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Within the world of shonen there are plenty of incredible characters out there yet even still there is one protagonist who most definitely stands out to me and that is tanturo comodo from demon slayer commenta no yaiba he doesn't start off as predominantly strong nor naturally gifted and instead we get to see his transformation into a.

Talented swordsman throughout the series not to mention he also has substantial character growth with that being said let's jump into the history of tangero comodo now first and foremost when it comes to the various characters of demon slayer there tend to be references within their character names and so let's take a look at the kanji in.

Tanjiro's name his first name tanzero has a kanji for charcoal to heal as well as sun or male which also happens to contain a common masculine name suffix when it comes to his surname the first kanji translates to a japanese wood and or charcoal furnace the second means door however it could also be a reference to the exorcism of demons but.

Now getting into his backstory tanzero lived a rather quiet life on a mountain he comes from a family of coal miners tanjiro lived on the mountain with his younger siblings mother and ailing father being the eldest tundra went on to adopt a mature fatherly figure role for his siblings an early example being how tanjuro got his forehead scar the.

Incident occurred when one of his brothers presumably takeo spilled a hot kettle tandro being who he is jumped at the chance to protect his brother resulting in his forehead scar this isn't a big scene by any means but it does show that even early on tundra was protective of others especially his family perhaps the influence of his.

Father is what made tundra who he is today his father being the one to teach him the hinokami kagura dance which was passed down like a relic in their family and alongside it tundra receives his iconic hanafuda earrings despite his illness tanjo's father is able to perform the ritual dance something he even performs in the better cold in fact.

One time tanjore asked his father how he was able to keep his stamina up and his father replied that there are breathing techniques that allow a person to dance longer what was in fact the application of one of the most fundamental demon slayer techniques although his father definitely was not a demon slayer eventually tangero's father fell too ill.

To continue the dance leaving tanzro to take up the tradition from learning the dance tantra also learned how to empty his mind and that allowed him to access a see-through world tandra sees his state first hand from his father shortly before his illness took him tundra's father faced off against a bear the sight of this massive predator was.

Enough for tundra to be frightened however his father quickly dispatched the creature upon entering the see-through world and this scene in tundra's childhood seems to mimic events later on the bear was impossibly large and looming but was still ended by his father's axe if anything like the hinokamikagera dance this is.

Foreshadowing for what was yet to come but soon after this occurrence tandro's father passed on tundra continued to live a modest life with his family and took coal into town to sell but one morning changed his life forever on this particular day tundra prepared to take hold into town and on account of being the resident coal seller and having done.

Many trips into town before tundra was recognized the townsfolk even asked hundreds to help out with their errands and he eagerly did so exemplifying just how helpful tandro has always been but now after he was done with those errands and charcoal selling tandro began to make his way home however he was stopped by one man in particular old man saburo.

Sabaro insisted that tandro stayed at his home for the night and recounted the dangers of the mountainside one such danger that he mentioned happened to be demons something that hondro brushed off at the time regardless hondro stayed at sabre's house for the night eventually morning came and tandro headed out back to his home yet the site he returned to.

Was most definitely an unsavory one here instead of being greeted by his happy family tandro was met with the scene of his family having been slaughtered everyone was dead except for his sister niziko absolutely devastated and racked with sadness hondro picked up his sister niziko determined to get her medical aid while on the journey neziko began to.

Wake up and like a wild animal she attacked her elder brother it's with this unprompted violence that tandra realized demons are actually real and that nezuko has transformed into one the two siblings struggled as tandro begged his sister to regain her humanity now hearing her brother's words nezugo eventually began to cry meanwhile.

Gyutomiyoka would arrive at first handro tried to protect nezuko from him this prompted you to ask why tundra is protecting a demon in tundra fashion he replied that the demon is still his little sister and she hasn't eaten any humans yet the two continue to argue and have a cinematic fight until gyu saw how protective nezuko is of tundra despite.

Being a demon nezuko stands over her unconscious brother ready to fight off you this strange phenomenon of unprompted compassion convinced you to not slay her instead he simply knocked her out alongside her brother and gave nezika her iconic bamboo muzzle once tandra woke up gyu instructed him to seek out sakonji urokodaki a former.

Hashira and current trainer for swordsman and this interaction was very clearly a setup for tandro's journey but it's interesting to note that despite a demon destroying his family tanjro has no ill will towards nezuko he merely wants his sister back his compassion for her still bleeds through regardless of the fact that she tried to kill him and.

This is a reoccurring theme that we get to see more of throughout the story of this character tundra continues to be this foundation of compassion for those around him in spite of his past tragedies this is more seen in the nataguma mountain arc but before that let's focus on the two years worth of training tundra endured kanjiro first.

Meets urokodaki while traveling to him to reach the giri mountain tundra needed to pass through a perilous mountainside in spite of the danger presented tandra continued his journey until he came across a waste station now this way station reeked of blood which concerned tandra enough to check it out and inside he found a demon feasting on deceased.

Humans now a scuffle would follow between the commodore siblings and this demon during this nezuko was able to behead the demon however no amount of physical damage seemed to truly harm it at this point urokodaki appeared and informed handro that his knife would be too blunt to kill the demon tanjo asked the man how to properly kill a demon but.

Was ignored in the end tandro's kindness and overthinking caused the demon to perish by way of sun beams this death seemed to be rather painful and was something that seemed to stay with tandro especially as he confronts the spider family later on that being said arokodaki did eventually begin to train tandro now this training was grueling.

Mostly due to a combination of the hazardous traps akonji placed along with the thin air on the mountain while in orokodaki's company tandra learned more of the mysterious demon slayer core in order to become a swordsman he needed to pass final selection held at fuji kasane mountain but after a year of this intense training orokudaki suddenly.

Informed handro that he had nothing else to teach him instead he needed to build upon what he had already learned and split a giant boulder in half with his sword after half a year tandro had certainly improved but had yet to split the boulder one day while frustrated a boy with a fox mass would suddenly appear he introduced himself to be.

Sabito and alongside him was a girl with a fox mask named makamo now both tabito and makamo would train the young swordsman and teach him about total concentration breathing a technique he would utilize throughout the rest of the series and for another six months tundra would use what he learned from makamo in order to practice with sabito now it's.

Important to note that from makamo tundra learned how to hone his keen sense of smell in order to smell out an opening thread that linked his blade to his opponent yet each and every time sabato got the best of tundra at least until one day here they would both wield real swords it was a basic premise a faster blade would win but for the first.

Time tandro sword reached sabito and split open his mask right after this both sabito and makamo faded away and in place of sabito's split mask was a gigantic boulder now split seeing this arokodaki congratulated tundro but also admitted to him that he didn't want to send off another child to be killed and later on we would learn just how.

Important that sentiment was in preparation for final selection rokadaki would present to tundra his very own fox mask what was essentially like a graduation of sorts now once on fujikasani mount in final selection would be explained demons hate wisteria which grows up to a certain point afterwards its wisteria free area would.

Be where their trial really began those in final selection must survive for seven days atop a demon-infested mountain and here immediately tundra was attacked by two demons luckily because of his training tandro was able to smell the opening thread and behead both of the demons in a single swing talk about progress regardless of being attacked.

Hundred still prayed for the souls of the two demons it's a quick scene but it's very representative of a characteristic mentioned earlier compassion or better yet empathy and we'll see throughout his story that tandro's empathy truly allows him to overcome the grim nature of these circumstances something that plays.

Heavily into the final arc with that being said while praying he smells something rotten he followed the scent and found a fellow would-be swordsman running chasing behind him was an enormous demon with many limbs tonjiro hesitates at first but is able to act and save his fellow contestant and in a bit of a twisty demon would end up.

Recognizing tanjiro's mask the demon revealing that it had killed 50 people in his lifetime including 13 of rokodaki's students to add insult to injury the demon recalled sabito and makamo by name and it is through this line of dialogue that time to remember that a demon straight is proportionate to the number of humans it has eaten and.

With this also comes along a realization for tundra his sense of smell has developed enough for him to detect the strength of a demon which explains the rotten smell from before the demon continued to tauntandro describing how it killed both sabito and makamo clearly angry and unable to think properly tundra would charge a demon however he.

Received a punch hard enough to send him into a nearby tree knocking him unconscious once he regained consciousness a cinematic battle would ensue between tanjuro and the demon eventually tundra was able to gain the upper hand and defeat the creature truthfully it's interesting to see how tandra reacts to this demon's death.

Regardless of being taunted and attacked tandra still manages to feel sorrow for the demon even goes as far as to hold its hand as it disintegrates in the face of his circumstances and the fact that a demon destroyed his family tandro is able to combat his dark reality with a certain kindness we see again and again throughout the series now somehow along.

With kano zenitsu and genya tundra survived the week on the seventh day tundra learns more about the demonstra core from the ranking system to the uniforms tundra is also provided with a crow for communication purposes fun fact honduras crow named itself matsuemon tenogi it's very intelligent and has a very large ego anyway tanjore descends.

The mountain while exhausted and is stressed by being unable to ask a demon about a way to reverse nezuko's condition eventually he arrives at arokodaki's residence where he is able to reunite with both nezuko and his master fifteen days later tundra receives nietzsche and blade from hotaru haganezuka who also explained the.

Origins of nichiren blade forging to him shortly after tandro was sent on his very first mission before he sets off arokodaki gifts tines row with a custom box built for nezuko thanking urokodaki tanjiro heads off his mission is relatively simple women have been disappearing at night and he is to deal with it once in time tanzaro speaks with.

A man whose fiancee was the most recent victim both parties decide to team up and look for the demon responsible sundown comes which allows tangero to finally sniff out the demon tanjora races off toward the smell and he eventually comes to its source yet finds nothing he deduces that the demon must be underground along with a human woman.

Through his unique sense of smell tandro is able to detect the demon's location despite being underground he is able to stab the demon and retrieve the woman honestly this fight just goes to show how insane tandro's sense of smell really is even underground in a bit of a pocket dimension tanjuro still pinpoints the demon it was mentioned earlier that.

Tandro doesn't begin as an extremely talented swordsman which is true but his sense of smell for demons really rounds out his perception that being said a lengthy fight begins between the two and ends with tandra emerging victorious during this tandro thinks back to something that arokodaki told him there is a demon out there who may be the key.

To restoring his sister's humanity and that demon is kimitsuji muzon now it's worth noting that nezuko defends both tundra and kazumi the man who lost his fiancee and it's a really great scene because of how fiercely protective nezuko is of not only tanjuro but all humans as well making her quite the incredible partner for her brother when.

She needs to be but now let's circle back to the demon lord himself muzon khandro's second mission sends into asakusa tokyo which was most definitely a culture shock for tanjiro being such a country boy finally we see the beauty of the bustling early tie show period bright lights surround tanjuro as he tracks down a demon however he notices a.

Familiar scent one that thoroughly disturbs him he follows the sense until he comes face to face with muzon himself oddly enough the king of demons is masking as a human man with a family regardless of this tandro is still determined to defeat the demon buzon escapes by transforming a man in the crowd into a demon while tanjro deals.

With not only the local authority and a newly minted demon tamayo and yushiro show up through her blood demon art tamayo was able to defuse the situation and bring tanjiro to her camouflaged home tandra learns that both tamayo and yushiro share his goal to eliminate muzon and from this chance encounter tamayo also agrees to help construct a.

Cure by studying nezuko's blood and the blood of demons closest to muzon unfortunately their meeting is cut short by the demon susamaru and yahaba both of which claiming to be members of the 12 kizuki keep in mind that the 12 kizuki are the closest demons to muzon a battle would occur between the commodore siblings and these two demons and.

Eventually the siblings won but regrettably neither demon was actually a part of the 12 kizuki tundra's next mission has the young slayer head southeast while on this journey he again meets zenitsu and after a bit of banter the timid slayer joins tanjiro eventually the pair come across an abandoned home outside are two siblings.

Who claimed their brother was taken into the house tandra and danitu enter but are separated during this time tandro meets and spars with enosuke hashibita after fighting other demons tandro was able to find the kidnapper kyogai who was formerly a member of the 12 kizuki and so he did pose a bit of a challenge for tanjiro kyogai's blood demon art.

Certainly puts hundred at a disadvantage as the room was able to change orientation ultimately tundra was able to behead the demon however yet again in a demon's final moments hundred humanizes kyogai by complimenting his blood demon art what was exceedingly genuine as all throughout the fight he had done the very same respect the man's.

Art afterwards tandro and enosuke get into an argument again but they are able to set aside their differences and rest at a home with a wisteria family crest here the trio get to know one another and learn why tundra is traveling with a demon at the rest in the trio are officially on their first mission as a group their task eliminate a demon.

Plaguing the natagumo mountainside previously i mentioned the significance of this arc and that's because this is where tandra's overflowing humanity and kindness for humans or in this case demons is really prevalent zenitsu who is too afraid to climb the mountain is left behind as tundra and enosuke press onwards and here the pair come across a.

Mountainside entwined with spider webs and quickly enough they are faced with the mother of this spider clan despite an intense fight tundra is able to dispatch of the demon with a technique that makes her death painless regardless of the fact that he must defeat these demons we see that tandro still feels enough for them to allow for a.

Non-suffering death this philosophy of tandros will prove unique amongst his peers the fight however does leave enosuke injured both demon slayers are separated by the spider clan's father now alone tundra encounters rui the creator of this pseudo family they engage in a fierce battle until gu the water hashira arrives during this fight.

Tundra was able to use his family's hinokami kagura but when it isn't enough effortlessly gyu save the commodore siblings afterwards shinobu kocho the insect teshira tries to kill nezuko gyu defends them allowing the siblings to escape except both are caught by shinobu suguko kano however before the situation escalates any further crows fly overhead.

And announce that nezuko and tundra are to be taken into custody from there tandro is taken before the ashira and put on trial meanwhile the master and leader of the demonstr kagaya ubeyashiki would arrive here he asked hashira to pardon the commodore siblings explaining that a letter was sent to him from arokodaki the letter explains her.

Situation even stating that giu tanjiro and sakonji will commit supuku if nezuko harms a human unsatisfied but not wanting to go against her master's wishes the ashira excused hundred and nezuko following this shinobu brings tundra and nezuko to her mansion conveniently zanitsu and inosuke are there as well after some much-needed.

Rest the trio begins to train under the watchful eyes of aoi kanzaki and kano they struggle with training at first but are able to overcome this and also learn to master total breathing constant during this time tandra learns of shinobu's past her story is similar to tantros as tragedy seems to paint a demon slayer's world yet unlike tundra.

She does not share his optimism and sees the world as bleak believing demons cannot be reverted back to humans undeterred tandra continues to hold the belief that he can reverse nezuko's demonic change after some time the training is complete and the group head west to aid the flame ashira kyojiro rengoku this section of tundra's story.

Starts with the trio buying tickets to the mugen train tanjo is eager to help the flame ashira but also hopes kyodro has some intel on hinokamikagura once on the train they find him kyoto explains that he was tasked with eliminating the demon responsible for the disappearances on the train regrettably kyodo has no information on hinokamikagura however.

Eventually the trio along with hyojiro and everyone else on the train fall into a deep slumber we learned that enmu is a demon causing this and is assigned to kill tundra meanwhile four civilians are commissioned to enter each of the slayer's dreams each demon slayer has a unique and vivid dream tundra's dream being reunited with his family his dream.

Isn't as wacky as a nose gaze nor as heartbreaking as kyogre's but this simply goes to show how much tandra yearns to go back to the way things were these civilians were instructed to destroy each swordsman's spiritual core during this tandra's dream leaves little hints not only does he see nezuko's box but he sees a version of himself in the.

Demon slayer uniform stating that he is in fact dreaming and so even unconsciously tundra possesses such an incredible willpower enough to subconsciously leave clues eventually nezuko gets up herself and helps out tandro once away tanjro heads to the source of his sleep the demon and mu both demon and swordsmen battle on the.

Roof of the train continually tundra is put to sleep but manages to bring himself back to reality each time tandro is able to behead and move but learns that enmu has fused with the train just in time enosuke arrives kandra instructs him to protect those on the train thankfully kyojiro also awakens now he informs tandro that he will protect five.

Of the eight cars while zunitsu and nezuko defend the remaining three meanwhile tundra and enosuke will keep watch on the three cars as they search for the demon's weak spot and oh skate is able to locate it and lease hondro to the conductor's room the pair tries to slash through the neck of enmu but hondro is stabbed by the desperate.

Conductor undeterred the new misleaders continue to attack in a collaborative effort eventually the pair are able to behead and move of course this causes the train to crash from there victory is felt until upper rank 3 akaza appears akuza engages in a fight with kyojiro that tanjiro immediately recognizes to be well beyond his depth which.

Ultimately does end in kyogre's death however the pair fight long enough for the sun to rise obviously akazel retreats but now angry a still-injured tundra would throw his sword at the demon impaling him and calling him a coward this displayed by tanjuro shows a more intense perhaps even dark side to his usually radiant nature kyojiro's.

Death is the first time tandro sees a fellow demon slayer die that being said the trio end up yet again at chinobu's mansion to recover in lieu of recovering tangero had to learn goku residents not only is his goal to learn more about his family's dance but to pass on a message kyodra gave him once there he meets senjiro but the two don't speak very.

Much because kyojo's father shinjuro arrives and begins to berate his deceased son and tanjo is absolutely flabbergasted by this at first he asks shinjuro not to speak ill of kyodro however shinjuro continues until he notices the earrings tundra wears he comments that tandra must be one who practices sun breathing tanjiro and.

Shinjuro have a small physical altercation that also reveals some key information sun breathing is the very first and progenitive breathing form that all breath styles originate from it is the most powerful breath style in existence and additionally hinokamikagera is sun breathing this news seems to only distress tantro.

Further as he thinks back to being unable to protect kyodra however one could argue that it is a feat in of itself to manage to protect 200 people aboard a train but after this disagreement tundra receives a record of the 21st flame ashira from senjuro but to add insult to injury the pages of this historical document are destroyed.

Most likely by shinjuro nevertheless hundred vows to get stronger and train harder he shares a heartfelt conversation with senjiro the latter gives him kyojiro's sword hilt something that tundra would later add to his sword until the very end afterwards tanjo heads back to shinobu's residence to begin yet another training session.

Eventually he returns to good enough health to begin working again one day after coming back from a mission tandro finds the sound to shira tengan uzui attempting to cart off two girls from the mansion one of them is aoi who previously told tanjuro of her fear of fulfilling demon slayer duties thankfully tandro was able to convince.

Tengen to take him zanitsu and inosuke along on his mission to the entertainment district from there we learned that not only must the swordsmen masquerade as women but they are on the lookout for tengen's wives who have gone quiet now disguised each demon slayer is dropped off at a different brothel once there tandro learns that a recent.

Courtesan suma ran off with a customer he questions another worker koenatsu who reveals that she doesn't believe sumo ran away at all however she is unable to provide any more information beyond that after investigating tundra and inosuke wait for tengen and zinitsu to arrive but zanitsu does not show up instead tengan comes and explains that zunitsu.

Will not be joining them he also notes that he may have put the young swordsman in danger and instructs them to leave tandro being well tanjuro tries to argue against this but tengen leaves as quickly as he appeared afterwards hanzo explains his plans to finish investigating and believes not only is anitu alive but so are tengen's three.

Wives now during his time at the brothel tundra who went by sumiko was an incredibly helpful person just like how he was back home and with the neighboring town albeit now on account of his demon slayer physique he may have been a bit too efficient but before leaving tundra visits koinatsu to say his goodbyes regrettably once he does.

Leave konatu comes face to face with the second half of the upper rank 6 demon tanjo is able to sense the smell of a demon and discovers daki he yells at daki's to release he now bound koinatsu the latter refuses and throws him from the building regardless of now being dazed hanzo regains his composure he notices a strap on nezuko's box is now.

Broken and informs her to stay put unless her life is in danger with a slash tanjo is able to free koi natsu both demon and demon slayer continue to fight which chips tandro's blade in order to stay in the battle tanjo utilizes sun breathing and water breathing here we have tundra's belief in the sanctity of life on full display.

Right alongside his fury as blood began to pull from his eyes now being so utterly fixated on the punishment of this demonic scourge tanjiro went as far as to forget to breathe upon doing so tandro loses the advantage and is made vulnerable to daki until nezuko appears to back him up she is able to keep daki at bay long enough for tengen to arrive.

Here daki is beheaded but does not die instead her brother giutaro emerges from her body tandro gets a rampaging nezuko under control and then rejoins tengen now alongside him zanitsu and inosuke they continue to fight the demonic siblings eventually trio are able to decapitate both daki and gutro this arc is significant not only because hando.

Takes on another moon ranked demon well demons but for the parallel between the demon siblings and the commodore siblings muturo's only goal was to protect his sister something he shares with tundra despite this both siblings are led down a dark path a path opposite of tundra and nezuko's a path to the commodore sibilants could have very well.

Gone down as well had tandra arrived home any sooner in fact their familial bond almost mirrors tandra's relationship with nezuko even extending into the afterlife as guterrero heads into hell with daki on his back now obviously next fertandro is a recovery period during which he dreams of his ancestor his ancestor sumiyoshi is seen.

Having tea with a mysterious long-haired man the stranger mentions that he'll leave soon which prompts him yoshi to rebuff this saying that he owes the man his life however the stranger mentions that he isn't the special man sumi yoshi thinks him to be that he is a man of no worth because he was unable to protect what was most important to him after.

This bizarre dream tandra wakes up to a relief kano she explains that he was in a coma for two months tandro asks how everyone else is doing and at this point he learns that besides inosuke everyone including tengen has recovered every passes and tandro fully heals however his sword is chipped which leads the young slayer to search for hotaru who.

Was in the sword smith village through a mysterious journey tandra eventually arrives at the village immediately he notices the scent of a hot spring and looking back this seems to have been a reference to the ashira featured during this storyline after arriving tandro meets with the chief of the village and the chief reveals that hotaru has gone.

Missing then he brings hondros to their local hot spring to heal while there tandro meets genya shinazugawa and he loves ashira mitsuri kanroji afterwards handra wanders the forest there he sees another hashira muichiro tokito the mistashira who is seen arguing with a child their argument appears to be over a key seeing muichiro hit the child.

Handro intervenes and he is subsequently knocked out by muichiro now after awakening moments later the child would explain to tanjiro that he gave muichiro the key he also states that the key is used to activate a doll the doll dobbyorichi type zero and it is used to train swordsmen meanwhile muichiro uses yurichi type zero and breaks one of its.

Six arms after consoling the child who is named kotetsu tanjo decides to train with a doll as well once again we get to see tanjo train to improve his skills and that is something that i really enjoy about this series eventually tanju accidentally cuts off yaricci type zero's head and underneath is a 300 year old sword the sword is rusted due to a.

Lack of use it was after all inside yuriji type zero for an undetermined amount of time conveniently hotaru would arrive with this he says that he will work on the sword and that it will beat tanjuro's elsewhere upper rank 5 gyoko and upper rank 4 han tengu show up to wreak havoc meanwhile tandro speaks with muichiro during this hantengu sneaks in.

But is recognized to be a demon han tengu was able to dodge muishiro's attack and would climb to the ceiling pitifully he begs the slayers not to hurt him but muitra would manage to behead him and from there the upper ranked demon would split into two instead of simply dying both swordsmen are then separated tanjiro and nezuko.

Are left to fight the two demons however one of the clones sequito emits lightning it hits tandro but before he falls unconscious he sees genya on a rooftop tundra awakens and warned genya that his attacks were useless against the demons as beheading it only seemed to sprout more clones a lengthy battle would happen as multiple clones would.

Fight tanjuro nezuko and genya now tanjo would experience yet another memory from his ancestor the inherited memory draws a parallel between a swordsman with hanafuda earrings and tundra both had black swords that turned red during combat at this point four demons spawned and were swiftly defeated however tandro would smell a fifth body tanjiro directs.

Genya to the fifth demon as he fends off its clones genya is unable to behead the demon and instead entrust hondro to do so alarmingly a sixth demon would show up this demon revealing itself to be a transformed sequito and their fight would continue until mitsuri would arrive here she protects the trio while they look for han tengu's real body han.

Tengu escapes and a furious tundra shouts that he'll make the demon pay for every sin he committed once more we see the anger that resides within tundra he beheads hantengu but this is the wrong body eventually sunlight would begin to break forcing tanjore to decide between saving his sister or slaying han tengu but before he can make this difficult.

Choice for himself nezuko would do it for him launching him elsewhere and ultimately tanjura would manage to defeat hantengu however now knowing his last remaining family member his sister nezuko to have been destroyed by the sun tanjo would collapse to the ground due to exhaustion and unending grief however this grief would come to an end as.

Remarkably neziko stood unharmed and spoke to tundra she had miraculously overcome the sun because of his injuries tandra rest for seven days and afterwards he would engage in hashira training something that is meant to strengthen the swordsmen due to a lack of demon activity during this tundra also shares a conversation with gu who.

Is convinced by tanjo to participate in his shared training as well now interestingly enough gyu at this time would admit his disappointment with tundra for taking up sun breathing as he always desired for him to eventually take up the mantle of the water hashira and if you're curious to know more about that we've gone further in depth with.

All this in previous videos so be sure to check those out one focuses specifically on this moment between the two and the other is the entire life of you tomioka but anyways this is a short arc that serves as a stepping stone for one of the last major plot lines for tundra leading us to some of his most important moments in the series on.

Account of an urgent summons tundra and gyu rush the ubiashiki home the estate explodes and reveals a burnt muzon beginning to regenerate along with the other hashira tanjiro attacks moves on but is dropped into nakame's infinity castle both tanjiro and gyu face off against and are able to defeat akaza this fight allows hanjiro to again view.

The see-through world then suddenly tanjir and gyu collapsed from their wounds and exhaustion tundra awakens to guk harderizing his wounds meanwhile new information will come from the crows as hundreds realizes that they are getting closer to muzon and with this tundra also learns about the deaths of some of his comrades such as muitro and genya.

Regardless handro pushed forward determined to defeat muzon eventually along with yu he comes face to face with kimutsuji himself many emotions flow into him at the site of muzon here and gy notices and tells handro to calm down muzon seems to take advantage of tandro's momentary anger and compares himself to a natural disaster and to.

This with a silent rage tundra replies muzon is a being that should not be allowed to exist and this is truly the very first time tandro feels such a raw intense rage directed towards another being this is hatred ultimately he decides who stall moves on and obtain any information that he can muzon fights with the pair and tundra loses an eye.

But continues to fight the demon lord mitsuri and obani arrive and provide support obani even suggesting that tandro should retreat their fight then erupts outside as the castle is destroyed tandro is poisoned as well as presumed to be dead thankfully tandro is not dead and is instead in a coma-like state from the poison during this time.

He experiences more memories from his ancestor these visions reveal the 13th form of sun breathing demonstrated by urichi the mysterious long-haired stranger from before tanjuro is amazingly raised into consciousness by an antidote he rejoins the fight now with a massive tumor on his face tandro formulates a plan to use the 13th form.

Which would allow him to continuously attack muzon's vital points until sunrise tanjuro's attacks here remind muzon of yarichi which only fuels his anger that much more muzon keeps tandro from completing all the forms but eventually he is able to finally connect the forms their battle goes on until obani arrives both slayers take on muzon.

But tundra begins to feel weak regardless hundred continues to fight muzon later unleashes a massive shock wave that not only injures hundred but knocks back any demon slayer within the vicinity right after both anosuke and zinitsu arrive to help tundro and stall muzon with their help a heavily wounded tundro stays in the fight in fact every.

Character does their damnedest to protect hundreau for example obanai takes on a vicious blow on his behalf later on muzon sends out another shockwave which obliterates hundreds arm however gew is able to lend a hand don breaks but muzon is still desperate not to die oddly enough he turns into a giant baby his flesh perpetually growing.

Until it swallows tundra whole and really it is some literary justice to see muzon this great powerful demon reduced to a wailing massive baby but now from inside tundra continues to attack muzon forcing him into the sunlight where he evaporates the news of muzon's defeat leads to a pseudo celebration around the demon's slayer.

Core until giu finds tundra collapse but still holding his sword and now due to his blood loss goo is informed that tundra was not breathing nor did he have a pulse you would hold hondros hand all the while apologizing miserably for being unable to protect him again it's a delight to see the emotion other characters bring forth because of.

Tanjuro gyu a typically stoic character cries during the scene yet suddenly tandro's tumor would shrink as muzon's blood would begin to take hold tandra was then able to regenerate his arm he was now a demon a demon who would overcome the sun and as a newborn demon tundra proves to be as strong as muzon if not more so despite being so feral.

Muzon had chosen tanjuro to be his successor the one true king of the demons who would be able to wreak havoc regardless of the time of day and with this staggering power tundra would overwhelm his friends and comrades however despite causing his now human sister nezuko to bleed demon king tanjuro did not consume her however to.

Revert hundred back to being a human kano uses the final form of flower breathing allowing her to inject tandra with wisteria-based medicine created by the late shinobu a character who like we said previously had no hope when it came to the inversion of demons but has certainly changed quite a lot since knowing the commodore siblings.

Internally tundra was bound by the will of muzon who would continue to spin him lies in an effort to have him resist his humanity and tanjuro for the most part is able to see right through all of this deception however when muzon begins to prey upon tanjore's survivor's guilt the young boy does in fact seem to waver a bit as he is brought to tears however.

Tandra was not alone as the spirits of all those who had believed in him particularly the now departed ashira would live up to their name as pillars and raised handra up towards those who were still alive and still loved him allowing him to break free from muzan's hold and become human once more after a time skip of three months hundred wakes.

Up at his lost function in his left arm and right eye and that's because he lost them prior to becoming a demon in the first place and with this our various cast members would joyously reunite with tundra and the others afterwards tanjuro zenitsu nezuko and inosuke headed back to tandro's old home once there we'd see some slice of life-esque panels of the.

Trio as they live out their lives there is however one last time skip in the future tsumihiko comodo tanjiro's descendant wakes up late for school now rushing there on his way there are many references to other characters and their descendants and or reincarnations tsumihiko's older brother kanata is also tundra's descendant a boy who more so.

Favors the visage of tandro's eventual wife kanao visually when they were much smaller their grandmother used to tell them stories of the past stories of their demon slaying ancestors stories that sumiko wholeheartedly believed in as he would pray for the salvation of the demon souls just like tanjiro did however kanata considered these tales so.

He works a fiction despite being moved by them all the same after their grandmother's passing sumihiko would fondly remember her just as tantra remembered his own grandmother now this part is admittedly pretty weird to me but it seems as though tandro's descendant kanita and nezuko's descended toko are dating it would at this point.

Have been about 100 years since the time of tundra as the story of demon slayer takes place during the thai show period dating between 1912 and 1926. so if these two were to trace their lineage back to just their great great grandparents there would be a link making this bit oddly incestuous but getting back to sumihiko whose name you.

May notice is very close to tundra's female name sumiko is joined by his best friend tojiro who is sendro rengoku's descendant both boys continue to run to school until they make it just in time somersaulting over a locked gate the symbolism between both hanzro and senjiro's ascendant somehow feels really satisfying we even end on a good note as.

The final panel is a group photo of the cast framed with tanjo's hanafuda earrings and that my friends is the story of djanjiro kamado a boy who has overcome his circumstances through willpower and compassion truly a remarkable protagonist for this incredible story that we all enjoy and if you'd like to enjoy more in-depth.

Demonstrator content like this be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing some of the best demon slayer content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.