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TANJIRO’S NEW FORM REVEALED! THIS IS PEAK ANIME!!!!!! – Demon Slayer Season 2 Episode 10


Oh my goodness guys demon slayer commensa no yaiba season 2 episode 10 was sensational this was such a fantastic episode you guys already know how much i enjoyed episode six of the season i felt as though that was the best episode of the entire series but no episode 10 takes the cake easily this episode had it all everything you could.

Have ever wanted everything that we cherish from this series was present and was done up to a 10. truly a 10 out of 10 episode 10 that did everything right and then did everything better so to pick up from the crazy cliffhanger of the previous episode we have this one where tanjiro after being saved by zunitsu falls unconscious and while.

Unconscious he has a dream he has a memory induced dream where his sister nezuko gets on him for always apologizing tanjo is a very apologetic person and at that is always looking for someone to blame for the bad demon slayer is a series chock full to the brim with symbolism and messaging and it absolutely does it better than most.

Others out there nezuko certainly acknowledges the bad but also firmly believes that it is very important for you to push forward for your own future to find your own happiness and decide where your happiness comes from whether your past is bad whether times are hard at the end of the day it is up to you to push forward and decide your future and.

As she says all this her hair comes undone and we get to see her transform into her demon visage and it is very jarring to see a demon nezuko speak but here we are and these words truly resonate with me as i've said in a previous episode breakdown i have had some really painful stuff happen in my personal life as of late but even still.

I'm here i'm fighting i'm doing more than i ever have and that's because i care about the future that much and hopefully you guys can find some strength in this and with the story and such but oh man the world that tanjro awoke to was like hell on earth the entertainment district is no more it has been engulfed in flames and is in ruins.

And actually in the manga there weren't any flames there was no fire but here in the anime it definitely makes things come together and look even more crazy now where exactly did all this fire come from well i'd expect that to be the result of tengen's explosives or the knocking over of lanterns and such at the very least it makes sense that there.

Would be these flames in that at this point considering the time that has elapsed the time that has passed they would spread so already off to a great start the terrain looks incredible and you know studio ufo table was in their bag as they absolutely made sure to show off this terrain show us several shots of how crazy things are looking and we.

Also got something that was not in the manga we got to see tanjuro look to neziko and thank her what doubly served as a reminder of her placement here but then gyutaro would appear and this man was maniacal this man was evil he felt like the joker this was such an incredible display from this character i mean good lord the condescension of his.

Words here the terror struck by his presence now here when talking to tantro he says everyone but you is probably done for and this is a quintessential example of that demonic hubris this man did not finish off anyone he didn't go out of his way to stomp anyone out he didn't go out of his way to eat anyone he just decided to watch them all squirm.

As they died a most certainly fatal mistake that comes along with being a demon of such high prestige but now our close-up shots of these various defeats would be different from their manga depictions here we have enosuke bloodied in on the floor after being pierced through the chest whereas in the manga he was up on a rooftop that he never got.

Off of the very same locale as where he had been pierced however this would imply that he fell off of the roof and then we have zunitsu crushed beneath some rubble in the manga we got to see the very same thing however his katana was out in front of him and he was trying to reach out for it and the state of tengen looked to be a whole lot more.

Horrendous as there was a whole lot more blood present and man yutaro's performance does not let up he just continued to berate tundra and treat him like trash and the depiction was just phenomenal i mean i always liked yutaro being a fan of the manga but this this anime adaptation made me love him and here's where things deviate from the.

Manga just a bit here tanjua would run off in ezekiel's box only to be kicked into a building by guthro and then subsequently throw just random stuff at him what was ultimately a ploy which included the use of a perfume bag whereas in the manga they did not ship positions at all tundra never ran he just scratched away at a perfume bag and.

Continued with the same sequence of events with the exception that he did not just find a kunai left around he was actually given one by hinatsuru and with that i must say that i thoroughly prefer the anime depiction here it makes a lot more sense it plays upon the desperation of the situation and makes us thoroughly believe that tundra is just running away.

Which ultimately just ends up feeling like a callback to the very first episode where he tricks you as he throws an axe at him distracting him by looking as pitiful as he does which to me is another very interesting bit of symbolism and a message baked in there that oftentimes the strong the powerful will look down on the weak and not.

Expect the incredible from them when they are very much capable of doing so this version of the scene just makes tanjo look so clever and i love it but before we go any further i do want to touch upon you tarot's proposal to tundro as he presented him with the prospect of becoming a demon and this is how they do it this is how it goes the.

Upper ranked demons are the only ones who can offer muzon's blood to others and turn them into demons and generally this is what these demons do they prey upon the weakness the vulnerability of people the desperation that they have either to save themselves or to save others if it is not a case like neziko's where a person is forcibly turned into a.

Demon then it is a case where someone felt a need to preserve their own life a fear of death at the core of demon hood is a fear of death something that the overall majority of people can relate to whether they realize it or not as living organisms we have a natural aversion to our own demise and so in the consideration of all that it is a bit.

More understandable why tandro is able to pity or find a bit of remorse in the existences of these creatures where he feels a sadness on their behalf that other demon slayers do not possess at all which is of course only strengthened by his possession of a demonic sister but anyways with you taro having been pierced by this wisteria lace kunai on.

Account of his now human-like condition tanjuro's infamous headbutt was actually able to ground the fiend momentarily which tantro followed up by placing his blade on the neck of gutro directly and in the manga this was just a very heavy sword swing it didn't have any elemental affinity or breathing style associated with it that we could outright see in.

The anime however tanjro opts to use his hinokami kagura in this instance flame breathing and as we know this form is very taxing on his body which to me just further exemplifies the desperation of this character he needs power right here and right now he doesn't care what it is going to do to him he doesn't care how adversary the effects may be in the.

Aftermath he has to do this water breathing simply would not be enough in terms of the caliber to which he is able to deliver it and speaking of deliverance i will say it until the end of days demonstrator commits no yaiba has the greatest anime adaptation in the history of anime as yet again we have another worthwhile change in the manga.

As tandro pingu throw down doki cried out just like she did in the anime but with the exception that in the manga she calls him by his name as opposed to calling him brother and this emphasis on their connection as siblings is therefore better able to be capitalized upon by the anime by having nezuko do the very same just before really and.

Truly it is the little things that make the difference and when there are so many little things improved upon eventually the whole thing is suddenly in a league of its own the pressure and suspense to be found with the cutting of guterres neck is also really pressing and dynamic here and speaking of just as daki aimed to come to her brother's aid.

The studio's favorite character zanitsu would make his brand appearance and how cool is this just when doki felt as though she had this guy figured out considering he only knows and uses the first form of thunder breathing but this time his thunder clap and flash would be taken to god like speeds that sleepy time nose bubble is gone zenitsu is.

About that action now and he looks really cool doing it despite the fact that he was struggling to finish her off he was pushing his legs to their utmost limitations as he was only able to do this twice the first time he had done so to remove himself from the rubble and the second time he is again struggling to take her out but regardless this.

Effort is really impressive as daki's neck does begin to tear which just goes to show that the effort of zunitsu here is a more powerful one than the hinokami kagura of blood tear tandro that we had seen previously as he was actually unable to deliver this much damage to daki and again this is daki at her best as she has had the time to fully heal.

And once again the pressure and suspense is on another level once guterre was able to remove the kunai from his leg he would use his blood demon art to alleviate the strain of tandro pressing upon his neck and would follow up with a series of attacks he was shaking off the poison at this point and was healing so here as he is training blizzandro this.

Is him just on the recovery path this is not on par with how he was previously against tengen but he is mounting up to that point gradually a point of power tandro absolutely was not ready for as he was about to be pierced from the eye as tangent would rise again my goat the sound hashira was not dead and was ready for a fight in his ever so flashy manner.

Now sound breathing is a derivative of the thunder breathing style that zanito uses and in that we may find several similarities tengen is known to be capable of achieving incredible speeds but is also known to be very quiet in doing so similar to that like how tandro has his incredible sense of smell so too does zenitsu as a user of.

Thunderbreathing have an incredible sense of hearing and so too does tengen however he uses it in a different manner he is able to break down the movements of his adversaries into what is essentially a musical score the way he fights is like a dance he goes along with the movements of his adversaries as if they are music and this is something.

That even kyoujo rengoku was able to admire about him his swordsmanship is on another level and with how wild you throw is being a demon of such incredible power he is definitely a harder character to read for 10 games though it took some time it took him up until now to really get a hold of the sound of his movements in the manga.

There was a more in-depth explanation however this was from a narrative perspective as opposed to guterro recognizing what tengen meant by saying the word score now personally i enjoy deeper explanations when it comes to these sorts of things however when it comes to flowing in the midst of this combat it makes a whole lot more sense.

How the anime decided to do it with utero recognizing this and from there the back and forth between these two characters was unreal they were really going at it and i loved every single moment of it this honestly this episode looks better than the mugen train movie this entire episode is just a beautiful marvel of animation every.

Spectacle possible was done here and it was just i i can't even fathom the words necessary to explain how good this was you just had to see it for yourself but despite tengen's understanding of deuteros movements now there was a difficulty in being able to face him as again he did have a severed arm this is something that he is not used to he only.

Has one arm available to him not only that but he also does have that poison circulating through his system he was able to stop it momentarily on account of temporarily ceasing the beating of his own heart which you kind of just have to suspend your disbelief for but yeah with his body being pushed to its utmost limitations in this way just.

Blocking the attacks of the enemy was difficult enough meaning he would not be able to capitalize and sever the head of the demon and during this the chain of his weapon was severed we didn't see this in the manga however that happening is definitely a nerf to his capabilities because again he only has one hand available to him then from there he.

Loses an eye his face is slashed and he loses an eye but he does not stop he refuses to stop in his pursuit of the enemy here and it is a whole lot more gnarly in the anime depiction oh my goodness tension should only be able to mount up so much but demon slayer does not care tanjuro left upwards for his attack but guterro with only one arm.

Available to him with only one sickle in hand was able to pierce it through the jaw of tandro and into his mouth the poison was now going to set in his system however tanjuro was not done he refused to stop just as tengen had and would continue with what little strength he had remaining he raised his sword high and.

Then slashed it into the neck of dutaro when it wasn't enough he summoned more and when that wasn't enough he summoned more until a change would erupt in tanjuro the very wretched scar that guthro once admired would now shift and change and along with it a fiery visage would be found in his hair as well as he carved into the neck of ghoutara much to.

The demon's surprise the wellspring of power tanzro was now able to summon was different it was of a different caliber and was very reminiscent in that legendary swordsman that was capable of striking fear into kibitsujimuzan himself now something that was not present in the anime adaptation here was the fact that yutro was not able to pull.

His sickle out of tandro's jaw now that is important to me because it is the same sort of thing that happened to akaza when he faced against kyodra ringoku he was not able to remove his arm from his abdomen which emphasizes tantra's power and unwillingness to let you throw get away as elsewhere zunitsu was still struggling to take off daki's.

Head however to aid him would be enosuke and nosegay who was bloodied like crazy however he did not suffer a direct hit to the heart as he is able to contort his body and even shift the position of his internal organs again suspend your disbelief not only that but he grew up in the mountains so poison isn't so effective against him and admittedly i.

Do find that last part to be a bit more shaky considering tengen himself was struggling against his poison despite his shinobi background and shinobis back in the day had to purposefully ingest poisons into their system in an effort to build that resistance build that tolerance and also to have their blood be toxic but who cares this is cool.

These three would go all out and continue to use every ounce of strength they had remaining to finally do it they were able to behead the demons simultaneously and from there shout out to tengen's cheerleaders as one of them hinatsuru would notice something was wrong at this point the poison was getting the better.

Of tandro he was having a very difficult time breathing he was trying to stop it but he just couldn't and as that happened tengen would cry out to him to move he would tell him that the battle wasn't over just yet but tandro could not hear him his hearing was gone as just then from the severed body of guterro would erupt his final gambit.

Blood demon art that would destroy everything we had a cliffhanger last episode and we got a cliffhanger this episode and this one had me just like shouting at my screen i couldn't believe it how they ended up doing this how they decided to go about this was just insane having this be the credit roll is just insane like i said this is the very best.

Episode of demon slayer nothing else comes close this one had everything you could have asked for and delivered on a different level for each and everything i mean even the extra at the end was very insightful i don't even believe that we got this information in the manga from any extra pages if i remember correctly but here we get to see and.

Learn the tanjo inherited his rock hard head from his mother that apparently when he and nezuko were little she repelled a boar with her forehead alone pretty impressive stuff i really hope you guys enjoyed this episode and our subsequent coverage of it if you did be sure to subscribe to plot armor with notifications on because when it comes.

To bringing you some of the best demon slayer content on the platform plot armor has you covered and to prepare for some of the best western comic content out there be sure to check our new channel plot armor comics out as well as always i'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day i love you.