curse technique even Advanced Sorcerers usually.

Alternate between the two that's what caused the sword to collapse for a second but higuma is learning really fast he's finally reached a point where the narration saying that he can match Gojo that's not enough to guarantee a win against someone like zakuna but this is a tough fight for zakuna now if iguma can maintain domain amplification and.

The Executioner sword he can keep up a shield against sakuna attacks and launch a devastating one of his own we may actually see sakuna try to force a re trial he's going to have to take karuma seriously if he wants to win this fight it's going to be really interesting to see how the king of conveniences gets out of this one as always I'm SL vaku.

Thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you