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My dearest of friends finally after weeks upon weeks of waiting the demon slayer story has its continuation in anime form and i could not be any happier because this is the beginning of the entertainment district arc my absolute favorite arc in the entirety of the demon slayer story and fur to have returned in such a brilliant fashion is.

Truly a blessing as this first episode was double stuffed managing to handle all the transition content in a single episode which i feel is certainly a good way to go about things truly fans would be happy either way but by doing it in this way we managed to tackle the remnants of the mugen train arc quickly allowing us to fully delve into the.

Content of the following arc without waiting even longer and i'm not too sure when the time will come where i'll get over rengoku's death but i can certainly say that it was not today as his first bit definitely hit i can always somewhat power through tanjuro's bit but man the inflections of my boy and nosquay are always so good that i end up losing.

Myself hopefully i'm not the only one now something i absolutely adore about the demon slayer anime is her addition of content now usually when it comes to the anime adding its own stuff that is not from the source material it's a bad thing soulless filler a deviation for the proper timeline all that stuff has played the anime community for years and.

Has led to the downfall of many otherwise fantastic series however the additional content the demon slayer anime provides is for the most part supplementary minor additions that ultimately add up and enhance the overall product and this is something i'm sure gotoge is able to appreciate as they themselves at times would admit.

Their shortcomings when it came to the inclusion of certain things which would be later touched upon with author comments and such but even still there's only so much you can discuss in such a capacity having a child for muson venture out at night for a library book the suspense and mystery of this young man roaming throughout the night to such.

An abode the initial banter between his adoptive parents and their guests even his adoptive father's entrance into the room following the noise being made which was all now cleaned up all of that was absent from the manga but absolutely made these scenes so much better but man muzon is so damn chilling him pretending to be the kind and innocent.

Son of this pharmaceutical company owner for the sake of research and sun resistance is brilliant not to mention the degree of control he has over subjects that even the likes of akuza upper moon 3 will be wretching in pain on accountability merely lifting his finger in frustration that is insane what effectively made the mighty akaza.

Look like a petty child especially considering his subsequent outburst as he thought of tundra piercing him and referring to him as a coward now the beginning of this butterfly mansion scene was also an anime exclusive edition the mischievous theft of the bean paste buns was such a nice touch that again only added to an already.

Phenomenal product moving on to tandro's visit to the rengoku abode this for me has always been quite the scene considering our feelings towards kyoto himself and so to have his father so openly bad talk him manages to evoke a certain sort of rage within not only tanjiro as our main protagonist but the audience as well the anime did such a.

Good job with the scene and this is our first time hearing about sun breathing the very first and most powerful breath style from which all others are derived and i absolutely love that ren goku senior is he wants to provide us with this knowledge as previously it was kyojiro rengoku who'd first informed us about the five core breath styles and.

Their derivatives what together ends up being an expansion on our knowledge of history and the powers of this world being seen from two different outlooks and along with his denotion was a mention of tonjiro's earrings being a signifier as yet again we would receive the visual of a figure muzon himself had previously connected the earrings to as.

Well what i find to be especially exciting this video like all of our other anime exclusive videos is spoiler free but the specifics of that figure may be found within what is by far our most viewed video on the channel so go ahead and check that out if you are curious and interested but anyways i can't lie i got pretty hype when rengoku.

Senior started throwing hands but man tanjiro's thick skull is by far one of the most lethal weapons in the series this thing has at this point laid out two hashira level swordsmen but real talk seeing the state of the flame ashira chronicle was saddening for me as is just about any desecration of historical records and information truly.

But to make matters worse kyogre was now said to be the final flame hashira and the end of a line spanning generations as his younger brother simply was not cut out to be a swordsman yet even still i think that sandro's faith in the fact that his brother would understand is truly beautiful and just goes to show the sort.

Of relationship that they shared as opposed to the treatment he receives from their father in truth considering the early loss of their mother and descent of their father soon after for sinjiro kyojiro was really the only admirable parental figure he had which makes this loss that much more painful truly the gifting of rangoku's handguard.

To tanjaro was a beautiful thing indeed which one would hope to be a meaningful guide towards greatness for him but to close things out with this scene and what i consider to be the true conclusion of the mugen train arc we have the declaration of ran goku's final words to his father please take care of yourself such a simple message which was.

So wonderfully delivered by the anime and again i was broken the handling of emotions and especially grief in this story is absolutely genius beyond the theatrics beyond the spectacle and flash at its core this is what i believe has truly solidified demon slayer to be such an incredible story its ability to touch.

Hearts what i believe to be a signifier of true manga which has now been made into a truly great anime it's damn good and it is really hard not to praise it every other sentence now the slasher film scene received courtesy of haganezuka was hilarious one of the funniest moments in the series for me was when enosuke got his new sword and.

Immediately made it jagged with a rock and this seemed to be a continuation of that and honestly i can't blame this guy i mean tanjuro just got his replacement after the spider arc and literally one arc later he launched it at a demon in a fit of rage the animation for this little joke sequence was so good in fact that i began to feel like it was yet.

Another demonstrator film so yeah the quality of the series has not diminished in the slightest ufo table continues to come correct now the scene of the boys at breakfast i always come to tanjiro's aid his thanking of the butterfly girls and haganezuka's eating of rice dumplings were all absent from the manga but served to properly conclude the joke.

I feel the four months of training the boys endured was also elaborated upon by the anime providing us even better visuals to accompany the relay of information by tundra and as if that wasn't enough we even got an entirely new tanjuro mission in which he hunted a demon lurking within a mountain shrine and this was really really cool we got.

Some new attire from him and furthermore some dynamic duo combat from the siblings which is always amazing previously the development of the boys was mostly emphasized but in this case we are also able to get the sense that nezuko 2 has improved and what's more is that as opposed to this being a very brief instance we have the demon.

Actually managed to flee for a moment and wind up sheltered in a village barn with this we are given a sense of tantra's development and seeing as how he uses water breathing here despite now knowing sun breathing to be the strongest and his desire to get more accustomed to it he has yet to do so in this time furthermore when it comes to.

The family who'd gone to check out the strange noise coming from their barn had tandro still been inexperienced they may have ended up endangered by the conflict yet by getting the job done he saved them all without them even knowing which is awesome but a very minor detail i find peculiar is that this blade is not hundreds or at least it doesn't look.

Like tanjiro's sword and so i wonder what's the deal with that moving on to the end of the episode we have the recruitment of tengen uzui that moment of crisis for kanoa was so major for her character the remembrance of tantra's words calling for her to ditch the coin flipping and simply follow her heart was great i mean they were crying out for.

Help but when she actually did so it was really surprising considering who she'd been up until then i mean even when rules and orders were brought up she still refused to budge and this is coming from a hashira and goodness gracious these butterfly girls are just so adorable is it just me or has their cuteness factor been dialed up that much.

More all of this was just so well adapted and just when tanjro thought his forehead was going to add to its body count that boy tengen did the dash which is to say that of course at any point he could have just bolted off with these girls which by lonesome should be able to clarify the sort of person he is to begin with this was all really funny but.

Man when it came time for the cool ufo table went above and beyond they made this forgettable moment from the manga absolutely cool and memorable and with all that being said we now head to the entertainment district where evil demons dwell i am so excited it is not even funny again this is by far my favorite arc in the series and so i am really.

Just bouncing for joy at this point and let me just say that the opening sequence for this season is so damn good like the first few seconds alone are so well done and lord tengen is over here just sauced up like crazy i absolutely adore this man now unfortunately we can't exactly take a deep dive into the contents of the visuals here on account.

Of spoilers and such but it is for me just such a dream come true everything looks so good so epic and most of all so flashy guys the next 10 weeks are going to be so much fun and i seriously hope you will be willing to be with us every step of the way between this attack on titan's finale and chainsaw man anime is truly more exciting than ever and we.

Would love to experience it all with all of you sidebar the little gag section at the end of this episode in particular was actually really good and worth watching if you ended up skipping it but yeah to be here for our in-depth breakdowns at each and every new episode of the season along with plenty other high quality demon slayer videos be sure.

To subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes to bringing you some of the best demonstrator content on the platform plot armor has you covered as always i'm slicing otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you