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Galagichi home cooking by Emily meggett now this book is chock full of all kinds of delectable recipes I've made a couple of them already and they're fantastic and this fried chicken recipe looks so great and what I love about it is that it only contains four ingredients and that includes both the chicken and the oil it is so simple and it looks so.

Delicious that today I I am going to make it look at that doesn't that look fantastic here's the recipe and what I'm so excited about and what is so interesting to me about this recipe is that it uses self-rising flour and there is a reason for that Ms maggot says that the self-rising flour contains baking powder which creates a Browner crust so.

Let's go ahead and get started so behind me I've got some oil heating up in my cast iron Dutch oven I'm using peanut oil because it has a high smoking point it's really great for deep frying so Ms maggot doesn't specify a temperature but I'm going to heat mine up to about 350 375. we're going to be cooking this chicken for a while about 20 minutes so.

If we have the temperature too hot it's going to overcook the outside and not cook the inside but if it's not hot enough we're going to be absorbing a lot of oil so let's prepare the chicken right here I have one chicken that I've cut up into pieces I've got the breast and the thigh and the drumstick and the wings all separated I opted to cut out.

The backbone for the breast you can keep that if you like I just wanted to speed the cooking process up a little bit those backbones can be saved and used in chicken stock next we're going to liberally season our chicken Miss maggot recommends gold metal seasoning and I did my best to try to find it the company is actually based in Virginia.

Richmond Virginia and I have a hook up there and they could not find it I tried looking all over online couldn't find the gold medal seasoning it said it was out of socks so I'm going to be substituting Johnny's seasoning salt which a few of you recommended and more Jersey Nature's season Miss Megan also likes this I'm going to use a.

Combination of both of these so I'm going to shake this all over the chicken now I'm going to add the Morton's nature season right on that turn these pieces over and get this side too okay now I'm rolling this around to make sure we get the sides as well.

Okay now whenever we're working with chicken particularly raw chicken or poultry make sure you're aware of cross contamination if you touch the chicken wash your hands if it falls onto the countertop wash that as well alrighty now we're ready to bread our chicken we're going to be using self-rising flour you can use regular self-rising.

Flour if you don't have self-rising flour you can make it yourself by adding baking powder and salt to your regular AP flour so we're going to use this flour and next we're going to take a grocery shopping bag and I love this idea for breading chicken especially large amounts of chicken just using a shopping.

Bag open it up and take these candles off I'm gonna get in the way all right our shopping bag and then we're gonna take our flour and add some to our bag foreign.

And then we're going to place our chicken inside she says you can do six to eight pieces at a time this is so smart now we're gonna fold the top of the bag and give it a shake to get all the flour all over our chicken like this oh you might have a leek but.

it's a great way to rapidly coat your chicken right and then great and look perfectly dredged chicken beautiful go our chicken dredged she also knows not to do this too far in.

Advance before you fry your chicken so I'm almost up to temperature I'm at 3 32. so round two my urge is to shake this very vigorously but that's not necessary we're just trying to coat everything right beautiful we're good okay now this flower needs to.

Be disposed of since it touched the raw chicken my oil is now up to temperature I really love this thermometer by the way there's a probe thermometer this particular one is by thermapen thermoworks and it's called The Dot it's super simple and super easy and I really like its interface you just set the temperature at which you want your.

Temperature to be at stick the probe in there I want it to be about 360. so it will beep when the oil is up to Temp oh we're at 360. okay I'm going to turn this off okay so now um we're just going to carefully submerge our chicken into the oil gently.

See that now when you're deep frying make sure not to overfill your container because it will bubble and Sizzle up and plus the chicken is going to displace the oil so you don't want to have an oil fire grease fire bad news and I'm just going to cook half the chicken at one time four pieces.

So I'm going to cook it at this temperature for 20 minutes it's going to start to get golden then we're going to turn it over and cook it for an additional 10 minutes or so until everything is golden and beautifully cooked alrighty lovelies I will see you in about a half an hour when this is all.

Well and cooked all righty my lovelies look at this I wish you could smell what it smells like in here it smells so stinking good so beautiful it browned up gorgeously and a tip that Miss Megan also includes in.

Her recipe is that when the pieces begin to float that means they're cooked and a Surefire way to know if your chicken is done is to take the internal temperature I like using an instant Reed thermometer and poke it all the way in there and if it registers 165 degrees Fahrenheit or above then you know your chicken is complete alrighty enough chat ring let's.

Give this a taste what's your favorite part of the chicken I love the thigh as a child I love the drumstick my parents always gave me the drumstick because it was easy to hold from the good portion for a child but I am partial to the thigh so let's give it a today's and the wings love the wings two okay there is my beautiful pile of chicken which I.

Cannot wait to share with my children when they come home from school oh my goodness oh my goodness all right I like the wing and give me one of them thighs okay all right I'm gonna eat a wing first alrighty listen how crispy this is that's crispy chicken my wing so when I was cooking this the wings.

Cooked the quickest which makes sense because they're the smallest piece all right here we go hmm so stinking good so stinking good the chicken is tender it is not overcooked it's very well seasoned but not too salty the breading is crisp and not greasy and.

The chicken is just so stinky next the beautiful thigh here we go I love the skin of fried chicken I don't mean just the breading but the skin beneath the breading the skin crisps up and the breading is crisp but it has that really great concentrated.

Intense chickeny flavor look how succulent that is um all right my lovelies if you couldn't tell already I highly recommend this recipe it is so simple it's so easy it does take a bit of time mine actually took less time.

Than what was recommended in the recipe but my chicken pieces were on the smaller side so you're going to have to adjust accordingly depending on the size of your chicken 350 was a great temperature for me when I actually added the chicken pieces it ended up being more about 330 degrees for the kind of just general cooking.

Temperature which is great because it didn't over Brown and the chicken was cooked all the way and I also recommend this book galagichi home cooking this book is fantastic it hails from Edisto Island in South Carolina I almost forgot to mention that and these recipes are tried and true and full of love all right my lovelies thanks so.

Much for watching and big thanks to for sponsoring this video if you'd like to receive an exclusive offer on top of coupon codes that are offered on the website click the link down below alright and I love these thanks again for watching I hope you enjoyed that one I hope you learned something please share this.

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