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Tanjiro’s Wife Kanao Tsuyuri EXPLAINED! Flower Hashira Life & Death – Demon Slayer: Kimetsu no Yaiba


Besides the main trio there is a character in kamehameha who really carries the final act kano tsuyuri is younger sister of shinobu kocho the insecashira and kane kocho the flower hashira but besides that she not only stops demon king tanjiro akamudo but goes on to form a lasting relationship with the sun breather lastly she even.

Slays an upper ranked demon in this video we'll be going over kanao's entire life story now kanao was born into neglect her parents did not even bother to name her and sold her into slavery the abuse she faced left kano traumatized enough that she became a shell of a person in fact kano herself remembers that crying would lead to her.

Being kicked and dragged around as well as drowning she didn't cry out she didn't wail kano simply accepted her existence not crying being a defense mechanism that she developed from her severe abuse at least until shinobu and kane happen upon her kadao is small dirty and covered in fleas the very opposite of the capable swordsman she.

Becomes the kocho's sisters decide to take hanau in but there are still some problems for kano shinobu knows hikano will not eat until she is told to do so her stomach will rumble bakana oh will just sit there her lack of agency concerns shinobu shinobu believes that if kanaoka not made decisions on her own she is useless kane being her opposite.

Remedies a situation with a coin kano can make decisions by coin toss which she does use quite frequently later on the coin flip is exactly how kanaho decides to follow her heart kano transitions well to life at the butterfly mansion and chooses her own name from a list that shinobu presented fun fact this list included these.

Surnames of shinobu and oekanzaki as we know she settled on kana osuyuri however kanao was not talented in housework or nursing which leads to her study flower breathing merely by watching kane learning a breathing style this way is a bit of a feat considering most swordsmen need a cultivator in order to learn a style kinda oh manages to not only learn.

Flower breathing but does so without a cultivator but unfortunately there is not a concrete timeline for this it is known that kano learns flower breathing and that when she is 12 kanae dies there is a funeral held and out of everyone kana oh is unable to cry she is upset by the fact that she is unable to react emotionally to her adopted older.

Sister's death yet shinobu and the other butterfly mansion girls assure her no one judges her and thankfully she does go on to avenge kane's death but more on that later several years then pass and once she is 16 kano sneaks away for final selection a brutal week-long test for would-be demon slayers she passes and remains silent at the ceremony for.

Choosing their ore kanaho even remains silent when tundra and genya have a mild altercation which is interesting considering she goes on to value her comrades instead of simply ignoring them kano is a petite young girl with black hair tied in a sideways ponytail her hair is held together by a hairpin from her to see sister kanae later on the.

Hairpin is broken so she replaces it with shinobu's kano wears a standard issue demonstrator uniform except instead of the typical pan she wears a knee-length skirt in place of a hawaii kano wears a white cloak finally instead of azorii she wears knee high boots next up we have her breathing style but before we get into that drop a like and.

Subscribe to join the plot army today now flower breathing is stylized after flowers and fruits as if the name wasn't a dead giveaway the style uses elegant attacks meant for agility but the most significant thing about flower breathing is its final form which allows the users to gain almost superhuman sight more on that later though in the comments let us.

Know what your favorite breathing style is it is a bit hard for me to pick a favorite but i will say that i am a big fan of serpent breathing as the zigzags are just so dynamic anyway after final selection shinobu takes kanao as her suguko now isaguco is someone taken under the instruction of ashira and are meant to serve as their successor before.

Kana oh shinobu had three pasagucos that unfortunately all died now due to the professionalism of the relationship kanao refers to shinobu as master instead of sister shinobu was also against kannao learning a breath style just like hane regardless she tells kanao to behead demons without thinking or hesitating in fact this very attitude.

Might be why kano tries to behead nezuko tandro's demon's sister speaking of which let's delve into mount natagumo shinobu and gyutomioka the water hashira are sent to the mountain on their master kageya ubyashiki's orders however mount natagumo is the first instance kano doubts herself she runs into tundra and nezuko as they try to escape shinobu.

Kana oh is able to knock out tantro nezuko continues to run away even shrinking inside to avoid a sword swing she doesn't fight kanao at all which kano does find strange but pushes to the back of her mind after all she was taught to kill demons not think or hesitate fortunately a crow signals the commodore siblings are to be taken alive.

To headquarters kano immediately stops attacking and asks nezuko if she is the demon that they are looking for once it's been decided that the commodore siblings can stay they're taken to the butterfly mansion kano's home she is surrounded by butterflies a calm serene expression is on her face yokakushi carrying tanjiro asked for permission to.

Enter the mansion however kanao does not reply she merely continues to smile until aoi directs them into the mansion truthfully kano wears his vacant grin for a lot of her appearances but later on her anger and sadness will bleed through before we get to that though let's focus on kano's role in the rehabilitation of the kamaboko squad as.

Part of reflex training the trio must defeat kanao and aoi in a cup game which involves throwing medicine on your opponent before they can do so to you in addition to a simple game of tag aoi is easy enough to defeat in these games but kanao proves to be a real challenge so much so that both enosuke and zunitsu gave up after five days but tanjiro.

Being built different continues to show up for training he notes that kanao is faster than him and that she even smells different like a hashira which is pretty fair considering even an upper rank recognizes the skill that kana oh has that being said after learning total concentration breathing tanjiro is able to defeat her which seems to surprise.

Kano before he leaves for the mugen train tandro pays a visit to kano he thanks her for her help and gushes over her talent tantro is amazed by the fact that they joined at the same time ikana oh is already a suguko he sees her as someone to look up to promising to work hard as well kano only awkwardly smiles in response until she flips her iconic.

Coin which lands on tails finally she speaks to tandro she tells him she was only doing as her master instructed so there's no need for thanks tandro pushes her about the coin and kanao eventually relents she explains flipping the coin is meant to make decisions for her quote to decide things for which i have not been told to do this causes tantro to.

Ask her what she wants to do she tells him flatly that it doesn't matter because she cannot decide for herself tundra then flips her coin saying that if it lands on heads she must follow her heart surprisingly enough it does land on heads kano is amazed by this she asked hanjo how he came up heads and he just tells her that he would have kept.

Flipping the coin until it landed on heads and this leaves her somewhat bewildered the entire interaction with tanjuro just proves the coin flip is arbitrary not to mention instead of telling her not to think like shinobu or use a coin to decide like hannah a tandro tells her to use her own agency it is a defining moment for her that.

Especially comes into full force with her bout with an upper rank before we get ahead of ourselves let's discuss kanao standing up not only for herself but her sisters as well the sound of shira tengen uzui came to the butterfly mansion in order to recruit girls for his mission he forcibly tries to take aoi and naho this causes kanao to panic.

She knows that he is a hashira someone that is above her yet tengan is trying to take her sisters she then thinks back to tonjro's advice and decides to forego her corn flip instead kano tries to free aoi and naho and seeing the ever quiet and passive kanao take action inspires her sisters they tackle tengen the sound being enough for tanjuro to take notice.

Kana oh her sisters and tanjiro protest tengen taking aoi and naho and thankfully enosuke tundra and zunitsu volunteer in the girls places kano standing up for herself really shows that she can overcome her trauma and think for herself not only this but she is also able to overcome her fear in this situation in fact her emotions.

Continue to surface speaking of which her feelings are even present in her actions when tanjo returns from the district badly wounded kano looks over him he's unconscious for two months and once he finally wakes up kanna oh is so surprised that she drops a vas breaking it she cries telling him that she is glad he's awake now after swordsmith.

Village in nosuke aoi and other butterfly girls come in but there is some ruckus as enosuke crawls on the ceiling and fights with aoi kano being concerned for tantro raises her voice at them she tells everyone to be quiet because tandro fell back asleep it's a big development for her kana oh goes from being silent to speaking on her own.

Even raising her voice given courage from others kano slowly starts coming out of her shell later on the demon lord kipitsuji muzon attacked ubishiku residents during the encounter he unleashes the infinity castle a space-changing blood demon art by upper rank 4 nakame the slayers including kanao are dropped into it kind of oh.

Separated from her comrades she runs around the castle until entering a garden-esque room inside are shinobu and upper rank 2 doma a horrific sight greets her as shinobu is being absorbed into doma shinobu shoots a hand signal which doma later on deduces to be a warning kano leaps up and attacks doma however doma is too fast for her he.

Casually tells kanna oh it is dangerous to interrupt him while absorbing someone and now all that is left of shinobu is her hairpin and the very sight sends kano into a rage she has not only lost her older sisters but her trainer as well finally this is the battle that sees kano regain the ability to truly express herself to actually mourn during.

Their bout akaza upper rank 3 dies doma senses it but brushes the death aside to ask hannah oh her name angry and huffing she replies that she is kana osuyuri the sister of shinobu and kane doma then brings up the topic of akaza again and cries and seeing this rather false display of emotion kana oh immediately calls him out she tells him to stop.

Lying not only that but she reveals kanae felt sorry for him as she died kano mocks him if he cannot feel anything why was he even born doma is taken aback and kodli tells her that quote this is the first time i've talked to such an unkind girl as you and just as harshly kano replies that she hates him she wants to send him to hell.

Quickly in her own words there is no point to his existence which certainly makes sense for kano she believes emotions are part of being a human being at this point and this belief extends to even herself as kano shows both anger and fear during this fight doma goes in to attack her with his fans but she narrowly avoids them kanao successfully.

Disembowels the demon right after doma notes that she has increased her speed and is not breathing in his icy air he thinks she may even be of higher skill than the hashira he had just eaten again further enforcing the idea that kana oh is extremely gifted in swordsmanship after all tandro had previously compared her sent to ashira there is a rather.

Important reason for that though in fact let's talk about the revenge plot kanao takes part in for a year shinobu consumed the wisteria flower poison and it becomes concentrated enough to even be present in her fingertips she tells kanna oh this and that in order to defeat doma the demon that killed their sister kana a she must be killed and.

Eaten kana oh is understandably upset by this she will lose not one but two sisters once doma is nerfed by the poison kanao is meant to kill him finally it is revealed exactly why shinobu took her on as her suguko they will exact revenge together and kano's strength will make up for what shinobu lacks together they can defeat doma this.

Burning hatred kind of oh has manifest itself she is shaking and is overheating with rage it's such an intense feeling that kana oh herself is not used to it such a strong human emotion that goes to show the journey kanaoh has undergone she now speaks for herself feels emotion and expresses it the same way anyone else would she goes toe-to-toe doma.

Keeping up with him the upper right notices this and attempts to gouge at her eyeballs but yet again she dodges the attack but only just barely kano is only able to keep up because of her tactical observations yet her keen eyesight will not stop the demon from stealing her sword he does it before kano even realizes it is gone it is a.

Trappy set doma tells her to come and get it all while setting a gust of freezing wind towards her the blizzard seems almost hopeless for kano all she resolves to do is to find the area with the least amount of damage but thankfully she is saved by enosuke who slashes away the blizzard anosuke gloats about beating the demon but notices.

Kano's disheveled appearance he tells her shinobi will be upset by her injuries to this kanoa stays silent and enosuke works out that the insect teshira is in fact dead doma then happily explains that shinobu is not truly dead as she will live on inside of him he's not wrong her poison certainly will regardless gano trembles enosuke.

Brashly charges doma and kanoa warns him of doma's blood demon art however this rash move is not fruitless and nosegay is able to steal back hannah o's sword telling her to not let doma take it again inosuke continues to fight the demon until he is unmasked yet again doma's movement is so fast that neither slayer notices regardless kanao is still.

Shocked she tries to calm him the swordsman is rather peeved if not angry by the theft of his boar mask it is then that doma reveals he has a connection to enosuke as well he details meeting another k's mother and subsequently murdering her the laid-back way doma tells the story and rages kind of oh as well the trigger being that to doma the.

Life enos his mother led was meaningless both players continue to fight the upper rank however doma believes the fight is dragged out so he employs frozen dolls that are as strong as him and can record the battle yet shinobu's poison will come back to haunt him just as the demon tries to leave he begins to literally melt which was something that kano.

Anticipated shinobu had not only shared the plan but entrusted her suguko with defeating their sister's killer kano notices the icy clones stop and shatter she reveals that shinobu's death was not in vain that the poison is now taking effect she tells the nosegate to pressy attack however the demon is desperate now he summons a massive statue that can.

Blow frozen wind and attack with its giant arms with this kano realizes that now is the time to use the last form of flower breathing equinoctical vermilion i this technique is meant to only be used as a last ditch effort the user expands their vision to the maximum meaning time appears to move slower for them but this form is not without risk.

The user can become blind in one or both eyes the strain of the technique and ruptured blood vessels regardless kanao decides to use it yet this will not be the only dire situation she uses the technique for she thinks back to shinobu the fact that she wants to protect her to go back home with her this thought only fuels kanao as she attempts to.

Behead doma despite becoming partially frozen she struggles to cut through the demon's neck at least until enosuke throws his swords which push kano's blade through doma's neck in the aftermath kaneoh finds kanae and shinobu's hairpins kanae's is broken but shinobu's is still intact from using the final form of flower breathing she is.

Now blind in one eye kano then cries she thinks of her friends and the fact that enosuke helped her avenge her sisters she holds the two hairpins and feels the presence of her two sisters and the emotion of it proves to be enough for kana oh to openly weep at long last she expresses the pent up feelings she had harbored for so long she cries not only.

For what had happened but for kane as well it is such a beautifully well done moment we see this timid girl become not only a talented swordsman but someone not afraid to cry afterwards kano and enosuke meet up with zinitsu and murata inside of the castle now at this point the castle itself is unstable due to the struggle between yushiro tamayo's.

Assistant and muzon this causes everyone to burst through these city streets there kanao and nosuke and zunitsu joined to fight against muzon the three putting on seals to do so he doesn't notice at first but is able to break their stealth even with going blind in one eye kana oh continues to fight despite being hit directly by one of.

Muzon's whips kano puts on another seal however the hashira around her are pushed back by muzon exhausted kano falls to her knees she is the last standing swordsman the physical strain of tiredness and hopelessness finally begin to hit her kano is unable to stand she thinks back to her goal she must defeat muzon even if it kills her but.

Before muzon can land a killing blow tandro shows up once more kano is overwhelmed by his appearance like the other slayers she must have assumed he was dead tanjo then tells ikakushi to tend to her as he faces muzon while the fight against muzon rages on yushiro tends to be injured he gives anitsu inosuke and kano an antidote for muzon's.

Poisonous blood despite that she is out of the fight for some time her final action against muzan involves using flower breathing final form to inject a demonic tanjuro with an anti-muzon serum and thankfully it works everyone around tanjo rejoices once he wakes up as an exhausted kano smiles at him tears in her eyes three months later after.

Muzan's defeat tandro meets ukano under a sakura tree she then tells tandro about the tree it was planted by the first flower breath user interestingly enough its name is victory tanjo asked kana oh about her eye she tells him that it doesn't hurt anymore and that she still has some sight she then tells him about tsunemi the wind of shira gifting.

Her the serpent hashira obinayuguro snake and eventually in this relatively peaceful world free of demons she marries tanjiro but we are not done yet time passes to the future where kanata and tsumihiko kamodo pandra and kane's descendants go out for school kanata is punctual and travels alongside the agatsuma siblings meanwhile tsumihiko.

Sleeps in and travels with hojiro rengoku the descendant of senjiro sumihiko resembles tonjiro where kanata is more like kana'o and looks and personality this casual slice of life is a rather peaceful and deserved ending to the hardships the characters faced especially kano as always i'm selecting otaku thank you all so much for watching.

And have an awesome day i love you