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The Blood War Begins! They Stole Ichigo’s Bankai?! – Bleach TYBW Episode 1


Bleach is back and it is not going to disappoint 10 years later Ichigo Kurosaki and crew are here for the Thousand-Year blood War I hope you're all as hyped for this as I am let's dive into our recap of episode one we open on something we didn't see right away in the manga over blue sparkling particles we hear someone relay a prophecy it.

Focuses around the fate of a sealed Quincy King this figure would regain its heartbeat after 900 years then after 90 years he'd be able to think nine more years and his strength would return to him and Ben well the voice doesn't finish that part but we see a grasping hand reaching out to seize the Quincy cross that can't mean anything remotely.

Good we see a guy with a bushy mustache grin a little taste of what's coming later in the episode with that we cut to the chaos an alarm is ringing its head off as we go to Seoul society's research and Development Department Captain Mayuri kurotsuchi and his Lieutenant Akon are riding an elevator down to the Situation Room the members of the.

Department are extremely alarmed running this way and that yelling at each other but the reason behind it is quite odd at least if you don't remember your bleach lore Hollows have been unexpectedly disappearing while Soul Reapers usually fight Hollows obliterating them outright is a problem it risks destabilizing the border between the worlds of the living.

And the dead the Shinigami are doing their best to fix this situation trying to stabilize the border and work out what is going on but they can only do so much if this hollow Purge keeps going the Border will destabilize that's pretty much an apocalypse for both Soul society and the Living World Akon wonders if this strange event could be.

Caused by them Mayuri knows at once what he's referring to and is convinced of it so much so he sees Akon even asking as foolish as far as he's concerned there's only one group who could totally obliterate Hollows like this we shift to karakura town with a crescent moon in the sky it's quite a moment we've been gone from this place for so long a.

Mysterious figure with a Quincy cross Talisman breaks something over a rooftop they don't stick around jumping away as a door to Soul Society opens up it's time for two new Soul Reapers to take up their duties in the world of the living they don't look super ready for it at least one doesn't Shino madarame gives her friend a slap trying to get him to.

Show some backbone ryonosuke Yuki the young Shinigami with dots in his hair is still extremely nervous he's heard that karakura town is full of dangerous Hollows that keep appearing left and right Shino claims that shouldn't matter as long as he's with her Yuki claims that's not what he meant he's not worried about the threat exactly he just.

Wonders if he's the right person to be sent to a place with so much Dane danger there's supposed to be a super tough substitute Soul Reaper here what's the point of some weakling like him going on patrol he can't yeah Miss matarame isn't here for that kind of loser talk that name plus bleach means no whining he yells at Yuki to stop being such a wuss.

They were assigned here to give that other Shinigami a break from all his hard work Soul Society even assigned two of them here they have acknowledged rionosuke's abilities and think he's able to help out Ichigo Kurosaki or they think these two are useless and wanting to give them a cushy assignment either option works really still Chino is being.

More optimistic and wants to see that in her friend Yuki should show some pride in himself and when he still questions the whole point of this assignment she shoves him off there's no point in keeping this argument up if the other Shinigami is so insistent on not listening they should split up and start patrolling look for Hollows get a feel.

For the area that should help steady his nerves Yuki ain't happy at the idea of splitting up but Shino has had enough and isn't going to give him an option she just Jets off to start her own Patrol this way her friend might finally grow some backbone cut to the rather pathetic riunosuke slowly jumping through the town at night all alone he's.

Still worrying about Hollows jumping out at him to the point you have to wonder if he got any training at the Academy was he just some random guy from Soul Society who thought being a Shinigami sounded like an easy job did he just want the cool robe well it hardly matters now unfortunately for poor Yuki a hollow shows up at the bridge he.

Stopped on it's a big old brute too a hulking spider with steel Limbs and a mop of pink hair over its mask Yuki starts running for his life jumping down and springing through the town calling on his phone for Shino he Ducks into buildings and starts heading up the stairs hoping to find his friend from a better vantage point but unfortunately.

Shino is already there Yuki emerges onto the rooftop to find her broken body in the fist of another massive Hollow two more have shown up lurking on the rooftop our poor novice Shinigami huran to he's right in the middle of a whole nest of Hollows she knows zonpacto clatters to the ground Yuki trembles as he starts to draw his own blade even if.

It's hopeless he has to try he's the only one who can save his friend it's a bold Instinct one that says a lot about the young Reaper's character unfortunately he fails to notice what's crawled up the roof behind him the spider Hollow that was chasing him stabs the Shinigami in the back throwing him to the side of the roof Yuki can't.

Believe it even as blood seeps from his body he's going to die from one shot his gaze starts to darken as the hollow comes towards him everything is hopeless before the creature can however it's cut in in two by one shot golden energy reinforcements have come the other Hollows glance around try to find this new threat blast a blast of silver makes.

The big one in the middle drop his prize Chad is the first to enter barreling through to retrieve the Fallen Chino Orihime is next onto the rooftop healing up first Ryu nosuke then Shino just enough to make sure they don't dive their wounds and then it's Ichigo and uriu's turn to step into the ring the gang's all here and the battle is.

Officially on number one starts to play as we pan out to a wider view a lot of these giant Hollows are congregating at this location these things have to be menos Grande given their ridiculous size this promises to be an all-out melee thankfully Our Heroes have come a long way since bleach's early days for them this is just a chance to cut loose we.

Start with Orihime seeing one of the hollows off with an early shitsu koshun knocking it into a bunch of others the hollows fall like Domino Chad is ready to follow that up with a nice strong la muerte delivered to a hollow with a goat skull it's strong enough to knock the creature hundreds of feet through the air the monster spirals impacting on a.

Skyscraper and leaving nothing but a black skull-shaped smear of ooze hoodoo is not going to be outdone the Quincy Archer makes this look effortless he's back to one-hit kills and he's racking up quite the kill tally uriu launches himself upward going high into the air before using leeched Reagan the bombardment of blue energy blankets the.

Entire rooftop blowing a bunch of the hollows away in a few seconds Ichigo calls him out for that one his arrows were more dangerous than the hollows novice Shinigami Yuki remember him is odd by this Display of Power it's like he's a new viewer watching bleach for the first time he's so Starstruck at all the cool fighting he doesn't notice.

Hollow coming up behind him before it almost hits him thankfully Ichigo is here to block the attack he's decided it's time to end this fight going straight for his bonkai to annihilate the final Hollow even before its full release the thing looks almost done once Ichigo calls gatsuka tencho the power is enough to devastate the spinal Hollow.

It's reduced to ashes in a matter of moments this display was so awesome it was enough to knock Yuki unconscious or perhaps those wounds finally caught up with him the young Soul Reaper wakes up over a day later in ichigo's room hirosaki and his friends are here to greet him or Himes even brought some leftover bread and baked goods from her.

Job Nikki's not sure how to process all this he's still worrying about Shino while Ichigo is trying to offer him donuts thankfully the other new Shinigami shows up soon enough proving that she's entirely fine and happy to go back to giving Yuki a piece of her mind for being pathetic seriously he was out for over a day a day what a wimp.

For each going crew they barely react as the two Shinigami bicker about what happened they're more focused on the bread still Ichigo finally remembers to ask this kinda weedy Soul Reaper his name however something very strange happens a figure flies in through the open window and stands on ichigo's bed acting like he was the one Kurosaki was.

Talking to this dude in the fancy white uniform and half mask introduces himself as escuado IBN he's smirking like a jackass right off the bat you can practically feel the smug Superior attitude just radiating off of this guy Ichigo tells iben to get off his bed the guy in white acts like he didn't hear him asking strawberry head to repeat the.

Question Ichigo does and ibran refuses upon which each girl kicks him right in the face fancy coat dude is knocked right out the window which is probably kind of treatment than he deserved ichigo's friends briefly speculate about who that guy might be uriu suggests that the half mask means he might be an arangar a hollow that's partially.

Removed their mask Ichigo doesn't know if that's right but doesn't really care no matter what the dude was rude he grabs his blade resolving to go drive the stranger away as he flies off Shino asks who that stranger was Orihime with a mouth full of food admits she's got no idea the camera lingers briefly on uriu however who looks troubled he might know.

More than he's letting on about this new arrival we go to Ebon who has touched down in a nearby dirty Alleyway The Stranger is shocked shocked that Ichigo kicked him like that apparently he expected a much warmer welcome after showing up uninvited entering a house without permission and standing on someone's bed Ichigo however has come.

Over to talk to him rather than kick him some more kurosaki's no dope he can guess this mysterious stranger is here for karakura Town's substitute Shinigami Ichigo us down to talk provided they go somewhere else for that Ebon however waves this off he calls Ichigo arrogant for assuming that he was the reason that Evon showed up in ichigo's room of.

Ichigo's house however Ebon figures the shinigabi must be curious about who he is right this cool mysterious stranger who just showed up and nope he doesn't care of it Ichigo is far too experience to be impressed with petty stuff like your outfit he just starts guessing asking if Ebon really is an aranca that idea makes ibon's eyes go wide though he.

Doesn't comment on it Ichigo keeps drilling him asking the stranger if he came alone if someone sent him what does he have to gain from fighting Ichigo ibon is hung up on the arankar thing however he flies up ready to meet Ichigo in the air from his sleeve The Stranger withdraws a Quincy's cross Talisman unlike in the manga Ichigo calls it out.

Right away Ebon manifests a strange weapon out of the Rishi in the air one that looks more like a gun than a bow taunting Ichigo overseeing something familiar before the fight can begin however we cut over to The rookon District in Seoul Society seated Shinigami Aya sagawa and matarame are investigating a string of disappearances.

They can't understand what's been going on here this whole village has just vanished out of nowhere the pair can't locate a single soul left in the place their subordinates have swept the whole area and only found one thing a set of strange Footprints all of which come together in one spot and then just stop the Shinigami are able to make some.

Deductions by examining the scene more closely the prints are from either sandals or bare feet this wasn't the work of a hollow it looks more like the people of the rukon district abducted their own fellow citizens even that doesn't really explain blame them Vanishing however the Reapers have no idea what this could mean but the group.

Resolves to keep investigating we move from here back to the research and development operations room Mayuri is still in front of the large display the alert has stopped blaring although there's still a lot of red diamonds on his map things can't be going well with the border before we get more information though we go to the office.

Of the captain Commander it's a pretty nice spot very traditional Japanese architecture old man shigekuni Yamamoto is behind his desk when he sees a flash of light from outside even at a glance he can identify it as the bonkai of his Lieutenant tojiro sasakibe before he can investigate what's going on however we hear someone call out to the captain.

Commander before being brutally cut down Yamamoto asks who goes there and as we pan back we see them standing above the bloody form of the murdered messenger are a group of figures they all wear the same pure white uniform as Ebon does but their masks are different they are complete and mirrored reflecting the outside world back at any Observer the.

Leader of this group notes that they are here to declare war before that can go anywhere however it's back to Ichigo Yvonne has already begun their battle opening fire with Globes of blue energy Ichigo briefly tries to evade the attack but the blasts fly after him however they're no match for his Blade the easily blocked attack give strawberry.

Time to think this through he knows Ebon carries a Quincy cross logically that must mean he's a Quincy attacking with blue energy blasts and a fancy ranged weapon is pretty Quincy Behavior but he's sporting in arankar mask one that only Hollows or Soul Reaper should be able to wear how has he done that why would he do that don't the Quincy's hate.

Hollows before he can work that out we go back to the group of mirrored figures here to smack top Captain shigekuni their leader snarks that he was shocked at how easy it was to get into the private quarters of the leader of the gote 13. perhaps Seoul society's security could use some improvements and the rude stranger has a point given what.

Happened to the central 46 back in early Butch Yamamoto though badass that he is points out that there was nothing to fear he is here there could be no greater security than that this man has no fear of some Daft punk-looking trench coat mafiosai unfortunately he's not the only one at threat Lieutenant sasakibe is thrown into the office impaled.

Against the wall by a giant sword of blue energy even Yamamoto is shocked by this the lead mystery man tells him not to mourn is subordinate has done them all a public service the shinigami's end has helped demonstrate great the Fate that awaits for all his people a hopeless struggle followed by a painful death The Stranger lays it all on the.

Table in five days time all of Seoul Society will be annihilated by the vandenreich rather than wait for this stranger to explain what that is the captain Commander lunges forward it just takes emotion for Yamamoto to break the blade and retrieve sasakibe's body the mirror mask Squad don't budge an inch as the greatest Shinigami draws close to.

Them their leader continues snarking pointing out that there's no way they'll tell a captain anything useful besides he should be able to guess who they are Yamamoto orders the group to Halt but no dice in an instance they vanish fading away into the Shadows before the captain's Flames can strike them these Invaders can come and go as they please.

They are not going to be easy to force into a fight right however thankfully some of them are dumb enough to want to fight as we see by cutting back to Ichigo versus Ebon the hollow slash Quincy slash jerk has Ichigo on the defensive blasting him more rapidly each ghost gone better at dodging his attacks falling back beneath a bridge as iban.

Chides him surely he can do more than Dodge right that can't be the full extent of his powers at any rate he'll have to use ban Kai to finish him off Ichigo picks up on the taunting it's clear Ebon wants him to escalate this unfortunately he has no real better options here ichigo's no Mastermind and the only Clues he has are contradictory.

He's got no idea who or even what this stranger is for now the only course of action is to play along as such he readies his bonkai for release back in Seoul Society Lieutenant sasukebe manages to stir he's close to death but he manages to mutter a few final words to his captain the enemy they can steal our Bankai a warning that comes far too.

Late for Ichigo ibon is grinning like a demon as he watches Ichigo get ready he's retrieved a small device that creates a blue ring around him Ichigo pays it no mind at first but then he feels something strange a series of blue energy blades fire off from the sky raining down about the Shinigami ibon begins to chant in German the rhythmic.

Intonation resembling the Shinigami keto we see ichigo's full bring begin to crack beneath the spiritual pressure but when Ebon finishes his chance Ichigo twists and breaks through shattering the strange blue blades Ebon has no clue what to make of this outcome you can see the shock on his face as his victory is snatched away from him in an instance.

Ichigo finishes his release and the resulting explosion lights up the night sky of karakura one more successful Bond guy one more fight one unfortunately Ebon survived fortunately he's badly hurt he's clearly in no state to continue fighting The Stranger screams at the sky demanding to know what happened why wouldn't the Bankai.

Disappear before we can get the answer Ichigo has his zonpok toe to ebon's throat he wants to know what the stranger meant by that and a bunch of other stuff besides the new arrivals coming with him to answer a whole bunch of questions unfortunately Ebon doesn't feel like going anywhere with Ichigo cursing his luck The Stranger starts to.

Fade into the same Shadows that had consumed the mirror masks in Soul Society Ichigo backs away wary of some attack Iman seems to find that funny he tells Kurosaki not to worry that the Shadows only hide the Cho Chosen and with that the strange figure is gone leaving Ichigo with many unanswered questions I'm sure he'll deal with that.

Calmly we see what Ebon meant by that remark however we follow him into the Shadows before finally seeing that strange blue light and within that light is a mysterious structure Grant imposing towering over the void the masked figures from Soul Society have arrived though their leader has removed his faceplate he's very smug about his.

Success in delivering a message warning their enemy of their plans and gets doubly smug upon seeing Evon he remarks that it's commendable for his comrade to already be down on his knees Pokemon responds that he'd never bow to the squad leader this seems like the beginning of an argument but before it can get any further the leader's arm is.

Severed seemingly just by a glance and a word from a man seated upon an imposing throne even from a distance it's clear this is the same man we saw in the introduction grasping the Quincy cross given his cool chair this is most likely the Quincy King who has been regaining his power for over 900 years he chides his subordinates for their squabble.

Reminding them that he dislikes conflict as such he orders them to give their reports on the preparations they've made for peace and that was episode 1 of the Thousand Year blood piece no war it's it's a war that guy was just kind of full of it anyway bleach is back this episode had a lot to live up to and it did not disappoint.

Some of the CG on the hollows was perhaps a bit rough but the fight animation was fire and there's a lot of more amazing stuff to come what was your favorite part of episode one and what are you most hyped for going forward leave your answers in the comments below thanks for watching I've been Anthony fan and have an awesome day.