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Sukuna Megumi Embarrasses Itadori – Jujutsu Kaisen Chapter 213


Sakuna's attack begins we start chapter 213 with zakuna Seated on his mental Throne thinking back to the first time he really saw Megami fushiguro what he witnessed in the young sorcerer wasn't anything too complicated zakuna just understood the potential of his 10 Shadows technique that made him someone the king of curses would love to control.

But Mega me sheer force of will gave him the power to suppress Akuna he was a far more tempting vessel than Yuji but if you were another cage he'd just be a problem by having Mega me swallow a single cursed finger he'd make a second zakuna with five percent of his power but that might just be a waste of a finger if his will was Shackled once.

Again he'd just be turning Mega me into a second Yuji giving him a curse energy boost no if sukuna wanted to make sure he could control megany's body he had to wait inside Yuji gather as much power as he could and wait for the perfect moment to strike a point where his Target's will was broken and everything seemed hopeless when everything he had been.

Striving so hard to achieve just got rendered completely and utterly moot the moment making me Faith heart and soul were irrevocably shattered it took time to find an opportunity like that there was no guarantee it would ever come sakuna couldn't exactly manipulate events in the mortal world given that he's stuck in Yuji most of the time but.

The gamble has finally paid off with interest now the king of curses is incarnated in one of the most powerful Jujutsu Sorcerers of this generation Sakura takes a second to appreciate his new body ruffling his hand through that silky hair given that he called Yuji brat last time he still has to quit his memories from his time inside this.

Modern day after all this time in a cage unable to act safe for a few brief moments of power having absolute control over this new body has to feel downright intoxicating zakuna is finally out of prison incarnate in the modern world in a vessel that is not going to cause him any problems and there's no Gojo to hold him back the best hope The Mortals of.

Earth have right now out of not getting killed by the return king of purses is Yuji itadori who is still struggling to take this in things have shifted rapidly for him in a handful of seconds less than a minute ago he was trying to deal with megami's sister being possessed now things have gotten 10 times worse eyes wide Yuji asked positively for fushiguro.

Even with the markings and voice he wants to believe that he's hallucinating that'd be so much better than his best friend now being under sukuna's control sakuna Mega me doesn't answer he just gives Yuji a smug little smirk standing across from him on the other side of the rooftop now that he's back in reality itadori is starting to feel the.

Throbbing pain in his hand he's down a little finger after all that's not healed the wound is still bleeding even now it has to hurt pretty badly unbannaged exposed to the open air this can't be a dream you don't feel pain in a dream before he can react Yuji vomits up a ton of blood Mega me with sakuna's power is enough to close in on him in an.

Instant and he punches Yuji right in the chest the back of his former vessel's jacket rips like Mega means torn right through his torso perhaps he did a veteran curse sorcerer should have more than enough strength for a little feat like that and in an instant Yuji is flying through the air Sakura isn't playing around this time that hit came.

With a serious helping of his strength he puts itadori right through a towering Skyscraper with rubble and glass exploding from both sides of the building at once this has turned into a superhero brawl in no time albeit a very one-sided one yuji's body falls to Earth on the other side of the tower block leaving a trail of rubble as he slowly.

Comes to a stop beneath an apartment complex the last we see of Yuji itadori he sprawled out at the base of the building his head buried under Rubble his chest stained with blood with a shot like this it's hard to tell if he's alive or dead it's not even clear if Yuji still has any curse energy to use to soften the blow hello is zakuna fully.

Transferred himself into Mega me Yuji might finally be rid of him that would be more of a comfort if the guy hadn't taken all the energy with him too if yuji's drained he's not getting up from that anytime soon a big attack like that isn't subtle demolishing your way through half of a skyscraper is pretty much the epitome of loud and obvious.

Maki and takaba both heard what just happened the pair seemed startled looking up at the commotion whatever that massive booming attack was it can be good news sakuna in Megami doesn't seem concerned to the prospect of taking all these two powerful Sorcerers however even with memories of what both are capable of he's kept that confident grin.

no matter which era insects always spring up out of the woodwork the two Sorcerers are already moving towards a roof where sukuna's new body is standing Lockheed already has eyes in the tower block that Yuji was knocked through she can work out his location from there takaba is looking up ready for whatever.

Happens next it's only a matter of time until they find Sakura megami's position sakuna simply brings megami's hands together in a familiar gesture new the shikigami that congeals out of the Shadows is ridiculously huge the raw power of sukuna's curse energy has pushy one's manageable bird to gargantuan size a tower hours above the colony like some.

Gigantic monster about to destroy the city with the Colossal Wings tail and some elongated body this version of the creature calls to mind the famous Kaiju Mothra but while Godzilla's greatest rival is usually shown as hip benevolent defender of mankind this thing is anything but his mask has been replaced by an angry scowling face framed by a.

Wild Mane of hair he looks ready to annihilate anything that gets in his way this proves what most had fear sukuna like hinjaku can use the cursed techniques of a stolen vessel the full range of megami's 10 Shadows technique the Zane inclines legendary ability is in play for this fight if the king of curses retains access to his own powers.

As well the situation could grow downright apocalyptic as bad as his super-sized new monster is Imagine adding malevolent Shrine into the mix here Maki and takaba both stare up at the monster in awe and fear of this overwhelming threat new unleashes a volley of enormous lightning bolts raining down attacks all over Colony one.

Interestingly though he's being pretty indiscriminate with them seemingly not targeting either the sorcerers specifically it's set to destroy the whole city at this rate before Yuji and mega Miz allies he'd even get close to the source which is likely the point for sukuna whatever he plans to do with this shot at Freedom he doesn't want to waste.

It battling a few immature kids he needs the freedom to act however he's not going to get it just yet one figure is still able to get through this reign of Destruction from the roof above their current location a flash of light Herald hanakarusu's return to the fight you can't keep the angel girl down that easily sukuna raises megami's arm took.

Over his eyes from their blinding Radiance a little annoyed at this development he hadn't expected this but he should have foreseen it yes he did not Hana out after possessing Yuji via the in chain contract however Hana and Angel aren't like takuna and Yuji the two cooperate with angel's Consciousness still active she was able to wake up.

Hana in no time flat since zakuna had been limited to a non-lethal takedown he suffered no injuries from the fall she's ready to take him on right now that said the two beings aren't exactly on the same page even if their body is ready for the fight Hana speaks up trying to argue with her angel she wants to hold off from this attack we know the Angel's.

Curse technique can free someone from possession but it's likely to kill the target since the curse and vessel tend to merge you can't rip the spirit away without destroying what it's attached to Hannah tries to argue with the ancient sorcerer wanted to claim that Mega me still in control that they can save him somehow without resorting to this but.

The young sorceress cannot finish her words she knows she's got nothing to back that idea up it's just wishful thinking the angel makes it clear that it is too late sakuna is in there and he's in absolute control this isn't just Mega flipping out it's the Fallen the disgrace one the being the angel desperately wants to destroy far more.

Than any other incarnated sorcerers sakuna grins up at Hana making Mega me normally calm body look downright disturbing with that vicious look it's like he wants to prove the Angel's point and perhaps he does sakuna already might have a plan for this new threat the angel keeps talking to Hana the ancient presence knows how to motivate its host.

She wants to save Mega me so that's the Angel's primary focus before Sakura properly takes root in megami's body they have to use the Angel's curse technique they need to Target Mega me with it to tear sukuna away from his new vessel and finally extinguish the king of curses it's the best chance they have of saving fushiguro and killing sukuna.

But they have to do it as soon as possible the longer they wage the closer their Essences will get that makes Sushi girl's death more likely and pass a certain point it might stop this method from working entirely if sakuna completely subsumes Mega me there won't be anything left to separate him from this chance at killing sakuna will be.

Gone for good the angel pleads with Anna as much as targeting the man she loves with such a technique is going to hurt is their only option the ancient sorcerer begs her knowing just how reluctant she is to act and finally her partner breaks through the kurusu someone has taken Megami from her the man she desperately wants to stand.

Beside she can't deny that fact anymore Hannah wants him back and the only way to do that is to use her power to nullify any curse technique even with the associated risks it's their only option so she won't hold back the angel begins to chant praying for the radiance that purifies all things or some primordial and distinct light it makes a.

Little difference at this point evil sin and misery extinguish them all guide them o Radiance to thy right path is a wash in light his extra eyes starting to manifest for the first time since he took control of Mega me sakuna is honestly starting to look worried he knows what's coming and knows that for once it's a move powerful enough to.

Truly end him a massive magic circle materializes in the sky above Tokyo a gray pentagram with the outer ring of the circle marked by a series of crosses this is Jacob's Ladder a Biblical reference to the dream of the ancient Prophet Jacob had of angels forming a stairwell to guide him towards heaven however War fans might get concerned at.

This technique's name Jacob's Ladder is a term known to many new to it would be the title of a famous psychological horror movie from 1990. given the horror Laden Vibes of Jujutsu kaisen this seems like a potential double reference one of the characters from the film quotes a 14th century theological Mystic specifically they share some of.

Hawkeye's thoughts on hell and what divine punishment really meant quote the only thing that Burns in hell is he part of you that won't let go of Life your memories your attachments they burn them all away but they're not punishing you they're freeing your soul so if you're frightened of dying and you're holding on you'll see Devils tearing your life.

Away but if you've made your peace then the devils are really Angels freeing you from the earth a pillar of Life strikes the center of the magic circle the rest of the city is cast into total darkness every last Photon has been drained for this ultimate attack for the first time in all of Jujutsu kaisen sakuna is screaming his face is contorted in agony.

Eyes bulging as dark in essence is ripped away from fushiguro brought by drop his very soul is being torn out of this stolen body it's easy to see why angel said most possession victims would die from having this cursed technique on them above hanakuru stands determined with a ball of boy energy in her hands and stars lighting up behind her the.

Angel girl is chanting a much simpler prayer their partner is high-minded invocation of Godly forces give him back give him back although her Halo White Wings and light themed Powers give Hannah a holy Vibe she's been driven by selfish desires here she's acting out of fear of losing Mega me anger at sakuna for stealing the man she loves from her.

All those negative feelings that give rise to Cursed energy there are tears in her eyes as she cries out at sakuna Mega me is hers she won't let the king of curses take him away from her even if she has to hurt the man she loves to free him she has the will to see it through but then Hannah hears it the one word she spent years desperately hoping.

To hear Hannah her eyes go wide Mega me takes a breath I remember now he reaches up to her with a gentle smile all traces of violence and Malice gone thank you everything's all right it's easy to make fun of Hannah for falling for this Gambit zakuna isn't even hiding the body markings on May Mega me he's just doing the voice it's pretty obvious that this.

Is a trick if you're looking at this as an outside Observer but remember Hannah's backstory she was a traumatized kid captive of a curse Spirit who had eaten more than its fair share of people like her Mega me was her light in the darkness the one who led her out of that hell with his fluffy white dog he's the only reason Hana is still alive today.

And mega me didn't even acknowledge her he just went on living his life without that one little girl he saved there's nothing Cruz who wants more than to hear him say her name to hear him admit to remembering that day and that it mattered to him too an incarnated sorcerer has full access to their host memories that's Dan Mega mifushiguro.

Twice over it's what let yours will fool him with her sumiki disguise and it lets Akuna pull the exact same trick on Hana using his body and mind against her the king of curses has access to megaby's memories of that day he can remember the young girl that Gojo and mega me saved he can tell the angel girl exactly what she wants to hear the words fushiguro.

Never said her beloved Mega me really does remember her she saved him this time and now everything's going to be okay if we want something to be true the human mind is capable of some scary leaps of logic if you assume as Hana does that make him he's okay everything else is easy to rationalize maybe those marks are like scars One Last Remnant of.

The possessor after he's been torn away maybe there wasn't as much of sukuna's power in mega me as a thought so the process was over quickly Hannah desperately frantically wanted to save Mega me she doesn't want to hold Jacob's Ladder any longer than she has to since they risk killing him every second she maintained the exorcism while he was.

Screaming in agony must have been beyond painful for her sakuna is playing that card perfectly and he was playing it even before Jacob's Ladder started remember that evil grin he flashed Hannah earlier that gave her an image of Cuda that would make this act even easier to sell acting Over the Top Evil there made it even easier to pretend to.

Be Mega me now he knows this is the Angel girl's weakness he knew it even then thanks to Hana arguing with Angel openly about wanting to save her crush he's giving her all the justification she needs to give up early and it works like a charm just like that Hana holds the technique the ball of light fading from her hands as Jacob's Ladder ends.

She's finally got her Mega me back she doesn't have to hurt him anymore the angel cries out to tell her no not yet they aren't done there's no way sequito would have been removed from Mega me's body that easily but she can't hear her partner's interjection thanks to the symbiosis the angel can't overrule its host Hannah floats slowly over to her.

Beloved wrapping her arms around him there are tears in her eyes as he holds her clothes calling her name in return this is a moment she must have dreamed about for years she can finally tell him how she feels tell the boy who saved her life how much he means to her that she loves him dearly but as she rests her head on his shoulders struggling to find.

The words Mega me's head contorts the monstrous size and his Jaws open wide never forget the true nature of a curse as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you