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TANJIRO SLAYS AKAZA! FULL FIGHT – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


One of the fights with the highest stakes in demon slayer comets in oyaba is between tanjiro gyu and akaza as tanjoro and q make their way through the infinity castle doors open into floors and ceilings shake around them the castle is alive and realizes the best way to kill them is to split them up but just as the two focus on being together.

To reach muzon and stop him a crow appears and shouts that shinobu kocho the insect ashira has been killed this completely throws tandro's mind off balance tears streaming down his face you though shocked still has the presence of mind to notice the talisman paper thingy on the crow's head wondering what its uses just then the.

Young ubuyashiki successor is shown frantically analyzing the situation while sending out orders to the members of the demonstrator corps he and his surviving family two sisters koina and kanata also wear the saint talisman receiving a view of the battlefield and providing insight into the situation although the successor named kirya is.

Only 8 years old and has just lost most of his family due to muzon's appearance his mind is dedicated to the battle and to keeping the hashira and demon slayers alive long enough to end muzon once and for all he does not cry he won't even let a single tear fall not until this is over the paper talisman that the three children wear.

Has the effect of sharing yushiro's vision from the crows flying around the battlefield to the person who has it attached to their head they're called the eyes and kirya wants to make sure the crows get as many to the fighters as they can back to tantra and you they worry that the others are already risking their lives and they have yet to.

Encounter one of the upper ranked demons and as if spoken into being a veiny fist breaks through the wall above floor after floor after floor above their heads you and tanjore have no idea what is happening besides a rattling of the building itself almost like an earthquake making its way towards them mind still reeling from shinobu's death.

Frantically panics wondering if this is someone fighting someone else about to die and you has a shout to calm his worrying but the one thing that will never betray tanjuro is his sense of smell and that warns him of an incoming demon at the same time that yu orders him to move out of the way and with a loud crash.

And nearly breaking the floor they're standing on akaza lands in front of them with the wood that akasa had broken still flying in all directions he greets tantro with a sick smile surprised he hasn't been killed yet considering his abilities that is when he met him during the fight with ringoku akasa tightening his muscles dashes towards hondro in a.

Flash with andrea roaring out his name in remembrance of what he did during that time as well tantro does not wait a moment immediately activating a fire wheel with his sun breathing technique as akaza's fist flies towards him the attack sends tandro into the air flipping over his head and safely out of harm's way at the same time tandro tries.

To slice through akka's arm knowing if he can't do that then there is no chance of him beheading the demon you watches with intensity akasa almost unbelieving himself as tanjiro cussy limb from akus's body with a fierce shout relief this move was a success tandro plants his next attack but akasa is already there all healed up his fist inches from.

Tantra's face ready to strike before tandro can even finish his thought thankfully tandro uses maksun rainbow and dodges the attack to akasa shock ending up behind the demon again as akasa realizes his attack missed the slayer he turns around and a deep slash opens across his face another victory for tanjiro all you can do is wait for.

His chance to move in standing in awe of tandro's amazing advancement in breathing techniques even comparing him to a shira level at this point the comparison of this strong relentless slayer versus how goo first met him groveling in the snow is beyond night and day you can tell even from just those two techniques the tandro will not.

Die or lose anything to this demon and almost as if reading q's thoughts akuza announces he agrees with how kyojo ringoku had described hundred in the past he is strong and he acknowledges that now he respects him even for getting to this level but that also means akaza will no longer hold back with a stance having no openings the.

Demon unleashes his blood demon art a wave of power surrounding his body and forming a compass on the ground beneath him akuza smiles with the realization of how fun this fight will be sensing the battle has switched gears ju lets off his first water breathing technique flowering dance you glides around the room with unmatched elegance and ease.

Forming circles of water around him and dodging each and every attack this both excites and impresses akuza who cheerfully announces that it has been years since he has last fought a water ashira akazo wastes no time in answering the attack with one of his own destructive death chaotic type an explosion of power shoots from his fist.

Creating a wall that can barely be seen through you ignores the demon and instead uses his 11th form dead calm forcing the chaos to dissipate in a fraction of a second and go around him with that display of mastery akaza brightens up even more having never witnessed such an attack from the water ashira he killed tandro does not let.

That moment of distraction pass him as he leaps in and uses hinokamikagura's raging sun the technique creates a circle of fire and heat but akaza is nowhere to be seen instead once again appearing behind tandro with the clear intent of striking his head from his shoulders before the demon can land the attack with his hand sharp like a blade.

Tandro unleashes mock sun aiming to stop the momentum in time gyu joins in with waterwheel a moved hondro has used in the past as well both of them severing akaza's arm successfully not that it lasts with aku's outrageous regenerative capabilities but then the real fight begins with you struggling to keep akaza back tandro aims for akusa's legs to.

Make him lose balance with flame dance but akaza aware of this plan switches to his leg techniques and launches tandro smoothly into the air with a kick named crown splitter having blocked most of the effect of his sword tandro is able to survive but blood still bursts from his nose by just being grazed by it yu jumps in front to give tandra a moment.

To recover swinging his sword effectively and with enough grace to be praised by akuza akuza demands to know goo's name but you refuses to both give his name and to speak because he does not like talking akuza laughs admitting that he will just keep asking his name then unleashing another destructive death leg move this time he uses.

Explosive flurry which is so fast so many kicks at once that q gets launched into the air breaking through a number of walls as he flies backwards worrying for his comrade tandra screams out for him as akuza appears very much pleased after finally learning the water ashira's name with not a moment to lose tandro prepares a technique and akuza.

Prepares a counter one burning bones summer sun and eight layer demon core unleash at the very same time the timing thankfully helps tandro avoid being thrown too far back sliding across the floor with the intensity of the techniques akasa really can't help but be impressed by how much hundred has improved in such a short span of time.

Even thanking kyojiro for having a hand in his growth akasa cracks his fingers smiling contentedly at tanjuro as the slayer tries to catch his breath then when akuza admits that this would not been possible without kyogre's death and how worthless his values were compared to the opportunity of becoming the strongest demon conjuro freezes all his.

Panting stops his eyes unblinking a flash of kyoto comes to mind and his gaze turns more monstrous than some of the demons he has fought in the past with that tandra threatens akuza to stop talking of kyodro not to say another word about his dear friend akuza doesn't understand the problem when he simply dislikes weaklings and is praising.

Kyogre for getting tanjo to this point as akuza goes on to compare weak people to weeds that need to be taken out by nature tanjo counters with the fact that akuza 2 was once weak and in need of protection and help from others tanjo declares this will be the end of akuza and his flawed way of thinking and for some reason this makes aku's a tense and.

Clench his fist the veins practically bursting out of his skin with the focus shifted to aku's thoughts we discovered that instinctively akasa has no tolerance for tanjo realizing it no longer has to do with him being a weakling as he's clearly demonstrated his massive growth as a demon slayer akuza continues to be irritated and.

Annoyed by his very existence something about him scratches that akasa in the wrong way pushing into a frustration that others have not before a warm hand prices to aku's shoulder echoing the words that tandro has just spoken to him the unknown man continues with his advice saying that aku's true opponent is himself and he should strive to.

Surpass his self he was yesterday with that behavior akuza would be able to help others easily in only a few years akasa already on the edge from the words aims to strike the man's head but it's nothing but the air the man is not there anymore this sudden display startles tandro who wonders why a fighter with such pinpoint accuracy such as akuza.

Would be hitting an empty space but because akasa has been reminded of unpleasant memories from his past this fuels his previous annoyance and turns into a boiling fury akasa launches himself across his space using his ten thousand leaves flashing willow technique all to block out the thoughts of his past and keep living in the now.

Each blow is powerful and so fast that tanjo can barely dodge none of these strikes losing any of their power nor missing their mark with sweat beating down tantros face he tries to hold his ground knowing that something has changed then akaza is right up in his face switching to his legs which hold even more power he attacks his flying.

Planet thousand wheels standing on one leg as the other swirls and slices through the air with unmatched strength and prowess even though tantra can block the attacks and even tell where the hits are coming from the intensity of this technique is too much for him to avoid being damaged tanjo chokes out some blood realizing it's as if akus's power.

Stems from a magnet drawing him to tandro's vital spots as handro needs a moment to figure out what makes akuza's attack so hard to avoid he calls out solar heat haze to create both some distance and a screen to prevent akuza from seeing the way his sword warps with the flames with all his speed and experience aku's neck still gets sliced.

With this move the demon had been looking very closely at the blade but even he couldn't comprehend what happened in that moment he thought it had somehow elongated from within the haze the fight is set aside for a moment as young senjiro rengoku is shown praying for his father entendro survival in this life or death fight with muzan.

In the past his father shinjuro had destroyed the history of the sun breathing techniques that tandro was meant to read but syndro had uncovered some information he sends a crow to give him the newfound writings however the letter is still in the crow's possession with no chance of tandro reading it until he ends his fight with akuza at.

That moment tandro uses a hinakamika remove simply called dance with him slicing through the air straight downward but akusa catches the blade between his flattened palms with a menacing grin before he can break it in half tandro smashes him with his forehead the one and only that renders others nearly unconscious but even that.

Does not loosen his grip akuza just continues smiling as he heals from the effects of it tantro instead swings his leg upward to send akuza off balance in order to get his sword free akuza is nowhere near letting go foaming water then appears at the demon's wrist slicing both hands off and getting tandra out of that position at last giu.

Has returned wars for wear and sore from being thrown but pissed and ready to fight back with a rare glimpse into goo's mind he reveals that he dislikes fighting and confrontation especially involving his sword but within this fight you realize as he has gained a hidden strength that he had locked away in a sense giwa has never needed to use.

His body or techniques before because none of the other demons he had fought were even a match tantro stares his friend looking worried and you is revealed to have gained the mark which is told to reduce the lifespan of demon slayers but with the mark you awaken to this inevitable battle charging towards him with his sword the water breathing.

Strike aims at his neck with akusa surprise he nearly can't dodge jabbing at you with a powerful punch right after that misses its mark ii you having duck to avoid it comes back with another swing water slashing the air in a circular motion this makes akuza jump back and goo wastes no time closing the distance he had and ending up face to.

Face with akuza gyu unleashes striking tide an elegant stroke of water forming an s in the air and every part of oxi's body is in danger it does cut through aque's arm long ways but he heals faster than ever keeping eye contact with you and ready for his next move tanjo notices even with goo's increasing speed akaza is starting to adapt to that as.

Well humans aren't like demons they don't have unlimited stamina or the ability to heal if this goes on for too long not only will you lose his current pace but they will not be able to get to muzon trying to calm himself tandra returns his earlier train of thought what allows akasa to read movement so clearly and it hits him akuza mentions.

Something called fighting spirit in his clash with kyojiro tanjiro considers if it's comparable to his enhanced scent recognition or enosuke's tingling he feels when someone has malicious intent aimed at him in a flashback tandro learns about how enosuke skin can sense attacks to his person but on the other hand if.

Someone harmless or without ill will approaches nosegay he can't sense them like the old lady from the wisteria crest house with that in mind in nosegay aspired to get close to opponents without showing hostility that way it would be too late for them to react by the time he struck them down and killed them tandro considered that a lot easier.

Said than done but now with the current struggle it brings into question what is fighting spirit and how can you dampen it the time for contemplation ends as tandro notices you having more difficulty than earlier and uses dance to stab at akaza again even from behind his neck akaza catches the blade turning his head towards honduras with an angry.

Look as he grips his sword tightly tundra attempts to break free his body wide open for aku's thrust but at the last moment his body arcs away from the impact and goose slashes at his stomach the blade barely doing any damage akkazet throws multiple punches in all directions while still avoiding the water breathing attacks and tandro.

Figures out how to solve this when tanjo's father was still alive he was calm and peaceful even with his worsening illness his moods were stable and remained an unchanging man this wasn't to say he had no emotions though tanjo vividly remembers his soft smiles and soothing voice back then tandro could not understand how his father.

Danced hinokami kagura with his fragile body especially since he demanded a lot of focus and effort and had to be performed yearly tandroid even offered to take his place but his father admitted it was not taxing it was even easier for him now as a grown man than it was for him in his prime the trick to it was doing the movements efficiently.

And breathing properly throughout doing that process repeatedly creates a stillness within the performer in question because you have to be aware of every part of your entire body down to the blood in each vessel with enough practice controlling each inch and cell within the body becomes as easy as blinking the final step of this dance.

Leads you to the transparent world which will only be achieved after pushing one's body to the furthest most limits after this talk and 10 days before he passed tanjor recalls his father defending him from a bear attack his father had prepared bells and lights in case it appeared near their home and it did the bear stood almost three meters.

Tall but tandro's father did not waver from confronting it with the same tranquility as he showed his entire life his father warned the bear that if it meant to harm his family he would take its life the bear had a crazy look hungry and aggressive but with what seemed like a single shot from the axis father had been wielding the bear's head.

Hit the snow with a splash of red there were two slashes in quick succession but his father's scent never wavered away from his calm this was meant as a lesson to tantro should he need to defend himself in the future as his father's face was already so gaunt from his illness with that memory tundra recalls how he dodged an impossibly deadly.

Strike from akuza and moments later gyu was not able to escape another tantro was able to see but a glimpse of that transparent world a world that reveals the inner workings of even a demon like akuza down to his muscles and bones with the knowledge of the transparent world comes the ability to both see and react more quickly than ever before along the.

Same vein tanjo is aware of his own body's movements gaining a more advanced control of them giw unleashing an attack in the form of a fearsome water dragon continues to face akaza in spite of his accumulating injuries his techniques land slashing at aku's neck but never deep enough to decapitate him you wonders if it's a matter of skill or if.

Akuza is just too capable at predicting his next moves just from looking at him it is evident that akaza is an upper rank due to his focus on solely becoming the best fighter in history akuza catches up to you in a flash smiling in his face as he goads him he can tell the water shira has no more steam left and no more secret forms to show off tandro.

Clears his mind staring with an intensity he has never had knowing his moment to get involved will be soon used strikes with another water breathing slash but akusa punches the blade from below breaking it cleanly in half with all the confidence in the world akuza announces this is the end of their fight aiming to put his fist right through his.

Chest the same way he did with kyojiro but before he can even touch you his entire hand is cut off akasa and you share the very same expression of confusion as aku's hand lands with a plunk behind the demon with unparalleled focus hondro is revealed to have used hinoka mikhara to have severed the part you noticing how different tandro sounds.

And looks cannot believe the efficiency with which tandro saved his life similarly akash's home senses are screaming at him to take out hondro before it is too late with a sudden stomp akasari summons his compass on the ground using his final form blue silver chaotic afterglow this accelerates his attacks making it even harder for you to.

Keep up but tandro calmly observes even having time to ponder about his father's teachings from the past the transparent world has opened up before him now able to see through akasa and use bodies without struggle and with a focus so concentrated the time seems to pass slower gyu is wracked with pain injuries unbearable now aku's speed is so much.

Higher that he let off a hundred blows in an instant even having used dead calm gear was unable to block most of the punches though managed to avoid any fatal attacks at that akaza praises him for surviving unlike with kyojiro and tanjiro completely unaware that tanjo is calmly standing behind him with his blade at the ready akaza truly has no.

Idea that tandro is there although speaking to himself he urges tandra on this is tantro's chance to attack the demon since he is oblivious and tantro isn't as injured as you with something akin to a war cry tandro screams his intent to revealing his position to akaza the demon startles his body reacting on instinct and cutting through.

The air with his arm but he misses akuza wonders how tantra survived but knows it won't be long not with his compass needle able to detect each and every attack through fighting spirit and yet as he thinks that he realizes that tandro has a strange air about him a stark lack of fighting spirit which shakes akaza enough to the point where.

He loses focus and with a glorious and fiery swing through the air tanjuro takes akusa's head from his shoulders while having jumped above him this leaves you impressed and shocked and akaza in utter disbelief akaza simply can't come to terms with this development in all his life hundreds of years he has never once crossed paths.

With someone who had no fighting spirit not even a newborn is without it almost as if fighting a tree akazak could not react in time to defend his neck this mirroring tantro who compared his father to a complant but the demon has lived too long to surrender just yet every situation can be adapted to every battle can be won if he seeks to understand and.

React to it that's what he likes to believe but he's lost his head and lost his ultimate goal to tanjuro the peak that the slayer has reached is the very same domain of supremacy that akasa had been yearning to acquire for all these centuries yet with the knowledge that the peak can in fact be reached akaza cannot just die so easily before his.

Head can fall he grabs it with both hands trying to force his head to reconnect with his body but you throws his sword like a spear and skewers his head toppling it over this means nothing to someone as unrelenting as akaza his mind reels with the need to become stronger surpass himself surpass death even his head begins to disintegrate.

With tantros sighing in relief his body way beyond its limit after having gained insight into the transparent world tantra's body trembles all over with the strain and somehow akkas body still stands tall not disappearing like his head had gyu cannot believe his eyes panic striking him akaza revives his compass on the floor with another stomp.

Of his foot with tandro standing closest giw worries he won't realize what's happening a hand slices towards him with tandro barely avoiding the strike the wound in akka's neck seals itself trying instead to regrow the head he just lost tandro has no more strength to fight and the kick aku's body sends at him cannot be stopped slamming into his ribs tantra.

Is sent into a wall with the pieces crumbling around him some demons require more work to be slain like daki and gyutaro but akaza was not one of those types instead through sheer will akazu wants to evolve beyond what a demon is capable of tanjo can tell this from just looking at him dondro also knows he has to keep fighting goo needs help but he.

Passes out goo not wanting tundra to die forces his body to work again grabbing his broken sword from the ground and rushing to akaza he lets off striking tide to slowly deem his approach to tandro slashing him across his chest multiple times boxes healing is still unmatched even without a head gyew attempts a few more water breathing.

Techniques but his body cannot keep up with them instinctively akus's body knows it has to entendro while he's unconscious and turns to him once more you covered in injuries blood covering most of his face tells him to wait insisting he faced him first before he goes to take on tanjiro a thought reaches akuza from his past one of a man.

Explaining how a sword is not needed to have an unbreakable spirit the blade is within one's heart only a fist is needed to fight finding the straight thought irksome akaza prepares to kill you but a young woman grabs his arm she calls him by his human name hakuji tears in her eyes begging him to stop although wanting to protect handro's life while.

He's passed out gyu knows he doesn't have much left in him he's losing his vision he's also feeling close to losing consciousness he can't hear out of his left ear he can't feel his right hand but he still has a bit of strength it's like he's been sprinting for an hour when he was only meant to do it for a few seconds all his muscles are shutting.

Down and refusing to work and not to mention he's facing upper rank 3 one of the strongest demons in existence regardless gu keeps his resolve wanting to protect those who matter to him akuza struggles on his own wanting the young girl to let go of his arm as she continues to plead with him to come with her though he insists he must kill the.

Demon slayer she questions why that's important he admits he has to be strong enough to bring it back with his head growing in more than it had previously it refers to the medicine that akkas father needed so long ago back then when he was still human he needed to be strong to fight and steal so he could ensure his father got his medicine.

Because it wasn't strong enough those he stole from beat him and the magistrate was informed of his actions punishing him for his crimes he was also tattooed on both arms to indicate what he had done with the lingering threat of a lost limb for the next time he committed such a crime but no matter how much i told him this or tortured him hakugi laughed.

In their faces his body covered it in lashes and blood the magistrate could not understand how an 11 year old child was already so lost constantly arrested and given lashes as punishment with no inkling as to any remorse he was deemed a demon child but hakugi cared not for their words even if they were true so long as he could return home with.

Medicine for his father unfortunately that was not the case the neighbors informing him of his father having hanged himself in shame hakugi stood there stunned his eyes still swollen from the fight earlier he was left with a note from his father which he brought with him to his father's grave because of aguti's actions due to their property.

And needing medicine his father felt it was entirely his fault and into its own with his life in other words living by stealing from others is not a life worth living hakugi knew this wouldn't have happened if they weren't poor and didn't need the medicine in the first place with the passing of his father clinging to his gravestone hakugi cursed the.

World if they treated them with such cruelty seeking revenge or maybe just an outlet hakugi went on a rampage fighting train samurai with his fist every punch reminded him that he had lost his father to the circumstances of this world and its relentless strife his body was not frail like his father's he didn't mind taking the punishment for his stealing.

If it meant his father could keep on living as his father's condition worsened he wanted to get his hands on more things to help him get better but that just led to him being caught and his father giving up on life instead hakugi furious continued to fight the samurais barehanded stopping only when they were unable to get up this was when.

A man in a white outfit clapped impressed by his display of strength the man had come to save hakuchi from the samurai but instead arrived to find them all unconscious and the boy fine with a smile the man expressed how much promise and talent the boy had akuza in the present has no idea what he is seeing and who that man is the man invited.

Hakuji to his dojo but still infuriated hakuji wanted nothing to do with him that is until the man pointed out his tattoos and took a fighting stance readying to give hakugi a good lesson through his fists in no time hakuji was being pummeled into submission not even standing a chance later the man ended up bringing hakuji to his dojo after all.

With his face swollen and bloody hakugi unwillingly followed the man who introduced himself as kaizo the dojo was for a type of martial arts called soryu but had no students kenzo asked akuji to take care of his daughter who was unwell for him admitting that his wife recently drowned herself after her exhaustion was too much and that struck hakugi as he.

Himself had just lost his father to suicide as well this man could understand him hakuji still worried it wasn't a good idea for a criminal like himself to be in this dojo though which kaizo laughed off and pointed out that he easily beat up said criminal with keizo feeling he was a burden that caused his wife's death hakuji.

Understood the man more it also dawned on akuza why he could not stand tangero his very existence reminded him of this upsetting past he had long since forgotten a memory of a young girl named koyuki who he had instantly fallen for as he watched her cough into her hands while in bed just like his father had akaza realizes that all the promises he.

Had made in the past his entire life even were broken and he was just a liar for uttering them hakugi watching both his father and naokoyuki saw that people with illnesses though suffering immensely and wanting to be healthy always apologized for causing trouble to those who cared for them goyuki was very weak needing constant attention from.

Akuji so she felt responsible that he couldn't go outside and enjoy himself but for him it was just an extension of what he had done for his father koyuki insisted that he go to the fireworks at least and he agreed to do so as long as she would let him carry her there to enjoy it as well and if she wasn't able they could go another year when she felt.

Better this made her cry feeling sorry for holding him back which hakuji felt was unnecessary considering it could not be helped and also affected him later as keizo and hikuji drink water from the dojo as well hazel pointed out how they were similar for wanting to protect others and fight for them even comparing hakuji to a protector of shrines komainu.

In the past keizo had saved an elderly man from bandits and received his dojo as gratitude unfortunately others had wanted the dojo and harassed kaizo and any students he had which led to them all quitting this was until akuji arrived and became a student as well as koyuki's caregiver after three years of living in the dojo hakuji turned 18 and.

Koyuki was well enough to live more normally at the same time keizo had wanted hakuji to be a successor considering how much koyuki liked him she had never once mentioned this so hakuji was taken aback to say the very least all he had known was fighting and being hated so this opened up entirely new feelings within him he hadn't.

Thought it was possible to turn his life around like his lay father wanted but it seemed he could these two people were so important to him that he had to visit his father's grave and let him know of the good news but unfortunately that would be the end of his happiness even without his demonic powers hakuji could feel that something awful was awaiting.

Him at their dojo and as he made his way back he was told the well was poisoned and his future was shattered just like that having been unable to save his father this just reminded him of how terrible his timing was when those important to him needed him by their side during the fireworks in the past when koyuki was well enough to attend.

She knew how kuji was different because he saw a future for her despite her illness which seemed incurable she proposed to him there letting him know that he was good enough not even her parents knew that she would ever recover from her sickness and that was when he promised to take care of her for the rest of her life which he had ultimately.

Failed to in the end the magistrate's office had kept track of not only their deaths but the 67 others that were caused by the single surviving student hakugi he had murdered the neighboring dojo's members with his bare hands smashing their skulls crushing their organs tearing them limb from limb this was also gruesome for the maid who had.

Found the scene as she consequently lost her mind even while it was fact it was so unbelievable that after 30 years they destroyed this account of events after the fact hakuji wandered in the streets covered in blood from the massacre his fist still dripping with the evidence just then none other than kim tsujimuzan himself found hakuji he had learned the.

Story of what he had done and thought it must have been a demon in this state hakuji cared not what muzon was telling him to move or he would kill him but instead his head was punctured with the demon's hand and injected with his blood with muzon's fist still inside his skull hakuji couldn't care about anything and found himself lost from the grief hakuji.

Had lost his memories becoming akaza who sought only to become the strongest as he had no one left to care for and protect akuza unable to die but not entirely alive knows he won't be able to be with his loved ones because of all the killing he's done he didn't want to be reminded of his past of how easily murdered his family was of how precious.

Their lives were tandro wakes up with a jolt suddenly reminded he's still in a fight with the demon at this point akusa's head was regenerated most of the way with only a fraction missing not only would this mean he had surpassed death but he has moved beyond demons as akusa prepares to use an attack on you who can barely stand tangero tries to.

Rush in and help but his grip loosens on his sword sending it flying away this doesn't stop tandro from facing akusa though as he throws a punch that lands right in his face this jolts akhasa back to his memory of keizo punching some sense into him as a child he was meant to be reborn into a stronger version of himself who protected others but all he.

Did was allow weak people to poison the well he let his anger take over him he ruined the symbol of quezo's dojo by fighting for revenge rather than protection he also broke his promise to his lay father by not turning his life around he truly is the weak one who needs to be punished with akasa preparing to use his annihilation type.

Move tanjo decides to try and run away with you since they cannot face him in their conditions yu screams for him to worry about himself instead not wanting to lose another person that risked their life for him but as akaza unleashes his attack he looks into tandro's eyes and turns it on himself akkas body filled with holes and showing his spinal cord.

Still tries to regenerate even as he wills his body to stop there is no regret for losing that fight tandro fought in an extraordinary way and won fair and square hell is waiting for him and he'd like to go there quietly confused by aku's sense of gratitude and his movement stopped he watches the demon's body walk towards something he.

Cannot see akuza sees his father hoping he at least is at peace now his father smiles petting hakuji when he drops his knees in guilt queso takes the place of his father his hand on his head they still love and cherish him but he can't join them in heaven with what he has done the hand turns rough gripping his hair tightly turning back to akaza and.

Trying to drag him back down into the depths of his hatred muzon will not let him go so koyuki appears instead both of her arms caressing his face letting him know that he has done enough and there is no reason to keep on going he looks up at her gentle smile shifting from akaza back to hakuji clinging on to her as tears drown his eyes he begs for her.

Forgiveness having not saved her or her father or kept his promise to his own father koyuki cries with him happy is back to the sweet boy she knew and loved with tandra watching the demon on his knees akaza begins to dissipate like ashes while his body disappears flames engulf him in the afterlife but koyuki keeps holding onto hakuji as they are.

Swallowed by the fire facing the utter definition of relief tundra begins to tear up so glad that they were able to survive he remembers he has to get back to tamayo but passes out before he can even take another step you worries for him but he too feels faint and loses consciousness leaning on his sword both are out cold but alive thank you all so.

Much for watching and have an awesome day i love you