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All right so yet again with episode eight of its entertainment district arc demon slayer proved itself incapable of missing this was yet another fantastic incredible sensational episode now we began this one with an immediate change to the manga source contents as nezuko being tucked in by tundra is a far softer display with the anime we.

Received a couple of clips from the previous episode to remind us what exactly happened here i didn't think that was all too necessary but it wasn't a hindrance at all so it was fine tundra here smiles at his sister and we were especially reminded of how wounded he actually is because we get to see that massive gash in his shoulder the very.

Wood he received when daki first went on her rampage destroying bits of the entertainment district a wound that actually wasn't really highlighted by the manga much at all but here with the anime it stresses the bodily predicament tundra is currently in which only manages to raise these stakes even further from there we receive some.

Banter between yootaro and tengen and really and truly if you are not in love with this man tengan after this then i don't know what to tell you he is just a magnificent character i mean for as flashy as he may be this is still a very humble man a man who is able to recognize that there are those who are simply of a higher caliber than himself.

He reveres gyomehimejima the stonehashira to be a complete enigma a mystery of a man and then there is the youngest ashira muichiro tokito the mistashira who unbelievably managed to become a pillar of the demon slayers in only two months of wielding the sword and tengen felt that compared to them he just wasn't so great so this talk of him.

Being a chosen talent was nonsense i mean the very prospect of such a thing was enough to infuriate him as he would recognize the sheer number of lives that had been lost despite his involvement over the years what ultimately resulted in him comparing himself to the ever passionate rengoku and that's because despite losing his life ringoku did not.

Let anyone die on his watch meanwhile although we haven't really seen tengen on any previous missions we are able to recognize that with this entertainment district arc alone he has lost many lives many people have been slaughtered and killed while he has been in town and a part of me really wishes that our younger demon slayers could have been.

Present for this to hear this humbling display and that's because in the past they were beating themselves up over not being like rengoku that they were just far too weak to do so and yet we have a hashira here of such incredible esteem and power who also feels the very same way but despite this is able to persevere and fight on and it would.

Furthermore be revealed that you throw sickles are in fact laced with a deadly poison which only makes this whole situation and predicament that much more hazardous now i will admit there was something that i was really looking forward to receiving with the anime iteration here and that was tengen's family i wanted to see what all of his.

Siblings look like we only really received the most vague of shapes with the manga and that happened to be the very same in the anime so i was a little bit disappointed in that way i wouldn't say i was overly disappointed because i mean that would be going above and beyond above and beyond as you'd have to give each and every one of them a proper.

Character design that wouldn't be utilized again in the future so yeah i was really just holding my breath on that one however we did in fact receive a proper look at his younger brother who was quite different in the manga we only just got to see like a close-up of his face but here we got to see really all we needed to of him and he if you're a.

Naruto fan he looks like shisui i can't lie this guy completely looks like shisui but speaking of looks oh my goodness this scene with master ubeyashiki was beautiful it looked so incredible from the fall of the sakura petals the ever blowing wind the less kept together styling of tengen's hair and of course the master himself here we.

Actually managed to see the master ubyshiki before the illness took over his face and he is gorgeous like straight up he is dazzling i mean there is just such an unquestionable kindness to his words that are even able to touch the heart of such a shinobi like tengen and i am certain that what he says here can apply to the lives of many people it.

Is a very difficult thing going against the grain it is difficult to go against what you had been taught as a child your fundamentals to flip the script and reinvent yourself is definitely quite the undertaking but to do so is a magnificent thing indeed and so the sacrifice and willingness to engage on this path despite knowing the.

Adversities to come was something that the master was grateful for however tengen ii was incredibly grateful to the masters he had provided his life worth and merit the reasoning behind him risking his life was something grander than himself and that was enough to keep him going but at this point youthro would notice setengen's breathing was.

Becoming heavier and heavier he was having a difficult time because the poison was finally circulating through his system and having an impact on him he certainly possesses a resistance of poisons considering his shinobi past but even still he was beginning to feel it for sure and guterro was loving it oh my goodness this guy just looks so sinister.

As he is laughing but oh my goodness when these three went at it i could not ask for a better depiction in the manga of course this was quite the series of events that went from page to page action action action but here with the anime it just flows in such an incredible way to where the capabilities the threshold of power for each of these.

Individuals is on full display the anime here especially did a great job when it came to displaying the difference between gyutaro and his sister daki when it comes to evading tengen's explosives in the manga unless you were looking especially carefully you wouldn't even pick up on this but in the anime it was all too clear and yet again tangent.

Managed to cut off doki's head and truly tengen for as much as he may compare himself to others considering himself to be inferior to them this is undoubtedly a very very powerful combatant i mean he is able to decapitate daki with ease without even thinking about it yet tandro and the others are nowhere near being able to do so so easily and then.

You have gyutero who is even above that and you know i said it with the last episode but i have to say it again the performance of these demon siblings vocally is straight up brilliant they both do such an incredible job and truly although we are still at the very beginning of the year i imagine that this is going to go down as my favorite.

Anime performance in terms of vocals for 2022. i am in love and although tengen was struggling to take down guitar by his lonesome he would not be by himself for too much longer as our younger demon slayers would now make their flashy entrances which just means that we are now entering the final stages of this conflict all of our players are present.

And it is time to go all out when it came to the evacuation of the district with the anime we actually received a few scenes that were not present in the manga which showed how some of these civilians previously impacted by this conflict have been holding up the anime also included tan gang congratulating the younger demon slayers on their.

Flashy entrances which the manga did not but this was certainly something that made sense for the character and man this scene of tangent talking about how incredible his subordinates are has always been one of my favorites and was done incredibly by the anime you could really feel the passion coming from this man and so of course this eagerness was.

Enough to trigger the recollection of kyoto ringoku for tanjiro but good lord to know that giutro himself had eaten 15 hashira and his sister had eaten seven is just mind-boggling these two are very powerful i know that daki is just getting thrown around and just treated like a child by tengen but even still she is very powerful you cannot be.

Fooled by the sound of shira here he is just really strong as well a combined 22 hashira's is a whole lot and remember this is only upper moon 6. and man the anime really did zanitsu justice here let me just say that the manga did nothing of the sort it was kind of just whatever but here oh my goodness this was just dazzling and i could completely.

Understand why anyone's favorite character would be zanitsu considering the anime because he is way too cool when he is wielding his sword when he is using thunder breathing he is a different character entirely and it is astonishing speaking of which at the time of this recording we are currently closing in on a million views on our.

Zenitsu explained video so thank you all so much for checking that out and if you haven't already you should definitely do so it is a great one indeed but yeah zunitsu was asleep but still about that action and here in the anime they actually give him like this sleeping snot bubble thing or whatever that's typical in anime but in the manga there.

Was no such thing and it's kind of like i don't know i don't know how i feel about it it's kind of a split it's cooler looking in the manga for him not to have it but also it's kind of like charming a little funny that he does have it i'm not sure i guess maybe if he didn't have it he would look a little too badass for a guy who was fighting.

Asleep but i mean fighting asleep is already so badass by itself so again i am conflicted and man i already said that i love the voices of these two sibling demons and guess what studio ufo table decided to do for me they decided to combine these voices together into one i did not expect this at all but they definitely made this third eye of.

Daki's a whole lot cooler although it was already so cool i love third eyes in anime for sure i mean if you check out the magi series that is one of the coolest things ever but man this studio continues to do the damn thing so now daki who was already challenging enough for everyone except for tengen is even more capable that is scary and you.

Really have to recognize how much of an improvement this is because gootaro was a lot more astute he is a lot more clever and observant than his sister his sister is a lot more reckless and kind of just throws her weight around giutro is an actual fighter and so for her to now possess a level of acuity on par with his own is something really special.

Now tundra was the one to stick around with tengen here but he was not ready to hang because geytro is no joke this man went for his neck immediately and nearly pierced him through the jaw but thankfully tengen was there to save him and these two just immediately went at it from there these two were really going at it and guthro over here was.

Playing this game like it was call of duty calling in his kill streak as the obi of his sister just started raining down these two being on the very same combative wavelength is a dangerous dangerous thing indeed but yeah even jutra was able to recognize that tandra was not about that action he was not ready for prime time and was not able to.

Properly coordinate himself with the hishira tengen the battle on the rooftop was incredible it looked so great the battle in the interior was incredible as well the animation here the choreography is just on a different level people and this is a studio that uses cg this is a studio that use 3d graphics and they are not obstructive at all they only enhance.

The final product which is precisely how i personally feel the technology should be used in the medium and again i just cannot stop singing the praises of this studio they have done such an incredible job and i hope that plenty other series are able to follow in their footsteps in this way now tangero despite not being on the same level here is actually able.

To provide a bit of coverage by way of his water breathing so we are not able to see sun breathing make a return he isn't really ready to use that power it is too demanding on his body but water breathing is a very defensive form it is a very simple form at that and so he is able to be of use for sure and from there we get to see the fifth form of.

Sound breathing string performance and it is just dazzling i cannot stop saying it this stuff is just so good to look at this is my favorite arc of demon slayer and they are not disappointing in the slightest in terms of action these last few episodes have been the best the series has ever seen and that is saying something our various demon slayers were.

Definitely struggling here but at the very same time doing their absolute best however considering the knight would be able to last for a lot longer they were in quite the predicament considering this poison element as well they were barely even provided a moment to catch their breath however that's when tengen's wife hinatsuru the one who had.

Ingested the poison would come for the smoke pulling up with a ton of kunai and launched them at the enemy specifically guterro now at first gyutero being a demon as he is would underestimate the lethality of these kunai however he would come to recognize that there was a high likelihood that there was something more to this attack than meets the eye.

Which makes a whole lot of sense because that was the case with the explosives of 10gens as well as they were especially effective on demons and so he would defend against it however despite this tengen would continue his onslaught his rush he did not mind the kunai at all they were able to pierce into his form all over i mean one only just barely.

Missed his eye this served to display the shinobi past of tengen but also his unreal determination to win here and so in his refusal of missing this opportunity he was able to cut off gutro's legs which hindered his mobility and allowed for this kunai which was laced with wisteria extract to pierce his neck at which point he began to go.

Numb and his legs would not regenerate and so with that i can comfortably say that if this kunai were to pierce a lesser demon oh my goodness they would be done for and at this point honduras was the one to go for utero's neck here which absolutely thrilled and delighted the demon as this showed that tundra was able to get into sync with tengen in.

Such a short period of time it was miraculous and for such a fighter was incredibly thrilling that being said despite this precarious situation guthra looked to be very comfortable and so i'm sure you can imagine that things are far from over the after credit short for this episode was a bit touching as tengen was able to speak to the spirit.

Of ringoku a kind exchange where despite tengen being down on himself for not being able to do the things that rangoku was able to rengoku would be able to return the favor by saying that he simply cannot do things that tengin is able to do as well especially commending his swordplay this episode was amazing and really and truly you guys are as.

Well i mean i am not ashamed to say that i was crying when i was reading some of the comments you guys left us with the previous episode breakdown considering the circumstances of my personal life currently it truly means a lot to me and just go to show how powerful the plot army really is and if you haven't already this is your opportunity to join.

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