Chapter 1044 of one piece will most definitely go down as one of the greatest manga chapters of the decade this was hype this was long awaited this was surprising and boy oh boy was it so on brand for the one-of-a-kind series that is one piece we begin with zunisha facing the many encroaching ships of the world government all the while hearing.

The drums of liberation which signified his ever long awaited return the return of joy boy luffy had regained consciousness and was confused he wasn't exactly sure what was happening to him he had no idea how he could possibly still be able to stand after all he lost the cp zero agent intervened at an ever pivotal moment of his fight against.

Kaido where the two sought to spend the very last of their strength for the sake of concluding things once and for all and on account of this interruption luffy was encumbered and defeated yet despite this reality luffy with the drums of liberation sounding off and a staggering amount of conquerors haki leaking out from his body was having an.

Absolute blast he was having the time of his life and could not stop laughing meanwhile momentosuke was visibly shaken by the revelation of zunisha that luffy is in fact joyboy a statement which yamato ii would be shocked by and rightfully so after all odin's journal placed a great deal of emphasis on the importance of joy boy and his fate to.

Return to the world so much so that odin made it his objective to open the borders of wano for joy boy's sake a prospect which only just recently three chapters ago momonosuke was very much wrestling with without the full picture without knowing what roger and his crew saw on the final island the details of which his father annex from said.

Writings mind you momonosuke was not sure about opening the borders as he feared the idea of exposing the people of wano his people to any more danger so to now know who luffy truly is i'm sure will be a major development for him on that front from there we will be taken to the pleasure hall where we would find sanji who like luffy had recently.

Regained consciousness he had previously defeated queen and was presently being tended to by the woman he had saved from the all-star sanji was panting and out of breath but would be alerted to luffy's presence by way of observation haki and the same would ring true for those battered on the life floor such as kid law hyogero and marco and marco.

Would be the one to let the crying duo of nami and tama know that luffy was still alive much of their shared relief i mean nami just before incurred the wrath of kaido in her refusal of such a groomed reality so good for her but from there we would leave wano for a bit for the sake of receiving commentary from the council of celestial dragons known.

As igorosei from the hall of power located in mary joyce one of them would question the actions of their collective as for the sake of ridding themselves the threat luffy posed they had ordered one of their best agents to sacrifice himself to get the job done furthermore servants who incurred the aggression of kaido one of the four emperors and to.

This another would respond that they didn't really have much of a choice considering the alternative would have been far worse that dealing with something this problematic was a necessity so yeah with luffy still being very much alive unbeknownst to them you heard it straight from the horse's mouth the world government is in big trouble.

As is the worst case scenario is coming to pass against them these guys pleasure allegiance to the present holder of the empty throne the ever mysterious sovereign imu the likes of which very clearly perceives luffy among some others to particularly be a threat for them to so subtly decide to target luffy with this much emphasis and fail likely.

Will not reflect well on them and their capabilities with that another would let it be known that regardless of the era the world government has perpetually over the course of 800 years failed to acquire luffy's fruit the gomu gome nomi and now with that i have to wonder if this also means that outside of luffy there hasn't been a possessor of the.

Fruit since joy boy proper yet even still i don't think this inherently needs to be the case i mean all things considered it would appear that it is the awakening of the fruit that truly incurred this concern a double fruit awakening is rather clearly an exceedingly difficult feat to accomplish the likes of which have only been.

Achieved by a small handful of known figures the difficulty of which appears to vary from fruit to fruit and since luffy has been exceedingly creative with his ability since the very beginning yeah i'd imagine this one in particular is in a whole new league of its own the devil fruits evasion of the world government would be likened to it.

Purposefully keeping away from them which was certainly a possibility as according to them all zouan fruits possess a will of their own and furthermore luffy's in particular possesses the name of a god and here's where things get even crazier the gomu gomi name has been a cover all along as in reality as if it being a zohan type.

Fruit instead of a parmesa was not shocking enough it is actually a mythical zoan fruit the hitohito no me which is a human human fruit the very same possessed by a fellow straw hat chopper but this one is modeled nika which is only made that much crazier when you remember that the sun god nika according to who's who was a legendary.

Liberator of slaves now the last time the world government got a hold of the fruit was when huzu was a cipher pole agent and was in charge of transporting it only to then be raided by the likes of shanks losing the fruit and furthermore being imprisoned by the world government for his failure and that's despite his history with the.

World government and him having potential that rival the likes of rob lucci what was likely an attempt to sweep the incident and more importantly the importance of the fruit under the rug the world government largely seeks to control the narrative and spread of information and so fanning indifference in regards to what is otherwise a.

Generational concern of theirs along with the unadulterated records of the past inscribed on the poneglyphs is arguably the best they can do speaking of which how crazy would it be if luffy can suddenly read these things now that he is joyboy but now on the front of luffy's fruit in fact being a zoan type the question of why luffy has not been.

Able to transform into both hybrid and full animal forms may arise however in the case of mythical zoans they may at times defy the established order as if you consider sengoku and his version of the hitohitomi which is model daibutsu or giant gold buddha he has only ever displayed his full flesh transformation also it could be argued that luffy has.

Been working his way towards this reality right before our very eyes by way of his fiery red hawk attacks now i'm sure plenty of people will be confused by all this as if the world government is so concerned by this power then why haven't they dealt with luffy accordingly considering how long he has been in the game well they have for.

Years known luffy to be in possession of the power and admittedly have sought to take him down on several occasions as they would any other troublesome pirate but a direct decree to have luffy dealt with would draw too much attention cause too many questions and incur the bubbling of the very issue they would very much rather avoid at least by.

Knowing who was in possession of the power they would be able to keep tabs on it as they have on top of that this information is highly classified to the point where even the upper echelon of the marines have no idea about its true capabilities i mean how could they such a truth would undermine hundreds of years of rulership but obviously with.

Luffy achieving greater and greater feats of strength even now going blow for blow against some of the most powerful figures in the world the threat of him achieving the true power of the fruit has become too great to be ignored in fact it's more than likely that the pirate shanks thought to discuss with them during the reverie was luffy and.

The increased concerns of him awakening such a power i don't think i'd be able to cope with shanks being a rat or anything so i'm just going to cling on to the hope that he has an even grander agenda beyond this that is to blame for such transgressions and i mind you i don't for a second believe that shanks is the one who has informed the five.

Elders about the fruit's true capabilities as they seem to instead possess a long-standing understanding of this truth enough to even have its name changed to something else which is straight up unheard of killing luffy in such a way in front of kaido of all people who most definitely longs to be joy boy himself would no doubt raise.

Some eyebrows but ideally the world government would mostly be able to wipe the sleigh clean stalling the issue that is joyboy for ages more but again luffy is alive and one that is found out by the world government when he emerges victorious the secret will be out and so there will be no reason for them to not go full throttle and expend every power.

They have to stop him on his quest he will become public enemy number one and conveniently they'll be able to spin it that luffy is an emperor thrasher having taken down the invincible kaido along with having the men who had defeated big mom as his allies i mean do you remember how big of a deal kaido and big mom teaming up was for the marines not to.

Mention the fact that luffy would now have an unknown military force behind him by way of wano samurai which the world government has been avoiding for ages like they have with the other races and their respective regions such as the giants in elbaf or the fishman of fishman island the powers of the fruit would then be described the body of the.

User would obtain the properties of rubber meanwhile their combat possibilities would only be limited by their imagination furthermore bringing smiles to the faces of all others all over the world they would become the literal embodiment of the warrior of liberation the sun god nika now when it comes to awakening the user's strength.

Is increased exponentially and they go on to have even more freedom which was already so excessive claiming it to be the most ridiculous power in the world which in the world of one piece is certainly no small feat ridiculousness expands well beyond any sore barriers posed by devil fruit classifications i mean compare this to the likes of the.

Late whitebeard's fruit and blackbeard's current fruit the guragura no me or trimmer tremor fruit this thing is largely considered to be the strongest paramecia type devil fruit revered by sengoku to have the power to destroy the world meanwhile ridiculousness is the unexpected the incalculable the bizarre and the unknown for the longest time.

Luffy's fruit has been considered capable and cool sure but now now we know for a fact it is something to be feared itself because there is nothing more unsettling than the unknown from this point we would make our way back to wano and this time within the treasure repository with orochi and hiyori orochi the snaking worm would say anything.

Possible to appease iori for the sake of her aid he'd speak of admiring the lay odin whom he'd betrayed claiming all the bad to in fact be kaido's doing as he was merely a pawn being used he'd speak of the two running away together as hiori would continue to strum her instrument responding with the fact that after disgracing himself by deceiving a.

Samurai to whom he owed everything nobody would ever trust him meanwhile her father kept his promises for five dreadful years he berated himself as a fool before the people of wano believing the tyrants to eventually honor the agreement they made in secret in regards to liberation of wano doing all of which and never telling his own family hiyori.

Expressed a great pride in her father's legacy and character as he still expected his enemies to keep their word and allow his people to live so long as he withstood being boiled alive for an hour despite it all a smile never left her father's face the suffering he endured was unfathomable to her a heavy burden he was made to bear all by his.

Lonesome the tears would begin to escape the kitsune mask of hiyori as she shook from the sheer emotion to follow such a recollection she would remember her father consoling her while she cried as a child at the time she wondered if he was truly fine with the terrible things people were saying about him which with a massive smile odin would let it be.

Known that he was and that's because he had his family and those he held so dear and hearing this hiyori two would begin to smile and happily proclaim that she would always be there for her father now orochi of course didn't really care about what hiori was saying at all he simply wanted to survive this situation and so he would agree with how wonderful.

Odin was and would promise her that as a shogun he would make sure to honor the legacy of her father he ordered he would not respond at first but would have her mask clattered to the ground before her much to the fear of orochi with a stream of tears running down her face hiyori would reprimand the despicable bottom feeder and declare her name to be kozuki.

Hiyori she would express the overwhelming pride she felt in carrying the name of her father even when she was starving and wearing rags meanwhile orochi even with the status of shogun never had any semblance of honor that every day he occupied the position was one too many that during his time countless people had lost their lives.

And man orochi was thoroughly terrified here he would beg her to hold on a moment as she was no longer sitting telling her to not do something that she would later regret and he would ironically enough say that seeking revenge is a dated ideology which is rich coming from the guy who indiscriminately punished all the people.

Of wano on account of his family's persecution when he was a boy rochi would also say that killing him would be pointless anyways since kaido was still an issue and he was unbeatable orochi is like usopp with none of the charm or redeeming qualities at this point though kazenbo the final gambit of kanjuro would inch its way towards orochi.

Calling out to him and admitting its failure its power was very clearly waning and on the verge of concluding orochi was delighted to see this thing stating that this was the perfect place for kanjiro's final performance he'd commanded to incinerate hiyori immediately all the while taunting her after only just kissing up to her.

However the creature would instead call out to his leader and continue to approach going on to ignite the villain causing him immense pain from which point as she observed the scene he or he would say that the dawn will come after all yokosuki clan always keeps his promises and this is the sort of belief that i would like to see momonosuke.

Adopt from his now more mature sister and she's right the dawn will come the drums of liberation will continue to beat as the moon will remain way up high luffy would leap up into the air being illuminated by its light he felt like anything was possible now that he could keep fighting a bit longer and also that his heartbeat sounded funny now there's.

A good deal to unpack with all this firstly contrary to the concerns of some it's not as if luffy's consciousness has been overridden by another entity no he is very much still in the driver's seat despite these newfound capabilities and on top of that luffy by saying this further corroborates the prior sentiments of the five elders as truly.

The possibilities are now endless luffy could already do so much previously and was only limited by his creativity to have access to even more freedom than that sounds insane and i cannot wait to see it however he does mention being able to fight for a bit longer it's important to remember that this is the very first instance of him using the.

Power at all so we shouldn't expect to see the full extent of what it is capable of just yet for as exciting and momentous as this may be it is still only just a taste of what is to ultimately come and then finally we have the mention of his heartbeat it would seem that the drums of liberation are actually a reference to the sound of.

Luffy's heartbeat which is pretty interesting if nothing else but speaking of interest the hype levels would rev up even more as luffy would declare this newfound strength of his to be his peak this was in fact gear fifth that being said we have been able to see how much luffy's been able to do with his other gears and how greatly they have differed.

From their early appearances till now gear second previously required luffy pumping his legs to increase his blood flow whilst expending a whole lot more energy and oxygen which tired him out severely later luffy became able to use the technique incrementally for the sake of momentarily incorporating it into specific moves for the sake of limiting.

His energy expenditure not to mention he could now induce the very same pump effect from any of his limbs gear third was riddled with issues ranging from a decrease to overall movement speed adverse deflation effects and most problematic of all the extreme shrinking of his body in its aftermath all of which later went on to be resolved it.

May now also be used defensively and in tandem with armament hockey for even more devastating results and oh my goodness we could talk about the development of gear fourth from bound man to tank man to snake man all day point is despite it being his peak gear fifth's potential is limitless so it is the equivalent of saying your pinnacle.

Is infinity and good lord is luffy powerful his conquerors haki would continue spilling out and seep into the live floor to the shock of everyone several of kaido's men would suddenly begin to pass out from the power and this truly called kaido off guard he would look up and you could see the fear and concern in his eyes he saw and felt.

Something but was completely unsure what it even was the faint silhouette of a figure could be seen a missy smoke and crackling conquers hockey and with that the beast pirates were dropping like flies which was actually pretty great for our remaining forces as it then the herd of would-be assailants like those hoping to claim the heads of law and kid.

As the men who defeated big mom but from above it would be the hulking hand of luffy to grab hold of kaido like a toy much of the astonishment of everyone law kid and chopper included luffy's grin would be massive and just like that kaido would be tugged right back to the roof with incredible speed and force as his eyes popped out of his head in.

Especially cartoony fashion and don't worry there is plenty more where that came from luffy would grab one arm firmly around kaido as he would flex the other one like pop out of the sailor man after some spinach or after he had some water following his confrontation with crocodile and alabasta and like a page out of captain underpants luffy would.

Whirl kaido around and around and all the while he was buffed up similarly to his size during gear fourth bound man luffy would then proceed to slap kaido onto the ground repeatedly which was just like watching tom and jerry he was downright clobbering kaido and causing him immense pain as blood would spew from his draconic maw all the while.

Luffy was having a blast and despite breathing heavily was laughing like crazy while stars whirled around kaido's head that being said kaido too was very happy to see that luffy was still alive after all he was having fun fighting him too from which point he would blast off with a breath attack all the while luffy was having such a good time that he was.

Literally on the floor rolling with laughter however his hockey would alert him to a bit of incoming danger and so he would leave up with his eyes jettisoning out of his head with his mouth a gap and in quick response luffy would then exemplify the true extent of his newfound power by gripping firmly onto the ground as if it were putty only.

To then lift it up in a curving motion the strain of which was certainly immense but like the unfurling of a bedspread he would have it bounce kaido's attack back at him which he only certainly was not expecting at all after all this opponent he had gone up against for so long was now using entirely new and unpredictable tricks truly the.

Gorsei were not kidding this power of his is ridiculous and no doubt the creativity of oda is the stuff of legend so there is truly no greater title to possess and after giving kaido a taste of his own medicine luffy would again erupt into laughter from which point we would get a really good look at the entirety of luffy's new form gear fifth.

And it is so cool this man's hair is fiery his shirt appears to have changed color since it is no longer colored in with dark tones and is instead kept light not to mention what are perhaps like nimbus clouds lining his body oda somehow managed to create a cross between sun wukong and classic slapstick cartoons and have it be one of the most.

Hyped reveals and shown in history this is just perfect and truly encapsulates the ridiculousness of not only the power but the entirety of one piece and something that truly warms my heart is the fact that the final words of the late whitebeard only bring true that much more now at the time whitebeard not only let it be known that blackbeard is.

Not the man roger was waiting for that he is not joyboy but in the very next line he proclaimed that just like there are those who have inherited roger's will someone will eventually do the very same for his son ace that you can sever bloodlines all you want like the marines sought to do by killing the son of the pirate king but their flames will never.

Be extinguished emphasis on flames that such a reality has been passed down since ancient times that one day sometime a person will arise to challenge the world and shoulder centuries of its history and luffy is doing all those things even more so thanks to his fiery form very much like his brother ace kaido would apologize to.

Luffy for the actions of the cp0 agent that interrupted their about previously but luffy was not bothered by it he'd widely smile with his eyes and eyebrows now visible letting kaido know that it's about time they concluded things which is so exciting because it looks like we will need to be prepared for yet another 10 out of 10 chapter after this one.

Since the next issue of one piece will have a color page and be featured on the cover of the magazine oh and speaking of there are plenty of instances that one could categorize as foreshadowing for all this surely but one color spread in particular featuring our mini straw hats as super smash bros characters had luffy dress as ten from street fighter with.

His hair hands and eyebrows fiery which is insane mind you this spread in particular could be described as one that foreshadowed plenty of power related developments and who knows may have more to come there's zorro bearing the likeness of link from the legend of zelda franchise famously known as the hero of hyrule chosen wielder of the.

Triforce the triforce being reflective of zoro's use of three swords link also notably wields the ever framed master sword which chooses its wielder very much like enma alluding to what was to come from his fight against king and similarly in the case of sanji we have him bearing the likeness of an inkling from splatoon creatures which aren't.

Exactly human whose bodies may be contorted in bizarre ways and still be fine not to mention he is also wearing a full on battle suit to foreshadow his impending germa's situation as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you