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Tatsumaki Discovers Saitama’s Secret and Falls For Him – One Punch Man Chapter 182


The cover page of one punch Man chapter 182 titled unascertained features both saitama and tatsumaki looking at each other a great one to close out their fight more of a verbal fight than a physical one from saitama's perspective though inside the hero apartment complex several sizable energy readings would be detected enough to actually break the.

Meter inside the infirmary we'd find these same two Heroes as before air would take note of the continued disturbances while Forte would get up to see what was going on for himself but just as he did that something was suddenly crash into the building as much of Forte's disbelief just above his head was none other than saitama Forte would.

Shakely question what saitama was doing meanwhile this is nothing to our Ball Hero and so he casually greeted Forte and questioned how his injuries were Tombstone to respond four Taylor be told to go get some rest as saitama would leap in the vertical surface like a rocket only titanicalismically collide with the surrounding environment seeing.

All this Forte had to reevaluate his play priorities he decided that the rematch could wait for now taking saitama's advice to heart but Forte wasn't the only weakling in awe of this insane fight the former members of the blizzard group looked like they were watching Attack on Titan for the very first time they were terrified by.

Tatsumaki's unrestricted Rampage and would be left to wonder what could have possibly happened to make her that mad that's when eyelashes realized that by serving fabuki that's his sort of monster they're upsetting and I'll tell you what that car ride back home for these guys is going to stink one of them that I don't believe we've seen before.

Would wonder what was going on at headquarters for them to not be involved in an event of this magnitude but that's when he saw something even more unbelievable but to swiftly interrupt this would be tatsumaki rushing forward and would you look at that she is at her limit she slipped up by using too much energy which was pretty embarrassing.

Considering she was supposed to be testing saitama from here it would be revealed that because thatsumaki could never really let loose of their powers outside of deadly circumstances she was having a lot of fun with saitama she didn't think this sort of thing could ever be possible with anyone that was in Blast but was surprised by this.

Weird bald man fun with strangers aside though for the sake of her Pride tatsumaki needed to finish saitama off immediately to do so she'd give rise to the Earth quickly turning it into a sea of debris in moments it swallowed saitama and then some tatsumaki was terribly exhausted by this point but unfortunately for a moment the ground.

Will begin to move without her influence suddenly saitama would emerge from it all without any effort completely unharmed tatsumaki couldn't believe her eyes and even had difficulty standing seeing her struggle saitama would urge her not to push herself too much as she would need to have enough energy to talk things out but this only annoyed.

Tatumaki who refused to be looked down on despite her height tatsumaki would telekinetically live saitama who was really enjoying the experience as it turns out tatsumaki is the one struggling taitama was casually defined the loss of physics and it was way too heavy for tatsumaki to handle me meanwhile she was exerting enough Force.

To send something of his size to space immediately tatsumaki was really pushing her limits here and her anger was only getting worse seeing her trip out like this saitama tries to contact the Maki down by reminding her that he's not her enemy Running on Empty tatsumaki didn't want to hear it and wasn't aiming to be friends with him at all this was.

Beginning to be a bit sad From saitama's perspective he felt like she was underestimating the power of Human Relationships after all she couldn't even handle the power of her sister's acquaintance maybe saitama's true power was friendship all along and listen this man's saitama is not slick he friend zoned her sister and doubled down on it.

All while tried to get tatsumaki to open up tatsumaki at this point couldn't handle the strain anymore and will drop down on her knees in front of saitama she kept giving it all she had until she literally passed out during this she'd remember the words of her savior blast that when the time comes she shouldn't expect anyone to come save her her he.

Told her to also protect her family tatsumaki then based her entire personality and outlook on these two sentences having been sold by her parents the only family she sought to protect was hibuki at this age fabuki was rocking the door haircut and even had a monkey and a fox toy no way that's a coincidence right anyways when.

Tatsumaki suddenly appeared in fabuki's room like the Avatar playing to take her away for sukuyomi members pulled up on her like the paths of pain but they had no idea how powerful tatsumaki was now and more ruthlessly slaughtered it was so horrific they couldn't even show us good thing preschooler fabuki was there to watch every second of it when her.

Bloody handed murderer of a sister reached out to her offering protection fabuki resisted this rejection was The Awakening of religion esper abilities tatsumaki blamed herself for this considering fabuki's desperate powers to be her own fault unnecessarily placing her sister In Harm's Way above all else she felt an obligation to protect by her.

Lonesome imagining things tatsumaki would be brought back to that fateful day that changed her Outlook forever there she saw blast with his back turned to her having not seen him for quite some time she was astonished but as he began to walk away she'd cry out for him not to leave her she continued to chase after him as fast as she could as it.

Would be said that the only adult who sets out to Maki free was blast she thinks very highly a blast and believes that he'll respect her once he sees how strong she's become which if you remember just before Sage centipede came out although she was knocked out blast was actually pretty proud of her but it's deeper than just that because.

Tatsumaki believes that Blas will teach her a better way to live her life which is honestly pretty sad she'd cry out about how hard she's tried he'd stop for a moment and she'd continue to admit that nothing seems to work this is the most emotionally vulnerable we've ever seen tatsumaki be and her body language says it all she doesn't want everyone to.

Be afraid of her but she's afraid that if she lets her guard down things will go back to how they were before here she'd finally ask him what she should do blast would stop for a moment then turn to her with a light peeking just past his face but before long this light would be blinding as tasumaki would need to Shield herself in reality the true.

Ocular assailant was saitama because he can't have a bald guy in anime without solar flare completely done with everything tatsumaki opened her eyes and sat up while saitama checked in on her tatsumaki was totally deflated saitama would wonder if she was done he planned on keeping others away from tatsumaki's Rampage but he couldn't contain her.

Taitama wasn't sure what sort of training espers do but he was impressed by how much he assumes tatsumaki does and listen although she's not on tatsumaki's level nowhere near it for him to compliment her is a pretty big deal he doesn't do that very often it's clear that this meant something to tatsumaki but being the tsundere that.

She is would dismiss his words as worthless which saitama took as a son that she's probably fine with that he was going to give her one more lecture before leaving his message was simple as per or not she can live her life however she wants to but she should always be mindful Not To Break other people's stuff then telling her that she'll be a.

Great hero if she can follow that as he place his hand on her head and just like that tatsumaki has a whole new personality trait after saying this saitama would begin to leave as hatsumaki would give Chase telling him to hold on but grabbing his attention would be the arrival of fabuki fabuki would acknowledge her sister's call by.

Expressing that she's disbanded her group with a serious look on her face fabuki would agree with her sister's Outlook expressing her plan to fight alone just like tatsumaki tatsumaki appreciated her sister sentiment but it was clear to her that that breakup wasn't exactly Mutual the many members of the blizzard group would show up out.

Of breath much of their former Leader's surprise they would all make a mess in their pants again when they saw the demented expression on tatsunmaki's face they were extremely terrified but eyelashes would force himself to speak as everything they'd been through would have been for nothing otherwise simultaneously bowing and yelling out.

They begged tatsumaki to allow them to serve Ibuki all while promising to become stronger this was a difficult situation for fabuki but as hatsumaki prepared to annihilate them fabuki would interrupt with her own power turned against them after blowing them back with Hellstorm fabuku would beg her sister to let her handle things with a.

Frazzled expression fabuki would mock them for coming with illusions of facing tatsumaki while they can't even handle her strength she tell them to all stand up as they cried out her name when they did this low-level conflict was really overwhelming for saitama and tatsumaki fabuki would continue blasting her former forces during this saitama would.

Look over to tatsumaki he'd wonder why she doesn't just let them be together tatsumaki would immediately protest as it wasn't any of his concern with this saitama would admit to her that before his muscle training he couldn't even handle a wolf level disaster a revelation that totally took that to Maki off guard saitama again being like.

A reliable big brother in this chapter would tell her that even if they're weak now the future is unknown no one can know for certain what their limit truly is pretty inspiring stuff tatsumaki would reluctantly comply picking fubuki up and taking her away like a kid at the park tatsumaki would put an end to the festivities she'd admit that despite.

Originally coming here to handle psychos she used up too much of her energy playing around she'd then hover up a bit and slap onto saitama's head while admitting to only be letting them go based on the bald guy's request but would leave them with a grim reminder that if anything happens to fabuki then she will never forgive them despite.

Their fear they'd all agree to her terms before leaving tatsumaki would stop for a second and call out to saitama while pouting and looking to the side she'd tell him that the test still wasn't over having found her new favorite toy tatsumaku is about to surprise him with another test when she feels like it even telling him that he should be grateful.

Saitama wanted nothing to do with that nonsense tatsumaki would protest his refusal while fabuki was an awe that her sister actually listened to saitama the idea of her sister actually listening to another person's opinion was unheard of even the blizzard group is questioning who saitama really is it's crazy how many characters have some idea of how.

Strong saitama is now nobody outside of genos actually knows how crazy his Feats can get but things have certainly changed since the monster Association are let me know how you guys feel about more characters knowing saitama's true power from here he would say goodbye to them all while also managed to tell tatsumaki to be on her best behavior.

Which she scoffed at to close things out however we would have that same Mohawk member of the blizzard group from before go to fabuki and tell her what he saw which shocked her too what do you think happened as always I'm sliced otaku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you.

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