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The Complete Jujutsu Kaisen Timeline Explained! Everything You Didn’t Know


Like some concepts within the series jujutsu kaisen's events can get a little confusing time itself isn't presented as linear there's flashbacks coupled in between current happenings for example we only get a full rundown of the star plasma vessel incident during a flashback so today we'll be breaking down all the important dates within this.

Iconic series nara era 710-784 during the nara era a time period from only the early to late 700s master 10 can spread buddhism across japan and the foundations for juju to sorcerers this also kick-starts the time vessel association what's interesting here is the real-life parallel the nara period.

Saw the emergence of two schools of buddhism as well as their religion becoming more commonplace so there are some historical similarities within the series in fact another example can be seen within the next era not only was it touted in the universe as a golden age for sorcery it was historically a gilded era for art and architecture that being.

Said let's move on to the hay and era heian era golden age of sorcery 794-1185 the heian period was home to several big moments it's important to note that this period ran from 794 to 1185. firstly it was considered the golden age of sorcery there isn't much information regarding this time period however we do know that ryoman sukuna was alive and subsequently.

Died during this era besides that there is another sorcery force that emerges or forces really the big three sorcerer families were established which were the gojo zainan and kamo families it's very plausible that the gojo clan came to prominence due to two past 6i users defeating kanjaku this rise of powerful sorcerer clans and zukun himself are.

Certainly hail marks for a golden age but before we go any further don't forget to drop a like and subscribe for some platinum today finally the golden age was also home to genjaku during this period kinjaku was started by these six eyes in his attempt to kill the star plasma vessel speaking of kenjaku let's transition to his whereabouts in the.

Sengoku era sengoku era 1467-1615 during the 1500s kanjaku killed the star plasma vessel and these six eyes user killing the six sized baby was due to kanjaku's previous defeat at the hands of two past six eyes but on the day of master tangents merging both a vessel and six eyes reappear ruining kenjaku's.

Plans once more edo period 1603 through 1867 now venturing into the 1600s to late 1860s is the edo period during this time the two respective heads of the gojo and xanan families killed one another unfortunately this resulted in a long-term bad blood that was even felt in the modern sorcerer age another.

Noteworthy aspect of this era is the fact that there was still no aristocracy it can be assumed that the modern jujutsu world as we know it wasn't formed until later on meiji era 1868-1912 in the meiji era which lasted from the 1860s to around the early 1910s hinjaku used his curse technique to inhabit.

Noritoshikamo's body he went on to become the most evil sorcerer in jiu jitsu history and created the nine cursed womb death paintings besides kanjaku's death paintings a gojo ancestor with both six eyes and limitless is born this is the last user of the combined techniques until saturu gojo's birth with both kanjaku absent.

From the sorcery world and the stability of the three big sorcerer families there is a gap between the 1800s to the 1970s late 1970s to early 80s between the late 70s and early 80s hoji fushiguro was born into the zainan family with no cursed energy nor technique this resulted in toji having an insanely powerful physical body and.

Senses which is recognized as heavenly restriction his lack of technique would lead to toji being ostracized within the family december 7 1989 then satoru gojo the best sorcerer of the modern age is born in 1989 his birth also marks the first time in 100 years a sorcerer was born with both six eyes and.

Limitless besides this tataru's birth marked and upset within the jujutsu world so much so that there was a bounty placed on totaru despite the sorcerer being a literal baby after all his power had defeated kanjaku twice in the past february 3rd 1990 shortly after satoru's birth roseur turned rogue curse tsuguru ghetto was.

Born in early 1990 suguru comes into a family of non-sorcerers the complete opposite of satyaru late 1990s sometime in the late 1990s teenage toji meets a child sataru this is a remarkable meeting for toji because sathuru is the first and last sorcerer to acknowledge toji's presence from.

Behind toji himself is practically invisible to sorcerers due to his lack of cursed energy around this time as well toji leaves the in household due to the influence of his lover megami's mother 2000. in the year 2000 tataru was hunted by bounty hunters a bounty was placed due.

To saturn possessing these six eyes in fact forcerrus and jiro awasaka take on a contract to kill saturu ultimately they don't follow through tatur being able to notice them so easily was upsetting enough for the hired killers to step down quite embarrassing this isn't to say they won't seek revenge later though.

March 7 2001. in 2001 yuto kotsu initially a special great cursed human with insane jiu-jitsu ability is born january 20 2002 twins maki and mai zainen are born close to a year later in 2002 being treated as one entity cursed energy is not split evenly between the two for example maki.

Is born with partial heavenly restriction which leaves her with very little cursed energy and no technique her sister mai has cursed energy and because they're seen as one individual mai's cursed energy holds back maki from being a completely realized heavenly restriction maki's heavenly restriction is only fully developed later on.

Becoming eerily similar to toji's august 7th 2002 also in 2002 one third of the main trio and straw doll user nobara kugisaki is born december 22nd 2002 then in late 2002 toji fushigoro's son megamizen is born his birth is most likely around the time toji is in his.

Late 20s or early 30s shortly after megami's birth toji's wife dies this prompts toji to become unhinged as ever he would then begin a life of mercenary work with shady individuals his targets are typically sorcerers resulting in the infamous moniker the sorcerer killer rather toji is so disinterested in non-sorcerers that he cannot even.

Confirm if the star plasma vessel's caretaker revived march 20th 2003 skipping into march of 2003 we have a bit of a doozy future sukuna vessel and possible death painting yuji itadori is born for context it's plausible for yuji to be a death painting only because his mother was seen to have been taken over.

By kenjaku this is very shortly after yuji's birth meaning it also could have happened after he was born it's a tricky topic but perhaps yuji's own grandfather was aware he seems disgruntled and untrusting of yuji's mother referring to her as that woman and predicting she'll lead to jinns yuji's father death 2005.

In 2005 tataru and suguru began their first years as jiu jitsu high students both are considered to be remarkable sorcerers due to their techniques taturu is after all the holder of six eyes and limitless meanwhile sugaru can manipulate curses via eating them august of 2006 after 500 years master tangent is due to.

Merge with another star plasma vessel enter rico amanai a young girl destined to be penguin's vessel for context penguin requires a new vessel due to his curse technique which offers immortality at the cost of merging with a different body of course the merge essentially creates one being the vessel would be overwritten with penguin's consciousness.

Without merging penguin will undergo evolution in fact this doesn't sound too bad but consider this tangent experiencing evolution will lead to the sorcerer becoming more cursed spirit than human ultimately meaning he'd be a target for any technique that could manipulate curses like subarus pretty big deal overall so second year saturu.

And suguru are tasked with protecting ricoh until the merger unfortunately this is the star plasma vessel incident there is the unaccounted presence of toji before we get into the incident it's important to remember that toji has married or perhaps remarried the megami's stepmother wanting to forget his zenan pass koji takes his wife's.

Last name ushiguro their marriage signifies megami and sumiki as steph's siblings even so megami considers her his sister now without going too in depth koji kills the vessel and seemingly murders tethuru however sathuru revives via learning reverse curse technique with his resurrection satyr was able to not only kill toji by.

Mastering six eyes and limitless but he secures riko's body on death's door to reveals to saturu that he planned to sell his son megami back into the zainan household however this wasn't for several years because toji killed the vessel just before a merger penguin undergoes evolution for the next 11 years.

September of 2007 the next year in september suguru deviates from his school in the jujutsu world murdering a village of 112. for his actions subaru is branded a curse user who is up for execution his loss to toji and the constant cycle of exorcism clearly paid its toll but that's not all after satoru hears about suguru's.

Betrayal he confronts him in shinjuku tataru is unable to kill his best friend allowing the cursed user suguru to escape august of 2009 three years after the star plasma vessel incident heathrow pays a visit to a younger mega meme at this point saturu is 19 while megami is six having started.

First grade his stepmother isn't present megami believes she ran off like toji sadly megami isn't aware of his father's death in fact satsuru decides not to tell him and instead picks in the young sorcerer albeit he does express that toji was a bad person oddly enough taturu isn't the only one active during 2009. suguru began his cult in this year.

As well his group serves as a means to collect curses and funds another cog in his grand scheme yet the people that make up his code aren't just random to guru's cult is none other than the former time vessel association his takeover isn't peaceful he murdered members who opposed him flexing his leadership through fear and raw power.

March of 2010 fast forward to march of 2010 yusuf celebrates his 10th birthday on the same day his best friend rika orimoto dies and yuta inadvertently curses her spirit producing a vengeful spirit that begins to follow you to a round yuta had believed himself to be a normal person completely unaware of his minor relation.

To saturu gojo and the ancient sorcerer michizane tsuwagara 2012 in 2012 kenjaku obtained the cube-shaped cursed object prison realm his end game was to use prison realm to trap sataru really kanjaku has a personal grudge against him tataru is the most recent user of six eyes an innate technique.

That has bested kenjaku at least twice besides trapping saturu furthers kinjaku's future plans it comes into play later but kanjaku's prisoner realm is considered a front gate meaning that there has to be a bat gate which becomes relevant as we'll see soon november of 2016. now we'll skip several years to 2016.

Specifically november yuta has been haunted by rika's cursed spirit for six years anyone that comes near him or threatens him is harmed by the queen of curses a very fitting moniker after a particular incident involving a fellow student luta is found and taken by juju to higher ups originally the plan was to execute him something even yuta was fine.

With however saturu steps in saying jujutsu high will look over the cursed human yuta has to be convinced by satoru to even attend the school april of 2017 next in 2017 around april sumiki is cursed due to yasobachi bridge with the information gathered from the culling game later on is very plausible her.

Curse was a setup by kenjaku knowing he planned so much in advance hinjaku most likely caused other non-sorcerers to fall into a coma as a requirement to mark them she falls into a coma sumaki is 15 while megami is 14 one year before his admission is jujutsu high august of 2017. but let's pivot back to yuta in august.

Of 2017. his time at jiu jitsu high begins alongside panda a cursed corp maki a sorcerer unable to see curses but benefits from a powerful body and finally toge inumaki a cursed beach user utah is classified as a special great sorcerer of which there are only four september of 2017.

Suguru invades jujutsu high with his commanders he is unable to recruit utah however suguru's trip isn't for nothing the rogue curse user announces that on december 24th he'll unleash a terrorist attack against jutsu high and the sorcerer world at sundown shinjuku and kyoto will be faced with a legion of curses a thousand at each location and.

Of course they'll be ordered to attack this night parade of 100 demons will be nothing short of a massacre december 24th 2017. on december 24th the very day suguru warned yuta and maki at the high school watoge and panda assist in shinjuku without much delay the guru summons a curtain over jiu jitsu high signaling.

The beginning of his night parade despite their best efforts panda toge and maki are defeated by suguru this only leaves utah and suguru against one another exactly what suguru wants after all his plans to kill yuta and absorb his curse rika tsuguru underestimates utah in spite of only being a first year yuta is able to utilize rika and his.

Cursed energy because of this utah unravels rika's curse freeing her but back to suburu he is gravely injured by utah and finished off by satoru for reasons unknown his body wasn't destroyed due to saturu's intervention subaru's corpse would then fall into the hands of kenjaku the ancient sorcerer inhabits the outlaw's body via his curse.

Technique 2018 around early 2018 kanjaku implants cursed objects within non-sorcerers in preparation for the culling games these cursed objects are meant to essentially act as a means for previously that sorcerers to reincarnate it can be assumed this works like yuji and sukuna.

Rather let's dive into that now june of 2018 in the summer specifically june one of sukuna's fingers is discovered at tsukisawa municipal high school the kuna's fingers are cursed objects with a chance to resurrect sakuna if consumed however resurrection is a very small chance it is more likely that someone would die from ingesting a.

Finger finding the cursed object is a complete accident considering the finger is sealed and in a thermometer box the seal isn't as strong as it was because time has weakened in such a way that non-sorosaurus can unsteal the finger sadly it is found by yuji and his fellow occult club members yuji's friends unwittingly unsealed sukuna's finger.

Putting themselves in danger without much choice yuji ends up consuming sequin his finger sakura is reincarnated but yuji is able to regain control over his body and has a set execution thankfully though saturu convinces higher ropes to allow yugi to live until he consumes all of sukuna's fingers then he can be executed two birds and one.

Stone freely yuji begins his first year at jiu jitsu high with megami and not long after babara kukisaki they aren't the only people organizing kenjaku still masquerading as suguru attends a meeting with curses july of 2018 nobara megami and yuji arrive at the detention center due to a cursed womb this is brought to them as an emergency rescue mission but.

Oddly enough there aren't any survivors because satoru is away it's very likely this mission was assigned with the intent to kill yuji after all there is conveniently a finger there for sukuna the finger was consumed by the cursed womb causing a serious fight for the first years its intensity leads to yuji freeing sakuna and even though sukuna.

Defeats the curse and reclaims a finger yuji is unable to regain control in fact this ends as yuji's first death allowing for secretive training under saturn yuji learns not only the world of jiu-jitsu but his training for the kyoto sister school goodwill event which is held in the summer assuming yuji starts training in july the goodwill event takes place.

Around september during this training yuchi's also briefly taken under the wing of kento nanami they both meet someone they'll see again the curse known as mahito mahito's last conflict with nami will be deadly september of 2018 after a couple of months we enter the kyoto sister school goodwill event this is a two-day competition that does.

Exactly as its name states an event meant to promote cooperation between the schools it's held by the principles of both schools typically the first day is group based battles while the second is individuals in the previous year youth have participated and won for the tokyo school for this year's event the first day is a spirit bash race a competition.

To exercise the most spirit there is a hidden agenda to kill yuji though special great curse mojito orchestrates an attack which ends in casualties in general mayhem but in spite of this the students from both schools decide to continue with the second day's activities due to saturu's involvement the game they play on the second day.

Breaks tradition it is another team battle baseball ultimately it ends up the same as last year tokyo wins in late september yuji megami and nobara unravel the mystery at yasubachi bridge they find a curse's barrier underneath it however this isn't the only threat just before they arrive majito revealed the legendary curse womb death paintings.

Joso while megami exercises the curses beneath the bridge yuji and nobara take on eso and keishizu the first years are successful in their bout and megami is able to perform his exorcism yet they forget a third death painting chozo who plans to exact revenge october 19th 2018 after the goodwill event it becomes.

Clear that it is a traitor with introduces too high whether it's at their tokyo or kyoto branch previously sato reacts utahime to investigate she learns the model is none other than kokichi muta yet on the same day kokichi is confronted by kanjaku and majito however due to a binding vow kokichi is healed to peak condition the healthiest.

And strongest he's ever been despite this mahito ends up killing kokichi serving as a prelude to what's to come in shibuya october 31st 2018. on october 31st a massive barrier was created over shibuya now this is a huge section in the manga it's amazing this happens in the span of a night but let's dive in multiple sorcerers are sent to.

Investigate even taturu is summoned to this phenomenon once inside the curtain taturu fights several curses including chozo from the death paintings incident a month earlier due to an insane amount of curses released several groups are sent within one being composed of meimei uiui and yuji they are only able to defeat a curse and break the object that.

Was responsible for the curtain this attack will go on to be considered the worst terrorist attack in jiu jitsu history created by genjaku this event is meant to not only cause harm but trap tataru unfortunately there are conditions required to trap someone but regardless satur was sealed within the realm meanwhile other foes of sataru.

Also team up with kanjaku namely the assassins from his childhood ogami and her grandson summon toji who goes on a rampage and eventually comes face to face with his now teenage son megami though he does regain control and kill himself dying a second time eventually yuji is separated from his team and ends up being fed at least 10 fingers by.

Sukuru's associates and the cursed spirit jogo at this point uj's consumed a total of 15 fingers meaning only five are left before he is executed sukuna then awakens but there is some bad news for jojo sukuna ends up exercising the spirit and comes face to face with an injured megami yuji is able to regain control over himself and assists with.

Putting down the ramping curses considering this could be a video in itself let's do a quick rundown on further events aoi toto loses a hand kento is killed by mahito who also bravely wounds nobara at some point toy loses his entire arm mahito is then absorbed by kenjaku who sets in motion to culling games by resurrecting ancient.

Sorcerers hindiaku also awakens non-sorcerers he marked previously surprisingly enough one of them is megami's sister with this new chaos brought about kanjaku was able to escape with his assistant and prison realm hopefully there's an insane amount that happens it really is an event november 1st to 11th 2018. the week and a half.

Post shibuya has several events to keep the timeline less convoluted we'll go over it as an entire week rather than a day by day basis that being said the culling games officially begin though because non-sorcerers were activated on halloween participants have 19 days to declare intention meaning megami's sister sumiki has until november 19th to.

Declare her participation while the rules suggest possibly not being able to be involved that simply isn't the case if any players don't declare they're subject to curse technique removal this would end in death though players awakened or resurrected have no other choice but to declare their involvement it's a catch-22 that forces players to.

Be complacent or die barriers around japan create 10 different wards megami is desperate to save his sister so he goes in search of yuji yuji himself spends presumably several days exercising the numerous curses with cho so at least until yuta finds them yuta is tasked by the higher ups with the hefty job of killing yuji the special.

Great sorcerer doesn't seem to be against it seemingly wanting revenge once he caught up to yuji yuta revealed himself to be an ally yuta doesn't do it at first killing yuji for a second time before quickly healing him via reverse curse technique this was an interesting twist due to how serious yuta appeared that being said megami later finds the.

Group joso yuji megami and utah all team up not only to stop the dangerous culling games but save megami's sister as well meanwhile the higher up sees the opportunity to rule freeing satoru as a crime considering he is now branded as a criminal to jiu-jitsu society it's important to remember that the higher-ups view satoru as a threat ergo.

Eliminating the possibility of unsealing him keeps the status quo due to kenjaku body snatching suguru the latter sorcerer is believed to be alive and responsible for shibuya two very bizarre takes from the higher ups you'd think the most powerful sorcerer of the modern age would be indoctrinated into the aristocracy not to mention the ups are.

So fearful of saturu that surely they realize how unlikely it is for another sorcerer to survive a fight against him without proof of sugar's body being destroyed it can only be assumed he survived though outlawing the unsealant of saturu is a power play and meant to penalize students like megami and maki on the topic of saturu's allies the.

Tokyo jujutsu high principle masamichi yaga is killed by the kyoto principal yoshinobu gakuganji masamichi's execution was only ordered if he didn't indulge how he made panda a sentient cursed corpse like a real boss masamishi doesn't explain until his dying breath shortly after panda arrives and completely ignores yoshinobu he only.

Wants to mourn saying one of the most iconic lines in these series even pandas cry after joining forces yuji's group heads to jiu jitsu hai in order to learn more about the culling games and kenjaku from master tengen once at the school they learn of masamichi's death from panda maki also reveals to megami that he is now the head of the zainan clan in.

Preparation for the games megami sends maki to their shared household while the group gets organized to join the game yuta scouts ahead the xainen family has a warehouse full of curse tools which will be beneficial in this battle royal despite being a part of the zainan clan maki has denied the tools her father having hid them before she even arrived.

And that isn't all her father also fatally wounds maki's twin mai ergo mai dies and leaves maki with a fully realized heavenly restriction of course she listens to her dying sister's last words and murders her entire family leaving only maki and megami as the sole survivors of the zanen name the massacre does imply a change the other two big.

Families kamo and from the big three yet this is postponed by the higher ups most likely due to the beginning of the culling games as well as the chaos of unleashed curses while this violent altercation occurs yuji and company find tangent who explains the culling games and gives background on kenjaku then megami and yuji meet up.

With panda who is involved in an illegal fight club run by third year student kim ji akari akari was suspended recently for fighting with jiu jitsu high authorities simple yuta explains that hakari is more powerful than him when worked up sadly talking to hakari isn't easy yuji has to enroll in the fight club while megami and panda snoop around.

This isn't an easy task akari has a fellow student hirara guarding him though in the end hakari does agree to help november 12 2018 rather than a jam-packed week this is a busy day on november 12th utah within the colony faces off against several past sorcerers as well as a disgusting cockroach spirit yuta being a special grade he defeats.

The three opponents easily at the same time yuji megami panda and kinji declare their intent to join the culling game each sorcerer is transported to a random colony not sharing locations being a battle royal several fights do break out megami faces off against and kills reincarnated sorcerer reggie starr reggie isn't all bad he gives megami his.

Points just as he dies megami doesn't escape without harm though his unconscious body is retrieved by none other than a rival participant angel yuji himself goes after lawyer turned sorcerer hikuruma with the hope to convince him to enact another rule on the other hand hakari plans to find the reincarnated sorcerer ajime kashimo who.

Still has 100 points despite already implementing another rule for context adding rules is 100 points so hajime killed at least 40 other sorcerers during the last 12 days before hakari can find hajime he comes to blows with aspiring mangaka charles bennard just from a day the games are shaping up to be the same neck breaking pace dibuya.

Was complete with high stakes it's a battle for survival that being said the theme of achieving your goals no matter what will seemingly bring the darkness out each character is presented with dire situations that test the morality and how badly they want to stop the game personally i think this arc will outperform shibuya for that alone.

Especially considering yuji and uzar going out of their way to spare people meanwhile megami has no qualms of killing only time will tell how this arc will turn out unfortunately that concludes the current timeline for jiu-jitsu kaizen thank you so much for watching to the end until next time keep that plumber on you i'm kj have a great.

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