So I want to share with you the most deliciousmeal that is so good if you're busy and you want big flavour this is tray baked chickenwith thai red curry paste, squash, we're gonna roast it off with coconut milk with beautifuljasmine rice and then a quick cucumber pickle, it's a real comforting feast. So first up squash, if you've never cookedthis before right pick it up, buy it, it's delicious it's really nutritious and whenyou roast them in the oven they're so so good! Get yourself a big knife, take the end offright and get the tip of the knife in the middle, don't put too much weight into it,and just cut and rock down the length of the squash okay?.

We're going to put it onto its flat side andthen just get it into a quarter. Remove those seeds, just use a little spoon. Cut it into nice chunks, 2, 3 centimetre chunks,and then just throw it into your tray. When we roast it gets delicious and it's likean amazing roast potato it makes you feel really good and comforted and of course whenyou add spice, come on. Get one heaped tablespoon thai red curry paste,but look the great thing about these pastes is it's done all the hard work for you. With the chicken right, a nice little swapout is to go from the skin chicken thighs to the skinless chicken thighs.

We're going to get that in the tray a littlebit of seasoning while we're here, and just toss it all up so the flavours are coated. It's going to be intense, it's going to bedelicious, and it's easy, and then we'll cook it in the oven for an hour at 200 degreesCelsius or 400 Fahrenheit and it's going to be amazing. Okay so the hour is up, have a little lookat this guys. Oh, beautiful! Now a nice healthier swap is to go from theregular coconut milk to the coconut milk light. It's literally about half the saturated fats.

So I'm just gonna give it a nice little mix,take a bunch of spring onions and finely slice, and that in with the squash is beautiful. I'm going to take half a bunch of corianderstalks and all, finely slice the stalks, as you get to the leaves you can kind of chunkit up if you want, and we'll sprinkle that in as well. Final little toss-up guys look at that, areally nice little dinner full of colour full of flavour the house is going to smell incredible. Pop this back in the oven for about 10 minuteswhile I do the rice. Rice goes in.

Jasmine gives off a kind of nice stickiness. Boiling water, pinch of salt, put that ona high heat for around 10 – 12 minutes. Right we're gonna make a pickle. Grab your humble cucumber oh yes, just scratchit down the length. Slice it up big bits small bits, there's anice pinch of salt and give it a little toss. Lime, put your weight onto it and roll itand it'll get the natural oils going. Get a grater so the zest goes in, squeezeit. It's almost gonna like pickle the cucumber. Last but not least coriander, finely sliced,we're going to toss that through the cucumber.

And that's the simplest tastiest little pickle,so good. Lovely. And a nice little way to get the veg up isto celebrate some greens. I'm using these, sugar snap peas. And you can put them in whole, delicious,or you can slice up. So everything done, just have a look at that. Sumptuous, gorgeous smelling, loveliness. I'm just going to take these sugar snaps andI'm just going to sprinkle them over the top, fold it in the residual heat which is goingto be enough in my opinion right look at the.

Colours, absolute heaven in a nutshell, sogood! And then the rice, few bits of coriander,and I've still got one little lime if you want to do a little wedge. 6 people are gonna smash that and be veryvery happy. The squash becomes so amazingly delicious. Juices galore. And a little bit of that cucumber pickle comeon! All we gotta do now is try some. So good.

Really gentle, really subtle, really fragrant,definitely comfort food. That's a lovely nutritious healthy littledinner. Enjoy.


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