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Sukuna Takes Megumi’s Body! Itadori Just Failed – Jujustu Kaisen Chapter 212


Saguna's plan for Mega me is finally revealed chapter 212 title is translated as Fester but is meant to be pronounced in the same way as ripen matching the title of 211 a fun word trick from akutami with seemingly opposite turns being spoken in the exact same way something festering or ripening could boil down to a matter of perspective as.

The chapter begins we get into a flashback of sumiki and megami's reunion this is the first time she woke up from her coma prior to her brother and Friends getting involved in the culling game to try and save her tsumiki is being wheeled out to a hospital Lobby in a wheelchair seemingly too weak to stand or even push it herself but even like.

This after being unconscious for so long she can recognize Megami the new head of the zaining clan is sitting alone in the waiting room arms folded like he was planning to meet a friend after hours at the train station this has to be an emotional moment for Mega me his sister finally conscious once again after so long but when she rolls up he just gives.

Her a quick yo as a greeting it's as close to happiness as we'll probably get from him considering everything else going on in his life sumiki doesn't seem offended if anything she looks like she's struggling to suppress a laugh she's got to be pretty familiar with her brother's Moody facade she asked Mega me how long it's been since she was cursed.

And fell into that deep sleep from her perspective it's like no time at all has passed she really was just asleep this is interesting because it's both like when you get put under anesthesia for surgery but also the issue that Gojo is still having within the prison realm and this turns out to be pretty important regardless Mega me can't tell sumiki the.

Exact amount of time she's been in a coma a year and seven months he doesn't even have to think to remember that it's clear that he's kept his sister in his heart since she fell into that Darkness also Miki can do is laugh it's Bleak but it makes sense of her current situation her limbs are stiff and it's hard for her to walk that's a real world thing.

After a long time spent in a coma your muscles tend to weaken an atrophy due to this use anyone who would need time to recover after that Mega me doesn't wait too long before bringing the subject around to the big question did you hear about the culling game that tsumiki's happy grin finally Fades she regretfully looked down visibly upset she's already.

Familiar with the basic situation at this point she also mentions knowing about what happened to Gojo being sealed and all that so Mickey then adds even though I always knew YouTube had a hard job before trailing off she was more than aware of just how dangerous a Jiu-Jitsu sorcerer's work could be but she never would have dreamed of how bad.

Things had gotten While She Was Out not once he's a burden his sister when she's just woken up Mega me tells her not to worry about the whole situation after all he and his friends will handle it somehow he didn't manage to come off as too convincing well with having no plan and no details but no one ever said social skills were a strong suit I mean.

This guy said Maki zaiman to handle a diplomatic negotiation He suggests that sumiki rests some more and leave all the dangerous work to them sumiki does not look impressed by this she frowns at her brother obviously skeptical but after a second's pause she laughs placing a hand to her face to try and muffle the chuckle so Mickey Jabs at Mega me points.

Out that he hasn't changed he can put up that cool detached facade all he wants but he's still the stubborn overly protective brother he was almost two years ago as we return to the present Yuji contemplates what he has left to do and boy is it a lot but he's grateful once he's done Mega me and his sister will both be okay they got through the.

Cullen game to finally save someone with a serious and determined look on his face you drill Flex On The Next Step here once they've got sumiki out of the game they'll love angel erase Akuna and his vessel from existence with that done they'll be bound to make good on their promise that way gochu will finally be released from his box at long last in.

His mind if you can do all that the Gojo will ensure the world is back where it needs to be and we see this through his imagined perception of the Blindfolded man posing confidently on a pile of bodies likely reincarnated Sorcerers or anyone working alongside kenjaku even after all this time Yuji is still wishing that Gojo was here to solve his.

Problems that may finally be within reach now but yuji's thoughts don't end on that optimistic tone sadly he regrets having come this far after eating that first finger of sukunas a lot of people have died because of that decision as such Yuji figures everything would have worked out better if he had vanished after being saved by Megami it would.

Have been a lot simpler that way no more sakuna no more complications no more guilt but no more friends we then get a heartwarming view of both Megami and Gojo prior to the events of Shibuya and the culling game ruining everything if nothing else Yuji is thankful for having been in their lives and working together with them for so long he even admits.

That he's already received more than enough except in the Fate that he's known was on the horizon he's ready for his death but having sumiki cut through his thoughts without a rule probably wasn't anything Yuji could have expected share some of his words that she was possessed by some nefarious ancient sorcerer working with kanjaku but we.

Hadn't had any real evidence of that until now just cynicism now though that's improving a terrifying reality Mega me's eyes are wide simiki asked for players to be able to freely enter and exit the colonies he's utterly incredulous huh reflects us all things are spiraling out of control however kogane immediately accepts.

Sumiki's rule taking the 100 points she was meant to use to leave the game the little demon looks downright enthusiastic at this new rule the odofushiguro has no interest in being saved and is willing to throw away that chance whoever this person is she's no innocent schoolgirl it's clear she's someone far older and she's got a plan.

With a smile that looks more deadly than warm sumiki explains that players should be able to choose their own battlefields and that's why she chose that specific rule Mega me is finally truly lost all trace of his trademark cool he's sweating eyes wide clearly freaking out his beloved sister has been taken over by some ancient sorcerer there wasn't.

Any way out of this in the plan what could he do about this desperately he asks who are you hoping that she'll deny what is suddenly becoming very apparent within a Darkness deeper than any of the 10 Shadows come comes a voice and a terrifying laugh that he certainly doesn't recognize sumiki almost unhinges her jaw ready to bust a gut with.

Laughter she calls out I'm your big sister her body barely able to contain the hilarity of this transparent lie Mega me can feel a chill spread down his spine it's exactly what they feared this isn't his sister it's another past sorcerer reborn that's when we're reminded that incarnated Sorcerers received information about the world.

From the vessel that they acquire they have a modern vessel's body after all they can find out any necessary facts or events they need through their brain perfect examples of this are Hajime kashimo sukuna and others like Angel as soon as they arrived they understood everything and could function as necessary without any Hang-Ups but that.

Kind of Total Access opens up a frightening possibility following this logic we realize that impersonating The Vessel should be entirely possible the possessing sorcerer simply has to read their host memory sufficient not every reincarnated sorcerer would try this there's no way Sakura the proud king of curses would ever pretend to be.

Yuji but whatever possessed suliki was smart enough to be far more subtle with all that in mind Mega me is putting this all on himself he made the assumption that his sister was an awakened player that was a better outcome she'd be a sorcerer able to defend herself her being a vessel for a curse Spirit Well Megami knows that there aren't any great.

Ways out of this situation his look of Despair with dark lines across the panel really makes it seem like he's been trapped and utterly broken by this Revelation fake sumiki adds on a just kidding with a cute pose and grin Yuji just as stunned can't help but ask Mega me for an explanation but there isn't any to give he's Frozen with shock.

Grinding his teeth while Yuji calls his name again this situation has suddenly gotten extremely bad the sorcerer Spirit introduces themselves as yoruzu wondering whether the other incarnated players will remember them it's interesting that they didn't have have as great a reputation as someone like sukuna but Mega me is still panicking he.

Can't get over the fact that he fell into this trap and believe that yorozu was his sister this whole time yoruzu explains that her brother and his friends told her everything they needed to know about the culling game and their plan to have sumiki removed from the barrier but all yours who wanted was the points so they kept in character until.

The momu was right to cash out with a sharp glint in yoruzu's eyes they say my first battle in a thousand years I want to choose to place an opponent and who exactly could it be besides sakuna right she's aiming right for the top it's not enough that people like kashimo want to fight the guy now we have this mystery Challenger yoruzu takes that moment to.

Form a set of insect wings from her back veins thinking outward as glittering pains a membrane form behind them perhaps this is a hint to her identity the fly sorcerer as a strange Intruder floaters up into the air still smiling mischievously three below can't help but watch in shock at this turn of events they need to intervene but what could.

They do right now yours who says that they'll be waiting saying farewell to the group with a koi grin and flies off high above you in the skyscrapers she's going fast too moving like a bolt through the sky kurushu and Yuji don't wait to react rushing after the fake tsumiki at full speed even without a plan it's clear they have to do.

Something they can't just let yoruzu leave with sumiki's body but then in chain that one ominous word brings Yuji to a screeching halt behind his eyes something shifts remember that binding vow he made with sakuna way back when Yuji died in season one well the king of curses took his time waiting for the perfect moment to use this Ultimate Card.

Yuji the poor guy didn't even remember accepting a deal with the evil cursed spirit that was in the terms after all and since it's been so long we get a reminder as to where it came from reminding us that sakuna gets to use yuji's body for an entire minute all he needed to do was chant that one word with no time to spare tsukuna creeps.

Kurushu by the neck putting pressure on her throat while holding his other arm against her back it's a quick efficient way to take someone down non-lethally hiroshu's eyes roll back as she loses Consciousness as a pseudo Angel collapses to the ground mid stride tsukuna falls into a slide to catch her the sorcerer lays her down noting the.

Conditions of The Vow he made with Yuji he cannot hurt or kill anyone within the minute of control even Crush to scraping her need due to fall into the ground would technically violate sakuna's oath meanwhile Mega me watches from across a roof still processing everything that has happened with zumiki and now having to deal with an almost fully manifested.

Sakuna too his day has gone from terrible to Awful like rubbing salt in an open wound sukuna looks pleased to see Megami smiling at him with a predatory look Mega me just questions why sakuna chose this moment to finally show himself but without really answering tsukuna instead explains that what he has as planned is a gamble he's.

Been stuck in Yuji for a while with no way to experiment on his powers even the king of curses can have everything 100 guaranteed to work he stretches out his left arm focusing as much curse energy as he can on his pinky finger it turns the flesh dark and menacing starting to wrinkle a little without a second thought zakuna used his other hand to.

Twist and rip the finger away he continues to grin like a madman as he blood splatters across the air with the loss of the digit the first step of this plan has worked Mega me just stands there watching sakuna bewildered he can't even begin to figure out what's happening with so many changes stacking on top of each other tsukuna laughs.

After looking closely at the removed finger clearly happy about the result of his little experiment Yuji Izzy perfect vessel after all sukuna was finally able to take advantage of that turning the boy's finger into one of his own he has created a 20 first finger the ancient sorcerer takes a second to appreciate his master work making sure it truly.

Worked but then his Glee returns it's a chocolate first but then Sakura lasts at the top of his lungs he shouts in the sky with a crazy smile incredible what a thoroughly foolish brat if yujia considered including his own body in the rule to cause no harm saguna would have lost all means of continuing with his plan but as we saw earlier Yuji.

Believes he should have been long since dead from back when he ate the first finger so there's no way he would have worried about himself in fact we could say the hopes Akuna would somehow destroy him too if given control Mega me finally gets himself back on track when he sees sakuna celebrating his situation and he prepares to use 10 Shadows.

Technique once again he can't afford to hold back against the king of curses specifically he's making the hand signs for a creature we saw back in Shibuya who sakuna himself had to face when Mega me lost Consciousness he starts to call out maharaga once again relying on the undefeatable shikigami to take down the strongest curse who ever lived but.

Sakuna is one step ahead of Megami aware of that little play since he did it before only this time his response is going to be a thousand times more devastating sakuna Zips over to Mega me stopping these summoning movements in time to keep him from fushigura wasn't ready for sukuna to interrupt him so quickly instead of a.

Follow-up strike however sekuna grabs a young sorcerer by the jaw pushing his mouth open wide he's like some kind of bizarre parent trying to get his child to swallow his vegetables instead sukuna collaps his remaining hand over megami's mouth the sorcerer's eyes go wide as he's forced to swallow overwhelmed by the king of curse's bodily Invasion.

Megami's face says it all seconds later Yuji can hear sukuna's voice teasing him as he opens his eyes don't you remember we'll be able to see something interesting at this point with the contract fulfilled Yuji might finally remember those words if he does it's just going to make this moment a thousand times worse itadori looks Grim.

As he takes in the scene Megami is right there he doesn't look hurt Yuji reaches for him hesitant unsure of what's going on here but the voice that comes out of fushiguro's mouth isn't human it's the same voice that had just been speaking sakuna's voice as he says brat something only the king of curses calls Eugene it is already too late Mega me.

Now has four eyes the sly grin and the tribal looking facial marks that are specific to sakuna all Yuji can do is stare on in disbelief and horror seeing the friends that he wanted to save now cursed with the monster that was just inside him the monster that can only be removed by killing its host Jiu Jitsu kaisen with the heat as always I'm slice.

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