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The BROKEN Todoroki Family EXPLAINED! – My Hero Academia


The totoroki family is a unique one every family has something distinct about it but this family in particular has been the subject of discussion for years now through the recent dramatic dobby reveal in the manga that felt like an episode of mori dna test and all we've now filled in the details of the final member.

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With that final push now for starters we have endeavour the man who created this family not out of love or joy not out of sugar and spice and everything nice the todoroki family was created to inherit the dream he himself was unable to accomplish at the age of 20 endeavour had become.

The number two hero and from there it didn't take long to realize he'd never reach number one and not necessarily the spot on the billboard hero chart but he'd never become as strong as all might he later confessed to all might that if he simply wanted the seat he could have put on a smile and tried.

To please the people but that wasn't his desire endeavour now has the most resolved cases in history evidence of how capable he is but to reach all might the symbol of peace was too great in ambition and not just for endeavor but for anyone really no one could compete with the former pillar of society.

All might endeavour's pride though pushed him to commit terrible acts in hopes of accomplishing his dreams through a successor of his own and when you think about it the idea of a successor is central to the story of mahira academia the three main ones being midoriya shoto and shigaraki the story is about the.

Future the passing of the torch from the old to the new the one to help endeavour with this ridiculous plan was rei tororoki the two had a quirk marriage a marriage with the purpose of fusing quirks or passing down a particular quirk.

To children endeavors quirk hellfire's downside is overheating the plan was to fuse it with an ice quirk allowing his child to access his fire and also be able to cool down their body a plan he'd eventually see through with shoutout but it of course didn't come so easy.

Endeavour was throughout his marriage abusive to both rey and the children the failures and even the successful creation choto we'll come back to rey at the end once we're discussing shoto up next is the first child toya toroki the first child of endeavor was not what he'd hoped toya has his mother's body.

But the same type of quirk as his father his flames burned hotter than his father's so while he wasn't the perfect child he had potential toya was close with natsuo so much so that in his own words every day he would crawl to natsuo crying his eyes out he couldn't figure out why he existed.

We of course haven't seen his whole life but it appears at the start of his training he was more enthusiastic excited to learn but based on the fact that he was crying to natsuo it appears the enthusiasm left once he realized he wasn't what his father wanted once he realized his father was hoping.

For the perfect quirk and this would crush anyone it's unfortunate that he grew to question his own existence but at least it seems like he didn't resent his siblings natsuo and fuyumi at that time while natsuo has white hair and fuyumi has white and red hair.

Toya was a strange case his hair was red but then gradually it changed to white by the time he disappeared it was completely white now as for toya's disappearance much is unknown but what we do know is by this point he was certainly unhappy with his life on that day of his death or.

Disappearance the winter winds howled and the air was dry the location was somewhere endeavor spent a lot of his time training sekoto peak it was there that toy is supposedly burned to death the fires burned over 2000 degrees celsius and the body was never found the assumption was that his bones were.

Reduced to ashes and only a piece of his lower jaw bone was found endeavour never believed toya was dead and how could he without a body it's natural for hope to remain and it was his first child after all endeavor had put his hopes on toya despite lacking ice powers.

Toya's fire was greater than his own with fuyumi being born next with an ice quirk he put his faith in toya he really believed toyo would be the one to accomplish that eternal gold toyo could have been the one to erase all the frustration and ugliness but it didn't work out that way it's unknown what happened to toya.

But he would later resurrect as dabi working alongside the league of villains while plotting against his father endeavor initially he'd planned to kill the perfect child choto once he became a successful hero but then endeavour became number one and when the opportunity presented itself.

He revealed his identity to the world shocking his father society and the rest of his family up next is fuyumi again she was born after toya and only inherited her mother's ice quirk donning primarily white hair as evidence of this fuyumi too wasn't ideal and her quirk.

Was not stronger than her mother's so there was no pressure on her to become a hero and she did not instead she became a teacher during the absence of her mother she took on somewhat of a motherly role in the family becoming the one to try and hold things together while she too.

Like natsuo has her grievances against her father she does do her best to get along with him for the sake of the family she's been one to try and keep it together and does deserve a lot of respect for that because in that type of situation as you can imagine it's not easy after.

Fuyumi we have natsuo the sibling toya was closest to natsuo more than anyone toya assad resents endeavor for the abuse for separating shoto from them and basically everything bad that has happened in this family and hey i know it's not good to live with hate but can't blame the man.

Natsuo2 did not become a hero he instead is currently a college student like fuyumi he loves his family but he has a hot temper when it comes to his father the two can hardly talk at all and that's just how bad it is but again you can't really blame him lastly we have shoto.

The final and perfect child the one we know the most about as a child he was isolated from his siblings who redeemed failures and forced to train under his abusive father by this point rey was growing mentally unstable and finally snapped when she saw a resemblance of endeavour.

In shoto giving him that scar on his face when she dashed hot water on him now she did quickly realize what she had done was wrong and tried to cool off his burn but it was too late the damage had been done and as we can all see today he does have this scar she would be removed from the home and placed into some type of hospital.

Where she remains to this day eventually the two would reconnect in person and grow close and the family as a whole endeavor aside connected like never before shoto for the longest time refused to use his father's fire abilities as a way to reject him but eventually he came to realize that.

His quirk is his own and that he can use it to become whatever he desires this was honestly thanks to midoriya's madman showcase during the sports festival but who knows it might have eventually happened anyway prior to the recent toyota developments the family was in a weird place.

Endeavour had decided to step away from the family essentially instead of trying to force them to accept him or in any way kind of forgive him where they'll stand now after the toyah incident remains to be seen it's quite possible this will bring them all closer but it's also just as likely it'll pull them further apart especially.

Natsuo regardless the totoroki family will continue to be of intrigue with that said this is the end of the video i hope you enjoyed it in the comments share your thoughts on the toraroki family and be sure to drop a like and subscribe to plot armor for even more great my hero academia content.

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