Hey guys this is a great one for this festive time of year it's a massive Yorkshire pudding with beautiful Butternut pumpkin sweet onions apples rosemary blue cheese it's really beautiful but watch out because everyone's gonna love it so get your button up pumpkin give it a little wash now leave the skin on your Butternut.

Pumpkin carefully take the end off like this and then very carefully cut this in half get a little spoon and just simply take these little seeds out slice this up into like one centimeter slices a nice little mouthful size so this is about 450 grams now what I want to do is just put a little olive.

Oil into a tray a little kiss of vinegar and some pepper pumpkin goes in so with the apples really simple cut them into quarters and then remove the stalk and then we'll cut those quarters into half a little eighths go in the nice thing about the eating apples is they hold their shape they're really sweet and delicious so.

With the red onions simply peel them quarter them and cut them also into eighths once you've done this dress it like a salad so we'll roast it in an oven at 180 degrees Celsius which is about 350 Fahrenheit for about 40 45 minutes until these literally shrink back right they'll be intense and gorgeous but you need that time in the.

Oven to really make them as delicious as possible so in they go we're now going to make a beautiful Yorkshire pudding batter now it's a great recipe to have in itself you can use it for pancakes you can use it for little Yorkshire puddings which are more traditional or the big guys like the big guys that's what we're doing today so get yourself a.

Lovely little bowl we're going to go in with 150 grams of plain flour okay so we want plain flour for this recipe then we go in with 150 milliliters of milk and then a little trick 50 mL of water important a nice pinch of salt and then last but not least four lovely eggs and that water and the eggs are going to.

Give the Yorkshire pudding that lovely rise that crispiness give it a little whisk up and it's nice to make this and let it rest a little bit so it's good to do it now while all this is roasting in the oven so there you go batter done veg in the oven I'll let that cook have a clean down and then I'll show you what to do next so 45 minutes the roasted veg.

Smells absolutely incredible look at that you can see it shrunk up you know the intensity oh the flavors amazing I'll just go on the hob for a second just a little Swig of oil this is heated up again we'll pour the batter in that oven I've turned up now to 220 degrees Celsius and we're going to throw this in for 20 minutes do not open the.

Oven right keep that heat in there keep that lovely steamy environment in there and what's going to happen is that Yorkshire pudding is going to cook up it's going to give you the most amazing tray Bay big giant Yorkie and then I'll show you what to do next because it's the best bit okay so 20 minutes in let's have a.

Little look oh look at the size of that come on that my friend oh that's what we want a big fat giant Yorkshire pudding look at the size of that okay we haven't finished because the best bit is yet to come so what do we do well we take our lovely roast veg and we put that in to our lovely.

Yorkshire pudding into the corners right around I'm going to add two last ingredients and they're cracking absolutely delicious so look there's some oil on this board here I'm just going to take off the Rosemary and put it in that oil that'll make it go crispy and fragrant.

And delicious to eat now I've got about 80 grams of nice Stilton cheese and sprinkle it look at that look how beautiful that is and then in with the Rosemary so in the oven for five to ten minutes until the veggies have heated up and the cheese is going Oozy and that I promise you will be the star of the show making.

It as vegetarians it doesn't matter it's going to be amazing this is what you get look it's amazing it's Bonkers it's eccentric come on roast turkey all the trimmings whatever that's amazing you can see in there that the cheese is melted it's gone Oozy smells absolutely amazing but of course it's got that lovely kind of crispiness.

And crunch let's get in there oh look you got the cheese oozing look at that gorgeousness so I'm just doing this for tasting purposes obviously oh my God oh my love you don't have to eat it like this you cut a bit and put it on a plate and use nice and forks but this is so good if you're vegetarian you have to.

Give that a go you have to there's no choice you have to give it a go if you're a meat here you have to give that a go get cooking


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