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The Black Bulls Sacrifice Everything for Asta’s Ancient Ritual


Black Clover chapter 363 titled standing in the way opens up with a continuation of yuno's battle against Lucius as Asta the hope of the Clover Kingdom remains on the verge of a glorious return Lucius continues to take his sweet time against yuno leisurely speaking to him about how everyone seems to be rather attached to hasta which is kind of funny considering.

You know is asta's brother but I guess we can't expect the guy who's using his siblings as human batteries to really appreciate family according to Lucius even if Asta were in fact alive somehow he'd never be able to return to the Clover Kingdom that's a possibility that Lucius had already prepared countermeasures against so Lucia still.

Doesn't have any concrete proof of Austin's survival but is still a variable he's accounted for talk about a meticulous villain since this Izzy final Arc I'm expecting to see appearances from foreigners like Mars and little peschka after all we already have these sea Temple siblings with Noel so I have to wonder if Lucius is accounted for.

Them too and if so just how far May have gone against them considering they're not necessarily the strongest in the world and we can't forget the elves of dryad's forest if he's underestimated them any of those characters may be able to help shift the tide but stepping away from the Clover Kingdom we once again find ourselves within the witch's Forest.

Hovering above we have Paladin Kira and several Guardian Angels this invading Force immediately set the forest on a high alert causing several massive security Golems this spring into action and repel them the many witches in the forest flew towards a threat on their broomsticks refusing to let them disturb the doors of Destiny just then the.

Trifecta of security Golems Unleashed simultaneous streams of devastating magma magic towards their enemies but this was all nothing before Kira scale magic scale dominate a far more powerful expression of the scale magic we are seeing For the First Time The unfamiliar witches were baffled by the sight of their efforts being reduced to nothing.

As Kira put it now that he was a paladin before his scale kills all magic tilts in favor of them the righteous and truly what could possibly be more unbalanced than a broken scale speeding things along would quickly see just how devastating this force can be I see many witches in the forest have been defeated and laid out a Missy rubble and broken.

Trees looking towards the center of the forest Kira was already sure of where his targets were this was his holy task the future in which he devil threatens to destabilize the intended order of the world was one that he could not allow to come to pass moments later the many Guardian Angels began to pull their Mana into a single Hansen traded attack this.

Was all for the sake of ensuring their massive New World Order would become a reality all the surviving witches could do was look on in horror as this vicious burst of light began racing towards her most sacred location on the brink of utter destruction back in the Clover Kingdom Paladin Morgan was speaking with his former Guild Mage Captain Yami he.

Speak of how his mask sees a path towards a world of peace now with that he additionally sees a Troublesome disturbance in the witch's Forest that aims to threaten said World attempting to coerce his old friend into giving up Morgan urged him to be reborn as a paladin too he'd speak of defending their country together again like they.

Had during the old gray deer days Yami remains silent for a moment but back then their Captain wasn't Lucius it was Julius the man they both respected Yami would apologize to Morgan as far as he was concerned they couldn't be partners anymore and this is because he already had his own Squad he'd remind Morgan of what he said before his death that Yami.

Has a good eye for people and the power to bring them together despite their bluntness he truly believed that Yami would make for a great magic Knight Captain I'm still waiting on this battle between Yami and Morgan to really begin of course we have Noel versus ossier which has similarly not been shown much but this is even less and with a ton of.

Perfect lucious clones running around I'm afraid that I may throw off the fun of these fights obviously Paladin Morgan versus not is the more enjoyable battles we had here as opposed to Paladin Morgan vs Yami but there is still the mystery of yami's new biology with him now being more devil than human I'm really eager to see how that will impact his.

Abilities and whether or not that's something Lucius is accounted for of course with not currently in a whole different country with another threat to deal with it may be a few chapters before we get to see a sibling Face-Off involving him so this Clover Kingdom fight is likely to be elongated for a very long time the bright side is if.

They manage to bring back Asta with their using seven they will not only have a sibling bite but maybe even a sibling team up between Yami and his little sister ichika despite Morgan's prior faith in him for a while Yami still wasn't sure if he had a good eye for talent or not but now as a rooner race sprang to life several miles away.

Yami understood the array which we can assume was either created by Zora or Zora and Magna easily absorb the concentrated beam while being surrounded by several of gauss's mirrors this combination easily split and spit the attack back at their opponents this directed The Mirror beams towards the guardian angels and the biggest was.

Saved for Kira himself there were also blasts of fire from Magna and jolt of lightning from luck but despite all these Lightspeed attacks they seem to be nothing before Cura scale magic to the point where we didn't even get to see how they fared directly Kira simply looked on as his enemies emerged from the billowing smoke from here on out the.

Black Bulls vowed to take him down we've got Zora gauch and a new fit Sakurai Henry gray knocked Magna luck and Charmy here all ready for a fight we know that finral and Vanessa aren't here because they're busy with the ritual meant to bring us to home but I wonder where Gordon might be like we said last chapter scale magic is bound to be.

Really difficult for these guys to go up against especially now that it has been supercharged to this extent by purified devil power but the combination potential of the black bulls and all the unique abilities is unmatched not to mention the fact that we haven't seen these guys in a fight since he time skip so they're all bound to have new tricks.

Up their sleeves Zora isn't a new addition to our blackpool's lineup anymore it's about time we got to see more spells from him besides the Trap magic he's most known for Zora does actually have access to Ash magic but right now since we're in a forest and have a fire magic user in the form of Magna maybe he'll be able to expand on.

That in some interesting way that would normally be Beyond his scope and when it comes to his more famous trap magic there's absolutely no doubt that he's gotten stronger his trap magic was able to deflect the combined magical power of five Guardian Angels which might I remind you are all lower Captain level and all have access to the magical.

Attribute of wind earth water lightning and fire and seeing as he wasn't the only one to launch a counter-attack here it stands the reason that this magical array was put together pretty quickly back during the elf Invasion Arc he struggled to do the same thing against he can buy magical power of five Mages they each harness a different element.

That's some pretty insane development not to mention the size of this thing and how high up in the air it was now gauch is probably my least favorite member of the black Bulls but I will never sleep on how absurdly useful his mirror magic is with it he can easily turn a squad into an army and launch omnidirectional attacks he can both.

Strengthen his allies attack power and reflect his enemies attacks back at them besides the improved strength this also does wonders for Mana conservation Zora's biggest and most complex traps consume a lot more time and Mana so combining with something like mirror magic can assure that he gets more bang for his buck and if Austin's Demon.

Slayer was able to quadruple the power of a spell deflected by counter trap I can only imagine the exponential multiplier mirror magic could provide sekure is the absolute cure of this fight although she's not necessarily A Healer like gray can be she can feel away any sort of pain or fatigue allowing these guys to fight with about.

Restrictions but more importantly she can unseal just about anything meaning if she can get her hands on Kira she can release him from Lucy's brainwashing although I'm not a huge fan of fan of the whole Mecha bull thing I think Henry is awesome and his ability to pretty much be a magical parasite is something I would love to see against Kira's scale.

Magic knocked is plenty strong as it is and again we are waiting on his battle against Morgan so although he's not about to be dead wait here I'm expecting to see his best at a later Point all the shadow hands everywhere do make me think that he's still really scary though but for the sake of not leaving him out here the ability to perform devil Union with.

All four of his contractors at the same time would be epic Grace transmutation magic is an absolute wild card here being in a forest there's just so much for her to work with when it comes to Magna after his battle against Dante anything is possible with this guy he's already proven that when magical power is balanced out he can still come out on.

Top luck is crazy strong across the board I would love to see more of his lightning Battle Theme form from what little we've seen of it he was able to effortlessly decapitate four mid-sear Devils with so much time since then I think we can expect him to have already taken the this form to the next level and lastly we have charmie on her nimbus.

Cloud she's still a huge mystery that I need to know more about that wolf and taller form of hers are way too cool we still know next to nothing about dwarves and Black Clover so I think we deserve some answers I'm not sure if this fight will be the one but she does look pretty menacing up there so fingers crossed seeing them all Hero was unimpressed by.

The rekindle desire to oppose him he could only see the black Bulls as foolish Sinners who had yet again decided to side with the devil like my hero Academia last week this was a pretty short chapter but for some reason it felt a bit more satisfying if you follow both stories let me know if you feel the same way Black Clover is on.

Break next week so hopefully when we return there will be even more to dive into as always I'm selectable taku thank you all so much for watching and have an awesome day I love you