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Tatsumaki Blows Saitama All Over The City! – One Punch Man Chapter 180


Saitama vs tatsumaki continues this chapter's cover shows metal bat who looks determined and ready to fight this is funny since he doesn't get much attention this chapter it's still a cool drawing showing a more sketchy style from Morata in this shot they're called in the middle of something we jump into the action as tatsumaki smiles and.

Threatens saitama she says that she can't trust saitama with her sister safety because she doesn't think he's good enough and saitama doesn't feel like fighting at all he thinks about going home instead the poor guy can't catch a break and tatsumaki makes sure to show that by using her psychic powers who Shred the jacket covering his.

Mensuyu shirt at least he still has his Crocs saitama voices his unhappiness at losing his clothing by shouting ah my jacket and tatsumaki responds by reeling her arms back like a baseball pitcher telling him that she's not done yet she launches her esper power at saitama sending them away from her and all he has to say is oh and then a few more.

Times as he bounces through the air like a ball back at the hero Association apartment complex fabuki her group and the heroes are still trying to figure out what's going on fabuki is still thinking about what tatsumaki said to her that her group isn't strong enough to be around her she knows that tatsumaki doesn't Bluff or go back on.

Her word fabuki is upset by what's happened and wishes she could stay with them all but they'd be in danger if she did and not only from tsukuyomi Lily speaks up first taking fabuki out of her inner thoughts along with the others like eyelashes and Mountain ape they all bow their heads in shame that they couldn't do more to help her Lily and.

Eyelashes say that they'll be better in the future and they'll never make that mistake again at the same time they want to know more about sukuyomi and their unethical research fabuki's eyes are very sad as she looks down and tells them we're done the blizzard group can't believe what their leader is saying and their eyes are bulging with shock fabuki.

Tells them that the group has been disbanded with a face that no longer shows sadness she tells them that they are too weak and don't help her as subordinates she sounds more like her sister when she says this she leaves them with these shocking words and floats out of the underground area while letting them know that they'll be going.

Their own ways now despite her saying don't follow me a few of them still try to as they see her Rising through the complex but listen helping the plot Army rise up is as simple as one punching the Subscribe button we jump to end City next where we see a line of warehouses in a quiet area a hero is surrounded by.

Bad guys and some of them have been knocked out from what one of the punks said feather is a hero who is in over his head and tried his best to take this whole gang down to remind you feather was one of the heroes brought in to help during the raid on the monster Association and his moves were so good that they even impressed sweet mask even.

Though Nyan was able to beat him in the end we can at least say that he did a pretty good job given how many people were around him but like the man says feather is too injured to take the rest on another man points out that the hero was so easy to trick meaning this was all a plan to lure him here in the first place the plan was to make him think a.

Woman was in danger but he had to come alone or she would get hurt the gang as it turns out is the strongest in end City and call themselves Iron Fist so of course they were confident in being able to stop feather and beating him up good but letting him come alone shows how foul they are and they probably aren't very good at fighting one of them even.

Mentions if five more A-Class Heroes had shown up they would have been in trouble another guy denies that since their boss didn't even get involved in the fighting yet so maybe they're not as weak as they seem the man with a mohawk and Metal Knuckles as feather got any last words but all feather wants to know is that the woman they kidnapped is safe he even.

Tells him to swear they're telling the truth and as we see him covered in cuts and bruises and sweating there still seems to be some fight in his eyes he looks like he's ready to get up in case a woman is hurt after all nonetheless the Mohawk man tells a woman to come out her name is Erica and it seems like she's been on the plan to take down.

Feather too a woman in a long dress with dark hair stands before him unbothered and cold-looking feather knows Erica it's always confused about what's going on and why she seems completely fine she says that she's been lying to him the whole time telling feather that she's really in a relationship with the gang's leader here big Iron that seems to hurt.

Feather more than all the beatings because feather was planning to take down the iron gang the boss purposely sent out his beautiful girlfriend to act weak and innocent she even says her acting was bad and he didn't notice it for the long time we were together how long do you think she was his fake girlfriend she recognizes that he's a.

Model hero since he didn't hesitate to assist her when she asked but to make matters worse she tells feather that she almost laughed out loud at how seriously he was taking the fake situation she turns away and says I can't bear to look at you meanwhile the Mohawk guy finds it all hilarious and compliments her on being such a scary woman feather joins.

In on the laughter which only makes the gang laugh more they think he's chuckling because they broke him mentally but he doesn't care about what they say instead he tells Erica you are a terrible actor at that we finally see her true face a very affected woman with a tear sliding down her cheek that's one big Iron him self shows up as he stands.

Behind his gang towering over them with his massive frame he walks forward he demands to know why they're having such a tough time with a single lousy rat all his minions can say is boss knowing they're in trouble Big Iron is not only massive in size but he's got some interesting curled eyebrows to boot he sees that feather is already weakened so.

He wonders if he should join in and finish him off but feather has more energy now that he knows that there are no hostages and Erica is fine in fact he stands up from the broken wall ready to go crazy on them he tells Erica just you watch as he prepares to perform his best techniques yet with a confident smile then Cape.

Baldi gets pushed through the building and hits his bald head on feathers back ruining everything the A-Class hero is lying on the ground sizzling from the surprise attack while saitama is on all fours and tries to say sorry for whatever he did he tells the others to send the bill for repairs to that lady out there pointing to tatsumaki floating.

Outside but that's also when saitama's hero sends his come back and he sees all the injured goons in the warehouse even though they aren't innocent people he tells him to call an ambulance anyway when saitama sees the damage he thinks that they're to blame for all the unconscious Men He yells at tatsumaki about how dangerous it is to blow.

Through a building tatsumaki thinks he did it because he's the one that went through the wall she doesn't blame herself at All saitama Lashes out trying to make her realize it's her power that made him get blasted in the first place he follows this with more apologies to the gang telling them they'll be out of the way soon no one in the gang knows.

What to do and they're all sweating because they know they're no match for the number two S-Class hero feather gets accused of having lied and called other Heroes for backup clearly they don't know tatsumaki at all she wouldn't be an A-Class Hero's helper she wouldn't help anyone while that's happening Erica looks down a feather after saitama hit.

Him with his hard skull attack but big Iron doesn't give up he tells his group not to be afraid because a single S-Class hero can't do squat he also plans to kill them so that their reputation as a gang will grow even more saitama tries to calm down the gang leader but big Iron rushes in before he can and calls saitama a weakling still.

Saitama sends him flying backwards with blood splattering in the air with a single unnamed punch the gang looks at the shape From Below panicking saitama asks who are you guys and they throw the same question at him knowing they're in Detroit trouble even though they saw their strongest member get blown away like nothing they still think it'd be a.

Good idea to fight saitama and tatsumaki they run forward shouting insults and vowing to bust their heads open the esper doesn't take this very seriously and tells him to shut up because she's doing something with saitama moments later everyone is knocked out thrown around and piled on top of each other like garbage and the warehouse seems to.

Be almost gone when feather wakes up he sees a total mess but he doesn't seem surprised by tatsumaki's Behavior or the fact that she's gone feather tells Erica that despite this he doesn't think she tried to trick him when he met her she was really in trouble and needed his help disregarding all they've been through he tells her from now on you can.

Be free like you wanted unfortunately feather doesn't get the credit Erica is Starstruck as she holds her hands together thankful that tatsumaki saved her she even plans to send a fan letter to thank her feather is still smiling but it's clear that he's dying on the inside he got hit by saitama Hui compares to a moving are and he didn't.

Get to save Erica and show off his full power so he plans to go home sleep and pretend none of this ever happened he jumped to H City next because tatsumaki is still not done with saitama but before they get there people are running for their lives because an emergency message told them that monsters are coming everyone is trying to evacuate.

But the cars are blocking the road and creating more traffic in the background there's the monster shadow of a dangerous spiky Beast it used to be a demon level threat but now it's a dragon level threat because of how big it is the announcement tells people to stay calm but the threat level is going up and the entire city being evacuated.

Causes major Panic the streets are full of vehicles that can't move so people get out of their cars and run around them trying to get away on foot the dragon level monster cans on rat looks like a Kaiju Sonic the Hedgehog even though he walks on four legs the spiky hair on his back causes him to crash into buildings or cars He misses as he.

Moves forward her he even breaks the highway if that wasn't enough we find out that almost all of the east side of H city has been destroyed with buildings falling over just because Ken's on rat went by the news says that if this keeps up civilization might be in danger even scarier is that all the emergency help that was sent to the area has been.

Destroyed by the monster which we can see on live coverage but then there was a small glimmer of hope because metal bat was told to stop the Hedgehog like monster from causing problems everyone seems to be following the news as we see their phones and the live view the helicopter above the scene is hoping that metal bat will come and stop the.

Threats before too much damage is done they hope to see it for themselves since they can't stay around anymore hurry metal bat is a thought followed by his sister's Innocent but word phase as she thinks about him running into danger and there's a kitty in a basket in front of her but he gets there sweaty and out of breath and running at full speed his.

Problem isn't reaching the monster in time though it's the fact that he doesn't want to miss his cat giving birth to kittens so he's not only panting but he's also very angry that no other S-Class Heroes were around to do this job instead pissed off metal bat is playing Revenge if anything happens to his cat Tama finally metal bat reaches.

The giant monster leaning against the building swearing like a sailor and still sweating all over the place he points his weapon at the monster I had to run a marathon to get here he tells a monster as if it cares and before metal bat can unleash his anger saitama and tatsumaki come back and smash right through the monster's face when the.

Monster dies his body falls in the buildings he was leaning against destroying them metal bat just stands there Frozen tatsumaki flies to the air holding saitama by his shirt collar and calling him a stubborn bastard saitama's face says I want to go home even more than before she throws him away from her telling him to fall down already latama.

Has fallen down many times he just hasn't stayed down and definitely hasn't been injured the throw pushes saitama even more than the monster was sending him through three more tall buildings metal bat looks up from below shocked and annoyed saitama's angry too he tells tatumaki I told you to stop destroying everything because that's why he brought.

Her outside the hero complex in the first place metal bat is so angry that he doesn't even have a mouth instead he's just a sweaty face with Angry Eyes and steam coming off of him but before he can burst and attack someone he reminds himself to calm down and take some deep breaths he also tells himself that he needs to get home to his katama.

So he can check on her situation with kittens being born soon he doesn't have time for this so he Stomps his way back home as always I'm slice of otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you foreign